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Mercury Retrograde

December 19th to January 8th

Mercury the planet of communication, messenger, and thought processes has stationed Retrograde as of December 19th in the early hours. It's close to the earth, thus it's energy is magnified. He has just set foot into in bounds territory as he stations in the farthest point south. Mercury is now positioned between the earth and the Sun, whereby reaching it's inferior conjunction with the Sun on December 28th, while he is stationed retrograde in motion. He will also reach 00 degrees of Capricorn 3 times during his movements back and forth.

He first reached this point on December 3rd, in retrograde motion on January 4th and again on January 13th, 2017. This 00 degree mark of Capricorn is considered one of the Cardinal points. Indicating a out rushing of energy of eventful times ahead. A new movement begins, which will invoke possible changes and new trends emerging. This is significant in the meaning of the action of Mercury's influences, as there is more punch to his expressions.

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December Astrological Forecast

A Magical Christmas

Hello Everyone and welcome to December! It's amazing how fast 2016 has flew past us, or perhaps it's just my age. I am so grateful for all of you who have taken an interest in my journey through the months. My wishes are extended to you for a wonderful Christmas Season Ahead!

We leave November with a feeling of hesitation as we have experienced a month of weirdness like we were in some sort of time warp. It's behind us, but we are sure to carry forward some of the energy which radiated from it.

Neptune continues to plague us with indecision, confusions, weird situations as things continue to dissolve as it joins with the South Node. We're ready to leave behind old beliefs, but not ready to embrace the future. Intrigue, scandal, cover-ups, drug issues, public misconceptions. Smoke and mirrors of misunderstandings.

We enter December on the back of the New Moon of November 29th, 2016, which holds the T-square configuration of Pluto (Venus) at the apex highlighting financial matters between the single solitary income of the individual and the partnerships created within the banking systems, investment companies whom hold the financial balance of the system. This can be a breaking down of such structures and a turning point. The world economic situation depends on the alliances we make with our trade partnerships around the world. These alliances and agreements might be in jeopardy over the course of the next several months.

Magic is not recommended with this New Moon. Things will not take hold under these conditions as far as I'm concerned.

December actually is shaping up to be a pretty healthy month. Aside from entering it with our back to the Jupiter square Pluto aspect continuing to influence us throughout the month.

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November Astrological Forecast

Transformation and Change

Sail Well

So we're here, turning the calendar page. We have some spectacular days ahead which could lead us into a new direction.

We're closing in on some pretty significant events. One of course is the United States Presidential Election. This has been one of the most bizarre races to the White House we've seen in our life time, or at least mine. It's all coming to an end, when on November 8th, we will see who is going to grace the steps of the most powerful position in the world. It has been fraught with endless propaganda, innuendos, and embarrassments.

The planet of Neptune has seemed to dog this period with stories, beliefs of truths and lies, larger then life characters whom have their own set of standards. It plays like a movie. Where boarders mean nothing, lines are crossed at every turning of the wheel. Nothing is off limits, held back or presented diplomatically. If you want a new take on the presidential election and who wins watch Joni Patry on U-Tube for her opinion of the outcome of the election. Puts a new twist on things.

This is the month of Scorpio. Due to it's fixed energy, we can be stuck in certain elements or trends. We are determined, withdrawn. Keeping quiet to our true motivations or thoughts. Like the season, everything is drawn inward. The sap draws itself down deep into the tree. Everything dies away and is drawn back. Retreating to prepare for the harsh cold weather arising in the northern hemisphere. Thus Scorpio can contain it's energy for long periods of time. Which enables it to collect, endure and enhance it's power. This sign transforms through intensity, secretive passion. The water runs deep. Scorpio's don't often reveal such energy toward other. It might just frighten them away. This is a month of stamina, determination to succeed at any cost. The criminal aspect lives here. The seeded underground world of deception, creed and manipulation at it's worst. But for those whom hold the positive side, it's an endless determination to endure for a rightful purpose. People are passionate, persuasive to charge up the energy. Making it a bit intense at times.

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Photo taken by Colleen Jorgensen; North Vancouver,British Columbia

October Astrological Forecast

Picking Sides!

Happy Halloween

This is the month of Libra due to the Sun having entered the Sign on September 23rd. Libra is often about sides. Two parties on either side of the fence, playing out different roles of activities, but yet peeking over the fence to see what the other one is doing and expressing their opinion on what they feel the other one should or should not be doing. This month is about connecting and disconnecting. Partnerships are formed and dissolved. Sides are picked.

We begin this month with a Black Moon which happens on the cusp between September 30 and October 1. New Moons are a time of initiations, beginnings of newly planted seeds. We see the Quarter Moon on July 1, 2017 for these new seeds, the Full Moon from this New Moon on March 31, 2018 and the final Waning Square Moon on December 29th, 2018. Mark your calendars.

Black Moon's were considered in the Pagan culture as being significant times when the energies are increased. It was considered to be a good time for rituals to be performed or spells to be cast due to the power available.

Libra is ruled by Venus. We often view the Libra energy as the peace maker. The scales of justice, where we view things by their fairness. How we equalize ourselves with others. This is how relationships are suppose to work. Where the giving and taking between partners is equalized so one does not feel as though they are carrying more then the other. As such we have this give and take, in order to make the scales balanced. We can then love without resentments. We can then negotiate effectively. But when the scales are tipped in one direction or the other, we can turn on each other in a second. We become enemies, opponents and what we deemed to be our biggest asset now turns into our biggest competitor. The lines are drawn in the sand between us and them and then we head to the legal system for advice...

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September Astrology Forecast

Shifting Realities.

Well we have come a long way, from the beginning of the year. We've dived and dipped, waxed and waned our way to this point. At times we felt like time was standing still, until we suddenly realized we are in a completely different location then when we started.

This month is kinda like that. There is a nervous energy about. We're anxious, uncertain of where the road is heading. We scope the landscape for new possibilities. Fresh ideas to inspire us onward. Some of the questions you might be asking yourself this month are; Do I want to stay where I am? Do I want to move into a different directions? What do I want to keep and what do I want to let go of? This month is a long journey into new territory. New trains of thought begin to emerge. Perhaps some regrets, some misconceptions and some great moments of faith and wonder.

This Month, many things are shifting. Eclipse's are triggering changes. The Saturn Square Neptune aspect hits for it's 3rd contact and comes into full force as it's triggered by several events. Jupiter shifts gears by it's ingress into Libra. Mars triggers the March 9th Eclipse. The Equinox redirects our attention to create a balance. We let go of old haunts, while grasping for a New direction. A seed is sown as the growth of summer is relenting to Autumn's breezes.

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Picture: Taken by Colleen Jorgensen; Beautiful British Columbia! 

August Astrological Forecast

Lift Offs and Landings

Welcome to August! We are now winding down towards fall. Crops will soon be harvested. Garden's will be picked and processed. Storing up for winter's arrival. I believe it's going to be an early fall season. The planets of Mercury, Venus are already in the sign of Virgo, and soon the Sun will have entered this sign as well. Mercury will continue on in the sign of Virgo due to it's retrograde motion coming at the end of the month. August is the prelude to dynamic shifts coming in September with Eclipse season at hand.

We also have some really positive energy happening this month. Venus Trines Uranus on the 1st where we can connect with someone who excites us. Be sure to do something different today. August 10th brings a powerhouse of stamina with Mercury Trine to Pluto. A perfect day to dig deep into our hidden thoughts of expression. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. We can release on the 16th with the Sun's Trine to Uranus. If you need to head into a different direction of goals, today is your day to shine. Venus creates some powerful sexual passions on the 18th with it's Trine to Pluto, so make a romantic evening out of it. Finally the best aspect arrives on the 27th of August with the two beneficiary planets of Venus and Jupiter cuddling up together creating a very lucky day for those born with prominent planets at the 25th -28th degree of Virgo and those born in September. Those also having birthdays on the 26-28th will feel this aspect positively influencing them through their Solar Charts. It's a spectacular day to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Get together with family and friends as magic happens.

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July Astro Vibrations

July 2016

Full of Surprises

Happy Birthday Canada and the USA!

We are now past the midway point of 2016. Ready to embrace Summer's presents. Fresh produce from the market garden. Long walks, beautiful sunsets, swimming, camping and lazying around on patio decks.

Enjoy the heat of Summer. Connect with other and prepare to be enlightened at best with the energy of Uranus permeating our senses. Lightening flashes of insight are possible this month, so don't take anything for granted. We can find ourselves in a much different place come the end of the month then we were at the beginning.

This month is full of surprises as the planet Uranus prepares to station retrograde on the 29th of July. As a planet prepares to station it's energies begin to intensified. Uranus is the planet of surprises. Some pleasant, some perhaps not so pleasant. It represents sudden shifts. Like a jack in the box, you just never know when the rascal is going to erupt from the box. So this month brings with it a spontaneous energy as we fly by the seat of our pants through it. Some shocking twists and turns can set us back a bit or leap us forward into unknown territory. We can be so unprepared, yet so pleasantly surprised.

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June Astro-Vibrations

June, 2016

Caution; Busy Month Ahead. Expect Changes! Summer Arrives!

This month rolls out, “Those lazy, hazy crazy days of Summer” (Nat King Cole)

Shorts, flip flops and lazying around on patio decks with refreshing iced drinks to quench the thirst. It's an exciting, exhilarating time of year. Our expectations are high, with weddings, socials, and vacations planned to create memories for the future.

Before we usher in the Summer Solstice on the 20th of June, we must prepare for the Summer months ahead. This is one of those months, where we are filled with a restlessness to get everything done in a day. We will become anxious and some of us can even encounter confusion as the Sun heads towards it's most northerly point.

We have a couple of bumps to manoeuvre prior to the big event. We are on the heels of the Jupiter/Saturn square which just happened on the 26th of May, the last in a series of three. So we are still feeling the effects of this aspect throughout the month. This month also holds the second of three square aspects between Saturn and Neptune. All of this combines to form a Mutable Cross formation for the majority of the month as the Sun moved into Gemini, followed by Venus and Mercury. Gemini Sun Signs or where Gemini is located in your chart will need some attention this month.

There's a lot of mutable energy swirling around this month. Indicating changes are afoot. Mutable energy is primarily concerned with finishing, endings or completing something. With the Mutable Cardinal Cross, it's very difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. We tend to try and juggle too many projects and too many issues. This scatters our energies in numerous directions. Road blocks spring up blocking our progress.

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May 2016 Astro-Vibrations

Welcome to the Merry Month of May!

This month begins a slower pace. A time of reflections. Where are we going and what do we want to do next. We have a beautiful Grand Earth Trine to stabilize our environments this month. As the planets weave in and out in the sign of Taurus connecting with Jupiter the planet of expansion and the might of Pluto to rebuild what we perhaps have torn down over the last couple months. The month will be laced with this very grounding energy. We can enjoy the days of spring. Connecting with others through social gatherings. Perhaps meeting new people. Taking long walks, planting, roaming our environments in an unhurried fashion, which can be very pleasing. We can all feel like we are just a little bit more tired, lazy and calm during the majority of the first two thirds of the month.

Many of the planets are retrograde. An unusual phenomenon, signalling a time to sit back, slow down, think about what we really want in life. Going over past elements of our lives in all aspects to discover how we want or need to change things in the coming months. This is our month to reuse old items. Finding new uses for old things. Enlighten ourselves with new ideas to promote our lives in a simpler fashion.

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April 2016: Astro-Vibrations

April Showers Brings May Flowers” And Weeds!

(part of poem written in 1610)

Spring fires up as planetary energy slows down. We're off and racing, yet doubling back to see what we've missed along the way. We have to wait for the rain to stop before we can see regrowth.

Welcome to the month of rebirth. We are anxious to move into the future, but we have to finish up those loose ends due to so many planets in retrograde.

Our energy is being internalized as Mars is preparing to station Retrograde on the 17th, just a day prior to Pluto stationing Retrograde on the 18th. As well Mercury is slowing to station retrograde on the 28th of April. With Saturn and Jupiter already in retrograde. We can hit a wall when it comes to accomplishing much in the next month.

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Picture taken by Colleen Jorgensen at Okotoks Alberta

Mars Retrograde 2016

A Well Worn Path.

April 17th marks the beginning of Mars station to retrograde at 8 degrees 54 minutes of Sagittarius. He will station within 1 degree of where Saturn's retrograde station ends. Mars now in Sagittarius since March 6th will hurl back to it's native home of Scorpio on the 27th of May. Reaching it's final destination on June 30th, 2016 at the 23rd degree of Scorpio. Mars will travel back over the degrees it travelled from February 18th to April 18th and finally will move into new territory on August 22, 2016. So we've got a lot to deal with surrounding this area of the zodiac for the next several months. It becomes a well worn path, where we'll etch a groove as we journey forward.

Both Saturn and Mars will unit on August 24th, at the 9th degree, further igniting the Royal Star of Antares, watcher of the west.

Mars represents our energy and usage of this energy. As a result Mars in retrograde indicates a time to reassess and review how we are directing our actions or motives. The energy begins to slow down. Instead of outward manifestation of getting things accomplished in a forward moving motion, we begin to hesitate, rethink. Churn over, conflicting issues of, “Should I, Shouldn't I”. Something you began in February/March may be re-evaluated or moved in a different direction come the end of this cycle in August.

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2016 Saturn Retrograde Cycle: A Hard Line

Saturn will station to retrograde on March 26th, 2016. Remaining in reverse direction until August 14th, 2016. Crossing from 16 degrees to the 9th degree of Sagittarius. Coming out of it's shadow on November 28th, 2016. So we've got a long way to venture within these degrees of Sagittarius.

Saturn stations retrograde approximately once a year. Lasting for about 4.5 months and usually spans around 6 degrees of movement.

What's significant about this retrograde cycle is the two charts bracketing it's entry and exit. Each chart signals a trend for the time period. Going into the retrograde period, Saturn will be at the apex of a configuration known as a T-square. Being 90 degrees apart from two planets which are in opposition (180 degrees). This configuration creates a situation where the right thing might be difficult to attain or work with since both the other planets are playing tug a war and Saturn is the so called mediator. The problem is there is nothing to stabilize the situation. Jupiter square Saturn is on the entrance of the cycle and Saturn in square with Neptune is on the exit of the cycle. Both significant cycles in their own right. With Venus in both charts being the third planet. Both charts indicated a caving in of reality.

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Astrological Vibrations

March 2016

It's Eclipse Season!

Well as you've probably noticed, I've changed the name of my monthly report. After discovering another person using Astro-Energy, I've decided to change it to vibrations. Recently scientists have discovered what they term as “Gravitational Waves”. I find this absolutely fascinating. As for me I wonder what more we will discover on our journey into space investigation. Perhaps one day recognizing Astrology as a valid science due to energy correlations affecting the universe.

This is the month of St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th. This date was originally an ancient festival which honored wine and fertility. Perhaps due to the closeness to the Equinox. This is the only festival of March in recognition of St. Patrick of Ireland whom gave birth to Christianity in the region. It's celebrated today in various countries including Canada.

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February Astro Energy


Welcome to the month of Love and the Chinese New Year. After the blast of January, we are all ready for a shift of energy. This is a month which seems to be split in half. The first half is similar to January's unexpected trends. Where as the second half seems to break free from the themes prevailing on the winds of the first month of 2016. We continue to struggle the first few weeks of February, but begin to raise our vibrations come the 9th of the month.

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January Astro Energy

Welcome to the New Year of 2016! Another journey begins for each and every one of us. We pack away 2015 with our Christmas decorations and blessings from New Years Eve. Heading straight into the dull days of January in the Northern Hemisphere.

This Month shapes up to be a doosie of a month. It could be full of high drama as the Uranus/Pluto square is within a 1 degree orb of exact. I know, everyone was saying, “it's over” except the astrologers. It's like were delving into old haunts from June 26, 2012 to March 17th of 2015. Protests against governments for independence, liberty and justice. To Racism, issues surrounding women, protests against big business (the 1%), problems with authority, terrorism, fighting for equality, issues surrounding cultural identity. Are all various forms of expression of this energy between Pluto and Uranus. Numerous articles have been written on the subject if you would like to investigate further. The events of this month can be triggered at various places throughout the world.

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Photo: Taken by Colleen Jorgensen: Regina Saskatchewan: Home

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