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Astrology/2016 Overview

Welcome to 2016. Time flies as we all know. Already we are looking to 2016 to see what will inspire us throughout the year. Essentially this is a year to return to the basics. Perhaps a time to recognize reality as a positive thing. Pulling our heads out of the sand. Taking a deep breath. Seeing clearly what we can achieve with just a bit of determination, will power and strength. We will come to the conclusion this year, we are not all movie stars. We don't have to compete with each other. We just have to be us. Independent, confident in what we have. It's a year to be practical. Embracing our most precious gift. Each other. As we move through this year we can see, all of this stuff we have acquired does not reflect us. They are just things, strewn about to impress whomever passes by. This is a year to return to the mountain base and rebuild our foundations. Keeping what is important. The wheel is turning this year and we must turn with it.

Aside from the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) yearly dance of weaving in and out between each other effecting us on a personal level. It's the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) which will make some significant connections, changing the dynamics of the energy. It's here we begin to shift our reality. Although this influence began in 2015 between these planets, 2016 will influence us further. Directing us to embrace this new reality. Several of these will complete there influences at the end of this year.

The first influencing us was Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces. The beginning of 2015 saw Saturn's approach to Neptune in January, demonstrating the first signs of problems within the oil industry's slide from the top to the middle ground. With the beginning of alternative forms of energy being talked about. As well we seen issues surrounding water. Along with this influence came immigration issues, boarder issues, issues surrounding religion, racism and discrimination. Things will continue to be released as reality sets in with various issues. Saturn will continue to demonstrate restrictive elements to society through new rules and regulations through 2016. Old traditional ways might be dissolving and we will need to embrace our new reality through this aspect. Or we could see the other spectrum of floods of issues streaming forth. Watch for travel advisory's or travel restrictions. The first hit of this aspect was November 26, 2015, although it influenced us in the early months of 2015 it did not make it's exact hit till this time. The second hit will be on June 18th, 2016 and the last connection arrives on the 10th of September. The glamour and glitz might be dissipating but we can certainly visualize what we want for out future. Have faith in who you are. Stand strong in love and compassion for others in the new year. (Please read article on Saturn square Neptune).

The second strong influence we have is Jupiter in Virgo's 90 degree to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn has a strong influence in 2016. Attempting to put the brakes on in several areas. This highlights the economic situations around the world. The over extension of spending though previous years has high lighted our difficulty in managing our financial situations on national levels right down to individual concerns. The over inflation of the past is now due for some contraction. Perhaps it's time to deal with the compulsions to continue to have more and more. If your dealing personally with economic strain, this is the year to cut back and get back to the basics of life. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Environmental issues also rise to the forefront with this aspect. It's time to stop wasting our resources due to the Virgo influences upon Jupiter. Don't nitpick this to death, just be rational in your beliefs. We have to start somewhere.

As well you might notice a rise in issues related to obesity and people making strong attempts to get healthy. Food issues can take a front row seat to concerns as prices may increase in 2016. Grow a garden! It's important for all of us to do our part in the ever growing concerns of our planet. Let's all be rational in our decisions. Sometimes the old traditional ways of doing something might have to be the best. I don't think my grandmother threw out anything. I suppose she had less packaging.

This aspect began on August 3rd of 2015 with Jupiter in Leo square to Saturn in Scorpio. The dynamics change in 2016 with Jupiter being in the sign of Virgo and Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. The mid connection between these two planets is on March 23th. Occurring just hours prior to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with a North Node connection. This will see a turning point in our perceptions of the reality of the situation. It seems we will have to begin to make corrections around this time. The final contact will occur on May 26th, 2015.

This is a Waning square aspect signally the ending of a cycle that began in 2000. With the New Cycle beginning in 2020.

The final aspect of major concern this year is a positive connection between Jupiter in Virgo and the might of Pluto in Capricorn. Again these two made there first contact on the 11th of October of 2015. Since Jupiter is involved both with Saturn and Pluto, with Saturn ruling Pluto through Capricorn, this aspect does signal a time to return to the basics. To be practical in our decisions. We will hear all sorts of stories of miracles due to the determination to succeed when one has made up there mind to accomplish something. The ability to get up, brush oneself off and continue on will be monumental this year. This aspect will assist us to rebuild from the bottom up. We can accomplish anything if we tap into the power of this energy. This combination represents wealth, power and control. So set your mind, make your decision or intention and watch an amazing transformation.

In addition this aspect can see large amounts of money spent on infrastructure projects. It can see the influx of cash for business loans or grants. It can see new business ideas move forward with surprising speed. Areas in health, food, environmental industries grow this year.

The next connection between these two happens on March 16th, 2016 in eclipse month. Happening between the Solar and Lunar Eclipses. The final contact will be exact on June 26th, 2016.

Jupiter will then move to square Pluto making his first pass from Libra to Capricorn on November 24th, 2016. Yes we all are scrambling to make as many connections as possible to promote out businesses. We don't however want to give anyone the heads up on any secrets in how we are succeeding. We all want to get on the first elevator going up, but it's challenging when we don't know where the elevator is.

The final prominent aspect I would like to mention is Uranus in Aries and it's semi-square to Neptune in Pisces. As we all know, the amount of technology available to us in the 21st Century is massive. It has developed so fast we can hardly keep up with it. Advances in computers, science, new inventions are astounding. Again we need to pull back the reins. Perhaps reassessing the massive sustainability of it all. This aspect can cause frustration in the systems. Confusion with certain elements can pose difficulties. With the other elements prevailing this year, just try to keep with the basics.

With this we might see breakdowns of certain elements in the internet system or computer systems. Problems can occur with telephone connections. With Neptune we believe that anything is possible. However, we need to understand that sudden shifts can occur within a minutes notice. Have a backup system available to you if possible.

This aspect begins to influence us in June of 2016.

(Note: now just because an aspect is not exact does not mean it does not have an influence during the rest of the months. These influences are apparent in 2016 influencing us through there close contact with one anothers energy)

The Year Ahead:


We all have been dealing with the Uranus Square Pluto aspect since 2012. This caused revolutions to occur around the world. Protests with people standing up for their rights. It is the Waxing square between these two planets. The cycle began in 1965 with the conjunction between them. So this month these two planets are not finished with each other. Into the future they will continue to influence to produce the desired change necessary for society to mature. As a result, issues surrounding control of various fractions of society will continue to see rebellion. If one just looks back to the 60's similar issues will be moving through our society. Race issues, issues surrounding women, control issues from various groups in control, freedom issues, issues surrounding government control including war and peace. The list goes on if you just think back to the issues surrounding the late 60's and early 70's. This month is heavily influence by this aspect.

Mars enters the sign of Scorpio. Finally after being in his detriment sign of Libra November to January of 2015/16. We can now move ahead in our projects with him being co/ruler of this sign. Actions do indeed speak loader then words. This is a powerhouse of activity. Dig deep to get things done. There is a determination to get to work with this placement. Expect issues surrounding banking, financial institutions, insurance issues, and taxation to become relevant. Now would be a good time to formulate a budget.

Mercury will make his first station to Retrograde station at the 1st degree of Aquarius moving backwards from earth's perspective to 14 degrees of Capricorn. Indicating he will strongly influence the Uranus square Pluto aspect during this time. Mercury is always a time of review. To reassess our position. Possible problems with communication, travel, electronics or vehicles. Media outlets will be buzzing with possible protests, racist issues, government issues related possibly to financial dealings and issues surrounding war. It's great for finding things. Reconnecting with old friends. He will hit the Cardinal Point of Capricorn twice on his journey. First on December 10th, 2015, again on January 9th, 2016. This might indicate an important News Event. The media might be very active during this retrograde period. Finally Mercury stations direct on the 26th of January coming out of it's shadow on February 16th.

Jupiter in Virgo also stations Retrograde at the 23rd degree to the 13th degree. Reviewing issues relevant to October 2015 to beginning of January. This is a time to see where you have over expanded. What changes are necessary to modify. This is great to review health plans with the sign of Virgo. You might have found that you over ate during the festive season and need to get a bit more into shape. You might have started a health plan in October and now can see the results of your efforts. Where have you over spent, where do you need to cut back or gain. Now is a good time for financial reviews.

Avoid being infatuated with a loved one this month. It's hard to break the Christmas habit of spending, but January 18th might see this happen.

According to Malvin Artley, this Month holds the activation of several previous Eclipse's points by the planet Mars: January 3rd, sees the activation of the October 23rd, 2014 Eclipse Point; January 13th, activates the April 25th, 2013 Eclipse in Scorpio; January 19th triggers the Eclipse point from April 29th of 2014 and last is the activation of the November 3rd, 2013 Eclipse point by Mars. If you can think back to certain events happening around these Eclipse points you can anticipate activity associated with certain events. World events and activities will be prominent

This month shapes up to be a very active month.


This month still see's a close connection between the two outer planets of Uranus and Pluto. The fight for originality continues against those in control. Weather related events arise in both January and February.

Aside from this, the Month is relatively quiet... if of course your not caught up in the above. The playfulness of Venus in Sagittarius is perfect for Valentines Day celebrations.

Ceres will join up with Neptune on the 21st of this month. Issues surrounding water pollution or environmental concerns related too. Air quality issues also are highlighted again. Environmentalist will be active in their pursuit of clean fossil fuels. Issues surrounding oil, alcohol, e-cigarettes, drugs, religion, legal systems might all be highlighted as a new perspective comes to light with this connection.

Watch that things don't get out of control this month. Avoid nitpicking the little details.

February 9th according to Malvin Artley sees the activation of the May 10th, 2013 Eclipse point at the 19th degree of Taurus.


This Month is Eclipse Month: We have two Eclipse's this month. Eclipse's always initiates some sort of change. Eclipse's use to be feared among the ancient people as this signalled a change which was usually for the worst. If they were visible to them. Kings would fall, war could break out, crops could fail, disease pestilence, famine.

Today we still might have these phenomenons of difficulty, but we often don't view them as being a direct link with the Eclipse calendar.

March therefore is a busy month. The Eclipse's happen on March 9th with a Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees of Pisces 56 minutes with the New Moon of Pisces. Changes in beliefs, religious issues. Issues related to oil, gas, alcohol, oceans, the pharmaceutical industry. Large hospitals or prison systems. This is a South Node Eclipse indicating a letting go of past ways of doing things.

The Second Eclipse occurs on March 23rd, with a Lunar Eclipse at the 3rd degree of Libra 17 minutes. New alliances can be formed with this Eclipse being a North Node Eclipse. New partnerships form to initiate new activities. Trade agreements, resources available to the country, financial changes,peace agreements as well as the entertainment area. Possibly new types of music, dancing, movies. Beauty trends are changing.

Mars moves into the sign of Sagittarius on the 6th. Bringing with it an active lifestyle. Like he's in a hurry to get going with with something. He's beginning to slow down as his retrograde motion is arriving next month. Don't let your beliefs or ideologies start any fights or disagreements. It's an enthusiastic energy.

The next Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius occurs on March 23rd along with the Eclipse. Economic issues will be top of mind. Saturn stations retrograde right after this hit on the 25th. So it's power is more intense. It's time to tighten those belts, both physically and financially.


From the end of March into mid April the inner planets of Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be activating the Uranus. Coming along side Uranus through conjunction. This can be a time of sudden shifts. Changes of direction. This is significant as leaders can suddenly shift perspectives or others can suddenly break away from others. Perhaps attempting to go with there own personal agenda's. What makes it more significant is Mars will be stationing retrograde this month. This the heightened energy needed to move or activate a mission. It may get aggressive to get things done.

Thus the highlight of this Month is the Mars retrograde arriving on the 18th of April in the sign of Sagittarius. No doubt we will be eager to get our points of view out into the world. Now is a good time to review our beliefs and how we are seeing things. Are we running along without looking at the impact it has on others. Are we bull dozing over others to achieve our own missions.

Issues surrounding legal system, supreme court, universities, professors, lawyers, foreign policies and activities related, reasons for war. Our philosophies, ideologies and beliefs will be important about immigration. We have possibly extreme points of view.

Pluto is also very powerful as well as he stations retrograde the same day. It's time to review our stance when it comes to government controls, business dealings and how we conduct business. Are we ethical in our approach. This is a powerhouse of a day.

Then on top of everything else, Mercury makes her second Retrograde station on the 29th of April. Mercury by the way is bisexual. So sometimes I call Hermes him and sometimes her. This time I'm referring to her. As she stations in the sign of the Bull at the 23rd degree. This is again related to financial issues. If you need to review that budget you made a couple months prior, it's time to review. Income is also relevant. As well as assets. What do you value in life? This will be important to decide at this time. It's important to catch up with old friends, re-organize your wardrobe. Catch up on old fashion trends or makeup styles. Review how your home is decorated and plan for some alterations in the future.

Decisions will be made this month which can alter the way things are done in the future.


May is indeed a daisy of a month.

It brings with it a lovely Grand Trine in Earth at the 17th degree. So if your a earth sign expect an easy flow of energy.

Jupiter will station direct on the 1st at the 13th degree of Virgo. It's time to move forward with plans or activities related to health, higher education, perhaps plans for the summer vacation work well.

Mercury will station direct on the 22nd at the 14th degree of Taurus.

What has been upside down now turns upside right!

Jupiter will make his last square contact with Saturn on the 26th. If we haven't learned our lesson by now we have another kick in the pants to do so. This is about growing at a slow and steady pace. Too big to fast will not work well with this aspect. Slow and steady wins the race. So if your dealing with health issues or financial issues it's really good to just take it all in a reasonable manner.

Mars retrogrades back into the sign of Scorpio on the 28th. A time to review joint assets, taxes, insurance policies, will and testaments, banking and available resources. If your getting a tax audit. I feel sorry for you.


June sees a need to move into the future. We are heading into a period of new trends in business as well as in how we look after our health issues. New business will form in several areas, especially around health or environmental. New trends are forming on how we use, recycle and reuse. Pluto will Trine the North Node with Jupiter conjunct it. June 16th to 24th.

Although June seems to start out rather stressed, we adapt as we adjust to new things arising in our world.

June 13th will see Neptune station Retrograde at the 12th degree of Pisces. Policies related to water, usage, availability, purification of will come under review. Various policies in the pharmaceutical industry. Health issues. Oil and Gas industry as well as the entertainment industry over the next couple months. Perhaps time to review the Paris agreement on global warming.

June 26th will bring Jupiter Trine to Pluto from Virgo to Capricorn. Making this it's last pass, although the effects of these aspects are often influential longer then the actual exact hits. (Read article in Astrological Journey)


With the Jupiter Trine Pluto in effect this month. It's a great time to think about the future. This is a very positive influence upon us. It's kinda a magical month with a mystic rectangle in effect according to Marina Macario. Stating this configuration can be rather righteous or hold secrets within it. Things can become sugar coated.

Uranus is stationing this month, so be sure to expect some surprises. If your a Leo, or Sagittarius this might work very well for you.

A good month to acquire knowledge. Read, relax and enjoy the moments.


This month can be a stress if one isn't on top of things. Saturn will station direct on the 13th and we bring in Eclipse season seeing three Eclipse's in a row starting on the 18th of the month.

The first Eclipse of this group kicks off with a Lunar Eclipse at the 25th degree of Aquarius. The Full Moon happens just minutes prior to the Eclipse. The Lunar influences are about our habits, securities, personal family issues. Where we've come from and where we are heading. Our roots. The People. The Ruler being the mighty planet of Uranus, sparking new directions. It seems like a favorable Eclipse.

Mercury is hot this month, as he slows for his 3rd retrograde station on the 30th at the 29th degree of Virgo. The 29th degree is considered an Anaretic degree. Meaning it's defective. With Mercury stationing on this degree we need to be cautious of our views. We can be anxious to dictate our extreme views to others as this degree is often exaggerated in some sense. Being in the sign of Virgo, people can go over the top with critical assessments of others or issues. Expect people to be talking way too much with this transit. Too much nitpicking.

By the 31st we encounter a T-Square configuration. Mars will join up with Saturn in Sagittarius. This sort of reminds me of military control. Guarding of boarders. Punishment for viewpoints if you don't believe in what the predominant viewpoint is. Some fighting or arguments that need to be controlled through military or police intervention. Saturn is approaching it's final square with Neptune indicating a final battle between oil and gas issues (rules and regulations), issues surrounding immigration, issues surrounding water, oceans and pollution. Rules and Regulations could be imposed on pollution bearing industries or penalties. Issues surrounding street drugs, alcohol or other pharmaceutical drugs. A Reality Check about certain industries and how they operated. Issues surrounding the truth about government controls or people in control. (Read article)


September continues the T-Square configuration and leads us into the depths of Eclipse Season.

With September 1st Eclipse happening as a Solar Eclipse at the 9th degree of Virgo. Arriving in the early hours of the Morning with the New Moon. This is a North Node Eclipse, moving us into the future. We can gain control with this Eclipse to make fresh starts. It's never too late.

By the 9th the large planet of Jupiter moves into the sign of Libra for the first time since 2004/2005. Look to the monthly reviews for highlights.

Saturn will make his last square to Neptune on the 10th of September. Highlighting all the information provided above or if you read the article posted on Astrological Journeys.

September 16th brings our 3rd and final Eclipse with a Lunar Eclipse at the 24th degree of Pisces. Old illusions break away with this Eclipse on the South Node in opposition to both Sun and Mercury. It a good Eclipse to heal from the past with the Full Moon's light.

Mercury stations direct on the 22nd in Virgo. Mercury is dignified in the sign of Virgo, so perhaps we've straightened out a few things. After being in this sign for nearly 3 months he moves out of his shadow on October 7th.

Uranus will join with our new planet of Eris on the 25th. I will have to investigate this conjunction.

September 26th brings Saturn to square the North Node. This is about trying to stay in the past or trying to control the future direction without much success. Old habits dye hard with this aspect.

Mars enters the sign of Capricorn on the 27th of September. This is significant since Mars has spent the majority of 2016 in the signs of Sagittarius, igniting activities around beliefs, ideologies, immigration, legal systems, university issues, health issues (since Jupiter was in Virgo) and various other activities related to travel, travel advisory's. As well he spent a great deal of time in the sign of Scorpio. Also initiating activities related to financial issues and how we share these resources through the banking system, insurance system, debt issues, taxation issues, accounting issues as well as a whole host of businesses connected to these issues. Sex issues will also be on the table. Possibly a scandal or two left over from 2014/15. He will have been in these two signs from January to September due to the retrograde motion.


The last quarter of the year seems a bit quieter then the corrections taking place up till now.

However, Mars is moving steadily through the sign of Capricorn on his way for a date with Pluto on the 19th and 20th of the Month. When you have Pluto and Mars in connection it can sometimes indicate some sort of criminal activity is transpiring. Whether it's revealed or not is something else. It can be a highly volatile combination with extreme activity taking place. Since this is in the sign of Capricorn being ruled by Saturn in Sagittarius. It would suggest activity by governments in which ever country to be initiating activities that are related to businesses, foreign policy, educational polities, legal system policies and or issues related to immigration. As well as financial issues related to the above issues. This can be behind the scenes activities.

Jupiter is also active in his pursuit to connect with this combination. Bringing in more issues related to balancing legal issues. Moral and Ethical implications.


The past can haunt us this month as Neptune joins with the South Node on the 3rd. Illusions we thought we believed can be revealed to be nothing more then a lie. A sham put forth to make things look good on the surface. What we believed to be true might simply be thin air with no substance behind it. We can see the past as a waste of our time in some situations. We're wanting to move on, perhaps cover things up so we don't have to deal with them again.

Neptune stations direct on the 17th at the 9th degree of Pisces. We can now move away from things that perhaps have haunted us. New issues are arriving that we need to get a grasp on. New religions might emerge. Neptune's influence is strong this month.

We have our first contact between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn through a square aspect. The activities of Pluto are being held perhaps to account by the justice system. This aspect reminds me of scandal, accountability of those whom have used their power to get what they wanted without consideration to others whom had to pay a price for these actions.


We're still in the flavour of November with the Jupiter square Pluto aspect for much of the month.

Mercury is slowing for his 4th turn to retrograde motion in another Earth sign. Stationing Retro on the 19th of December. So be sure if you are purchasing electronics, vehicles or communication devices it's best to buy them prior to this date. He will station at the 15th degree of Capricorn joined with Pluto in Capricorn. Extreme events can transpire with this connection. Travel issues might be of concern this Christmas Season. Government announcements or businesses relaying information about various policies or updates. Try to get all important business transactions done prior to this station.

We have a Trapeze (Cradle) Aspect Pattern on the 25th of December. Now although this sounds all comfy it really isn't. It's a pattern that indicates we should not expect something for nothing. Build your foundations securely to avoid things coming crashing down. Don't waste or get out of control with things. Expect only to receive what you have earned.

Well we are once again at the end of a year that's about to happen. In some respects it will have been a year of tightening your belts financially and physically. A year that you could of gotten into shape or improved your health. A year of becoming more responsible environmentally. A year of travel problems or restrictions. A year of challenges but yet rewards if you have worked hard. A year of new businesses growing as old one's slide away for print on paper for time in history. A year of possible problems with technology. Hiccups in our fast moving Technological era. A year of changes with the 5 eclipses ready to assault us in new directions. A year of releasing and regaining through determination, will power and strength. A year of review.

Farewell to 2016

Colleen Jorgensen


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