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December 18th, 2017

New Moon: 26 degrees of Sagittarius

This is a sheltered Moon Energy. Reserved, quiet and tired of the same old, same old. It’s a waiting Moon held fast by Saturn’s energy still pressuring it to stay the course. All the while waiting to be released from pressurized responsibilities.

Yes, this is a Moon to maintain just a little while longer. Hang in there, it’s almost over. You can feel like an issue is never going to end. Like it’s been going on for so long. The days just drag by, you haven’t enough hours in the day. It’s dry as a bone. Hard to laugh, hard to smile and the world is just humdrum dreary.

Yes, you could be feeling all these things. Remember though, this is a New Moon’s energy. It’s ready to start something. It’s ready to begin. It’s not too late. You are going to be so surprised by what’s just around the corner. There are two reasons for this happening. Which I will get to in a moment.

This New Moon is joined at the hip with dreary old Saturn, where people are trying to control your every move. You must do this, you must do that and an endless list of what needs to be done. The planet of Saturn is also weary in Sagittarius and ready to move on in just a couple days. He’s tired of the mind games, tired of the various perspectives, tired of the endless need to appease someone’s dilemma’s. Yup, it’s time to move on.

It just so happens this Moon is connected to the Galactic Center of the Universe. A point which seems to be the center of a vast amount of energy. Perhaps a new reality, psychic phenomenon, perhaps a new thought process. Earth seem somehow connected to this energy. A powerful shift in how we view things can emerge. A new reality as this New Moon is so close to the planet Saturn.

The possibilities with this New Moon is, it may reveal a treasure through the Galactic Center. In addition, it’s connecting with Venus on the other side, soon to meet up with this New Moon energy. Venus will collide with this New Moon right at the Winter Solstice. Triggering a refreshing energy of enlightenment as it connects with Uranus high in the sky. A lightening moment of awareness emerges. Lifting us out of our doldrum state and propelling us forward. This can be a breaking away point of release. Freedom feeling, as things begin to let go and you can look forward to the Christmas Season.

The energy will allow you to be your own authentic person. An opportunity to express your own individuality. It’s a time to release old rules, boundaries or limitations you’ve set for yourself and you walk on. Be comfortable with who you are. Focus on your own sense of self and remove yourself from wanting to be like someone else.

This is a powerful Moon to create, set new boundaries. Establish new roles for yourself and goals you want to achieve in 2018. Step out of your old comfortable familiar and redirect the energy coming. Simplify, conserve and create your own originality. This Moon’s energy allows you to let go of a way of living and once you do, the creativity begins. New People begin to enter your life suddenly. Surprises begin to happen and we’re on to a new agenda.

Set new goals. Experience independence and freedoms. Live simply, by spending less, but enjoying more. Set a course and stick with it.

Mars in Scorpio is soon to join with Jupiter and Neptune on the Supermoon of January, while square to the South and North Nodes. This can produce an unstable energy within this New Moon, as you can reach beyond your limits. Mercury is trine to the North Node, assisting us to work out way of releasing. We need to review where we’ve been. Sort out what no longer serves us. Relinquish old ideas or philosophies so we can head into the future.

Avoid being critical, harsh or thinking you know everything. Let it go. Be you, just you, that’s all the Universe requires of you……

Enjoy the New Moon’s enlightening energy. Fill your life with Surprises!

Colleen Jorgensen (

December Astrological Forecast

Gaining Control


As we enter the vast land of the Sagittarius influence this month. We can feel uplifted, expansive, eager in look forward to the festivities of Christmas. Sagittarius is a sign of general optimism. It promotes educational pursuits in understanding others through travel or connections to diverse cultures. Seeking understanding through a broad lens by which we view.

This month that out of control feeling we get when things feel too buoyant has been a plaque to us for a couple years. We have adapted to ever changing circumstances. Cultural divides with a difficult position of really understanding the issues. Some of us have embraced a co-existence with others, while others have limited their connections based upon fear. Building walls, closing boarders to stem the flow. Many have felt threatened that their beliefs or freedoms are threatened, and opportunities will be lost.

The sign of Sagittarius, over the last couple years has been under the limitations of Saturn’s influence. Restricting its usual jovial nature. The vision has been narrowed due to the fears Saturn has place upon it. The usual good humored, anything is possible attitude had been displaced by a restricted philosophical view of thing. NOW Saturn moves to Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn: Dec 20th, 2017 to Dec 17th, 2020: Briefly in Aquarius March 22nd to July 2nd, 2020.

 In December we begin to gain control, through Saturn’s journey into his home sign of Capricorn. In this sign, Saturn feels most comfortable.  Being the king of his castle and easily gaining control over his realm. When he steps into the coolness of Capricorns Mountainous range, he will get right to work. A fever has broken, and his health restored.  Things according to him, have been allowed to deteriorate. He now will very quickly begin to put things back in order.

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Scorpio New Moon


The New Moon on November 18th resides in the passionate sign of Scorpio at the 26th degree. A New Moon is a time of refreshing our direction. A time to start something new as the light begins to increase. This Moon holds with it intensive energy to let go and eliminate the elements within your life, which are no longer working.

The Scorpio in us suggests we will feel the need to hang on a little longer and want to make things work. Scorpio is a controlling sign. Determined to stay the course, no matter the consequences. It’s attracted to the struggle. Perhaps because it feels passionately. Making us feel more alive. This view point has some sort of meaning or purpose. It will force us to feel like we need to hang onto what we think we need. The things which hold more value to us, as though we would be somehow incomplete without them. This Moon’s energy will push you to dig deep to recognize the things you are hanging on too are not necessarily in your best interest. Something needs to die to bring about new growth and direction within your life.

They dying process is difficult. The fight for the last breath. The power to maintain existence, here, now. A passion to survive. To live on to another day. Yet we are destine to release, accept and move on into another dimension. Perhaps a happier one. A surrender, waving the white flag, exhausted and tired of the battle.

With this Moon comes the passionate of the rulers of Scorpio, both Mars and Pluto dueling it out for supremacy. There’s a competitive nature about this Moon. An aggressiveness due to the two malefic planets being in harsh conflict with one another. So, watch for disagreements, arguments or an edginess. Perhaps we need to get something out of our systems before we move forward. Get out and get some physical exercise. Avoid jealousy.

Saturn is still within range of Uranus, so expect some unique elements to enter your reality over the next month. Perhaps the talk of automatic semi-trucks to the emergence of robots fulfilling the needs of humans. A new age is upon us as our value system begins to change, yet we are not really, ready for these new age technologies entering our sphere of existence.

This is a Moon to assess what you need and what you want. Where is our taxes going, who is benefiting from the wealth at large. Perhaps we need to adjust our budgets to accommodate the added expenses arriving. Going forward into the month ahead, strategize your way forward. Let go, of unwanted or needed debt. Avoid the grind and simply relent.

This New Moon indicates, you have the power to change your destiny. Take the time to think of new innovative ways to move forward. Embrace your passion.

Blessings through the dark night!

Colleen Jorgensen: spiritual

November’s Astrological Forecast

Air Bubbles Break Surface.

Sometimes I think there are only two seasons. The light season and the dark season. With the light, we push ourselves upward towards the light. With the dark season we are pushed downward. Each entrance begins with a water sign. The Light with Pisces and the dark with Scorpio. We are now entering the dark season in the Northern Hemisphere, as we enter the season of Scorpio. We get pushed down under the water. For many it can be a panicked time, where you either sink or swim. It takes us a bit to climatize ourselves to being in the water, waiting to touch bottom and emerge through to the other side into the sign of Sagittarius.

This period of time can be considered the transitional period. It can be depressing as we learn to navigate the depths. A need to transform in order to make it though the dark waters before reaching land. We can feel like we’re stuck in a muddy soup of muck. Release yourself. Stop trying to control the events happening. Sink deeper. Let your breath out, allowing Air Bubbles to break the surface from whence you came.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter glides into the sign of Scorpio on October 10th, 2017. He will station retrograde on March 9th, in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn; back tracking from 23 degrees to 13 degrees. He then stations direct on July 11th and comes to a screeching halt on November 8th, where he begins to see the light in Sagittarius.

We can with this energy really feel like we’ve fallen down the Rabbit Hole. Like we are living some Alice in Wonderland theme. With strange character’s emerging to greet us on our way down.

The planet of Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Thus, he’s expansive in whatever he touches. Bringing it out in the open. He likes to exaggerate things. Profess the truths and beliefs where ever he travels. He’s a ceremonial kind of energy which can lead to excessive tendencies for us to grow, opening our minds to wisdom and happiness. What we find deep within can produce the most wondrous treasures, if we have the stomach and determination to grasp it with Jupiter’s travels down into the sign of Scorpio.

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October Astrology Forecast

 Betwixt and Between



This is the month of Halloween or All Hallows, which is celebrated in various countries around the world. For some of us it’s the Celtic New Year. A Witchy time of year when the darkness descends upon us with more clarity then at any other time of year. We can see the leaves falling. The earth stretching her arms, yawns, closing her eyes to lays down for her long winters night sleep. The bridge between this world and the next opens for us to leap down into the darkness of night. Finding ghosts and goblins awaiting our arrival.

This New Year (Samhain) brings with it a special little surprise as we are betwixt and between the worlds. The planet Jupiter rides with us upon the hedge. Jupiter was often referred to as the God of the Sky. King of the Gods. Known as Jov or Zeus. We enhance & expand our knowledge through his guidance into the dark realms of Scorpio come the 10th of October.

Although we don’t technically call this month a Scorpio month since we are still very much in Libra. We are bound by Pluto’s powerful draw. The ruler of Scorpio reaches beyond the grave to grab hold of many of our activities this month. A scarf in flight, carried upon the winds of Libra towards an unknown destination. Chaotic in it’s movements as it struggles to keep afloat. This can very much represent how many of us might be feeling. Like we are carried to some unknown destination.

 For many who have been betwixt and between due to the hurricane storms which ravished the coasts of many countries, as well as those whom have been affected by the ravishing fires, and the various other weather events. Not to mention those whom are fleeing persecution. We can feel the draw down to their suffering as they wait in limbo for things to miraculously be restored. What they once knew is diminished, wiped away by the power of change. As well as the slowing of resources from others.

We are grabbed hold by unseen forces in October and realizing our power of will we can move beyond the boundaries. If we determine ourselves to do so.

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September Astrology

The Wheel Turns

Hello everyone! It will soon be back to the old grind of school, work, and activities. Things to keep us busy throughout the fall months. Yet as much as we are going forward, astrologically we may find ourselves encountering similar or unfinished business from the summer months. With the triggering of the Eclipse’s and the Turning of the yearly wheel we can find a New Dawn emerging.

We’ve just finished with the Solar Eclipse of August 21st which signals a change is upon us. Eclipse’s can produce high energy levels within society propelling various actions or reactions from people, groups or leaders. Heading into September we are not finished with the dynamic propelling energies of July and August. We are still in a heightened state of energy as the Eclipse degrees are activated in September. We must be diligent, aware and conscious of our actions and re-actions to others or events.

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August Astrological Forecast


The Great American Eclipse

Welcome to August. This is the month we have been looking for. It’s going to be one of the busiest months of the year, astrologically. It holds two Eclipse’s, a power charged Full Moon and New Moon event. Mercury will station retrograde. The two power house planets of Jupiter and Pluto will make their last square to one another as well, two significant planets will station this month. First Uranus retrograde and then Saturn direct. It’s a jam-packed month where we are all going to have to be on our toes, as events shift our perceptions.

For many of us this year, we have struggled to find our niche. Moving around from one interest to another. Starting & stopping, connecting and disconnecting. We may have felt like we want or need to change something about our lives. Relationships have been pronounced this year with many struggling to find the right group, significant other or friendship. Some of us have left behind relationships they thought would have lasted forever. As well careers and financial concerns have been top of mind with the political climate around the world going through major changes. There’s been the need to educate one’s self, seek a different point of view and reflect on how we can adjust to the numerous changes which have enveloped many of us. Yet we are not quit there yet.

August seems like the month to go through the tunnel and see what’s on the other side. The need to release what we cannot control. Eclipse’s often are like reset buttons in life. Suddenly things change. Perceptions shifts and new waves of energy prevail upon us. Different interest float to the top to be carried forward until the next wave of eclipse energy moves upon us.

Eclipse’s, throughout the ages had been noted as fearful times, when leaders (kings) changed. Ways of living moved in different directions, wars began and ended. Eclipse’s held a great deal of energy, which influenced the dynamics of everyday life. Omens of uncertain times ahead. The energy seems to sit on a tight rope, where it can manifest in one direction or the other. We are suspended and then we fall. Landing in a place we didn't expect.

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July Astrological Forecast


Hey Everyone, it’s Summer. The month we wait all year to see. The month of July is a month of Cancer’s influences. The homeland, family vacations or reunions. We can be somewhat moody, nostalgic and emotional within this sign. It’s a time of re-initiating. If you start a new venture, make sure you have plans to finish it.

In recent years, many of us, have been going through shifts, changes and challenges. Many of these challenges force us to re-calculate our direction forward. We often need to find a different route to achieve our goals, as the landscape changes due to numerous interference"s. Many of the Cardinal Signs have especially been going through shifts of perceptions leading them into many different directions.

July is a month, which re-triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross. This highly restrictive, volatile aspect was in effect from 2008-2015. It initiated tensions, uprisings, revolts, bombs, shifts and changes to occur around the world. Our journey this month leads us back from whence we came to re-calculate our awareness of our personal desires in life. The start of a new beginning. Emerging in full force come September. Changes occurring now in July, will again see shifts. Right through the Eclipse season of August.

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June Astrology Forecast

Adventure through Acceptance

Sometimes in life, we just gotta love life for what it gives us. June is an adventure of possibilities. It’s got ups, it’s got downs, and it’s got thrills, as well as these still moments of reflections. We need to hang on tight, so we don’t feel like we are falling out of step with the Universe. Just be in acceptance of life’s events. Opportunities to capitalize on the information we hear, and who we connect with. Sometimes, we just gotta be upside down just to see things from a different perspective. Shaking us up a bit, in order to make us realize we are really blessed to be alive.

The month of June is a month filled with activity, based on the Sun being in the airy sign of Gemini. Gemini is full of ideas, gossipy information, ready to seize the moment of opportunity. It’s a fast-quick sign, which likes to be on the go, exploring the area around. Discovering tid bits here and there. June can be flighty.

We’ve been busy. Going here, there and everywhere. Getting ready for Summer to arrive. Gardens get planted, yards get cleaned up. The dust gets shaken out and the cobwebs of the winter get swept away.

We’re just coming off a stormy New Moon on May 25th, indicating some stormy weather for June. As well Mars in Gemini just opposed the might of Saturn in Sagittarius on May 29th, revealing some truths from August of 2016, when the cycle began. This can be a hard nut to crack, so expect to sit tight until all your chores are done before you can make merry. The Sun will trigger this degree come the 15th of June, so there will be repercussions for not adhering to the rules. Mercury is quick to catch up to the Sun this month, moving very fact through the sign of Gemini in order to catch him by the Summer Solstice on June 21st, but before he does, he also triggers the Mars oppose Saturn aspect on the 18th. Information will be revealed as to who the culprit is. The truth is always better, so if you are hiding secrets it’s time to get real with yourself. Leaders maybe making announcements. There can also be a show of military might, as Leaders demonstrate their capabilities.

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May Astrology Forecast

Moving On

May is one of my favorite months. It’s always full of promise, potential and life. New shoots emerge from the ground fresh from a long hibernation.

We’ve been in this circle of events recently as so many of the planets have been stationing retrograde. Back and forth through old territory from Venus’s station retrograde on March 4th to Mercury’s station on April 10th. Tracing over old issues which needed some extra attention during those months. This back and forth motion which invaded us, could have sent many of us into this circular pattern. Making us unsure of our direction as we try to sort through the various issues at hand. Who’s our ally or friend. What connections have we made or perhaps sacrificed to stay the course and what was the cost of such actions. We still have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto still in retrograde station, so we are still perhaps a bit gun shy, hesitant to make a decision.

May will see us moving on as both Mercury and Venus will break into new territory by the 20th of May, just as the Sun moves on into the chatty sign of Gemini.

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April Astrology Forecast 2017

Changing Directions

Well, we are now ready to usher in the season of Spring officially. Anxious to shed our winter wear, heavy boots and exchange them for lighter brighter spring wear. We perhaps have been uncertain of our direction of late. Increasingly we can feel like we’re pressured to do something, but we’re not quite certain of what that something is. For many of us, we just can’t quit put our finger on what doesn’t feel right. There is a hesitancy of which direction to go in next. If we are even heading in a direction or if we are simply just spinning our wheels. Certain paths we have began in the last couple months can lose their luster through the course of April.

This is a month whereby, we have four planets stationing retrograde this month. Venus enters April already in retrograde motion, but flips back to Pisces. Where the other planets of Saturn (retrograde on April 6th), Mercury (retrograde on April 9th), and Pluto (retrograde on the 20th). A feeling like the energy is standing still. Like a pendulum, which has swung back to center, just before it heads the other direction. We can feel as though we are in a holding pattern. Waiting to decide and yet anxious to shift our positions and make some major changes within our lives. This can be a month where we need to review where we have come from and where we are wanting to go. What patterns are we making on a continuous basis and not realizing we are doing it. Examination is healthy in the month ahead. Old issues may surface this month. Old relationships may enter the life or you run into old acquaintances, friends or loved ones. You may find something you lost. A feeling may arise, where you’re doing the same thing over and over.

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2017 March Astrology Forecast

Balls in the Air

In like a Lion out like a Lion

Welcome to March! A month we typically view as being a month of anticipation, as we prepare to March forward. We begin to vibrate in our realization that winter is almost over and Spring is about to greet us. It's a month of New Beginnings as we celebrate our Astrological New Year with the Sun's entrance into the first sign of the Zodiac Aries. Greeting the Equinox as Spring Fever erupts. Many of us kick up our heels and celebrate St. Patrick's day with the Irish and seek to find the pot at the end of the Rainbow.

We arrive in March with a Solar Eclipse having just occurred, so we all might be a little frazzled by the increased energy levels. Like a hang over effect, we can feel exhausted, stretched to our limits like an elastic band ready to be released. The tensions of the month are very real, as we engage with the Major Aspects of 2017 which are the dominating force in effect. There is little doubt we will need to be aware of these energies in order to manoeuvre the tensions. How we manage requires a consciousness as we head into the month ahead. The energy can be fast and furious as many of the planets seek the warmth of Aries.

March emerges wrapped in this cloak of confusion as the Sun merges with Neptune on the 1st. We are unlimited in this energy. Like an astronaut sailing through space, we have no boundaries to prevent us from imagining our dreams and setting them in motion. We can be so optimistic we can miss the stop sign just up ahead as we run into the first Major Aspect of 2017 presenting itself.

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February Astrological Forecast

Shaking Loose

It's Eclipse Season Folks and it's Sweet Heart Month.

This is a very stimulating month. We're getting fired up, having just entered the year of the Fire Rooster, we're entering Eclipse season and Mars is going to activate our passions through it's connections with the major astrological events unfolding this year. We're prone to shaking things up, making sudden shifts in our lives. Then we break loose from our perceived limitations come months end. Eclipse’s are those moments in time when everything can change.

Eclipse's generate the end of one cycle and the start of another. We are just at the tail end of the Virgo/Pisces axis and moving into the Leo/Aquarius threshold, which we will see for approximately a year. Over-all this month is fairly upbeat and exhilarating.

Jupiter is preparing to station retrograde, so there is a heightened energy surrounding his activities. This can lead to lots of socializing since Jupiter is in the sign of Libra. Connections and associations can have a sense of urgency surrounding them. As such the connections he's having with Uranus is also stimulated and his stress with Pluto. Jupiter is alive with energy, as Mars will move to oppose him right along with Uranus at the end of the month, which can trigger some explosive events. Things are dropping off and ignited with energy as the Solar Eclipse at the same time. The earth can move under this energy as we break away from the norm.

As well throughout the month we have several activation's with Uranus in transit and Pluto so hang onto your hats folks we're about to be shaken loose from the usual mainstream life and shot into another realm. Sudden shifts can start to move us in directions we're not expecting. Job changes, life changes, relocation, promotions, marriages, divorces. This is life, however this month might be moving a bit faster then we are use too.

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The Astrological Year Ahead

This is a year , where many of us can feel like we need to perform. The never endless grind of trying to get somewhere. The old phrase, “ It's not what you know, but who you know “ can ring true over the course of the coming months. The emergence of groups gathering together for a common interest is highlighted. More heads are better then one, or so it can seem. In the mist of these grand ideas of dialogue and connections we can indeed lose our sense of self. Where do we begin and those other people end. We can be left with a sense of identity crisis if we don't maintain a sense of our own directions and identity within this mix of sharing.

We are as it would seem in many ways a year of endings, and yet this year highlights beginnings with Numerology expressing this to be a #1 Year. Initiating new starts, people stepping out and proclaiming themselves free of the restrictions they otherwise felt in other years. Becoming that entrepreneur with unexpected breaking away from the norm and trekking off to embrace their own realities.

We celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday on July 1st of 2017. We were born as a nation on this date in 1867. A great deal of celebrations emerging throughout the year. Happy Birthday Canada.

We also ring in the Chinese New Year on January 28th, welcoming the year of the Fire Rooster, which promises to be anything but slow.

Yes, we will be challenged in 2017, as we come to crossroads and turning points in the course of history. Many of us will break away from the normal way of conducting business and earning our livings. We reach out to one another on our journey towards self realization. We are challenged to balance ourselves against what is best for ourselves and what is best for the group. We can feel like we are stretched beyond our limits, yet we can feel excited, exhilarated with possibilities. We can be thrown in directions and land where we never thought possible, and yet we can rationalize, and ground ourselves to make our own realities for our future. We need to stay the course in 2017. Capitalizing on our opportunities, firm in our beliefs as we remove ourselves from our toxic environments, which control our destinies, limit our desires and oppress our hopes for the future. Sometimes we just need to let go, and other times we need to stay the course. Corporations will be on the verge of change in 2017 as they realize the organization is reaching a new level of understanding of what can be achieved within a group structure versus a tiered down dominating force.

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January Astrological Forecast

The beginning of the New Year


Break the Mold, be Different

Welcome to 2017.

A year which can get boisterous at times, as we huddle together against certain radical individuals and their independent ideas. There's a breaking away from several existing norms this year as we seek new belief systems. We need and want to break the mold, try something different, connect with different people. Search for peace, tranquillity and release the hold governments, big industry and corporations have on us.

We enter January on a similar theme as we exited December. We are in the mist of a Mercury Retrograde heading towards Sagittarius. So we've got some finishing up to do, before we are thrown into the depths of January mid-month. So the first week of January is almost like we are still in the Christmas spirit of things. This month can just drag on as January usually does. It's a month filled with innuendo’s, confusing issues, lack of directions, start and stops. A month of indecision as Mercury finally begins to move forward. We begin our influences of the major aspects of 2017 this month, amidst the back drop of Venus and Mars in Pisces for the majority of the month. We are unclear of where and what we want in the coming weeks. We can finally find ourselves making decision, New Years Resolutions as new information coming to light, as well as we suddenly need to break free from things which are holding us back. There is a strong indication of now acting or making sudden moves, due to both lunations being somewhat stressed. First the Full Moon on the 12th and the New Moon on the 27th. The United States will swear in their New President on the 20th.

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Mercury Retrograde

December 19th to January 8th

Mercury the planet of communication, messenger, and thought processes has stationed Retrograde as of December 19th in the early hours. It's close to the earth, thus it's energy is magnified. He has just set foot into in bounds territory as he stations in the farthest point south. Mercury is now positioned between the earth and the Sun, whereby reaching it's inferior conjunction with the Sun on December 28th, while he is stationed retrograde in motion. He will also reach 00 degrees of Capricorn 3 times during his movements back and forth.

He first reached this point on December 3rd, in retrograde motion on January 4th and again on January 13th, 2017. This 00 degree mark of Capricorn is considered one of the Cardinal points. Indicating a out rushing of energy of eventful times ahead. A new movement begins, which will invoke possible changes and new trends emerging. This is significant in the meaning of the action of Mercury's influences, as there is more punch to his expressions.

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