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November Astrology Forecast


The Turn Around

November’s one of those month’s where we begin to feel a rising hope & optimism for the future. The Air begins to develop its own energy as the planets begin to do a turn around. There are several junctures in the month, which spell shifts and changes are in the air, lighting a spark of enthusiasm. Life’s like that sometimes, just when we think we can’t go any lower, we begin to float back up to the surface.

Many people have been in this drag down, beaten up energy. Which is exhausting to say the least. Like we’ve been stuck in some sort of vortex, with a down draft pulling us towards the bottom of who knows where. There have been so many issues around us. So many things to think about, to review, sort out or figure out over the past 10 months. Intense deep feelings. Perhaps some confusion surrounding what we really want in our lives. Many people will have to step onto new paths heading into new territory in November.

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October Astrology Forecast

A Time Gap & Venus Retrograde

As humans we are often looking for perfect. We want everything in our lives to be calm with no difficulties. We strive to achieve this. We become out of balance when our lives do not match up with our expectations of what we believe it should be like. But what if we started to like all of it. All the negativity, all the positivity. Understanding, both energies are our motivation forward. Getting us unstuck from our complacency. Pushing us beyond our limits into a new different place…

This month is kind of like this. Whereby much of 2018 was about reviewing where we are in life. Resisting and pushing against the forces of change by reviewing where we’ve come from and where we are going. Many of us have been on edge, uncomfortable, anxious yet immobilized by some unseen force. Yet anticipating a renewal. We’ve perceived this as a negative. A problem to be solved. A time to change, move on due to the motivating factors always pushing upon our spirits. It’s been a time gap really, where everything slows down, where we need to stop and pay attention to what has just happened. We need to pay attention, lift our heads and look around.

October is another time gap, due to Venus stationing retrograde, which will bring us to the final push forward. The sky is telling us a story, yet we often miss the meaning. Are these events in the sky actual events transpiring in heaven as many cultures believed or are they simply energy forces of the planets influencing our behavior here on earth.

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September Astrological Forecast


Wrapping Things Up.


As we step into the coolness of September. We can feel like we’ve just run a marathon but haven’t stepped foot onto the streets. The roller coaster energy for some has been a little over-whelming and as we begin to wrap up several of the aspects and retrograde periods in September we’re anxious to get back to some sort of routine in order to ground us back down to earth.


Several aspects in September are now coming to a close. The Eclipse’s themselves are finished, but not over in terms of various planets reigniting their energy. Several planets are now in direct motion but are still retracing old ground covered in the spring. As well we are heading into the last passes between several planets this month and then we will throw them in the dust bin. September brings with it the end to, Mercury’s retrograde, Mar’s retrograde, Mars square Uranus ends with one last pass. Jupiter’s long journey with both Neptune and Pluto are now ending. Jupiter’s semi square with Saturn is now finishing up, Saturn’s retrograde is ending as well as Pluto’s retrograde.

So, although things are half wrapped up, it’s not over until it’s over. Just when we think we are though the magick, the struggle, the intensity. Venus will step in and drive the knife home with her retrograde and conflict with Uranus and Saturn. She must have the last word before we close this chapter. September brings things to a point, a reprieve in many ways. The Good the Bad and the Ugly come together at the close of Summer and the beginning of Autumn as we reach the midpoint of the Equinox.


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August Astrological Forecast


What goes around, comes around in the Time Loop.

It’s without a doubt, we are in a challenging intense period of time. The energy is challenging, due to the recent Eclipse Full Moon as we exit July and enter August. This can produce sudden releases of anger, frustrations. It can manifest as sudden stoppages, breaking away from various people or circumstances as we’re reaching the peak of the energy curve. Uranus, which is about to station retrograde in August is now slowing down, magnifying his energy and releasing pent up stresses. He was embedded in the recent Total Lunar Eclipse in harsh angle to Mars. This can produce unpredictable events to transpire, which challenges us to rise to the occasion. Pushing us perhaps beyond our limits as disruptions, cancellations, interruptions cause us to lose our sense of direction.

For many of us, we are having energy surges with releasing points. Due to this we can feel lethargic, as our vitality seems to wane. In addition, we don’t really seem like we’re really getting anywhere, as this loop of energy holds us in a specific pattern. Much of this energy is due to the numerous planets now in retrograde station.

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July Astrological Forecast

Eclipse Season: Change

Well we are half way through 2018 as we enter the month of July and Summer time in the Northern Hemisphere. A season of holidays, swimming, escapes to the cabins and enjoyment of the long days and warm nights. Where memories of family trips, sports and summer camps. Escapes and retreats to rejuvenate and revive our energies.

We now enter a time frame where standing back and just coast along with summer, seems to be a much better option then pushing back against the universal energies. We are in a high energy band as we enter Eclipse Season. Eclipse’s arise in two-part series. A Solar and a Lunar. This Eclipse season of 2018 gives rise to 3 Eclipse’s in a row. Beginning with the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on July 13th. Giving rise to the beginning of the series of Eclipses between the axis of Cancer and Capricorn. This will lead us through 2019 and end on Jan 10, 2020 finishing up with a Lunar eclipse in Cancer. We then have the final eclipse in Aquarius on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, followed by the final Solar Eclipse in Leo on the New Moon on August 11th. So, we have quit a band where 

Mars Retrograde: June 27th -Aug 28th/2018


We have an upcoming Mars retrograde beginning on June 27th, as Mars comes closer to the Earth, which happens approximately every 2 years. This year it stations in Aquarius at 9 degrees, then appearing to move backwards to 28 degrees of Capricorn. Transiting over a small area of the zodiac from May 11th to Oct 9th, when it finally moves forward in Aquarius.

We are going over ground already covered from May and June. In July 2018, you can review events from May 22nd to June 27th. From August 12th and from Sept 10th to 15th when Mars moves across the 00 degrees of Aquarius, we are focused on week of May 16th, which coincided with May 15th New Moon and Uranus move into Taurus. Mars hit the critical 29th degree of Capricorn as well around May 15th and is retriggered from August 13th and again from Sept 4-10th. Mars will station direct in a dignified position at the 28th degree of Capricorn on August 28th, where it will stay until Sept 3rd. Finally coming out of it’s shadow on October 9th. It’s a long haul and a time to reset our direction.

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June Astrological Forecast


Inner Inspiration

Many of us are very busy with our lives. Wrapped up in all sorts of issues, running from one project to the next. Adhering to the clock. Frazzled with activities. Lost in self directed motivations and often unaware of our sense of self. June is one of those months where we need to contemplate. A month of reflecting and calming our souls and opening to the heat of summer’s light. This is a creative month as we flitter around with the Gemini energy. Scattered bursts of activities and expressions of what we truly value in life. Like a butterfly opening from it’s cocoon, taking flight on the winds of change. This is such an intuitive month we can be drawn to tears, both happy ones and sadden ones. It can be a very wet soggy ending to spring.

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May Astrological Forecast

A New Awakening

Welcome to May! To Spring! The earth cracks open with new shoots emerging and we awaken to life. A season of new birth, awakening and awareness. This is a month to be on your toes and aware of your surroundings. We are shaken out of our complacency this month to view a new picture emerging.

This year we have the planet of Great Awakening, Uranus is moving into the sign of Taurus. A sign which rules the month of May. A change of pace is in order. This will bring about a New shift or awareness to the energies upon the earth. 

Uranus hasn’t been in the sign of Taurus for 84 years. The last time Uranus entered Taurus was May 28th, 1935. Smack dab in the middle of the dirty thirties and the Great Depression. Uranus in 2018 enters the new sign of Taurus on May 15th. He stations retrograde on the 8th of August, just as he joins up with Saturn in a positive connection from August 14th to September 15th. He then re-enters the sign of Aries on the 7th of November. Finally, re-entering Taurus on March 6th, 2019.

Uranus often uses the shock factor to bring us out of our complacency and into our lives. We can therefore view him as a negative force. However, he brings enlightenment and awareness to our lives. The signs were there, we just didn’t see them. Living on the edge but not realizing it. This planet can bring us to the brink, opening our eyes just before the fall. He seeks freedom in all matters and fights for his due causes. He’s the underdog and is rebellious within his actions, causing electrifying acts to emerge to get his point across. New waves of inventions can emerge to solve problems. Broader informational networks work within the Uranus energies, such as the internet, satellite or wave lengths. He rules humanity, connecting us through the energy grids and beyond into space. Thus, scientific or robotic energies lye with Uranus. He is the higher octave of communication and networking.

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April Astrological Forecast 2018

Packing up, moving on.

April is one of those months, where we’re finishing up some of the old and getting ready for some of the new. It’s like moving, we think we’re all packed up only to find we’ve got another closet full of things yet to be packed. We will have all sorts of odd jobs to complete. It’s like a stop wait, did we forget anything on our way out, only to discover a few blocks down the road we forgot to shut off the stove.

We’ve all been here. After sever frustrating hours of this, we are so fed up we just go into this silent mode of being. Stewing in our own little thoughts. We see the future coming. Our new alliances, new activities, new struggles and new awareness. So here we all are. Packing up, moving on, getting everything in order. Changing our actions. Suddenly thinking about the me, the us, the them against the vastness of possibilities and the road ahead.

We’ve just exited from the Blue Full Moon of March 31st as we enter the freshness of April. Still under the influences of where me fits into the us of things. Producing tension with who is pulling their weight. Obligations weight heavily upon our shoulders. There will be a need to stop and take stock of what needs to stay and what needs to go as we prepare to move on.

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March Astrological Forecast

Release & Eliminate. Cleanse & Heal

The Ides of March, according to the Roman Calendar was so named for the midpoint of a month. Indicative of the 15th day of March, and the 13th day of May, July & October. The Ides of March became a more prominent date, when a fortune-teller (Astrologer) warned Caesar of his impending death. Where as Caesar responded with a disregard to the warning. He indeed was assassinated on March 15th, 44 B.C. The term Ides means in Latin, “to divide” and marks the middle of the Month and the Full Moon phase, (where it is no longer) whereby dividing the lunar cycles. His death triggered the Civil War and the rise of Augustus. Of course, this month is probably not that traumatic, but shifts and changes are at hand.

According to Wikipedia, The Ides of March are also an occasion for the Feast of Anna Perenna and the festival of the New Year. Meaning this is the Month, the Sun rides the Equator bringing it into the first sign of the Zodiac Aries and marks the beginning of the Astrological year and the Vernal Equinox.

This month is indicative of all these things. As the month is marked with the 2 Full Moon’s bracketing the month. As was January. The last being the 2nd Blue Moon of 2018 which triggers the Pluto square Uranus aspect from May 21st of 2013. Perhaps a return to the energy of the Arab Spring. Bringing with it possible protests, revolutions & revolts.

This is a month, which is full of Astrological Energy, pulling us back and forth in within emotional tides as the Moon’s draw us to their energies of possible change. The Cardinal signs are once again under pressure to shift their perspectives. The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

March is ushered in by the First Full Moon on the 1st at the 11th degree of Virgo 23 minutes. Virgo is the sign of being of Service through healing, nutrition and actively putting the emotional needs of others before themselves. It’s also a wonderful time to purify, cleanse or begin an exercise program. During this Full Moon, we can become the martyrs. Willing to sacrifice a piece of ourselves for the benefit of others. Isolated against the massive energies of the other planets on the other end of the spectrum in the victimizing sign of Pisces. This will be a lesson in giving too much for the appeasement of others. So, no matter how much you try to persuade others they don’t need to be the victim, they will be wallowing in their own self pity. The Moon is separating from the strengthening trine to Saturn, perhaps the time of feeling obligated to some duty has past and we are ready to move forward with our own emotional well-being. The Sun is close to the influences of Neptune, the dissolving of conditions is at hand. Our goals & ambitions are being altered in some fashion. This can bring us into a state of confusion. Feeling like we have lost our way forward, or various conditions are changing. Mercury is deep in expressing our inner psychic, but it needs to be checked due to the Trine to Jupiter and our own view point can be overly stretched. Venus is now on the horizon. Ready to be reborn when she enters Aries, appearing in the evening sky on the 4th of March. Eager to re-enter her phase as the Lover. Joined by Chiron, it can be time to heal wounds within our relationships and speak our peace. In addition, you can see a clear path forward, and whatever had been Eclipsed during the climbing to this Moon will become more focused as your path become clearer.

March 1st is also a wonderful day to get together with friends. Relationships thrive and expand under the helm of Venus & Jupiter’s positive connection. Doors begin to open with opportunities. A wonderful day to celebrate the joy of life.

The inner planets of Venus and Mercury enter the month in Pisces but soon enter the warming sign of Aries early. Mercury on the 6th of March and Venus on the 7th. This may warm the weather up a bit. Mercury is slowing down, preparing to station Retrograde in the sign of Aries on the 23rd of March. Communication shifts to personal perspectives. Mercury also was just eclipsed on Feb 15th, so the conversation is changing. This placement is often about the expression of our own personal agenda’s & what we desire in life. It’s a fiery sign, which can produce intense discussions, but cracks open a brainstorm of ideas as well as pioneering projects. It’s excellent for rally cries, revolutionary expressions of people’s personal desires. Being a cardinal sign, there will be lots of plans made this month, for the jumping off businesses.

With Venus here expect short, sharp connections with others. Fresh new relationships are ignited through enthusiastic social gatherings. It’s a very competitive nature, and demands personal attention to be paid, so a vying for attention can prevail. What about me syndrome. How are we as an individual fitting in to the lives of others. Are our needs being met within these connections.

The 4th of March Venus emerges and is visible in the evening sky. Since November 16th it’s been hidden beneath in the underworld. In this position it’s energy has presented as more of a warrior type stance. From March 1st to 7th Venus is at the helm of Pisces, dignified, so she emerges under the blessings of being exalted. A position of being the best through compassion, sympathy and spirituality. When she re-emerges into the light, we can reunite both within ourselves and with others. Emily Trinkaus says it best, “The Lover in all of us is Reborn”. A need to be at peace with others but also within ourselves.

Both the Sun and Mercury join with Neptune on the 4th, igniting a series of feelings. This is a Sunday, so stay in bed, relax, heal, meditate, do yoga and just relax.

Jupiter stations retrograde on the 11th of March. Intensifying our need to reveal the deeper aspects of life. The light and fluffy just doesn’t survive under Scorpio’s influences. Pluto is ruling the dominion of Jupiter’s journey through hades. We move inward trying to discover the deeper aspects of ourselves. How they are interrelated to the world at large. What is important to us. It is an excellent time to detoxify our lives. To vomit up and rid ourselves of secrets we have long held. Both physically, mentally and spiritually. Release and let go of old haunts or people whom are toxic to your environments. Purge, release and go deeper into your beliefs. Things are being reviewed during Jupiter’s retrograde phase. Secrets come out, matters relating to the sexual scandals, financial affairs, taxation systems, legal matters, and insurances, either get shoved down deeper or covered up or released outward as truth. Jupiter stations direct on July 11th at the 13th degree, emerging out of his shadow on October 6, 2018.

As we delve into the underworld of Scorpio, we are led to more serious personal matters with Mercury in Aries square to Saturn in Capricorn. Decisions will need to be made as to the direction each one of us wished to take going forward. Business concerns.

Not to worry, we are Full of inspiration as the light dawns on the 12th with Mars in Sagittarius Trine to Uranus in Aries. We may feel like acting. Our excitement mounts as we progress forward with our new lease on life. The Sun opens its arms to Pluto and we are ready to begin a new journey forward. Armed with opportunities to release ourselves from old worn out routines or agendas. Spontaneously getting involved in unusual events or activities.

Avoid the lover’s quarrel on the 13th, deal with the any restrictions or obligations you may have to loved ones as you may have some obstacles to jump. The 14th carries on the friction with Jupiter semi-square to Saturn. This can be an all or nothing energy. Our limits are tested as we could be forced into situations where we’d rather not be. Financial issues begin to loom large.

Our New Moon arrives on the 17th at the 27th degree of Pisces and our New month begins. You may find that everyone is just a bit more sensitive then usual. Various elements are dissolving as you let go of what you think is no longer serving your interests. This can bring out the fanatical tendencies with many of us. Our obsessive need or thoughts can be limiting. We know what’s going on even if we don’t have the facts. Religious beliefs, spirituality or fanciful expectations of the perfect world emerges. What this New Moon energy is good for is the dive into the mystical elements of life. The lost religions like Buddhism. Immersing ourselves in a cleansing, ritualistic mantra to work with the energy and the upcoming Vernal Equinox. People will be prone to idealistic imagery. Poetry, painting, meditation, artistic pursuits hold sway. Creativity is heightened and since Chiron is so close to this New Moon. The healing arts, such as reiki, acupuncture, or other forms of going deep into our greatest pain releases. The square to Mars in the last degrees of Sagittarius, brings up a lack of clarity upon our beliefs system. Is someone just playing with our minds, perhaps scandalous in their intent. Active deception can be going on right under out noses. Do we believe what others are telling us? You will have to rely upon your instincts. Perhaps we need to learn what it is we need to know before we trust so much. Mull it over in your head and then move forward. Ask a friend, if you should be doing something. Seek out a reader to clarify some things. This can be a frustrating, lack of direction movement forward energy.

There is a great out rushing of Energy as Mars steps into the Cool Air of Capricorn on the 18th of March. Events which transpired around the 20th of December are activated as Mars crosses Saturn’s journey. This can slow Mar’s energy, so we might feel stuck into doing something, we’d rather not do. This energy requires arduous work and dedication to projects.

By this time frame we are starting to feel the pinch under the Ides of March. Things can slow down considerably due to hang-ups.

The Vernal Equinox breaks the lack of clarity. The Wheel begins to Turn. The Sun enters the 00-degree mark of Aries on the 20th of March. Ushering a beginning of a New Astrological Year ahead. Venus is just heading for a square aspect with Pluto, bringing potential dramatic changes to the finances in business. Possible difficulties with allies or partnerships as well. Saturn is in Capricorn Trine to the Moon. This can mean a need to pull back and restrain in the economic conditions. The Yod signals a point of frustration moving forward as adjustments and challenges need to be addressed. Mars is moving towards Saturn further adding pressure to retrain and slowing down. 29 degrees on the money houses again shifts our attention to a lack of movement forward. Holding back or not spending in the Canadian chart. Debts and financial issues. The Moon points to issues around earning potential. Job losses and difficulty saving. It can be a rough spring in terms of the economic forecast.

The 23rd, pulls Mercury into retrograde station in the industrious sign of Aries, and ruler Mars in direct conflict with the Sun, to say there is potential conflict afoot seems to be an understatement. It’s time to delve into the decisions we’ve made and re-think our mission forward. Mercury here will station at the 17th degree and stations direct on April 15th at the 4th degree of Aries. There is this internal dialogue going on in our heads with this Mercury retro period. Do be careful as to which conversation you are having. With yourself or with others? This can be a very inventive, enlightening thought process, but be sure to write things down as you will lose them quickly. New innovative thoughts can arrive at lightening speed and it has very little patience to wait around for others to catch up. So, arguments, disagreements can emerge as simply a lack of clarification. Mercury here is focused on the self and the needs of the single individual. Expect people to be focused on their own personal issues. Verbal impatience or a tendency for debating is highlighted. Road rage can emerge as problematic. Forcing issues, ramming things through with little thought if they are correct or not. Pushing, shoving. The Moon in Gemini, ruled by Mercury can ignite a tendency to make up all sorts of gossip, untruths or accusations. Puffing out the chest with self righteousness. The media will be aghast with various juicy tidbits. Mercury will come out of it’s shadow on May 3rd.

We are really thrown into the washing machine this month as we mull over various issues and topics. So really when we get to the New cycle between Venus and Uranus, we are ready to just set ourselves free on the 29th of March. The Moon energies are pulling away at us. Flipping us in all sorts of directions wanting us to just release and have some “Me” Time. This is when we can encounter that one special someone. That’s once in a life time encounter, which propels you into a new direction. Take some time to re-energies. Connect with others in this very enlightening day.

Our Last Full Blue Moon of March arrives on the 31st in the sign of Libra. Triggering the Uranus/Pluto square from May & Nov of 2013. Enticing more agitation. This is the culmination from the mid month New Moon energies. This can be our get up and go energy of Spring, but still in square to Mars, we are limited by what we are able to do. Too many obligations and responsibilities are placed in our paths. We are perhaps not ready to let go of our own issues, due to Mercury being so close to the Full Moon’s energy. Our focus is on partnerships, marriage partners as we can feel like we need to pair up. Connect to others for emotional support. Mars is very close to Saturn in this chart, exact on April 2nd. Beginning a New cycle. This slows down the energy of Mars, so we make steady progress forward in our businesses & obligations. Our direction is solidified to grounding to create a solid foundation. Relationships are tested under this helm. We are searching for security, dependable income and what is of value to us. How we navigate this will be up to us and our internal message to ourselves. What we expect is what we will be getting.

This month once again has that emotional flavor to it, due to the tides of these Full Moons. There is so much going on, with Mercury stationing retrograde, a New Moon, Jupiter going retrograde and the intensity of the Aries energy. It can be a fight to the finish.

Please be cautious out there. Control your frustrations or emotions this month. Be consciously aware of the potentials for self absorption. Roll with the energy and we will all be fine and not be so fired up.



February Astrological Forecast

Eclectic Dreaming

So, I got to tell you, I had a lot of trouble with February and getting things straight in my head. Which is very interesting. Due to the fact when I go into the future astrologically I begin to feel like the energy which is going to be coming upon us. I couldn’t quit get which direction I should be going in. How I should be putting it on paper. I went over it and over it. I began February’s journey in the middle of January but had a lot of trouble until now really to get it all straight. There really was no reason for it. February is not in and of itself a complicated month. In fact, we only have One Moon, which of course is a Solar Eclipse, but aside from this, there is just us personally as the inner planets scoot around hitting the major outer planets. So, this is where we will begin.

The inner planets are about us, on a personal level. Our own personal connections with the larger world and with other people. They are safely tucked away between Earth and the Sun. An inner look at what we do in the general sense of life. It’s how we respond to the events or trending energy. Now what’s so complicated about that. The point is, February is about us and how we are inter-relating to our world. How we are fitting in, what do we believe in and where do we want to go based on this awareness. In many ways this month is about where we stand on a personal level. Seriously, where do you stand and what separates you from everything else.

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January 2018: Blue Moon Magic

Lunar Eclipse. Emotional Highs and Lows

Wow, we’re here already... Some of us, battered and beaten with last years events and some of us just ready to move onto something new & exciting.

New Years bring with it, Hope, Dreams and Expectations. They are full of promise, like Santa’s little bag full of opportunities. Well 2018 is full of these little surprises, where opportunity can come knocking. Where many of us will be enlightened. Filled with anticipation and excitement. We can get carried away in 2018. Inspired because of something someone says or does. Many of us will bring in a new awareness of life. Perhaps, a unique way of thinking. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide to change. We essentially become who we want to become. We truly turn the page. Many of us will have new responsibilities as we begin the journey of deciding which direction we really want to go.

So, we’ve got lots going on in January to kick off the New Year. First, we have Two Super Full Moon’s in January. They are like large parentheses, which hug us throughout the month with their supporting energy. Almost like the month of January itself is set aside for something special. This makes the month unusual and intense.

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