Inspiring Awareness by Colleen Jorgensen

Spiritual Journey

connecting to spirit

Hi Everyone. I'm so happy your joining me on my journeys. We journey in many different manners. Actually travelling to another country can be an enlightening venture. We journey through reading, people we encounter, a movie, or educational experience. We discover within our minds and our own environmental experiences.

Like many other people. My journey began in the simplest of ways. The awareness of consciousness of existence. Through this medium at a young age I realized Spiritual Energy. Everything had energy, even if it had been taken out of it's true form. The energy of it's existence continued on in whatever form it had become. I remember this memory with such clarity.

Like many of us, this soon dissipated into the rigors of being earthbound. The drag down energy was difficult for me. Causing much illness and disease in my youth.

So went the years of training to become what the world expects from you. I launched into career as well as my husbands career. Becoming and doing what everyone else is doing. In between the activity of raising a family, farming, and nursing came a stronger connection with spirit.Enlightening experiences. Connections with nature pulling me to it's energies. I felt compelled to continue to discover religious practices, attending group bible study for 5 years. Then delving into astrology, which I continue to study today. As the subject is so massive.

I then connected with several influential woman who further opened my eyes to the other side. Guiding me on the most profound journey of psychic teachings. I continued my journey through Ireland, sacred sites, gliding me onward and upward to connecting with the ancient wisdom from long ago. Further connecting me with the earth's spiritual basis. To where my journey continues to enlighten me through the various individuals whom have inspired me. I give recognition to all those whom have contributed to my path in life.

Always seeking to understand the universe.

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to send a message.