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Monthly Moon Cycles; 2019

Welcome to 2019.

So Mote It Be!

October 8, 2018

Libra New Moon

Radical Change


Our New Moon of October lands at the 15th degree of Libra and joined with the Sun. New Moon’s begin a new cycle. Projects can begin at this time as seeds are planted. Our energies can increase due to new initiatives beginning. However, this New Moon is rather tricky in that we need to clear away old issues before we can move forward. This Moon is going to shove us into a New direction with a fair amount of force. Expect some radical change within relationships and material or financial areas of life.


Libra is the sign which rules over relationships. The balance between what is mine and what is ours, with a mutual respect and understanding. A New Moon here would most likely create or generate new ventures within relationships or new chapters within existing ones. This doesn’t seem to be the case in this situation. Rather it’s dealing with old issues within the relationship which can start up again or that old relationships enter the picture once again. The scenario is often the same, “I remember when you did this” back 10 years ago. Some of these difficult issues just continue to be recycled within our relationships. This Moon can bring out the beast of these issues and they will need to be cleared prior to moving forward in any one direction.

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Acknowledgements to the artist/Photographer: Unknown



Harvest Full Moon

September 24, 2018

Embrace the Rain.

 Stop then GO!

“This Full Moon Reminds Me of the Rain. Embrace the Rain while it lasts as it will eventually end, and the Sun will come out”

Our Harvest Full Moon is a time of blessings as we reap what we have sown. It’s a time of thanksgiving for the bounty of Mother Earth as we celebrate Mabon and the Equinox. This Full Moon lands just one day after this celebration. Highlighting our need to finish our work and obligations both to ourselves as well as to others.

Full Moon energies are always a time of shedding what no longer is necessary to our paths forward. It’s a time of awareness, where we need to pay attention as things come to the surface due to the increase in light. The veil is thinner at this point of the month, allowing us to receive extra information from beyond.

This Full Moon can be rather tense, making you feel pressured, stressed or heavy due Saturn being so involved with the Moon and Sun within the chart. This Moon gives you the opportunity to address your responsibilities, obligations which we have been fearing or procrastinating in doing. This can be a fear of taking charge and making those decisions. Like leaping off the cliff into our own business, becoming that entrepreneur, applying for that new job or asking for that raise. There is unfinished personal business to attend too prior to taking those initiatives in moving forward. Old contracts or issues from the past need to be dealt with.

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Full Moon: August 26, 2018

3 degrees of Pisces: Great Peaks

Well, we’ve finally hit a moment in time, where the energy begins to flow upward. We have been in a time warp, due to the high energy of the Eclipses and the numerous retrograde planets swirling so close to us. Like we have just gone through a black hole finally emerging out the other side. This Full Moon energy can bring us to the base of our journey. Looking up we can see our future, our vision our destiny.

This Full Moon falls Pisces, which can be a very confusing, deceptive sign to navigate. Like the hall of mirrors, where finding direction is almost debilitating. We often associate healing with the Pisces/Virgo axis and this energy is strongly built into this Full Moon. We find the crack within the mirror, which enables us to see our way through. A spiritual awakening can manifest as we adjust our direction forward. We can reach great heights and peaks when we release control and ride the wave of faith. This Moon shines with positive energy which can guide you out and up in the next couple weeks.

We can find vision through the inspirational connections we make. We can find our selves stumbling into new realms of realization. Pay attention on your journey forward, as people emerge to assist you. This Moon manifests into the areas of dreams, visualizations, miracles, healing, spirituality or religious beliefs. We can get caught up in the whirl of destiny. Where hopes, dreams and wishes reach great peaks of manifestation. Belief is a strong word within this Full Moon energy. Believe and so it shall be.

Pisces is also the veil, which separates this world from the next. The heaviness of reality is lifted beyond us, motivating us to release and let go of preconceived limitations. There are no expectations, limitations or blockages. We rise above our petty issues, releasing our secrets. Showing our true selves against the vastness of space and time. Spirit works in mysterious ways under this sign.

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Total Lunar Eclipse: 4 degrees of Aquarius/Leo

Full Blood Moon: 

Two parallels

July 27th, 2018

We are now in the middle of a set of 3 Eclipses with the Total Lunar Eclipse being the 2nd. Eclipses generally signal shifting conditions. With a Full Moon, we have a releasing energy on one end and a need to be recognized on the other. With an attempt to strike the balance between the two. This Eclipse will stretch us, perhaps beyond our limits. This is an emotional Eclipse, which could throw us out of character, causing us to act in peculiar ways.

According to Earthsky News, this Eclipse will be the longest one of the 21st Century. It will be visible through Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand & parts of South America. It will last 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, spending nearly 4 hours crossing earths umbral shadow. As the earth moves between the Sun and Moon, the Moon will turn red from the sunlight filtering through earth’s atmosphere. What makes it a little bit more interesting is Mars will highlight this Moon as it will be very near the Moon. This Moon will be at it’s farthest point from earth and will be considered an Apogean Full Moon. However, Mars is at it’s closest position to earth since 2003 and therefore is influencing humanity in a more profound manner, as well as causing intense heat waves in various parts of the country.

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Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer

July 12/13, 2018

Clear the Deck

July’s New Moon brings with it our first of three Eclipses for the Summer of 2018. Beginning with a Solar Eclipse on July 12th, 2018. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon and Sun line up, whereby the Moon stands between the Earth and Sun in this instance. This temporarily interrupts the light flow from the Sun to Earth. This begins a new series of Eclipses which will last till 2020 between the axis between Cancer and Capricorn.

In ancient times Solar Eclipses were often feared as the light vanished, replaced by darkness. Solar Eclipses often represented the kings or leaders at the time, often signaling a time of change within the halls of the rulers. We often associate a Solar Eclipse as a time of change within governments or leaders. Change is at hand also in terms of our goals & ambitions.

It’s like when the lights go out, you quit what you are doing, and you scramble around to find some sort of light source, only to find the lights come back on and you forget all about what you have been doing.

This Eclipse is in the sign Cancer at the 20th degree in the 3rd Decan, taking on the sign of Pisces. It brings with it a very emotional energy, so many of us can find we’re over-whelmed. Hitting us right in our bellies, whereby we need to withdraw for a time. It can be a wonderful time to address issues related to our eating habits, smoking, or consumption of alcohol or drugs. Many of us can find we’re rather moody, temperamental and somewhat manipulative.

Cancer is about home and country and our patriotism of our homeland. This can lead to leaders being rather protective of our countries assets. This will change the dynamics of trade agreements heading into 2020. Food supplies, building materials, land, properties/homes can be affected.

The most prominent aspect with the Eclipse chart is the exact opposition between the New Moon and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. This will bring out the skeletons in the closet and clear the deck of any debris. Things bubble up to the surface, pushing us past the point of control. Pluto brings out the dirty little secrets with Black Moon Lilith riding his coat tails and a tug o’ war between the temptations of seduction and the home and family obligations. We can be forced to acknowledge there is something out of balance. We can get stubborn with Mercury slowing down in Leo, creating some frustrations if we allow the energy to control us.

The Moon stands between the Sun and Pluto’s tango, blocking our vision. Rely on your instincts and intuition. The wife and the mistress. Watch for over-indulging currently, especially over-eating! This eclipse was triggered on June 23rd with Mercury’s opposition to Pluto. This Eclipse can cause domestic transitions and changes within the country. Power struggles between leaders.

Double Grand Trines exist within the Eclipse New Moon chart. Giving us an edge to deal with potential problems.

The positive side of this Eclipse is the Grand Earth Trine from Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus newly in Taurus. This gives us grounding and the ability to stabilize through common sense measures. We can use this energy to determine what we need to throw out and what is worth keeping. This lifts a weight in relation to expenses and material assets. Reduces our time, as we don’t have so much stuff to deal with. It’s time to clear the deck, clear out what Pluto has presented as a problem and carry on. If you’re seeking to apply for something this energy can enable persons in authority to be of assistance.

The Grand Trine in Water can certainly add to the moodiness. It makes it doubly tempting to seek comfort, warmth and security in our dreamy states of being and can lead us to ignore things. People can become overly sensitive, weepy and too compassionate about everything. Feelings are hurt, we can’t have it both ways. However, this can be a very optimistic, creative energy, bringing out our compassion for others.

This New Moon brings with it the ability to heal, through the recognition of what needs to be cleared away to move forward. What is standing between you and your goals? New Moon’s are a time of beginnings and planting new seeds for the future. This Moon’s energy has a bit more push, which will propel you forward in the change which needs to occur.

When things come bubbling to the surface, take the time of acknowledgement and conscious rational thinking to navigate your way through.

Light and Love

Spiritual Journey: CJ

Acknowledgment to the artist photographer: Unknown

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Capricorn Full Moon: June 27th, 2018


The Full Moon landing on June 27th is at the 2nd degree of Capricorn the sign of the Goat. Triggering the Cancer/Capricorn axis with the Sun in opposition to the Moon. Full Moon’s are a time of releasing the awareness of circumstances or events within our lives. A recognition of what needs to be let go so one can move forward with the least resistance. In this case that movement forward can be related to your business, your profession or your reputation within the public sphere.

Capricorn is a heavy sign, which demands attention through the need to be loyal & responsible. Fulfilling the obligations or promises we have set out to do. Linking us up with the December 29th, 2016 New Moon initiations. This New Moon landed at 7 degrees of Capricorn. What promises did you made during this time frame. The seeds you sowed at this New Moon, bring to bear the consequences and recognitions of what you see manifesting now.

Karma is in play here as you reach the pinnacle of your ambitions. If you fulfilled your obligations, adhered to the laws of protocol and maintained the course of action. You will be rewarded for your arduous work. Dedication through awards. Perhaps the journey caused many hardships, but the achievements can be worth the efforts. However, this Moon speaks of the restrictions to come or the sacrifices you made. The fear we may be experiencing due to a lack of knowing what’s coming next. The slow downs and blockages we are about to face going forward. Avoid looking too far into the future, the climb, the hardships as they can hinder your progress. Think of now as you take one step at a time forward. Making the climb easier.

The Moon resides next to his master Saturn in retrograde at the 5th degree of Capricorn. He’s in his rulership and steady at the helm. This can present an atmosphere of being rather slow and depressed. It could be, we have sacrificed too much of ourselves through the loss of family, friends or the fun we’ve missed out on, to make our mark in the world. In the realization of this and the potential wounds we have caused ourselves or others through the square aspect to Chiron, we can lay down and struggle within those decisions. A feeling of loneliness or isolation. This Moon can produce bittersweet triumphs. A feeling of loss and the urge to just let go to rebuild another day another time.

Women’s issues and perhaps the hardships they endured can be recognized as rewarding to a countries building and progress. The self-sacrifice of endurance they made. The protection of the family through their own self sacrifices, places a mark in history as one of the building blocks of the development of both Canada and the United States as each country is a Cancer Country with birthdays at the beginning of July.

Many of us can feel drained during this Full Moon phase, as Mars is now in retrograde station and joined with the South Node. It’s a time of rest. A time to pull back and to re-think our direction. A time to restructure our futures and determine if it’s worth the cost to move forward in the direction we presently are going. We’re ready for a break, to get away. If we can’t we can find we are locked in to a depressive energy, where we’d rather be liberated and free and masters of our fate.

Since this Moon is allowing us the potential to liberate ourselves through the 120-degree aspect to freedom loving Uranus. We can break the chains, and release ourselves from the grind we find ourselves in. Turn the corner and make a crucial decision as to which direction you wish to go. We are at the crossroads, we can see the past behind us and what type of future we wish to see before us. We can choose at this juncture and break free to feel safe, secure as well as rewarded for our achievements. This Moon can signal a time to begin our own business or to restructure our lives in such a manner we can paint our own dreams going forward with Jupiter and Neptune in positive connections. Self awareness emerges as we lift our heads from the grind of life and to see ourselves in the moment.

Karma can be harsh, especially if you’ve over-extended yourself in any direction. A feeling of being older then our years. When cause and effect, produce a prison like state of just surviving to make it from one month to the next. Then you can be locked into the never-ending work load and endless sacrifice for the family unit for the feeling of safety and security. How are you nourishing yourself and those around you? Find what is of value to you and pick the road you wish to travel at this Full Moon. Change and restructure. Solve the problems. Find solutions, but don’t dwell. Keep going. Set your boundaries and your limitations. Restructure and set the course and set the helm and head into the wind.

If possible, take a week or two for resting and recuperation as we head into Eclipse Season. Pace yourself, get out in nature and breath. Slow your steps, take a moment, as time can stand still for just a few seconds in this life…

Summer Lights the Path:

Spiritual Journey: CJ

Full Moon: May 29, 2018


Our Full Moon in May is shaping up to be a rather mystical energy as Jupiter has just formed a trine to Neptune. Venus is coming to connect with them, forming what is known as a Grand Water Trine. This will produce a dreamy, lazy daisy type of energy. Where we can get all wrapped up in our emotional ideas. It’s a very good week to connect to our close personal relationships. Tap into the magic of romance, love and enlightenment.

This Moon arrives at the 8th degree of Sagittarius, along side the Royal Star of Antares. According to Robson, this Star was the Watcher of the West, marking the Autumn Equinox. Embedded in the Full Moon energies we stretch our thinking through science or metaphysical applications. If you are considering business ventures it will work in your favour. Get together with family this week as domestic matters can be positive. On the other end of this Full Moon sits the Sun in the sign of Gemini and joined with Aldebaran, Watcher of the East, marking the Spring Equinox, producing a vast amount of energy available to us through this Full Moon phase, but one must watch for arguments or difficulties according to Robson as we can become to aggressive in our desires.

This Full Moon can shift our ideas. It’s like we are having a seasonal change due to the energy of this Moon. Perhaps we are preparing for a new wave of energy to assault us in the coming months.

Full Moon energies awaken us to our circumstances. When we consciously become aware of where we are, we can then release the energies which are no longer being of service to us. So, if you find yourself in a position of detriment, now is the time to let it go and purge your space.

Sagittarius is all about adventure, travel and the truth just as it is. Get outdoors if possible and enjoy the dawning of the warmer weather in the northern hemisphere. Get involved in sportsmanship, release yourself from your limitations. Jupiter in Scorpio is the ruler of this Moon. He is involved in this magical connection with both Neptune and Venus. Which can be highly inspirational, so if you feel the desire to wander off with someone, make sure you have removed your rose colored glassed prior to eloping under this Full Moon energies. We can get carried away with our actions or thoughts. Sagittarius like all the fire signs are often rather spontaneous, so expect to be making some sudden decision to travel. Although it’s a wonderful Moon for dreaming, Mercury is at the 29th degree. Decision making can produce a lack of clarity.

This Moon signals a slowing down as Mars begins to slow down and moves towards the South Node. If you are considering changing directions this energy may begin the process. Purge what no longer serves you and begin to go in a different direction. The Moon sextiles Mars bears fruits of our labor from the past. Passions are aroused here with an opportunity to see things from a unique perspective due to your past experiences. Try to be patient.

Jupiter in Scorpio can produce such depth of emotion with an intensity to match. The Grand Water Trine can emerge as sympathy, compassion, empathy. Allowing us to extend ourselves towards the plight of others. We can tap into a higher consciousness. This is a very healing Moon, whereby it’s good to just sit back and take the time to spiritually heal your own wounds. Get into nature. Do some earthing and roam around your country or neighborhood. Discover the diverse cultures and belief systems. Discover the truth of who you are through your travels. Learn, search and love Mother Earth by enjoying the bounty of her fruits.

Magical Loops

CJ: Spiritual Journey

Credit is given to photographer: Unknown

Blue Full Moon: March 

31st, 2018


The last Full Moon of March is the second Blue Moon of 2018. The first arriving in January. This Moon arrives at the 10th degree of Libra. A sign connected with how balanced we are and with our interactions within the world. Whether these be our personal relationships, our partnerships or know enemies. 

This is the culmination from the mid-months New Moon energies. This can be our get up and go energy of Spring, but the degree the Moon and Sun sits triggers the Uranus/Pluto square from May & Nov of 2013. This could entice more agitations, revolt and difficulties within alliances around the world. It will push our limits. Test our commitments going forward.

This is a rather harsh Full Moon because we can feel like we are in the throws of some sort of competitive energy. We’ve got lots of work to do before we can move on. We need to deal with various issues which arose recently. You may like to talk things out, but with Mercury in retrograde it will be difficult to express how you are feeling. Things come out twisted, because you are expressing your own individual perspective This is a Moon which requires patience, diligence and structure to make headway. It’s us against them. Whoever, “them” is.

We are searching for security, dependability and a solid foundation in which to stand on, but we are frustrated as we encounter obstacles and responsibilities we need to attend too. This can make us rather melancholy, blue, depressed as the weight of our situation bears down upon us. It’s time to put your nose to the grindstone and step into your own power. Others are going to resist. This is a great Moon to establish a business plan going forward. To deal with the ugly things in developing a new business. It’s a great Moon to lay the foundation of what your business will rest on. Take the time to fight your way up the mountain.

This Chart begins the New Cycle of Mars and Saturn, which occurs every 2.5 years. This Full Moon is highlighting this connection in the sign of Capricorn reflecting the 10th house. This gives a hesitation in moving forward due to the apparent lack of clarity. This energy produces a drawing back in the economy. It limits expansion, flashing a caution sign. Wait, be patient, it’s not clear yet. We can feel isolate, lonely, angry and frustrated with this energy.

These two planets produce the apex of the T-Square formed with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra’s opposition, which can produce fear. Indicative of a need to work through these fears or anxieties, which have limited you from moving forward. This is a great Moon for being still and recognizing what is blocking you. Be aware of the pitfalls and transmute your consciousness into a higher realm. It’s an awakening into our existing relationships. It’s time to reflect upon, who is causing the problems, you or the other person. Are we seeing all points of view?

We are in the throws of Mercury’s retrograde, so our explanations seem self centered, breaking down our connections with others. It doesn’t come out right. Watch and expect verbal combativeness, hurt feelings and discomfort. Avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly with Mercury’s square to Mars and Saturn. Watch for accidents, avoid negativity, be tolerant and allow others’ their space. It’s not an appropriate time to give advice.

The answers will come shortly, expect a delay and hold back till the second week of April. It’s here we begin to formulate a plan entering April. There is new energy coming mid April, which allows us the opportunity to move forward. Venus has just stepped into her own sign of Taurus, having just connected with Uranus in the Full Moon Chart. You could have just met someone or new gains, which seem exciting. This producing some high hopes or expectations. Release these energies quickly as people can seem more then they are during this time. As Venus moves through Taurus, it’s time to re-evaluate what we find worthy. Going into April we just may discover what we truly value in life.

Full Moon’s energies, make us aware. It open our eyes a bit and shine a light on things. At times we can find this frustrating as we discover the true essence of what is around us and who those people we have in our lives really are and will we personally show the world what we really want. A cautionary tale.

We could be limited by the weather, as the storms of winter are not finished with us yet. Recognize, Mercury is Retrograde, and Saturn is limiting Mar’s movement forward. STOP what you are doing and pay attention!

Book your appointment for your Astro-Tarot reading and find out where you fit in the mist of all this energy.

See you soon!


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March 1st is ushered in by the First Full Moon, at the 11th degree of Virgo 23 minutes. Virgo is the sign of being of Service through healing, nutrition and actively putting the emotional needs of others before themselves. It’s also a wonderful time to purify, cleanse or begin an exercise program.  During this Full Moon, we can become the martyrs. Willing to sacrifice a piece of ourselves for the benefit of others. Isolated against the massive energies of the other planets on the other end of the spectrum in the victimizing sign of Pisces. This will be a lesson in giving too much for the appeasement of others. So, no matter how much you try to persuade others they don’t need to be the victim, they will be wallowing in their own self pity. The Moon is separating from the strengthening trine to Saturn, perhaps the time of feeling obligated to some duty has past and we are ready to move forward with our own emotional well-being. Taking responsibility for our actions.

The Sun is close to the influences of Neptune, the dissolving of conditions is at hand.  Our goals & ambitions are being altered in some fashion. This can bring us into a state of confusion. Feeling like we have lost our way forward, or various conditions are shape shifting. Mercury is deep expressing our inner psychic, but it needs to be checked due to the Trine to Jupiter and our own view point can be overly stretched.

 Venus is now on the horizon. Ready to be reborn when she enters Aries, appearing in the evening sky on the 4th of March. Eager to re-enter her phase as the Lover. Joined by Chiron, it can be time to heal wounds within our relationships and speak our peace. In addition, you can see a clear path forward, and whatever had been Eclipsed during the climbing to this Moon will become more focused as your path become clearer.

The energy of this Full Moon will last in strength for approximately one week but will remain until the New Moon of the 17th. So, get started with cleaning your closets. Purifying your body through clean eating. Start the Spring House Cleaning and shedding yourself of unwanted things in your life. Book your annual check up with your physician or work through issues with a counseller or adviser.

March 1st is also a wonderful day to get together with friends, once all your responsibilities are finished. Relationships thrive and expand under the helm of Venus & Jupiter’s positive connection. Doors begin to open with opportunities. A wonderful day to celebrate the joy of life.

Blessings of Nourishment

Spiritual Journey: Colleen Jorgensen

New Moon: January 16th/17th, 2018

26 degrees-54 minutes of Capricorn

The Agenda:

Everything is rather serious with the first New Moon of 2018. Like all New Moon’s this is a time to begin something. To press the reset button. Refresh. The skies are dark with anticipation of moving forward into the light. It’s an excellent time for contemplation & meditation.

This Moon indicates we need to move forward with our agenda. With Six Planets in the sign of Capricorn we will need to commit to our objectives. You may feel rather sluggish and slow around this time. The weather is wearing on us. For many it can also be a time when you feel like there is too much on your plate. Too many responsibilities coming for the next month. We’ve committed and, so we must adhere to the work load. Set your goals and boundaries as you move forward in 2018. This is a splendid time to commit to those New Year’s resolutions.

What ever you decide your doing, it will be imperative that you are patient. There are opportunities available during the next 4-week period due to Jupiter’s sextile with Pluto and Mars sextile with the New Moon itself. This is the 1st of three connections between Jupiter and Pluto. A time when you can make profound changes. To clear the skeletons out of the closet. A time of discovery as we uncover what we truly want in life. This New Moon will bring about the ability to tap into available resources if you are considering starting your own business. For many of you, it can also be a great New Moon to change the way you are presently doing business. Budgets, loans, taxes or insurances are highlighted. A time to act upon what you desire for your future stability.

This Moon is detriment, being in the sign of Capricorn, which can make many of us feeling depressed or saddened by the amount of drudgery before us. A time when we can feel isolated or secluded as we focus upon just a singular task. Many of you will be cleaning up after the frightful storms hitting the east coast. It causes an imbalance within family obligations and workload responsibilities. Set your limits as you move forward and begin to pace yourself.

Venus is tied into the energies emerging at the latter degrees of Capricorn. Perhaps it’s a time to let go of those things which are no longer of value to you. A time to walk forward to bring about the agenda you see for yourself. This is a time to ascertain the costs of your commitments. Your loyalty to others, especially in the workplace.

Now although this Moon is positive in many ways, it brings with it an element of unpredictability due to Uranus square to the Moon, which can produce chaos around this Moon’s energy. Shocking revelations may come to light. Perhaps some enlightening moments of understanding that not everyone is family. Sometimes it’s just business! It will be a Moon where you will need to Ante up to play the game and what is the cost to play. As a result, many of us can feel cheated out of an opportunity, which can cause disruptions to our lives. Many will be in a rebellious mood. Angst to make their personal opinions known.

In relation to the #MeToo. You may see a landslide of settlements emerging after this New Moon. Perhaps some events which are downright shocking. Uranus will trigger this New Moon exact from March 4th to April 8th, 2018. This could be a volatile time for business, structures within the economy and rebellion from those who feel they are being left out of the loop. Expect shocking revelations.

Although the New Moon is connecting positively with Mars, don’t jump the gun if you see opportunities. This will be very positive for moving forward with your agenda. This is a Moon which brings out our competitive spirit. As well as our loyalties. With the Olympic games coming, it should be a season for fresh starts. There is passion and intensity involved.

For many of us, we can still feel like we are in the dark with indecisions looming. This will soon clear going into the latter part of January. There is a review of the past and what the future holds in store. Meditate. Take some time to assess your direction.

Set your agenda going forward this month. Be patient, in whatever you decide will be a long-lasting commitment and what you need to do to shake things up a bit to feel alive. Be creative, passionate and excited to create your next venture. It will be worth the wait, the struggle and the agonizing slowness of moving forward. Take a breath, eliminate the fear and jump head first into the next chapter. Believe in who you are and what your agenda is.

It’s the “Why” of the Journey.



Super Full Moon

Hidden Magick

Dec 3rd, 2017

We have a Super Full Moon on Dec 3rd, 2017 at the 12th degree of Gemini. This Full Moon illuminates with energy due to it’s connection with Neptune at a 90-degree angle. Neptune connects with the deep darkness of Jupiter’s expansiveness in Scorpio. Saturn joins with Mercury scared to journey forward, seeking the shelter of the old comfortable path.

There is a hidden magick available with this Moon. A time where we can cross the veil, if we’re willing to dig deep into the mysteries of the ancient teachers. It holds the Shamanic wisdom of our ancestors and the knowledge of the Hedge Witch wrapped in the blackness of her cloak as she crosses the ledge.

Rituals or Meditations performed this night, allow us to find the safety of the shores beyond if we follow the rules. Chants and affirmations have special power to move us through the inspirational energy it gives. Close your circle with a blessing to the light for guiding us beyond our fears. We will hang in the balance between here and there if we tread lightly upon the boards.

Mercury, pulls back towards the safety of Saturn, continuing to search for the hidden gem, buried deep within the mountains shale cervices before breaking the magical moments mid-December. Know the rules of the journey and follow the path you seek.

We will need to adjust to the winding road, due to the changing landscape before us. Listen, be silent, you are not lost in the rolling fog. Hear the whispers of the ancient ones, feel the breath upon your cheeks. Let them guide you forward.

Once you have entered, gather round the hearth’s fire. Listen to the tales of old as the wind whistles through the trees. Secrets will be told of the old ways. Universal magick we all hold within us. Out of this magick, we can create for the future. We can inspire and be inspired by those who have worn the path from here to there and back again.

Immerse yourself within the creator and be created. Stay your path as you seek the future. You are not lost, you are just being found.

Seek the chalice, filled with the richness of spirits, tempered with cinnamon and laced with herbs. Gather round with your fellow believers. Hold the athame as you light the candles to guide your way. Smell the richness of earth, air, water and fire. Seek the crossroads as you mix your magick. Knowledge will flow forth, stretching within your reach.

You will know this place as the flames flicker and you ride the waves of magick. Anything and everything is possible. You just need to believe, as our roots reach deep within ourselves to find the truth. We are within ourselves, masters of our own destiny, as was decreed by the old ones.

Yes, indeed this is a hidden Moon. With only the power of self to guide us to it’s shores.

Take the time during this Full Moon to find peace within yourself. Reach within, do not look beyond yourself for guidance. Your spirit guides are anxious to hold you within their arms. Peace, silence and a deep clarity of self can prevail. Breath life back into your bones. Rise up to meet the challenges. Be strong, gracious, and loving. Allow the knowing to come upon you as you journey forward.

Cleanse, Consecrate and Bless the Spirit of Life. Take a moment at this Super Full Moon to express to the Universe your desires.

There is Magick hidden in this Full Moon……………...Go deep!

Written by:

Colleen Jorgensen

Laying the Compass Round

I call upon the Universe Energy above us.

Who guards the twilight between us and the dusk of night.

The wandering planets and magic stars.

The light of all creation, binding us to one another.

Streams of fleeting connections embrace us with power.

I call upon the here and now.

The present moment of life.

As we stand suspended never again repeated

Crafted, foreshadowing memories to appear.

Laughter, sharing, mystical breaths of creation.

I call upon the land beneath our feet.

Where spirit rises to meet us.

Where we are small against the vastness to time and space.

A place of our ancestors, who gathered at the crossroads.

Connecting us with each other

and yet alone on the hedge.

I call the spirits to the North

Who guard the wind and sail beyond the scope.

Free to travel, hush speaking our truths.

Upon the words spoken, provoking, inspiring, acting.

We emerge stronger in the learning.

Understanding and knowing between the realms.

I call the spirits to the South

Who guard the land, protecting the seat of Mother Earth.

Providing us with her bounty of life.

Tracking the ways of our journeys and roads which rise to meet us.

Gathering forth at the land travelled through time.

Holding sacred places upon the crossroads of life.

I call the spirits to the East

Who guard the fires within and without.

Where warmth is found among and forge our bonds of steel.

Melting our convictions to compromise and agree.

But where the fight lives on in blackened soot, laced with courage.

Returning again to the safe places gathered around the hearths fire.

Feeling the warmth of blood and kin.

I call the spirits to the West

Who guard the waters, holding secrets of their own.

A bridge between here and there.

Deepened and sacred to the heart.

A place to tear the veil and step beyond our own.

Holding the compassion to merge beyond ourselves.

Here in this place I acknowledge the Castles 4.

Of Castle Revelry to the North-East

Of Castle Perilous to the South-West

Of Glass Castle to the North-West

Of Stone Castle to the South-East

It is here I lay the compass round.

A journey we take together

Only to meet in the middle of time and space.

I mark us as one.

Within and Without, Above and Below.

We draw to the center and form the circle round.

This is now our sacred place.

Written by Colleen Jorgensen:

This 8th day of December in the year 2016.

Meeting at the Crossroads

We've all come to know, eventually in life, we're going to hit a crossroads. A point in time when we need to go in one direction or another, but we're often unsure of the route we are to take.

For thousands of years people have acknowledged the point in the middle, where the pathways and roads intersect forming the Crossroads. These areas were thought by the ancients to store great deals of energy. A place holding the past, present and future. A bridge between here and what's next. As such, many cultures idealized and/or considered these places to be sacred places of gatherings. A meeting in the middle. Perhaps a center for settling land boarder disputes. Places of judgments, a no man's land, a place where you could summon the spirits to negotiate deals, transactions of immense proportion, which could alter life's direction. Deals made between the worlds.

These were areas where spirits collected. Junctures where anything is possible as the roads opened in all directions. A location between the different dimensions. Time slows and stands still in anticipation of what's next. The living found these points to be gathering places. An understood place of no ownership. A place of common ground. Free to do as one wills, travelling down the often forbidden road of dancing, drinking, carousing, gambling and playing games with the devil himself.

Continue the Journey

Releasing Anger Spell

Bow and arrow, ready for flight

Draw the string

Releasing energy into the night.

Wither away the anger within

Release the binds to draw back in.

Cast this spell.

Cast it wide.

Don't release until anger can't hide.

Sheep’s wool round hidden within

Matted and snarled

A rat tin tin

Spun around tide, black as sin.

Draw it out,draw it out

Find the threat

Give a shout.

Spin and twirl meet dead on.

Don't let go until you see it gone.

Bind you now.

Bind you fast.

It won't be long till you won't last

I hold you now

No more shall be.

This fit of energy

Which hides from me.

Anger cease, release the wind

Water drench it's coming to an end

Fade away, fade away

Until I am free

So Mote It BE! So Mote It BE!

Light three light blue candles. Ignite a candle for each time you read out loud the Chant until all 3 candles are lit. Let them burn until they burn out.

Written by Colleen Jorgensen: This 2nd day of November, 2016

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Magick Tip

This month we need to align 

ourselves once again with the 

coming of winter. A time of 

preparing, protecting and riding

 our brooms along the hedge.

Straddle the worlds. Prepare

 your Book of Spells. Store,

 shore up and align with the 

universe to ensure a wonderful 

winter ahead.

Cast you're significant Spells at

 the beginning of the month.