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April Astrological Forecast 2018

Packing up, moving on.

April is one of those months, where we’re finishing up some of the old and getting ready for some of the new. It’s like moving, we think we’re all packed up only to find we’ve got another closet full of things yet to be packed. We will have all sorts of odd jobs to complete. It’s like a stop wait, did we forget anything on our way out, only to discover a few blocks down the road we forgot to shut off the stove.

We’ve all been here. After sever frustrating hours of this, we are so fed up we just go into this silent mode of being. Stewing in our own little thoughts. We see the future coming. Our new alliances, new activities, new struggles and new awareness. So here we all are. Packing up, moving on, getting everything in order. Changing our actions. Suddenly thinking about the me, the us, the them against the vastness of possibilities and the road ahead.

We’ve just exited from the Blue Full Moon of March 31st as we enter the freshness of April. Still under the influences of where me fits into the us of things. Producing tension with who is pulling their weight. Obligations weight heavily upon our shoulders. There will be a need to stop and take stock of what needs to stay and what needs to go as we prepare to move on.

We have 4 fresh starts and new cycles in April. Starting on the 1st with Mercury joining up with the Sun and a new personal perspective emerges. The next day on April 2nd, Mars joining up with Saturn, where new initiatives create new business opportunities. Followed by the Sun merging with Uranus on April 18th and finally Mar’s volatile new cycle with Pluto on the 26th of April. Come hell or high water we are willing to risk everything in our quest to reach the pinnacle of our mountains.

What begins early in April seems to motivate and escalate us forward. We’re not quite sure how we’re going to do it, but by the end of the month we are so driven to accomplish what we set out to do, it can cause us to be overly aggressive. What holds us together this month is our love for the partner we are connected too. What the driving force is, whether it’s money, relationships or the value. Venus makes us move forward in her mostly positive activities in Taurus this month.

Mercury the planet of communication remains in retrograde station. For much of the month we are reviewing our own personal needs and our personal direction in the mix of others. We’ve got our own inner dialogue going on with little acknowledgement of what others think. Mercury is retracing steps it took from March 9th to March 23rd. April can be a throw back to March. This month is an excellent time to sort out the things you wish to eliminate, promote or initiate within your life. Old relationships, old desires, old expressions of the former you can surface. Who were you and who are you now? Would you like to get back to the old you…… these are questions you might be asking your self.

Expect announcements on April Fool’s Day and Easter Sunday. Someone may want to express their inner thoughts with the rest of the group. Oh well there’s always a boisterous person at the table.

Mars now resides in the crispness of Capricorn, joining Saturn for it’s new cycle to begin on April 2nd. This energy is limiting. It’s that stop and go energy. Done, not done, done, oh forgot this, don’t bother. Pedal on the gas and brake at the same time. It limits our direction forward due to the obligations or responsibilities we must finish before we can initiate anything further. This begins a new cycle in terms of independent business. A redirection or fresh start in the cycle. It’s really getting down to business. Being dedicated in the old traditional forms of acting within business. Certain business people within this new cycle can find themselves held accountable for past business habits which over-extended the business itself. Now it would seem we need to take a practical approach forward. New businesses may start up but April signals a time to get your business plan in order.

As soon as Mars and Saturn collide, retrograde Mercury steps in to expose faults in the system from the 3rd to the 5th of April. This can produce a War of Words. We go from active aggressive to holding back due to being limited by someone or something. Rushing out the driveway loaded with boxes in our rush to get to our destination will just produce speeding tickets from people in authority. We will be in those fighting spirits, only to find ourselves regretting what we just said down the road. The dreaded gag order… either you be quiet or your out of the car… Deals will be difficult to make during the first two weeks in April as everyone’s got their own point of view. People will be sticking to their guns in terms of negotiations. There is little flexibility.

Even if you do have a splendid idea, which could arise on the 4th, it gets shot down with so many holes it. Probably wasn’t the best idea, even if it had the potential for being brilliant.

Resolutions can be found on April 7th, when we go back to the drawing board. Things solidify themselves in terms of relationships or partnerships. Financial concerns are worked through. We’re back in the game.

By April 11th, we’ve got a lot on our plates. Stressful situations can compound our need to regenerate. Frustrations arise due to added expenses. This can cause mild anxiety. But all is well when we find out what’s going on. Don’t be left in the dark, ask questions and reconnect.

The 12th to the 16th brings with it a positive energy. New opportunities, ideas and positive connections. We are in the mist of our second Jupiter in Scorpio Sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever, opportunities emerged in mid January, expect some newly found connections at this time. Expect some profound change, funding availability and large business projects. If you’re looking for a mortgage or loan, now would be an ample time to do so. Avoid going over budget though as things can get tight down the road. This aspect also can initiate big spending projects from governments infrastructure, business promotions or cash awards for wrongfully accused individuals or businesses. Large law suit settlements.

It’s an excellent time to initiate and promote innovative ideas or activities you wanted to start at the beginning of the month. Everything can change during this time span. Seize the opportunities presented.

Our first Moon of April arrives currently as well with a New Moon energy on April 15th. The old really begins to get packed up with this New Moon as it begins its collision with Uranus. Unexpected personal changes emerge with this energy, as we seek to break free from any limiting factors and move into our own space & time. This is an excellent Moon for determining what you really want out of life and your willingness to surrender to your desires. We are planted in the car, ready to take off, except we’ve forgotten something. Mars in Capricorn is exalted, allow us to manage our actions with efficiency, but our minds are jumping ahead in fast forward. Be patient, take stock and enjoy the moments.

Mercury stations direct on the 15th, at the 5th degree of Aries. A position it held on the 9th of March. Where or what were you doing or discussing then? It now begins to move forward, taking several days to pick up speed.

Watch for going over the limits on the 17th as Venus opposes Jupiter. Expenses could be piling up. It’s important to determine what you value. What is important and worthy before you jump into exaggerated extremes of financial pitfalls. Relationships are in high gear, numerous invitations, but the demands could be too much.

The energy becomes heavy around the 18th as Saturn moves to station retrograde at the 9th degree of Capricorn. We can find we maybe second guessing ourselves. Just as our third New cycle begins in the month between the Sun and Uranus. Unexpected shifts in our goals and aspirations can leave us breathless. This is an awakening connection of enlightenment. Propelling us to take all sorts of risks to achieve some personal expectations. We can finally find we are free from the power struggles from earlier in the month. We can be inspired. Everything seems new fresh and clean. You have arrived and ready to unpack your new digs. Sudden maneuvering from leaders is expected.

By this time in the mist of April, we feel opportunity is just around the corner. The weekend of April 20th to 22nd gives us a desire to stay around home and enjoy the freshness of the air.

A good opportunity to invest arrives on the 24th as Mars sextiles Jupiter. Avoid getting too carried away with things.

Issues from the beginning of the month remerge as Mercury squares off with Saturn once again on the 25th. A review is necessary. Where have you come from and where are you headed. Avoid being stubborn, or arrogant. Issues surrounding people in authority could be causing problems, just as our last new cycle begins between Mars and Pluto. New initiatives are on the table. New action or presentations are put forth. It can be volatile energy as we push to achieve what we desire. This cycle emerges every 2.5 years, so 21 degrees of Capricorn will be a sensitive degree going forward in 2018. It’s empowering with an endless supply of stamina and determination. Watch for obsessiveness and control issues. These two powerhouses can produce chaos, through fire, explosive experiences and disruptions.

As we head into the Full Moon’s energy by the 29th, the energy seems to dissipate as the Sun seeks control with Saturn. Practicality is the answer.

The Full Moon rises on the 29th in the intense sign of Scorpio giving us the ability to transform as we head into the month of May. This has been a month of New Beginnings on many fronts, so as we move to the end, we will have to release and let go to gain. Open yourselves to the inner workings of the universe. Go deep, persevere and gain control over what you desire. We can amplify, regenerate and transform our life. This Moon sheds light on the hidden aspects of ourselves and those elements in our lives which are kept secret from others. We need to release the past, relinquish the future and allow the universe to guide us forward. We will need to trust and promote our wills that all will be well. This is a mighty Full Moon with it’s rulers of Mars and Pluto joined in the sign of Capricorn. Manifest your mountain top. Gaze out upon the landscape and find your treasure. Move forward with confidence, gaining a higher power of passion. Be inspired, motivated and determined not to look back but to only look up. We can conqueror ourselves with this energy, gaining new heights. Heal and be healed through the sheer power of self.

April can be a snarl of responsibilities or obligations during the first couple days of April. We’re released during the middle of the month but need to recognize our spending habits. Relationships are positive during this time with numerous invites, avoid burning yourself out. The end of the month intensifies with the aggressive energies emerging. Avoid obsessiveness as you strive to promote your business ventures. Capture the Full Moon’s energies to transform who you desire to be...

I wish you all a fabulous month…


Spiritual Journey: CJ

Acknowledgement to the photographer or artist: Unknown

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