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April Astrology Forecast: 2019


April brings with it some fiery energy to contend. The Sun’s journey through Aries, followed by Mercury and then Venus fires us up. We’re ready for the warmer weather, anxious for the blades of grass to push through and the buds to unfurl to leaf out the trees. We’re ready for the light breezes to change the season.

It’s a positive energy.

 Mars which rules Aries is in the sign of Gemini, making us restless producing a quickening of the energy emerging. It’s a month we can see the beauty of others & ourselves, as we begin to settle into 2019. There is more of an acceptance, perhaps of change, reversals or changing trajectories come the end of the month. It becomes apparent, we live in times of shifting energies. With the need to adapt to changing circumstances, we can realize we still need to get on with our own personal lives. Drawing ourselves back to center and beginning to get excited about our journey forward.

Chiron also newly in Aries, pushing us towards self healing. Searching internally for answers deep within the recesses of our own minds and bodies. Bringing us into a new awareness. April can push us on a New Journey of self discovery as it leads us into the upcoming New Moon energies. We can now begin the process of healing our selves first. This is a positive energy, as we eliminate the need to criticize others about their faults and blame them, instead of looking at our own actions.

April is one of the better months of 2019. Several of us have been through a lot up to this point, so April will be a time of contemplation, yet a time of restlessness in where we are going next. We’re busy due to the Gemini energy. Gossip and the need to accumulate information. We are also on the go as the Sun warms the earth, we’re busy, scooting around our little communities enjoying the various activities we’ve engaged ourselves in.

The first 2/3’s of April brings with it Three planets in positions of exaltation. An exalted planet expresses itself in a dignified manner. Situations become more manageable. The beginning of the month proves favorable for seeking opportunities to otherwise negative circumstances. Venus will be in Pisces till the 20th, producing an ability to persuade others to do your bidding. Relationships can become fanciful if left unchecked. There is a need to bring clarity, as well as motives under the microscope, as Romeo & Juliet relationships can emerge. The Sun shines brilliant in April, being in Aries. A drive to manifest our desires inspires us forward. It’s a good month to open we to new possibilities and start a new project. Jupiter is of course in the sign of Sagittarius, another indication of optimism. Exuberance emerges as the spring flowers unfold to a new day. We can feel refreshed, enlightened or anxious to move onto bigger & better things. Jupiter is highlighted in April, due to it’s slow to retrograde on the 10th. Many of us can feel like we just need to get in one last hurrah in before winter finally breaks, seeking sandy beaches elsewhere. We can feel like we’d rather be somewhere else rather then where we are. It’s a light-hearted energy full of hope for the future.

We’ve got our New Moon emerging on the 5th of April at the 15th degree of Aries. This New Moon will trigger the January 5th, Solar Eclipse at the 15th degree of Capricorn. Eclipse’s bring about shifting changes, as one thing releases and another thing emerges. This New Moon of April can set us onto a new path, as changing circumstances begin to transpire within our sense of stability. Changes within the economic structures, draw us back to what our personal desires entail. Practical matters in governments & businesses can be in crisis as a turning point emerges in such affairs. Mars is the ruler of this Moon, restless in the sign of Gemini. One needs to watch that we are not all talk and no action, but perhaps we need to slow a bit, take stock and realize what is important to us personally. Mercury makes his last pass to Neptune, so information is still emerging which lacks clarity, stalling us even further. We can feel like we’ve drank too much coffee with this Moon. We can feel like something needs to be done, but things are stalled. Anxious to start our personal projects.

We’re still wrapped up in this Mercury retrograde energy, which spans a large swath of the last several months into the middle of April. Mercury’s retro produces a lot of hidden information coming to light. Scandals, relationship problems, Airline difficulties, Shootings, flooding all created bizarre events to emerge. We’re still in the thick of it until April 16th, when Mercury will finally break new ground when he emerges into Aries. Until then, we’re not out of the woods just yet. Pisces is an evasive sign, which has no limitations in its application. Mercury attempts to interpret the energy and feels obligated to reveal that which is otherwise unseen in Pisces. The last connection to Neptune arrives on April 2nd, perhaps revealing the full extent of issues which emerged on Feb 19th, 2019. In the cross hairs of the emerging of secrets kept hidden, is the repercussions of such activities. Produced when Mercury squared Jupiter. Jupiter leads us to another party’s experience in handling the information, such as a lawyer, the courts systems or an inquiring through professionals to deal with such matters. This arose on February 23, again on March 15th, and for the final analyzes on April 12th, 2019. One still needs to be cautious, as things can get out of hand with this energy. People can exaggerate the facts, distorting relevance, so don’t get caught up in the extremism present here, lest you find yourself rambling through the courts with a he said, she said scenario.

The last 1/3 of the month, shifts us unexpectantly. The Full Moon rises on the 19th at the last degree of Libra. Bracketing the Full Moon of March at the 00-degree mark with this Full Moon. Containing the full 30-degree span of Libra within it’s holds. This addresses relationships, as well as the connections we have with other people through partnerships. You could find a series of events arising through this one-month period. Where you could have been interacting within an agreement or negotiation, and now at this Full Moon, some resolutions have arisen to complete the transaction or agreement. Things are finishing up and letting go with this Moon energy. As a result, we could be left feeling like we are in limbo, anxious to move on, but limited by some sort of restriction in place. There is talk about the future, and perhaps some initiation into getting from point A to point B, and plans could be in the works. Within a very short time frame, numerous people will be onto a new home or new career point.

We’re ready for something different with the energy in April. Ready to embark on a new trend, discussion or creative venue. We’re ready for excitement which livens our step, perks our ears, and allows us to dance our own little jig. Mars heads Out of Bounds on the 20th of April 2019, until June 12, 2019. A planet is considered to be out of bounds when it breaches the confines of the Sun’s journey to the farthest point both north and south. This parameter is a location known as the 23 degree-26 minutes, north or south. When a planet ventures out beyond this scope of range it is considered to be acting outside the limitations of what society deems as acceptable behavior. I view these treks outside, as points in time, when the world is introduced to a new type of energy, trend or influence. Sometimes being adopted into the folds of being acceptable farther down the road.

Mars in Out of Bounds position can be very trendsetting for new models of behavior, actions or creative pursuits. It’s not so much that it thinks about too much, but that it acts as well as reacts. This can produce activities of extraordinary feats, producing hero’s in its wake. People in general can become pushy, aggressive, overly confident as well as adventurous. Unconventional activities inspire us. Extreme risks can be taken. New sporting activities can be out of the scope of acceptable risk. U-Tubers can be demonstrating life threatening behaviors with Mars OOB. This gives us all a feisty energy, where the end justifies the means. Mars is a physical action, and thus will demonstrate our need for our own personal focus against other people’s energies. This can produce conflicting points of view since Mars is in Gemini. Attention while driving will be imperative as road rage can literally take over the road. Arguments and determination to express one’s interests. Issues with roadways, trade agreements, alliance agreements can be turning in new directions. Great leadership can arise out of this energy, to produce unusual agreements to deal with escalating circumstances. Expect some juggling, maneuvering when it comes to aggressive taking overs and obtaining what one wants. Behavior can become erratic, unpredictable and dangerous if left unchecked. This OOB Mars can lead people into doing unusual things. Like packing all their belongings and moving to some foreign place. Quitting your job and starting fresh.

The Sun heads into Taurus by the 20th, just as Venus breaks new ground into Aries. Everything seems fresh, clean as we restart 2019 with new perspectives. The swift emergence of change comes about as the Sun directs course to within the boundaries of Uranus and perhaps nothing is the same. This produces unpredictable actions with leaders and with the direction of their country’s interests.

Pluto is also the talk of the town, as the energy stands still at the threshold of the abyss. Pluto halts motion during the month, awaiting his withdrawal through to retrograde motion on April 25th through to October 3rd, 2019. Retrogrades are for the purpose of consolidating ground and ensuring things are as they ought to be. A clarifying motion for reviewing facts, actions and reactions. Pluto in Capricorn retrograde will seek to establish solidarity within governments, as well as the business community. As such, it will look to eliminate those whom are not pulling their weight but dragging down others in their wake of possible death. Bankruptcies can emerge prominent as restructuring will be required to stay afloat. The economy and dysfunctional behavior will begin to be thwarted as a wrecking ball ruining thing.

April 29th brings both Saturn and Pluto within range of triggering their conjunction and new cycle beginning January of 2020. Karmic energy is present here, as they join the South Node in releasing and letting go of past history or practices.

The Month:

We open the month on April 2nd, with the last Mercury conjunct Neptune aspect. The last of the information surfaces to ensure we are armed with all the information required to proceed. This is one of the most important retrograde periods of 2019, as it brings to the surface issues which were kept secret previously. Setting up a series of events coming to bring the truth to bear.

By the 3rd, we are embracing the need to heal as Mars newly in Gemini, triggers off the restlessness we feel to move on. Due to it’s sextile to Chiron giving us the ammunition to begin the long journey of scaring over our wounds and moving on.

Many of us have felt stuck, lacking ambition to proceed. We’re not yet ready to move forward. We need to clear out the debris by the 4th, in order to journey onward. There is a need for security, safety and protection riding with our next moves.

April 5th brings us into new energy with our New Moon, which is focused on ourselves and how we are going to change with the current times. This New Moon is full of personal secrets and perhaps a bit of confusion, so closely related to the Mercury in Pisces. It can produce some strange weird activities to bear. People can be suddenly be deciding they are no longer happy and moving away or traveling for their own self preservation. Time alone to recuperate or recovery from injury. A time to stretch one’s wings, restless from the long journey taken thus far. Escaping to a new ideology, learning with healing in the process.

The 7th of April starts to create some structure, stability and security within our minds. We can feel safer through new laws, or regulatory system.

We can fall in love quickly on the 10th as Venus joins with Neptune, producing an ethereal energy. This is an excellent day to seek healing, join a meditation group, start yoga and dance to the rhythm of your own desires. There’s action out there in the world, and escaping might be the best policy. The Sun butts’ heads with authoritarian Saturn and someone must pay the piper claiming responsibility for actions taken. Wouldn’t you know it though it’s a grand day to dig up the dirt, but also a grand day to talk your way our of any situation. Blame it on the next guy!

Mercury makes its last square to Jupiter on the 12th, so it will be a busy day in the halls of the judicial system. Inquiries and a need to find out the truth will be paramount. Expect people to be driving erratically, accidents or other troublesome activities. Watch for over exaggerations and do avoid your expectations getting too high.

Yes, power struggles can emerge on the 13th, a strange need to detoxify your environment and perhaps your body. Ridding yourself of those whom are parasitic and draining your energy. It’s a positive thing, as we begin to break down the stagnation we’ve been feeling, ready to move forward. There is a lovely energy emerging at this juncture, so take some days and enjoy numerous opportunities available to you.

There is a lack of trust on the 15th, but highly creative energy. Watch your spending as things can get out of hand. I would avoid shopping, as you might just end up buying out the store.

April 20th brings the Sun into Taurus, it’s time to venture onto new things. The energy shifts. Take some time to self heal, discuss old wounds and rest/relax. Be prepared for unexpected changes of directions though, as we shift into a new parameter with the Sun’s conjunction with Uranus. New innovations, creative ventures and enlightening leadership emerges. Sudden decisions are made, unexpected changes, or surprising news.

As well, Venus shifts gears on the 20th moving into Aries, and things become a little to hot to handle. Triggering some Full Moon energies from December 2018, March 2019. This is a bold energy, that comes and goes in waves of energy. On again, off again relationships. Stops and starts and back to the drawing board in figuring things out.

Mars heads out of bounds on the 20th, traveling through the restless sign of Gemini. Producing exaggerations, new media events, gossip, road rage, new philosophies or ideologies with inspirational moments of creativity.

Mars will oppose Neptune from April 24th -28th, triggering the major aspect of Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. This produces weird behavior. Strange actions from those whom could be under the influence of some sort of drug or alcohol. People are prone to doing things which are out of character, simply because they don’t know what they are doing. It can be triggered by something someone says or insinuates or because someone won’t do what someone else wants them to do. Therefore, violence can ensue. This can produce surreal moments. Deceitfulness, lying, problems with water systems or flooding. Belief systems. Altered beliefs can form as well as cult like groups.

Pluto stations retrograde in the mist of the imbalance on the 24th, ready to reveal things already covered from 2018 & early 2019. Finding out what we’re missing. Just as Saturn stations retrograde on the 29th, slowing our movements in order to recognize responsibilities we’ve missed. Watch for action within government or business structures. As well watch for authoritative persons, if one isn’t complying with the law. If you have been responsible, please be assured Saturn will reward your efforts.

Things become excessively confusing by months end. The actions or reactions are bordering on bizarre. Nothing is concise, predictable or regulated. Surreal moments come to light and actions are finally taken in relations to information being revealed earlier in the month. I believe someone said, it would be good to take a vacation in some fa off place of escape.

“The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”, Dr. Phil

Enjoy the restlessness, get moving and take those short little jaunts in the parks.

Acknowledgements to the artist/photographer: Elena Vizerskaya

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