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Mars Moves Out of Bounds

April 20th – June 12, 2019

13 degrees of Gemini to 17 

degrees of Cancer

The term Out of Bounds is in relation to the Sun’s movement across the ecliptic. The Ecliptic is the plane by which the earth orbits around the Sun. From our perspective, the Sun appears to move around us. In its yearly movement it moves both north and south of the Equator. Creating summer both in the north and south hemispheres. When it reaches its farthest point both north and south, the degree of measurement is called a declination. The farthest the Sun ever reaches in its movement is 23degrees-27minutes. Creating the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice.

This span of space is considered in bounds. If one thinks of it like as a line of play in sports and a planet being the ball. The ball when out of bounds has moved beyond the scope of play and is therefore no longer in play or in the game. [1] Nor is it within the scope of what society considers to be acceptable. It appears the energy of whatever planet has gone beyond this point is no longer following the rules of the game.

This makes the energy of the planet erratic, unpredictable or out of control. This make the planet weird, as there is nothing to contain its energy. It’s allowed to see outside the lines. There are now no limits, no boundaries to contain or control the energy being exhibited and therefore can begin to break the rules of the game. It can act outside the scope of what is deemed acceptable social behavior. At times this can be perceived as dangerous, especially with Mars, and perhaps it can get carried away with its inspirational actions. However, it can also produce new trends, or activities. In this case, as Mars begins to produce a different way of acting. At first it may not be deemed as sociably acceptable, but as we get use to it, we can find ourselves doing some of these activities ourselves. Especially adopting a more masculine approach. We may feel like we can do as we please, producing selfish behaviors. We don’t feel trapped or contained by anyone or anything. [2]

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Mercury Retrograde


March 5th to March 28th

Lacking Clarity

This is the first Mercury retrograde period in 2019. This year, each Mercury retro will be associated with a water sign. Water represents our emotions and feelings and they now become prone to changeability. Water also allows things to grow and flourish, sometimes out of control. With Mercury here, it will be about our communication coming from how we feel about various situations and not our thinking.

Mercury retrograde is a time of reviewing, restructuring, rethinking, reforming and revamping. In this case it’s about how we are feeling about a certain situation. We can become overwhelmed with emotions, confused and lack clarity. Mercury is about communication, travel, trade, deliveries and the relaying of information in all it’s forms. Documents or signing agreements are also highlighted. As Mercury is retro, we often are not paying attention as we jump ahead of ourselves, believing we know what’s coming next, therefore we delete the information in between. This causes assumptions to be made, which causes mistakes to happen and misinformation to be distributed as well as us missing crucial information in the process.

With Mercury in Pisces, we can become confused, as our emotion step in and tell us something different then what is being said. We begin the journey at the critical 29th degree in Pisces. Signaling a time of finishing. Wrapping up various events, or emotionally trying to understand a particular situation. We’re on the verge of moving on and thus have a tendency to ignore things. This Mercury can be a time of reviewing the various bizarre events surrounding us and trying to make sense of them, before we release them for the final time at the end of March.

Mercury will join with Neptune twice on his journey in retro, however, he connected with Neptune for the first time on Feb 19th, during the Full Moon in Virgo. This is a point of revelation, about certain trends which are about to transpire in March. It connects with Neptune in retro on March 24th and makes its final contact and a new cycle begins on April 2nd. Ushering in a period of healing and spiritually connecting with our own expressions of faith & beliefs. Various realizations surface as secrets emerge from the depths, sending us on a new dialogue & journey. This can create a situation where we lack clarity. People or events can cause us confusion and perhaps test our faith in what we feel is right. We can begin a process of self-undoing and detracting ourselves from others or situations we believe are not in alignment with our own spiritual well being. Information arising about issues which previously were kept secret. Topics surrounding water issues, pharmaceutical or drug issues. A new dialogue in relations to issues surrounding the oceans, the movement of oil and gas, religious belief systems as well as talk of disease, hospitals or prison systems. Our perspectives can change, based upon our true feelings as our moral compass is triggered, changing our direction.

Mercury will square off with Jupiter and triggers the Jupiter square Neptune. One of the major aspects of 2019. Mercury first squares off with Jupiter on Feb 22nd, it will connect once again on March 15th in retro and making its final pass on April 3rd. Mercury will force us to acknowledge the confusion and the potential of underhanded manipulation taking place. With Mercury here we can fall into a potential misleading dialogue, as well as events transpiring which send us into surreal circumstances. The truth and justice cards are at play with possible reviews of various situations to find out what exactly transpired. Accidents are possible with Mercury here as we misjudge the target. This aspect can exaggerate the circumstances and make mountains out of mole hills. The legal system or the law are at play here.

There is a tendency to believe the first thing we hear, even if it isn’t the truth. This can fragment relationships, causing a real lack of clarity about what is really going on. We feel confused, mislead, duped and perhaps scammed. There is deception afoot, as people attempt to hide information. Scandal can arise, as certain people find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into their lies or the lies of others.

Potential problems as people seek to hide their practices of deception. We can get steeped in the cultural divide and seeking refuge in other places. Believing these places are the promised land of safety or security. Religious disagreements and exaggerations of what is the truth about the clash between various races can also ensue. Travel advisories can be issued.

It’s important for us to keep our wits about us and pay attention to the events transpiring. Mercury will join with the fixed star of Scheat from March 3rd to 8th, as well as April 16th for it’s final pass. This can cause difficulties with water, flooding as well as shipwrecks, storms or other catastrophes. Accidents and especially with aircrafts or air travel. [Robson].

This arises at the end of the astrological year being 29 degrees of Pisces. A point of culmination of knowing beyond ourselves and yet we can be delusional in this knowing. Setting ourselves apart yet merging with the events transpiring. This is the end of a cycle, as we prepare to venture forth with new projects, concepts and ideologies. Mercury finally heads into the fresh start of Aries on April 17th. By this time, we could be on a new venture, due to the information which has bubbled up from the depths, as Mercury dived deep into the waters of Pisces, settling on discovering truths we perhaps hadn’t wished to know about in the first place.

This Mercury retrograde can give us a new perspective as well a new feeling about various circumstances within our lives. Caution is indicated as nothing is as it seems.

Take your time, ponder your decisions and adhere to your intuitive energy giving you the guidance you so need.

Spiritual Journey

Colleen Jorgensen

Acknowledgments to the photographer/artist: unknown

Chiron ingress into Aries

Feb 18, 2019

A New Chapter of Self Healing

Chiron is a minor planet, positioned between the restrictions of Saturn and strangeness of Uranus. Orbiting within the realms of reality, yet on the boarders of new discoveries. Contained and yet liberated. He was named thus after the Greek centaur in mythology and represents a great healer and teacher. Delving into herbs for healing, medicine, prophecy, astrology, music and hunting.

Chiron’s placements within the individual charts, is a place of our deepest spiritual & physical wounds. Wounds we deal with in some form of acceptance, yet they never completely heal. Perhaps this is due to Chiron’s inability to heal himself. Yet, we may identify those wounds in others and address the ability to heal them, all the while unable to see how to resolve our own wounds or the acknowledgement of them. This is a deep spiritual place, which often exceeds this lifetime, whereby it could span many lifetimes before we see the tenderness within. Chiron’s journey also ventures beyond what is deemed acceptable, venturing out towards Uranus, seeking new technologies, as well as advancements in medicine. On a personal level, this can stretch the wounds of ourselves, enduring unusual experiences buried deep within the soul’s journey. We bridge the gap between restricting ourselves and allowing ourselves to be liberated from the wounds embedded within us.

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February Astrological Forecast

A Serious Plunge; Happy Valentines

February is divided down the middle with half the month being rather stressed and the later bringing us to new opportunities. As we head into February, we can become more sensitive as the month progresses as we release ourselves from the air element. We plunge from our head to deep into our gut feelings. Decisions are made through feelings rather then rational thoughts by months end. The abruptness and sudden shifts taking place during the early part of February can throw us off our game. We can be mentally challenged in solving problems for the first two weeks of February. Shoving us into positions where we have no other chose but to release and let go. This can cause many of us to retreat. Seeking refuge in seclusion, privacy and healing modalities in the later part of the month.

We’re still in the after glow of the Saturn sextile Neptune energy. This makes us rather serious about our dreams. A need to make our reality, tangible and accessible. It’s a very grounding energy, but we are deep in the heart of emotions, where we are unable to see clearly the ultimate direction of our dive. This brings us opportunities to try something different even if we are unclear of the outcome. Faith can push us forward in realizing our dreams. The journey begins at this juncture. Set the map and be certain of your beliefs as ideas unfold with manifestations arising.

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January Astrology Forecast


Turning the Page

As we close out 2018 and head into 2019, we head straight into Eclipse Season. Eclipse’s we’re often feared in ancient times, due to the recognition of things appearing to change during these phenomenon periods. Although we don’t often acknowledge the sudden shifts which take place due to these events, they still today signal a point in time which alters our directions. We are now heading into a new series of Eclipse’s as the North and South Nodes have now move into the signs of Capricorn & Cancer. A redirection of focus occurs to business, family and with our sense of security.

January sets up the energies which will be with us for the entire 2019 year. Preparing us for the future trends. It holds the first Eclipse’s in the New signs of Capricorn/Cancer. As well as housing the first of the two major aspects happening in 2019. Jupiter square to Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune. Both these aspects will carry us through most of 2019. Uranus stations direct in January, another major player for us in 2019. It’s like everything we need to know is in January. So, wake up, pay attention and let 2019 begin.

January is the month where we need to decide what we need going forward. A month where we need to let go, par down, organize and determine what makes us feel safe and secure. We need to get busy, releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves a purpose in our lives. However, there is also a complacency, ignorance perhaps that can signal a feeling of just going with the flow. It will be important to get organized. Lay down some laws, rules and regulations for one’s life.

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