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February Astrological Forecast

A Serious Plunge; Happy Valentines

February is divided down the middle with half the month being rather stressed and the later bringing us to new opportunities. As we head into February, we can become more sensitive as the month progresses as we release ourselves from the air element. We plunge from our head to deep into our gut feelings. Decisions are made through feelings rather then rational thoughts by months end. The abruptness and sudden shifts taking place during the early part of February can throw us off our game. We can be mentally challenged in solving problems for the first two weeks of February. Shoving us into positions where we have no other chose but to release and let go. This can cause many of us to retreat. Seeking refuge in seclusion, privacy and healing modalities in the later part of the month.

We’re still in the after glow of the Saturn sextile Neptune energy. This makes us rather serious about our dreams. A need to make our reality, tangible and accessible. It’s a very grounding energy, but we are deep in the heart of emotions, where we are unable to see clearly the ultimate direction of our dive. This brings us opportunities to try something different even if we are unclear of the outcome. Faith can push us forward in realizing our dreams. The journey begins at this juncture. Set the map and be certain of your beliefs as ideas unfold with manifestations arising.

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January Astrology Forecast


Turning the Page

As we close out 2018 and head into 2019, we head straight into Eclipse Season. Eclipse’s we’re often feared in ancient times, due to the recognition of things appearing to change during these phenomenon periods. Although we don’t often acknowledge the sudden shifts which take place due to these events, they still today signal a point in time which alters our directions. We are now heading into a new series of Eclipse’s as the North and South Nodes have now move into the signs of Capricorn & Cancer. A redirection of focus occurs to business, family and with our sense of security.

January sets up the energies which will be with us for the entire 2019 year. Preparing us for the future trends. It holds the first Eclipse’s in the New signs of Capricorn/Cancer. As well as housing the first of the two major aspects happening in 2019. Jupiter square to Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune. Both these aspects will carry us through most of 2019. Uranus stations direct in January, another major player for us in 2019. It’s like everything we need to know is in January. So, wake up, pay attention and let 2019 begin.

January is the month where we need to decide what we need going forward. A month where we need to let go, par down, organize and determine what makes us feel safe and secure. We need to get busy, releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves a purpose in our lives. However, there is also a complacency, ignorance perhaps that can signal a feeling of just going with the flow. It will be important to get organized. Lay down some laws, rules and regulations for one’s life.

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