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August Astrological Forecast


What goes around, comes around in the Time Loop.

It’s without a doubt, we are in a challenging intense period of time. The energy is challenging, due to the recent Eclipse Full Moon as we exit July and enter August. This can produce sudden releases of anger, frustrations. It can manifest as sudden stoppages, breaking away from various people or circumstances as we’re reaching the peak of the energy curve. Uranus, which is about to station retrograde in August is now slowing down, magnifying his energy and releasing pent up stresses. He was imbedded in the recent Total Lunar Eclipse in harsh angle to Mars. This can produce unpredictable events to transpire, which challenges us to rise to the occasion. Pushing us perhaps beyond our limits as disruptions, cancellations, interruptions cause us to lose our sense of direction.

For many of us, we are having energy surges with releasing points. Due to this we can feel lethargic, as our vitality seems to wane. In addition, we don’t really seem like we’re really getting anywhere, as this loop of energy holds us in a specific pattern. Much of this energy is due to the numerous planets now in retrograde station. They are bringing us back to the beginning of the year, April to May and June, as they revisit old ground already covered. Issues or events which were transpiring in the spring is coming around again, to be hashed out, dealt with and finally put to bed. Since we’ve been dealing with some of this energy for so long, we can find we just need to have things resolved. This can cause us to lash out at others, change our minds in rapid succession, jump around from one thing to the next and have sudden reversals in our approach to things.

We have 5 planets now in retrograde station. We are reviewing old ground already covered. Reversing, reviewing, repeating, recycling, reapplying. This can cause the breaking down of conversations when they become too challenging and no one sees the other point of view. The why’s and how’s of things are really point less as we go in circles trying to figure out what has just happened or what has been said.

Mercury in Leo can cause us to have a change of heart. Revisiting issues from our childhood. Childhood friends may resurface or pop back in our lives. Old romantic partners or issues surrounding them can come up. Lovers issues. Children’s issues in general arise, as well as Royalty, Leaders of countries and what they are saying and their agreements. Those whom are in high risk sports can have accidents if they are not paying attention. Children’s events also must be reviewed and monitored.

Mars is also retrograde, having stationed on June 27th. On his journey, it’s challenging Uranus as several junctures. The first square occurred on May 16th in direct motion. The second occurs on the 1st of August in retrograde motion of Mars. This is a volatile aspect, signaling an awareness of tension building up and needing to be released. It produces unexpected change of direction, which is often out of our control. We can see something needs to be done, but we often wait, avoid or hope is just resolves itself. Then sudden events move us into directions we find shocking and out of our control. Events transpire with such lightening speed and force it can really knock our socks off. The last and final contact between these two volatile planets is on Sept 18, 2018.

The next planets in retrograde are Saturn having stationed retrograde on April 18th in Capricorn. During August, Saturn will be slowing down, as he prepares to move into direct motion in September. Business has slowed, as well as the economy in several places around the world. Karma and taking responsibility for our actions can be highlighted during August as we review old ground covered in the spring. Economic conditions and business ventures can be highlighted as shifts begin to take place.

Neptune and Pluto are also both retrograde, from April to June and even covering ground from last winter. This can produce a lack of clarity or direction. Neptune continues to address issues surrounding the “Me Too”, as well as the drug issues plaguing our streets. Due to it’s positive aspect with Jupiter, we can reach beyond ourselves, to be inspirational to others. Spirituality is on the rise as well as numerous healing modalities and psychic abilities.

The first half of August continues to be rather draining, as we head into the 3rd and final Eclipse of 2018 in the sign of Leo. Either we are going to break it or resolve it with the shifting energies and find ourselves on a different journey. The latter half of August is much more conducive to stabilizing situations with the Grand Earth Trine manifesting. This will ground us into finding common sense and direction in an otherwise stressed situation.

August starts out with a bang, as Uranus and Mars collide on August 1st. Various pent up energies will have to be released, producing change on it’s way through. This along with Mercury’s station signals miscommunication which can lead to abrupt conflicts, arguments or explosive situations. The tension it produces can cause accidents, earthquakes, weather related events. People suddenly breaking free from various restrictive, stressful situations. Avoid forcing your opinion on others, as the response may not be what you anticipated. This is a time where we are abruptly shaken into reality of the real situations around us. It can be a time of self reflection. Try not to be too harsh or judgemental. Easy as she goes.

As August 2nd -3rd arrive, we can possibly find solutions to our dilemma’s if we view things from a unique perspective. With this highly charged energy, we can’t possibly resolve issues if we continue to see them from the same direction.

August 3rd is a wonderful day for healing with Mars in sextile to Chiron in Aries. Take this day to breath through your wounds. Seek out those whom will ease the tension. Get a massage, go for a hike, do some yoga. Move and be moved.

August 5th/6th, one needs to be cautious if dealing with person’s in positions of authority. Perhaps you are the authoritarian, so don’t let the power go to your head. Control issues surface as the Sun squares Jupiter and with Mercury closing in on a square with Jupiter. We are prone to believing everything one tells us, even if it’s true or not. Caution is needed while driving. Discussions of the past produce changing stories, but what does it really matter. Try to let go and release as much information as you can without reacting.

August 6/7/8th: Venus moves into her own sign of Libra, which will do much to mend some fences that were caused from all these disagreements. New associations may emerge into one’s life, and it’s great for socializing. Get together with friends, family and enjoy outings with others.

Come August 8th, Uranus, which has played a huge roll in 2018, is grinding to a halt and stationing retrograde. His high energy is much more prevalent as he approaches his closest point to Earth. With Mars close on his tail, numerous fires can spring up from lightening. Hotter weather and abrupt shifts in weather patterns. We can find we need numerous attire, from cooler nights to hotter days. Extremes in the financial markets, over the top issues related to security or feeling safe. Negotiations can resume with trade agreements due to Venus moving into her own sign. Mercury also is cazimi , or in the heart of the Sun, so take this opportunity to present your case or clear the air of tension as you see things more clearly for just a few moments.

It’s time to get serious on the 9th. Time to get down to business as duties or obligations arise. It can be rather stressful if you are having to deal with lots of people on this day. Responsibilities to financial issues as well as loved ones come about. Pressure to perform is strong, as professional commitments surface to be addressed. Slowing down of the markets are likely or economic issues are addressed.

August 11th brings forward our last Partial Solar Eclipse at the 18th degree of Leo. Struggles with ego have been front and center for several months now, as the North Node travels through this sign. We’re about to shift gears soon, with only one more Eclipse in the sign of the Lion come Jan, 2019. Leo is a proud sign, which doesn’t give in or relent easily. The North Node ensures us the gaining of something as a new direction emerges. New trends or leaders can emerge onto the scene as old ones are over-shadowed by the brilliants of fresh inspirational ideas. As the light dims due to the interruption, we can find something new shimmering as we awaken to a new reality or direction when the Moon moves out of the shadows. Mercury is in square to Jupiter, so ask for clarification. Work out what is truth and what has been misleading or false. Expect delays, cancellations or postponements. Be patient, don’t over-exaggerate what’s happening.

Mars on the 12th resides at the 00-degree mark of Aquarius. Looping round again from a position he held on May 16th, and one he will hit for the last time on Sept 11th.

Mars finally re-enters Capricorn on the 13th until the 10th of September. Mars enjoys the energies of Capricorn. He stabilizes and feels like he’s in control once again returning his dignity. He will be in Capricorn for 27days, allowing us to get a handle on where we are going forward. This is a getting things done energy. Mars is now slowing down in preparation for stationing direct on the 27th of August. It’s all business from here on in. Accomplishing what we have been neglecting. Perhaps of no fault of our own, but because of the numerous delays or interruptions we’ve encountered over the last several months. This can be catch up time to implement some of those plans you had from the New Moon in May.

This begins the second half of August, which is a much different energy from the first half. The Eclipses are over, and the energy of earth begins to prevail upon us. Grounding us into a practical way of seeing things. This can produce a reality, of which we’d just as soon not see, but a reality all the same. After coming through the Eclipses, we can find that things have changed. We’re not the same people we were just a few months ago, as we step into a new awareness. Many of us have been shaken up, tossed around, bullied which triggered the inner child within us. Now we know what’s going on as Saturn in Capricorn gains control of Uranus’s wild ways in Taurus. Grinding the spending to a halt, slowing down business transactions. Creating the latest trends and bringing forth new innovative ideas to be implemented into our worlds. What makes you feel valued, important and safe? This is an excellent time to establish what you desire for your life. Downsizing, ridding ourselves of the overload, cutting back and becoming realistic in our approach to how we wish to maintain our lives. Modern technologies can emerge onto the market in the next month. In stead of trying to maintain control, we can now let go, and release those things which are no longer of value to us any longer. Simplicity out of chaos!

August 19th turns the Hermes around to direct motion at the 11th degree of Leo, just as Jupiter in Scorpio makes his last Trine to Neptune. We can be full of awe inspiring moments at this juncture of the month. Jupiter has brought forth the “Me Too” moments of 2018, and perhaps is now finding resolutions to the discoveries. Generosity, compassion and empathy rides with this aspect. We are inspired by others, and for others on our journey forward. We heal and are being healed through numerous modalities. We find insight through psychic or intuitive means. We stretch our imagination, where fantasy merges and mingles with the depths of our souls and we are found through new beliefs, faiths or religions. With all the changes of directions, and with karma playing it’s roll, we have certainly learned we can just rely on faith, manifestation to direct us in the right direction. It’s in us, not around us where we can become whole people once again. Light and Love directs this aspect through profound depths of awareness.

August 21/22nd can be days we need to pull our heads out of the clouds to attempt to adjust to various people or situations around us.

Followed by August 23-25th: Sun transit into the sign of Virgo with the emergence of the Grand Earth Trine. I find this energy to be rather harmonious. Even in the mist of chaos, it can be protective, insulating in ensuring things work out well. Giving the energy a feel of things will work out ok, regardless of the circumstances. Grande Trines however can make one lazy because of the belief things will work out without much effort. One must be cognizant of this fact and push forward even if we don’t feel like it. A feeling of pulling things together after numerous disruptions.

August 26th brings into focus our Full Moon of the month, at 3 degrees 41 minutes of Pisces. This can be a rather healing Moon, since the Moon resides at the apex of the Grand Kite formation within the chart, connected to the Grand Earth Trine. It will bring to light where you stand emotionally. Full Moon’s can be a time of recognition to release and let go of old hang ups. This Moon seeks to sooth the waters. Where we can rise above the chaos, lack of direction of the summer months and forgive. Release our old hang ups. With the Yod also driving into this Full Moon, we adjust to the prevailing winds. Reset our sails and determine our course of action. The Sun in Virgo makes us aware of our bodies and how stressful situation affect our health & wellbeing. We give it up to recuperate. Perhaps to discover it’s just not worth the fight. This can be a Moon retreat where we scurry to our own little corners of the world to lick our wounds. Mercury which has been plaguing us all month with his square aspect to Jupiter. Reality and the mind are not mixing well due to our grandiose ideas, our lack of information, when we think we’re right but we’re not. This can be a fool’s mission if you get drawn into believing everything your told. We’ve all been very stubborn, resistant lately, so finding out the reality of things is a wise man’s game. There can be some disappointments with this Moon and yet we already knew this through our intuition. This is a wonderful Moon of self discovery, purging or healing through Mother Earth’s bounty. It’s a wonderful Moon for imagination, prophesy and inspiration. Listen, just listen to what is transpiring around you. Be Silent in order to heal.

Venus squares Pluto at this juncture producing intense passions to surface within relationships. Breakups or deeply hidden secrets within companies or within business practices can surface, which disrupts the balance within society or in negotiations. Secret love affairs can also transpire, or back room deals. This can also bring out sexual abuse issues or underground trafficking of various individuals. The black market.

August 27th: Mars finally stations direct in motion. Residing in his corner strategizing as to what his next move will be come September and his ongoing fight with Uranus.

August 28th brings the last challenge between Mercury in Leo against Jupiter in Scorpio. This can bring out the truth, once and for all, or limit the resolution for the future if one party does not relent in their stubbornness. Disputes are solved through the giving way or admittance of one person. Exaggerations can become a bit extreme. Lies, deceptions or miscommunications are likely. What you heard may not be what was said. Freudian Slips of the tongue. However, the Grand Earth Trine remains strong, so find resolutions through common sense of the issues not through how one is feeling. The quintiles are also strongly associated with Mars, Jupiter & Sun, so resolutions can be found through looking at things from a distinct perspective. New discoveries and solutions emerge. Confusion about the information we are given.

We end the month in a much different place then we entered it. But things are still simmering in the background. Tension is once again beginning to build, as we adjust to latest information we’ve heard throughout the month. Like any event we slowly become accustom to the various influences upon us and we move on.

Happy Travels & Safe Journeys!

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