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August Astrological Forecast


The Great American Eclipse

Welcome to August. This is the month we have been looking for. It’s going to be one of the busiest months of the year, astrologically. It holds two Eclipse’s, power charged Full Moon and New Moon events. Mercury will station retrograde. The two power house planets of Jupiter and Pluto will make their last square to one another as well, two significant planets will station this month. First Uranus retrograde and then Saturn direct. It’s a jam-packed month where we are all going to have to be on our toes, as events shift our perceptions.

For many of us this year, we have struggled to find our niche. Moving around from one interest to another. Starting & stopping, connecting and disconnecting. We may have felt like we want or need to change something about our lives. Relationships have been pronounced this year with many struggling to find the right group, significant other or friendship. Some of us have left behind relationships they thought would have lasted forever. As well careers and financial concerns have been top of mind with the political climate around the world going through major changes. There’s been the need to educate one’s self, seek a different point of view and reflect on how we can adjust to the numerous changes which have enveloped many of us. Yet we are not quit there yet.

August seems like the month to go through the tunnel and see what’s on the other side. The need to release what we cannot control. Eclipse’s often are like reset buttons in life. Suddenly things change. Perceptions shifts and new waves of energy prevail upon us. Different interest float to the top to be carried forward until the next wave of eclipse energy moves upon us.

Eclipse’s, throughout the ages had been noted as fearful times, when leaders (kings) changed. Ways of living moved in different directions, wars began and ended. Eclipse’s held a great deal of energy, which influenced the dynamics of everyday life. Omens of uncertain times ahead. The energy seems to sit on a tight rope, where it can manifest in one direction or the other. We are suspended and then we fall. This is especially true for our first Eclipse on the Full Moon axis.

The first Eclipse happens on August 7th during the Full Moon phase. A partial Lunar Eclipse happens as the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon, preventing the light of the Sun from hitting the Moon due to Earth’s shadow. This is only a partial Eclipse, so it misses the mark slightly and is weaker. Luna is an emotional place. Thus, Lunar Eclipse’s can be emotional filled times. Family and relationship concerns come into focus due to our emotional connections with them. The energy is heightened, so we can view where we our out of balance. We blot out certain elements to move forward, resetting our emotions and clearing away elements which no longer serve us. People may also begin to move in different directions. Disconnections happen, as new people and things are waiting in the wings to enter your life. This is an Aquarius Full Moon, so what we believed was suiting us over the past 18.5 years, perhaps has run its course and it’s time to move in a different direction. Global community settings which have thrived for the past several years are reaching a point of concern & reflection. As we’ve seen with England separating from the European Union. The United States closing its boarders to various sections of individuals or groups. How does this global community suit the needs of the individual goals, and is it too large to handle if the individual is getting lost in the expansive nature of it. We are connected through all sorts of venues. From Facebook to twitter and beyond. With this Eclipse, we are perhaps on the cusp of recognizing the need to have the individual identities recognized. Whether this is an individual country or person.

We can find our views and feelings begin to shift with this eclipse in relations to various relationships and connections we had previously had to humanity in general.

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius shifts directions on August 4th. This highlights the energy for this Eclipse point. The energy of Uranus can be rather volatile, producing abrupt changes, which can scatter our energies. Expect cut offs from various people. Perhaps because they are moving, travelling, getting married or changing jobs. People or events can suddenly go off in totally different direction. Things can come upon us suddenly, perhaps due to the increased awareness of our consciousness. With the change of direction of Uranus, this Eclipse can produce some startling moments of awareness, as we try to balance the need of our personal ambitions against how we feel about our global communities.

Saturn also is the co-ruler of Aquarius and is slowing, ready to station direct on August 25th. Highlighting the need to remain diligent to the rules and regulations of any situation. Boundaries, boarders, immigration issues and our beliefs all seem more pronounced. With the Air element of Aquarius, we can be persuaded to shift our reality of how we view these situations. There is a heightened awareness of the restrictions many face within the world environment. Old beliefs or thought patterns give way to new concepts of reality. Saturn remains in close proximity to Uranus and the North Node. We can suddenly be inspired by various leaders, dramatic stories of bravery, generosity, gratefulness, motivating our creative juices and arriving at innovative ideas. With Saturn moving direct we can now begin to implement, those changes in beliefs we’ve analyzed over the last couple months. Where do you stand now in relations to your perspective, conscious awareness and where are you moving in the future.

This Eclipse also holds the Jupiter square to Pluto within it. The last of 3 squares which began on November 24th of 2016, reaching exactness on March 30th, 2017 and again it’s last 90-degree contact on August 4th, 2017. This energy remains within influence for the remainder of the month. The need to expand our relationships and/or group associations has been strong throughout Jupiter’s journey through Libra. However, it’s been fraught with difficulties of controlling elements of who’s running the show. If partnerships in business have been formed, various elements could have broken the arrangements made. The need with this aspect to gain control, power and privilege is strong, as a drive to succeed perhaps at any costs are embedded within the energy. Anything is possible, however the potential for ruthlessness, greed and corruption can manipulate situations. Jupiter’s trine to the Moon within the Lunar Eclipse assists us to develop strong ties and/or reliance on various individuals, even if they are not connected to you other then through social media. New relationships can be formed now. There is also an opportunity to advance your personal goals or agenda through these associations with others. The growth and expansion of Jupiter is prevalent within the dynamics. However, many may find they are too anxious to get on with things. We may tend to jump the gun, causing delays, angry outbursts or heated arguments. Mars is still close to the Sun, giving us burn out due to the increased activity level. Try to pace your activity level. Fires and heat remain in the weather forecast, at least for the first few weeks of August. Things can feel like they are burning up. Motivation is high yet is slowed due to the increased expenditure of energy required to do anything.

Mercury then stations Retrograde on August 13th. Perhaps further confusing issues, but turning our attention.

inwards to a more personal mindset. Mercury retrogrades happen approximately 3 times per year. Those of you which have Mercury retro in your charts, can thrive within this energy. For others, it can produce a type of havoc as we miss the mark in what is being communicated to us through all modalities. This can be frustrating as we are often jumping to conclusion to move on to the next thing. We tend to cut people off, both physically and verbally as we know what’s coming next or we think we do. This can cause accidents, we don’t read the small print, because we already think we know what’s coming. As a result, we can struggle within the change of energy. Mercury will station in Virgo, where he’s comfortable. Focused on the details, work, health, exercise and getting organized. From August 1st to the 13th, it’s an appropriate time to get things done and ready for the month ahead. Prepare for school, fall work schedule, diets and health. Plan early. Work issues, related to co-workers, bosses, layoffs or other union issues can be prominent as well. Paperwork and difficulty with communication are realized. Pay attention to the details of what others are saying to avoid confusion. We can be in this rush to accomplish things, so accidents or vehicle problems can arise. Mercury remains in Virgo until the end of August.

The last big day for August is the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, being named the Great American Eclipse, which will span the entire United States from Oregon to Charleston. Sweeping across the entire United States. It will land in Salem, Casper, Lincoln, Kansas City and Nashville along it’s trek according to NASA. The last time an Eclipse stretched across the “entire contiguous United sates was on June 8th, 1918” [Wikipedia]. The Last Eclipse visible to the United States was on July 11, 1991 in some parts of the States. The last Eclipse close to a similar degree as this one was July 11, 1999. So, if you can reach back to this time frame, similar things may be occurring or connections can be made. Important things are in store for the United States.

As for Canada, this Eclipse will be considered a Total Solar Eclipse to view. In many areas of the country, it will be partially visible. Check out NASA or Google to select viewing.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon moves in alignment with the Earth and Sun, blocking out the Sun’s light. This action according to astrology, is a temporary blocking of the light. Our direction can be temporarily interrupted. As a result, we can find we head into a different direction as one thing is finished an another is about to begin. You could have seen some changes about a month ago, as the energy began to manifest, you can have some glimpse into the direction you might be headed. Although, this can be small in effects to what happens. Like the turning off the light and switching the light back on, things can appear different. People which were in the room at the time, can be gone, other people can be in the room. A new or different energy arises, like a surprise birthday party. People can dissolve or seem to become less important in your life or they are over-shadowed by other people as they begin to rise to prominence. As well events or goals which you were striving for, seem insignificant moving forward as something else grabs your attention.

If you are born around the 17th to 21st of August, expect some changes to arise within your life. As well Aquarius Sun sign individuals with Birthdays February 17th to the 21st. Late Taurus born people come to a cross roads, born around the end of May. As well Scorpio individuals whose birthdays are towards the end of the sign from November 17th to the 20th can reach a breaking point. As their ruler Pluto also stretches across in conflict with Jupiter. (Note: these are estimated times).

Eclipse’s were considered to bring about change. They were often feared because people didn’t know what would be coming next. With astrology, we can glimpse into some of the chart aspects to figure out what might potentially arise with the energy.

This Solar Eclipse resides at the 28th degree of Leo. A sign most associated with the Regal, Royalty, Kings and Leaders. Since it will be impacting the United States and extends into Canada, we can expect some leaders to be falling away as new ones rise. It is joined with the fixed star of Regulus. One of the fixed stars of Persia, which ruled over the 4 corners of the Universe in each direction. This Royal star, according to Vivian Robson, was the watcher of the North, which marked the Summer Solstice back in 3,000 BC. Since it is connecting well with Uranus, “it can produce violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit” If rising, “great honorr and wealth, but violence and trouble, sickness, fevers, acuter diseases, benefits seldom last, favor of the great, victory over enemies and scandal” As was seen in 1918 with the rise of the Spanish Flu. Since this is a New Moon, connected with both the Sun and Moon, Robson says, “Power, authority, major influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last” With the Moon, “occult interests, powerful friends. Makes women high spirited and independent and danger from enemies. There is also a danger of loss.

Royalty or people in positions of prominence can be fading out of the picture. As Prince Phillip has done recently in the Royal Family of England. Expect some changes of power to arise with this Eclipse, especially within North America.

This is a New Moon, which are often seen as re-set buttons to start a new cycle. However, with this Eclipse we can see a reset button for the next 18.5 years. The connection with Uranus will bring some very pleasant surprises of change. No doubt we will see some very innovative, successful accomplishments. Uranus is in Aries, the sign of self, so perhaps people will be increasing their conscious awareness to a higher level. Like an eclipse does, out worn attitudes can be eclipsed in a heart beat. Done away with old worn out models of behaviors as innovative ways are cracked open. This is an excellent New Moon to start fresh, especially in relation to your heart felt desires. Sudden shifts can create more stability within one’s life if the energy is tapped into in a positive manner. This is where a chart reading can be of assistance.

The Sun is in the sign of Leo. Leo is a very dynamic sign. Holding the element of Fire. A powerful motivator to initiate new projects. Leo is also a fixed sign and like all fixed signs can be determined to stand its ground. This sign is focused on achieving goals, aspirations and can be very protective of what they consider theirs. This eclipse can focus upon children’s concerns, the arts, leadership, people working in the stock market, investments, interest rates, entertainment industry, sports venues, romance & dating, and matters of the heart and back.

Mars is very prominent connecting closely with the eclipse point and can be consider one of the rulers of the eclipse. It’s exact sextile with Jupiter draws in the energies of Libra once again, of who is an ally and who is the enemy. Personal and group associations can bring stronger relationships to the forefront with an opportunity to enhance one’s life through these associations. Mars is often associated with war, military issues, militia, and activities of action. There is action associated within this eclipse. When the eclipse point is triggered, it will trigger activities of action to prevail as well.

However, Venus (which rules Jupiter) is stressed within the chart, so personal competition produce tensions within family structures, and even within countries against what is perceived as groups ganging up on others. Gangs and affiliations to gangs can also become high on various country lists. Of course, we already have this with various terrorist groups, but we can also see it within mainstream society as well. The Moon is ruling Venus, so we are back at the eclipse point. Stay focused upon your goals. Avoid getting distracted by events of personal agendas of others. This will be an eclipse to remember folks.

Dates to remember:

Mars will trigger the Eclipse point on September 2nd. Rushing in Energy to begin the process of the events which are connected to this eclipse. Look for action surrounding Leaders now. Changes are afoot.

Mercury will trigger the Eclipse effects when it stations direct at the 28th degree of Leo on September 5th. New Laws or regulations, media or information can come forth.

Venus triggers the Eclipse point on September 18th, further initiating alliances, group associations, financial obligations. Connections with beautifying various elements of agreements to be presented. Displays of pompous parades or other such events arise. Celebratory with huge price tags attached.

Look to May 22nd of 2018 to see the Quarter Moon cycle to this New Moon cycle at the 1st degree of Virgo triggering the eclipse point.

I also wanted to talk a bit more about Venus. She is moving though the sign of Cancer, on her way to the warmed of Leo by August 26th. However, this month she is having a rough time due to her connections with Pluto and Uranus. August 15th brings her in opposition with Pluto. Power and control issues within relationships, alliances can rattle some, as well obsessiveness should try to be curbed. Financial concerns and dilemmas within the financial markets or banking can raise some alarm bells. Financial pressure on the average individual can cause rifts between people adding stress. She then moves to square Jupiter on the 17th of August. Adding pressure to an already pressurized pot within alliances between countries and personal relationships. Various break-ups can be realized. This is also a financial disaster, as many family struggles to pay the mortgage or bills. Again, she comes under fire on August 24th as she runs into the unexpected with Uranus. Don’t fall into traps with investments. Sudden shifts in the individualistic actions of others can drain our resources and make you feel less attractive. If you run into a charmer, settle in for a few laughs but don’t take anyone seriously. This complete set of connections can cause in-fighting among various groups of individuals. Stress is produced as the naturally easy-going Venus nature is rattled under some events out of her control. Relax and take the time to connect with family, friends and plug into what’s really important in life! Sometimes, it simply doesn’t matter, so don’t get fixed into a position of beliefs.

In summary:

This is the kind of month which is full of energy, as we plan for our lives heading into the fall. We can find we are out of our element, as people shift positions and the entire landscape shifts before our eyes. Take stock in who you want to do business with. Who are your friends and who are your enemies? The highly charged Moon cycles this month can be energizing to propel us forward in life. Tapping into our creativeness, generosity and opportunity to be innovative and challenged positively. Be sure to review your personal health plan with the Mercury retrograde cycle. Ensure you don’t fall under a possible illness with the influences of the Eclipse’s. Take care of your pocket book and avoid spending in places, which are wasteful. We have so much energy with the Eclipse’s and the triggering of changes within North America it can be frightening as well as exhilarating. Join in celebrations and viewing in whatever times and dates which are applicable to you.

Enjoy the Journey! (Colleen Jorgensen)

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