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Spiritual Journey

June's Astrological Journey

June Astrological Journey

In the Heat of the Conversation


Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen:



Major Astrological Events:

Jupiter opens the month. He is newly in Taurus. Placing a spotlight on issues related to sustainability, agriculture, land, food production, banking, financial issues, the economy and what we value within our essential needs in life.

Jupiter will be highlighted as he joins the North Node on June 1st. Expanding our growth process within humanities evolution. Opening new doors in realizing what we value most. This can bring in new perspectives centered around cultural or religious attitudes. What is the popular social thing to do when it comes to immigration, legalities, higher education, court decisions, moral dilemmas, or cultural shifts? Is it worth the effort or risk in investing in such shifts? Should we just walk blindly with the norm or into accepting without any critical analysis? There is the possibility of expanding and accepting too quickly, which could be detrimental to the objectives. Yet a new wave of energy could be wafting though, bringing us new concepts of how we view the world.


Full Moon at 13 Sagittarius on June 3, 2023:

This Full Moon tags the Jupiter influence as he rules this Moon’s energy. With the Sun in the lively sign of Gemini, we can generate an active conversation. Filled with ideas, potential or documentation. Worthy of publication. We can see ourselves beyond the here and now. Stretching our minds to embrace new philosophies or new perspectives. It’s a great Moon to spread your wings and try something different. Explore, research, or set a new agenda for the summer months. This is an optimistic Moon, even if the ruler Jupiter remains under pressure from Pluto and Mars. Lending itself to a bit of gossip, deception, or conspiracy theories to promote a certain agenda. Things could certainly be distorted. Venus is still in Cancer, highlighting security and protections and square to Eris, which could give the feeling that some may be left out of these opportunities or options. There is room to be compassionate and sympathetic to those unfortunate beings. It would be a great Moon to educate oneself in discovering diverse cultures or social connections.

The most promising of aspects is Mercury’s connection to Uranus. Opening new avenues, to find solutions to various hangups. A shift in perspective can launch us forward by leaps and bounds. It’s laced with genius, and rather surprising that this thought has arisen. We could be pleasantly enlightened. Shocked even with our insight into various topics.


Venus Ingresses into Leo: June 5th, 2023:

This ingress initiates a big shift arising. Venus will be in the sign of Leo from now, through till October 8th, when she finally moves on into Virgo. Her extended stay is a result of her retrograde station arriving on July 23rd to September 4th, 2023. Journeying through her 40-day cycle and opening the heart of the Lion’s gate.

 A turnaround of what we love, cherish, or adore within our center of self. The heart is a special place of secrets, desires, and happiness. It can weep or be joyous. Sheltered behind and protected by the rib cage, not often worn on our sleeves.

Leo is a fun-loving sign. Ruling the heat of summer. Where we shine with vibrancy. Enthusiastic about being alive and youthful. Many of us could be considering, desiring new relationships, or re-evaluating our existing relationships. Here we can begin to open and reconsider various connections we have with others. Partnerships or financial issues. What is the cost in our endeavors? New lovers and connections are most likely to occur.


Venus will begin her journey being opposed to Pluto and square to Jupiter. Adding pressure to the start of her trek through Leo. Leo’s love the risk. The playfulness of making love. Taking joy in admiration or social connections. Here there is swagger, charisma, and magnetism. Yet, with Pluto newly in Aquarius, we can feel out of balance between our desires and the ego steps in. Challenging us, which could feel like an attack. Producing a competitive stance. Here, there is also a fatal attraction. Drawn to the intensity of our feelings. Out of control yet needing to control others. The emotions can be distorted and unreasonable. A need so strong we are extreme in our push to obtain it. You will need to be on guard to ensure you have your emotions in check. Lest you find yourself stalking someone.

There can also be financial matters on the line. Banking institutions are having to take a second look at their practices. A crisis could be formed with a lack of funds due to greed.

By June 11th, Venus then squares Jupiter, bringing in moral or ethical values, which could trigger a need for legal representation to resolve the issues. We can find that this is also a costly affair, whereby we indulge our desires, through spending, social events or investing with high-risk ventures. This is the first of 3 square aspects to Jupiter. Please pay attention to what begins to evolve with this aspect.


Pluto re-enters Capricorn: June 12th:

We are familiar with Pluto in Capricorn, having entered this sign in 2008. This began the process of bringing out cracks in the system of government, corporations, and various business practices. The control of the system and how it influences us within humanity. It also brought the individual to a desire to be in control. Thus, starting their own little side businesses.

Pluto backs up to the Anaretic degree at 29 degrees, triggering the Aries Eclipse of April 19th, 2023. This can bring challenges, as we struggle to shift into a new parameter when Pluto first hit this degree in February. Many of us could have struck out on our own, anxious to move on into something different. Except we are not finished with the old. This can bring many of us to a crossroads, between the past and the future of the Eclipse point. It can be tough to walk through that new doorway. Producing a crisis feeling.

Governments or Corporations can be struggling to maintain control and clamping down on those within less powerful positions. Except, the people seek now to dismantle the over lording bureaucracy.

Pluto will not return to Aquarius until Jan 20, 2024.


Mercury moves into Gemini: June 11, 2023:

This is an excellent placement for little Hermes. He rules Gemini and feels very much at home with active conversations. Planning what to take in within the neighborhood. This is a great position to jot down various ideas, projects and agenda’s coming soon. Social gatherings such as family reunions, festivities in or around your location, back yard parties and reconnecting with others. If you’re thinking of taking a couple mini courses or seeking out new information, now is the time. Expect lots of chatter, new topics surfacing and a little bit of gossip to tantalize your senses. People are prone to changing their minds or being scattered in their thinking. There is a versatility to energy, whereby we can adapt very easily. Do be cautious though as people could see two points of view, and appear as though they are inconsistent, or even lying.

We could feel a little suppressed come the 15th as Mercury squares Saturn. Challenging us to figure things out within written documents or verbal debates. Pay attention and read between the lines.


New Moon at 26 degrees of Gemini: June 17, 2023:

The planet of Saturn is particularly strong during this New Moon. He is just stationing retrograde, giving a seriousness to this New Moon’s energy. His past square to Mercury, suggests that we have much to think about as serious decisions are in the picture. Seems to stem from Jupiter’s influences from earlier in the month. Reigning in our over exuberance about a possible opening available to us. Now might be the time of reckoning, where we think of possible potential. If we play our cards right, we might just be able to fulfill our dreams.

The New Moon is in square to Neptune. Adding a bit of deception or hidden meanings behind what is being said. We should rely on past experiences in these matters to lead us through in figuring it all out. A sense of distrust lingers about, which others capitalize upon when they see an opportunity present itself. One person’s unfortunate circumstances can be another’s fortune.


Jupiter sextile Saturn: June 19th, 2023:

This is a very balanced energy, and one that could keep in line, the exaggerations of Jupiter. It allows us to back up and take stock of our beliefs. A fairness in the evaluation of the facts. Enabling us to rethink and restructure our motives. Organizing the enthusiasm and excitement that comes with Jupiter in Taurus. As we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for that big windfall of cash to come rolling our way. Realistically, Saturn will place an element of common sense into the picture. Yet with Pisces, it enhances our ability to manifest the very thing we so desire. This is a good time to step up to the plate and proclaim your dreams, to ensure investors come running. If of course that is your desire. If not, you could invest in something very tangible and enlightening. Venturing off to some retreat to recollect your thoughts. Identifying with your own spiritual path.


Summer Solstice: Sun enters Cancer: June 21, 2021:

The chart I am using is for Ottawa, Canada, where it appears as though the order of the day is to begin a new dialogue within the government. New issues or mandates, or regulations could be materializing. Leading to a new conversation arising with some good news. Promises of new negotiations or agreements materializing. There is a sense of responsibility waning, as Saturn stations retrograde in the house of allies. Promises made will be demanded to be kept. It’s important for the Canadian government to hold to these promises. There is a strong need to commit. Pluto is square to both the north and south nodes, tripping us up in our vision for where we are going next. New policies could be formed, especially within the immigration department, universities and with legal problems arising in the court systems.

There seems to be a lot of heat within the weather patterns with the potential for sudden storms. The Moon’s in Leo, ruled by the Sun, both in mutable reception, which indicates some flexibility to dampen the hot weather patterns. The Moon in square to Jupiter, leads to emotional excessiveness. Overindulgence and spending on various items for the luxury of it, rather than the necessity of it. Wastefulness. Watch for sob stories, which open your pocketbooks to assist. The housing market could be red hot through the summer months.


Mercury square Neptune & Mars square Uranus: June 25th/26, 2023:

We could really find ourselves in a muddle by month’s end. Unsure of where to go next, due to unexpected events taking place. This is really acting without thinking, which could cause a mess or trouble including accidents. It’s important that you use some element of caution. In various places around the world, we could see a fair bit of chaos, recklessness, or rebellious energy, which could be rather explosive. Watch if travelling, especially by air. Earthquakes can come about suddenly and without warning.

A sudden breaking off within relationships, due to some miscommunication that is rather bizarre and confusing in nature. Making us a little bewildered. Sudden flashes of temper make people go rogue. Potential violence with guns or other arms, which can be difficult to contain. Try to stay as grounded as you can, without believing everything that everyone tells you.


Mercury enters Cancer: June 27th, 2023:

Cancer can be a very sentimental sign. Sensitive and protective of that which it deems as theirs. Having to excuse themselves for little breaks here and there to ponder about things. With Mercury gracing this part of the zodiac, we could find ourselves thinking about security, housing, protections, and family matters. There will be considerations of buying, selling, or renovating a home or yard area. Some of you will be planning or attending family gatherings or reunions. It is a good time to reconsider your habitual patterns and to change the mental process of these unconscious ideologies. Watch you don’t take things personally. Issues surrounding food, cooking, real-estate, consumption are top of mind.


This month is very much about heated passionate conversations. Travel and movement. Take everything with a little grain of salt and enjoy the other perceptions you encounter.


With Magical Essence

Colleen Jorgensen