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Astrological Journey March

March Astrological Journey




March is an eventful month. Bringing with it significant shifts. Probably one of the most significant months of 2023. We begin the process of releasing and embracing the future. Truly the beginning and the conception of something new. As the releasing begins, we are anxious to squeeze as much from our past experiences as we can before we officially let go.


We are after all in the energy of Pisces this month. At least until March 20th, when the Spring Equinox arrives. We are indeed marching along. Just prior to the entrance of March, we experienced the New Moon of Feb 20th, at the 1st degree of Pisces. As always, New Moon’s signal a shift of perspective. Ready to embrace something new. This Moon will be triggered at Saturn moves into the sign of Pisces. Saturn experienced this trek through Pisces from 1994-1996.




SATURN ENTERS PISCES: March 7th, 2023.

Saturn begins his journey through the waters of Pisces. Beginning to slow down the fluidity of this area of the zodiac. Cementing and crystalizing the energy as Saturn goes. Seeking to create form and structure within the boundless energy of Pisces. Hardening the ocean tides, creating a permanence to our dreams and visions. A new way of creating our ideas take form and shape. Harnessing the limitless energy into something that’s workable.

Saturn creates through hard work, dedication, and adherence to practice. Pisces doesn’t have boundaries, so it shall be interesting to see what Saturn will create while moving through this fluid, endless world. Pisces is also the beginning through conception, but also the end. Self sabotaging, self doubting, insecurities, and dissolving issues as they are washed away in the tides. Yet there is vision, dreams, and magic.


On the positive side, we can see new therapies or drug introductions along with facilities to attend and address mental illness. Addictions will also be addressed.

Issues surrounding hospitals, or prison systems can be modified and restructured.

New standards for the production, extraction and usage of oil and gas industries.

Water usages and the limited supply of clean water resources. A lacking or limitations too usage.

Contamination, poisons, heavy metals influencing our environment. New standards of protocol.

Religious beliefs. Faith and doctrine can be reintroduced in a new format.

Photography, the arts, music will play a roll. Painting a new interest in the artistic realms.

Retreats, seem highlighted to structure one’s vision and learn the principals of spirituality, meditation, rituals or other healing practices.

Abrupt endings materialize as reality can be washed away. While new realities formulate.


There are new beginnings, and yet endings. We all need to be aware of our own intuition. Create a good solid base, so when the storms come, you can withstand the destruction that is possible. Ride the waves where-ever they may take you.



The Full Moon lights up the skies, just as Saturn enters his new home in Pisces. Virgo is the opposite of Pisces. Even though they have similar traits of healing. Virgo is ancient wisdom, holistic practices, and initiations to work with in this realm. Pisces is pure faith in miracles. The two working together can indeed manifest astounding results.

This will be a Moon of working towards perfection, by categorizing and organizing our lives. Creating structure, balance within the Pisces realms. Deeper insight into what needs to be done.

The trine to Uranus and the sextile from the Sun to Uranus can bring about positive changes. Promoting a sense of wellness.





He first encountered Neptune on October 13th, 2022. This begins to manifest strange elements into one’s life. An apparent problem, that requires a form of action. Queer circumstances. Perhaps waking us up from a long dream or sending us into one. Realizations of what is going on, could of cause breakups, due to a lack of realism and awareness. Stunned moments of illusions of what is really going on that has been kept hidden or that one just put up with it. Gossip arose. Misconstruing of facts. Strange events that appear and then vanish as quickly. The second pass arose on Nov 19th, 2022.

This final pass can bring a conclusion to some strange events that one is dealing with. Neptune is hard to ascertain in terms of reality, yet we can perhaps see a forward momentum to a problem that one became aware of last October. Illusions seem prominent.




For the first part of the month. Venus rides the heat of Aries. Pushing her own agenda and pioneering her way forward. Creating new projects and birthing persuasive ways to bring forth a new vision of what she desires.


She will then enter her own sign of Taurus. There is a need here to experience the realism of things. It’s a touchy, feely need. Does it feel right, taste right, look right. What do we value or deem worthy of our attention or to spend upon. We seek things through endurance. Methodically pushing forward to make long term gains. What we love does not necessarily come quickly.

Good time for beautification. Long term financial goals. Creating a warmth with others through solid connections. Relationship highlights.




This is a big one. A real push out of energy as we open the Spring season, and which starts on a fresh New Moon. This is exhilarating energy as it lands on the world axis. Sure to initiate activities on a World stage. Many people will be involved in new initiatives.

Aries births a new beginning as well. With a cluster of planets in Aries from Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter. Along with Vesta and Eris, we sure will not encounter any boredom. There is a lot of risk taking here. Full of inspiration and head strong momentums. I want what I want, when I want it. This is a peak of awareness.

Mars rules this Moon, still in the sign of Gemini and withdrawing from the square to Neptune. There is history here, which tells of manipulation, cover ups and espionage. Now it’s time to act, new action, decisive action to clear out this apparent lack of insight into what has been really transpiring. A fight for individual needs.

Yet in our haste to push forward, the opposition to Ceres newly in Libra, can correct us. Highlighting that we are not alone. There are others who need nourishment as well. We might need to fold them into the group as allies or friend.

Things are being revealed here in how we are seeing our worlds. What we want going forward into Spring as we come out of our mantra’s. It may all turn out differently then what we expected.





Pluto ventures into Aquarius for the first time in 248 years. The last seeing the birth of the United States. He merely dips his toes into the watery air sign. This will be an introduction to his influence upon the Aquarius energy. Gradually moving forward to a potential new future. As he will return to Capricorn come June 11th, 2023.

This will give us tell-tale signs of what is about to change within our societies. Humanity can take a deep leap here to transform how we interact with one another on a global scale. Revolutionizing our interactions and how we control our destinies for the future generations.


This can bring about grass roots movements. A desire to change things for the population at large. Seeing independence and freedom from controlling measures previously placed upon various populations. Seeking fair representation and equality within a structured community. A level playing field to build and clear the top-down controls.

Women’s issues will begin to play a significant roll. Women can begin to rise to the forefront of governance and prominence.




Mars has been in the sign of Gemini for an extended period. Arriving there on August 20th, 2022.  He has gone through a retrograde motion and remains OUT OF BOUNDS. Whereby he feels as though he has no boundaries to hold back his passions.

Finally, he will enter the watery sign of Cancer and reconnect with Saturn in his new sign of Pisces come the end of the month. This is sure to bring some dreams into active motion to create a new structured reality.

Mars struggles through Cancer. Limiting our support in generating those new platforms. Here we can be overly moody, withdrawn, and emotionally frustrated. It can be a tad extreme since Mars remains out of bounds.

Domestic issues such as renovations, property sales, or housing issues arise. Bidding wars on such things. The stress of it all can lead to ulcers or upset stomach issues.




This is the final pass between Mars and Saturn. Which has created structured action to manifest. Allowing us to take a course of issues within the confusion created by the square to Neptune and find solutions that are realistic and concrete.

They first connected Sept 28th, 2022, in the signs of Gemini and Aquarius. The second connection arose November 28th, 2022. Now they will meet in the waters of Cancer and Pisces. The connection last for a couple days. How we feel about what we have experienced over the last couple months can leave us mentally tired. Yet relieved that things are coming to an end, and that we are moving on. This can give us real insight into what had transpired, as we begin to move on with fresh ideas and visions to enact and begin.

It appears it’s over. Yet regrets can linger. Perhaps a wishing for circumstances to be different.




There is a bit of a hesitation here. As we drift off from the topics at hand. Seeking to stay in our own little heads rather than revealing our secrets to others. Talk of beliefs, our faith and religious connections seems prevalent. Healing, the health care systems are more pronounced. Spirituality and learning new techniques. Signing up for retreats or get aways.



We certainly have a lot going on here. Pushing our creative project forward. Initiating lots of new ventures. It’s decisive thinking. We also can see some impatience as we push our agenda. A quick temper can hamper things as irritability seems likely. The conversation gears itself around personal projects. Goals are initiated and negotiations are high on the list of getting attention from others.