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The Chakra System Expanded

For the most part, I'm sure we are all familiar with the standard 7 Chakra system. We use them randomly in meditation practices, to assist us with grounding, to clear and heal our energies and to align ourselves.

The question I began to ask, is there only 7. I usually have the most remarkable meditation sessions. One evening I was deep in meditation when I viewed an individual whom I knew, having some health issues. I was then rather startled to see in this meditation a Chakra in the back of this person's head at what I viewed as the lower base of the skull just before the neck region. This area began to light up, swirl with energy and began to drain down through the neck, spine and out the base of the spine. When I had finished with my meditation, I was rather shocked to learn there might be a Chakra in the back of one's head.

Now let's face it. I had been taught, the Chakra's were like a cone. Going from the front of the body to the back of the body and able to open up all the way through this tunnel. So if this were the case, how in the world could this be possible. Perhaps some Chakra's did run right through, but if there is one in the back of the head, did it run from the back to the front, as well.

I had asked around about the possibility of having more then just the 7 Chakra's, where I happened upon a Reiki instructor whom confirmed there was. Of course the next rational option was “Google”. This is what I discovered through this medium. Now there are so many systems of identifying the Chakra Systems it took me a while to go through some of these. Different cultures had their own set of standards. So the following is a mixture and not necessarily given to specific names.

First I discovered the Chakra in the back of the skull as being the, “ Bindu” where there is no colour connection. It is colourless and transparent. I also found this centre to be known as the “ Well of Dreams” being the 8th Chakra. There seemed to be some controversy as to whether this is above the Crown Chakra or in the back of the head. Oh well I'm getting well ahead of myself. So lets start from the beginning.

The term Chakra in Indian religions originated from, “ Sanskrit” which means, “wheel or circle”. From the Indo-European meaning to, “turn”. There were centres within the bodies sphere where energy flowed through. These centres assist to regulate the bodily functions, both on a physical level and spiritual level.

The Chakra system is known today to be in alignment with the, “Endocrine System”. A specific set of glands distributed throughout the body to secrete and produce hormones. The production and secretion of these various hormones ensure all physical/spiritual functioning of the body. From your moods to sleep, sexual functioning to growth, development to metabolism. It's a complicated well developed system. Considered also to be connected with spiritualism and enlightenment in various cultures, especially through the 3 glands situated in the head. Those being the Thalamus, Pineal, and Pituitary Glands. According to Gary Osborn the Carotid Gland is also added to these as being the centre where respiration takes place. All four of these glands are also associated with opposites or pairs. Pineal is the day/night cycle, Pituitary the hot and cold cycle and the Carotid the breathing cycle of inhalation and exhalation.

The Thalamus on the other hand is the wheel of consciousness. According to the ancients this was the “egg” or “stone”. It holds two halves, similar to the brain itself. This is the centre where, “Shamanic Priests” would activate in order to reach the other worlds. The Druids as well as persons in higher levels of awareness. Often considered to be spiritual leaders. Also associated with the,”serpent”. The connection to this centre is the spinal column, signifying the “Tree of Life”. It is in this centre where the seed is activated and blossoms into a beautiful flower in many religious customs. It's associated with the 1000-petalled Lotus flower in Hinduism, the Egyptian, Lotus or Lilly, the “Secret of the Golden Flower” in Chinese, and the awakening of the Kundalini. The thalamus, is believed to be known as the centre of awakening, the gateway.

The Chakra system is not unknown to the ancient people. There seem to be connections as far back to the time of King Solomon. The Egyptians were profoundly familiar with the systems. Many of their symbols were representations of the various glands, which they knew to be connected to realms beyond the living, beyond the realms of this material world. The “Gateway” to the spiritual realms. They had familiar symbols representing some of these areas, The Eye of Horus representing the Thalamus, Pine cones to represent the Pineal Gland.

The Greeks and Romans depicted the Chakra system by the staff of Aesculapius or a staff with a pine cone.

India held a bamboo shoot with 7 knots as well we have the Pagan Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is also represented in Christian philosophy, associated with the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and the cross. Today we can find these association, perhaps not within the same meaning as they once had, connected through a link with the activation of the Thalamus. It's shape and connections in the physical aspects within the brain. Like the snake, the alter, perhaps the place where we can discover Christ and enlightenment. We find it in the Cross, Christmas Tree, the staff, and the various symbols we carry today. The Norsemen found it in Odin, the center eye called the “Whirlwind”. We are reborn within this centre or move beyond.

We see this Chakra system running throughout time. However, I haven't answered the question; are there only 7 Chakra's. Well it would seem in the physical aspect of things, yes there are prominently 7. Connected especially with the glands of the physical body. However there are some other theories. One is we have actually 13 Chakra's and another which hosts 22 Chakra system. There are some over-laps and some areas where they don't connect at all. I located 4 models of the Chakra system. Perhaps we are evolving, learning or expanding this area. Perhaps there are numerous systems.

The 13 Chakra system, holds a similar line as the 7 Chakra system. It begins at the Root Chakra, where one connects with Mother Nature, grounding us to the physical plane. In association with the gonad glands.

The second Chakra is the same: The Sacral area, is for the purpose of reproduction. We connect with others, empathy plays a roll in this Chakra. Differences, positive and negative sides of view. Connected with the lyden gland

The third consist of the Solar Plexus: The seat of the emotional self. The true essence of who we actually are, it's our personal power. It's been expressed as life force energy centre. It's connected with the adrenal gland.

The fourth Chakra, now switches to the Diaphragm, at the base of the thoracic cavity. This is where we store stress. Our sense of empowerment resides here , where breath energy is expressed. Practices such as Chi, Yoga, Prana purify the system at this centre.

The Fifth Chakra become the Heart. According to the Egyptians, this organ was it's own gland. Secreting hormones into the system. The weight of the heart was important to them, indicating the earning of a person's way into the afterlife. It was placed on a scale, weighed against truth and judgement (a feather). The lighter the heart the easier to be accepted into. They also believed this centre held thought, emotion and memory. In some cultures this centre to be linked to the energies of Angels. Pure thought, love and devotion.

The Sixth Chakra becomes the Thymus centre. Thought to control the immune system and the fighting of illness and disease. Due to the negative impact on the earth realm, atmosphere, pollutions, negative events. It's believed this area is suffering by it's deterioration throughout life's natural ageing.

The Seventh Chakra becomes the Throat area and connected to the Thyroid gland. It's the centre of communication, holding your consciousness. I find this area to be the expressed area between the head and the heart. I have found that if working with light in the healing modalities, if a person is having problems of listening to the heart or head, the energy seems to get stuck here.

The Eighth Chakra is known as the, “ Well of Dreams”. This is the area I had mentioned earlier in the article, situated at the base of the back of the head. According to the source of ambrosia it is also called the “Bindu Chakra”. This is the centre of health. The power to recuperate, settle emotions, balance and promotes harmony. It's energies are associated with the Moon. It's thought to secrete Amrita. When activated it begins to drip. Connected with the brains limbic system, so we can use this centre to also expand our psychic abilities. We can also use this are to mentally control others. Thus we need to assure we are not being controlled by others by activating and clearing this area. Headaches can be the result if one is blocking their psychic abilities as energy gets bottled up in the neck region.

The Ninth Chakra is the area located near the centre of the head. Connected to the pituitary gland. We know this area allows the body to respond to light, which re-energies the body, adding vitality.

The Tenth Chakra is known as the Third Eye, connected to the Pineal gland. It's located just above the brows at the forehead. The 8th and 10th Chakra's begin to work together in this area, where light frequencies receive information. A higher energy level begins to take form, which initiates visions and dreams connected to a different wave length. A seeing of understanding and knowing.

The Eleventh Chakra then becomes the Crown. Very much associated with the Thalamus. The seat of enlightenment. Universal energies are united with the rest of the Chakra centres. Access to the source. As well this area is the connection to the other dimensions available to be accessed and the opening to ascension.

The Twelfth Chakra is above us on the left side of the head. Holding the Female energies. The circular aspect of life's energies as explained in Sacred Geometry. It's the creative side, compassion, love eternal.

The Thirteenth Chakra is on the right side just above the head. Holding the Male linear energies according to the Sacred Geometry and controls the right side of the body. It holds our reality, perceptions and the ability to carry out plans associated with the practical side of life. Seeks to control both internal and external harmony.

Many of the Chakra centres are similar in explanation of their function. However, in some of the 12 Chakra system I've researched, the 7 Chakra system, remains the same as originally formed. Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. But instead of the 8th being located at the back of the head, it rises above the Crown. The Female and Male Chakras are not necessarily recognized.

The 8th Chakra is the Etheric Body. A centre we reach when we are projecting ourselves outside of our bodies. This is the area where we reach Astral Travel, spiritual realms and perceptions along with wisdom from such areas. We begin to become bigger then self. Moving between one dimension and the next.

The 9th Chakra then becomes where we can reach what is known as Christ's abilities, where knowing becomes available of the universal workings.

The 10th Chakra will then open up to the abilities we've learned through past lives and is known as the “seat of the soul”. It must be mentioned historically the Thalamus area, recognized in numerous cultures has been mentioned in a more moderate level, being the crown. This is where everything happens in order to transport, ascend, descend or connect with all God/Universal energy has to offer.

The 11th Chakra is then considered to be the actual ascension process. We can travel beyond the limited realms of the 8th Chakra into unlimited time and space. Instantaneous thoughts, perceptions of matter. We can teleport, telekinesis is available and we are at the centre of awareness.

The 12th Chakra is the link with the creator and universal energies. The whole of all dimensions and realities. Time travel. It is unlikely we can achieve this higher energy level, without advanced spiritual awareness.

So what is left is the 22 levels of the Chakra system. Which is explained by Vywamus through the Tibetan Foundation. With this system we are moving into layers of dimensions.

 The fist 7 Chakra system is considered to be the Third Dimension according to Dr. Joshua David Stone. The following is his explanation and work through the Tibetan Foundation and Vwamus. This dimension holds the etheric body and the physical body. The Chakra's are not actually within the physical body but rather the aura surrounding the body known as the etheric body. As we move through the advancement of awareness. We develop further along these dimensions and are able to integrate them into our basic system. Moving them downward the 7th Chakra system and dropping the old ones as we move towards enlightenment.

Each Chakra is connected to a specific sound, which the Chakra recognizes. According to the Eastern Religion Sounds, the Root Chakra holds the sound of Lam; Sacral is Yam; Solar Plexus is Ram; Heart is also Yam; Throat is Ham; Third Eye is Om; and Crown is Aum. As well each Chakra holds a specific color, which is generally connected with a specific Chakra. Root is red; Sacral is orange; Solar Plexus is yellow; Heart is either green or pink; Throat is blue; Third Eye is gold and the Crown is white.

After this dimension we reach the Fourth dimension. This dimension holds several Chakras.

The 8th in this system is also known as the “seat of the soul”. It's solid and represents the physical plane. Where we exist. It is the baseline of the fourth dimension. As the root Chakra is the base of the third dimension. The color here is emerald green or purple.

We move upward above our heads to the 9th Chakra which is known as the “body of light”. We find joy here, where light can be transferred to every cell of our bodies. I wonder if this is also connected to healing?

The 10th Chakra relates to the male and female energies of becoming as one, versus being segregated within one self, they merge and balanced. The ease of the souls alignment. The color being pearl.

We then start working towards new energy levels when we reach the 11th Chakra, which corresponds with the Solar Plexus. Self becomes important in releasing past trauma's and present difficulties. The energies move in and out of the body. The color here is orange/pink.

The 12th level is of Christ's awareness, where all energy is connected. Being of the color of gold and associated with the heart Chakra.

The 13th Chakra is related to communication. In the usage of manifestation. Being able to dematerialize as much as materialize. Healing and teleportation reside here, with the color of pink being dominant.

We have the divine plan at the 14th Chakra. We surrender our mental mind, allowing the energies of the divine to lead the way. We don't question but have faith. This is the Third Eye, bringing about psychic abilities. We are unlimited in the scope of our abilities with the blue/violet colors radiating.

The last Chakra of this level is the 15th. This area is connected to the Crown Chakra. If you reach this level, you are capable of handling the next dimension as this area is the doorway to ascension. The soul is stable with the golden white light.

Following this dimension we enter the Fifth dimension, where we have a universal connection to all things. This is a more advanced state of being. Perhaps the portal to what we term heaven.

The 16th Chakra being the stage of ascension. Reminds me of a bridge where one makes the decision to release the physical body for the soul's journey. Time no longer matters as the energy form shifts and changes. Present in the moment of all things and this is the zero point of the 5th dimension.

The 17th Chakra relates to the 9th Chakra dealing with light only. The structure of solid mass found in the 3rd dimension to the combination of solid and light in the 4th dimension to pure light at the 17th Chakra. Multi-colors are displayed.

The 18th Chakra is the intent of the divine. The knowing of the reality of this area as we eliminate self and connect solely with the heart through a swirl of gold and pink color.

The 19th Chakra again deals with universal energies as we move up the tree of the Chakra system. Increasing our awareness of Christ consciousness further expanding our awareness of being. Color being magenta.

The 20th Chakra is just being. We are telepathic, with no need to verbalize and is associated with the violet gold color.

As we reach the upper levels of the 21st Chakra level, where we move from the Third Eye's ability for psychic awareness to the plan of the divine to the to how everything works through it's various structure. Being Blue and gold in color.

Finally the last Chakra, 22nd is the final true connection with God or the universal energy. Platinum is it's color.

It appears to me as though the Chakra system is primarily based on the 7 Chakra system. In this we attune to them in our lives here on earth. Through this 3rd dimension we seem to have limited capacity to reach beyond these levels, unless we have worked extensively with the energies. I do get the impression, we as humans can drop into various Chakra's through various modes or training. I'm guessing, we can arrive through a dream state, meditative state, training and development of achieving an advanced state of awareness or through traumatic experiences such as near death or death itself.

It does seem to be a complicated system, as one layer builds and is connected to the next layer. I believe it is to be true, due to my own experiences in life. The second dimension appears to be connected to the spiritual realms. Like a portal between this dimension and into the next through the 8th, 12th and 16th Chakra. At each level we begin to mature and grow within our own consciousness to the point where we no longer need the necessities of the lower dimensions as we achieve higher consciousness of awareness.

This seems to correspond to the Sacred Geometry, which understands the expansion of consciousness. Where one reaches a certain level of expansion being limited after the 19th time of expansion by the zona palucia. Well this seems to be another topic for another time. I hope you enjoy the information as it is. Please expand your knowledge through various articles on where else, “Google” or other search engine. Please don't take anything as gospel until you have researched it for yourself. Just enjoy the read.

It's understood, every nation has it's own names or systems for the Chakra systems. This is just an informative venture into different areas and is not necessarily correct according to various religious beliefs.




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It's understood, every nation/person has there own names or systems of the Chakra systems. This is just an informative venture into different areas and is not necessarily correct according to various religious beliefs or study.

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