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Chiron ingress into Aries

Feb 18, 2019

A New Chapter of Self Healing

Chiron is a minor planet, positioned between the restrictions of Saturn and strangeness of Uranus. Orbiting within the realms of reality, yet on the boarders of new discoveries. Contained and yet liberated. He was named thus after the Greek centaur in mythology and represents a great healer and teacher. Delving into herbs for healing, medicine, prophecy, astrology, music and hunting.

Chiron’s placements within the individual charts, is a place of our deepest spiritual & physical wounds. Wounds we deal with in some form of acceptance, yet they never completely heal. Perhaps this is due to Chiron’s inability to heal himself. Yet, we may identify those wounds in others and address the ability to heal them, all the while unable to see how to resolve our own wounds or the acknowledgement of them. This is a deep spiritual place, which often exceeds this lifetime, whereby it could span many lifetimes before we see the tenderness within. Chiron’s journey also ventures beyond what is deemed acceptable, venturing out towards Uranus, seeking new technologies, as well as advancements in medicine. On a personal level, this can stretch the wounds of ourselves, enduring unusual experiences buried deep within the soul’s journey. We bridge the gap between restricting ourselves and allowing ourselves to be liberated from the wounds embedded within us.

Chiron’s ingress into the sign of Aries is significant, as it opens a New Chapter of Self Healing. Aries is the beginning of the Astrological year, bringing with its fresh starts triggering an urge to begin anew. It’s a cardinal sign, bringing the energy of a birth announcement. Pioneering new techniques, innovative practices onto the drawing board for Self Healing.

Self discovery is associated with Chiron’s journey through Aries from 2018-2027. Taking a deeper look at one’s self. Seeking out the core issues and the deepest wounds to be released. We begin to shift the energy of looking beyond, as we did with Pisces and asserting our own energy towards ourselves.

Aries is a physical sign, being ruled by Mars and brings into focus our physical bodies, rather then our spiritual identification. This can shift the energy from idle to active participation in order to heal the body, mind and spirit. Physically doing something and demonstrating our pain outwardly.

The ingress chart is a telling story as how Chiron will begin the process of self acceptance. Mars the ruler of Aries, has just finished his conjunction with Uranus in Aries at the critical 29th degree. A position which speaks about our need to address several issues before we’re able to move on. A sudden spontaneous response emerges. We can realize that the individual people of various countries need to heal, they can find themselves revolting against those whom they perceive as causing their wounds. We as individuals realize that we need to break free from restrictive measures but will be unable to predict the outcome. Even more significant is our inability to know which direction we should venture in, but we know we must act as well as react.

Chiron gracing Aries can see conflicts within cultural differences. From religion to race, immigration, women’s issues and their freedoms. We can reach the boiling point. With Mars in Taurus, we can lack patience which produces more violent outbreaks, causing rifts to form, creating deeper crevices of division. We can develop a stubborn fixed purpose, losing ourselves in the process. As much as Chiron is wishing to heal, it also is seen to cause wounds.

We have two planets & one asteroids at the critical 29th degree. Uranus, the Sun and Pallas. As well we have Mercury joined with Neptune, indicating we are unclear of the direction to discussing our problems. It’s easier to look outside ourselves rather then peering into our own personal damages or faults.

Pallas at the critical 29th degree is in opposition to the Mars/Uranus conjunction indicative of acknowledging we need more knowledge. Our rush to solve problems through abruptly leaving a situation, leaves us vulnerable to alienating those with the knowledge and wisdom to bring us forward to resolutions. We will need to be open, accepting and ready to learn different art forms of creativity in healing.

Many of us really are seeking security. The feeling of being safe. That we feel valued and appreciated for who we are, just as we are, not necessarily in what we are identified as being. We first need to identify there is a problem to be healed. Just like Chiron, who couldn’t heal himself, and yet Aries is about ourselves. Will we master the art of healing ourselves, or will we have to reach out to others to assist us along with self healing?

This chart is indicative of finishing up and ending a phase in our journey to heal the rifts between us. We need to tie up loose ends and let go of old haunts. The Sun resides at the 29th degree considered critical in Aquarius. We’re ready for a new chapter, new goals and ambitions. We’re anxious to move onto new discussions about the global community. We’re ready for self reflection, yet we might not be ready to let go of our vision for what we think our future is.

This is a time of Self Love. Taking care to be gentle with ourselves. Acknowledging our sensitive centers and identifying trigger points which press our reflective responses when our deepest wounds are exposed.

This is a time of Self Healing. Taking care of our physical bodies by eating healthy and adjusting our activity to match. Seeking out those individuals who can treat us with special care. Finding new innovative techniques to heal and be healed.

This is a time of Self Promotion. Taking care to interact with those who have our best interests at hand. Seeking individuals whom are wanting to see us advance and be successful in our goals and ambitions.

This is a time of Self Awareness. Taking the time to listen to our bodies, minds and spirits. To become aware of our bodies, and to be mindful of what we need within our lives.

We must look to ourselves, to begin the process of changing. Not looking to others to change their behaviors, but to seek our own resolutions. When we seek to heal ourselves, we begin a new process of healing our relationships, the community we live within, the world we share and the universal journey we all take together.

With Chiron in Aries, it is up to us to heal from the inside out…

Have a pleasant journey!

Spiritual Journey

Colleen Jorgensen

Acknowledgements to the artist/phtographer: Unknown

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