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December Astrological Forecast

Gaining Control


As we enter the vast land of the Sagittarius influence this month. We can feel uplifted, expansive, eager in look forward to the festivities of Christmas. Sagittarius is a sign of general optimism. It promotes educational pursuits in understanding others through travel or connections to diverse cultures. Seeking understanding through a broad lens by which we view.

This month that out of control feeling we get when things feel too buoyant has been a plaque to us for a couple years. We have adapted to ever changing circumstances. Cultural divides with a difficult position of really understanding the issues. Some of us have embraced a co-existence with others, while others have limited their connections based upon fear. Building walls, closing boarders to stem the flow. Many have felt threatened that their beliefs or freedoms are threatened, and opportunities will be lost.

The sign of Sagittarius, over the last couple years has been under the limitations of Saturn’s influence. Restricting its usual jovial nature. The vision has been narrowed due to the fears Saturn has place upon it. The usual good humored, anything is possible attitude had been displaced by a restricted philosophical view of thing. NOW Saturn moves to Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn: Dec 20th, 2017 to Dec 17th, 2020: Briefly in Aquarius March 22nd to July 2nd, 2020.

 In December we begin to gain control, through Saturn’s journey into his home sign of Capricorn. In this sign, Saturn feels most comfortable.  Being the king of his castle and easily gaining control over his realm. When he steps into the coolness of Capricorns Mountainous range, he will get right to work. A fever has broken, and his health restored.  Things according to him, have been allowed to deteriorate. He now will very quickly begin to put things back in order.

Saturn arrives in Capricorn on December 20th, at the 00-degree mark of the Cardinal sign of Capricorn. Cardinal signs often create an energy for a New beginning. A great push out of energy sweeps forward and eventful times emerge. Like a wind which travels quickly around the globe. The ramifications impact us on a personal level. A rapid shift begins to take place. Saturn is strong, trigger the other cardinal points at the 00-degree mark. With the powerful strength of Saturn in this position we can feel pressured to act.

The Cardinal signs once again can get hit in the early degrees of each sign. Those born from the 21st to 30th of the month of March, June, September and November. Take your time, follow the rules adhere to your health. Work hard, pay attention and be happy in your space.

Saturn often makes us feel pressured, limited or restricted in some sense. Each time Saturn has entered Capricorn, we’ve reined in. We last seen Saturn in Capricorn from February 15th, 1988 to February 5th of 1991. These were years of restrictions. A cutting back and often a fall of prices in relation to property. Limited resources available. Prior to this it arrived in Capricorn January of 1959- January of 1962. There was a need to control and to rein in and utilize our material assets. The last time prior to this was December 1929, just after the fall of the stock market on Oct 29th. Saturn’s journey lasted until November of 1932. These were some of the hardest years in history for North America. There can be greater stress and limitations placed upon us with his journey.

Like a father’s whose children have run amuck. New rules begin to emerge.  Some good, some bad. Saturn is by rights a controlling sign. Being hardworking, limiting and restrictive. After all Saturn creates the boundary. Capricorn rules the people in charge. The governments, politicians, rulers, bosses, owners, parents and or mentors. It seeks to rein in and strengthen those elements which are or appear to be in disarray. New leaders or the emergence of people in government who seek to stabilize. Older more traditional points of view emerge.

As a result, we can find ourselves being pressured to cut back. Gain control over our spending habits, our view points. Many of us will become focused on our own little worlds. Becoming more responsible due to the forces placed upon us. It’s a time to buckle down. Assess what you want to keep relevant in your life. What is working and what is not producing the desired effects you want or choose. It’s a return to traditional business. Therefore, we can see cut backs. Land prices may begin to slide as the economic conditions slim down in the business sector. Issues concerning the elderly, those who lack or need in society.

The good news of Saturn being here is the connection he will make with Uranus in 2018. Uranus will enter the grounds of Taurus on May 15th, heading towards a positive connection with Saturn from August 14th to September 15th of 2018. This will ease up the pressures or afflictions of Saturn.  “Necessity will be the Mother of Invention”.


Saturn will trigger the Uranus square with Pluto from 2012-2015.

This is a transit which we need to adhere too. Be cautious, live with what you need versus what you want. Determine what is a good thing to keep. Where are you spending wisely, where are you spending with a disregard of material. Reuse will become a more common word when it comes to the environment versus recycle. Of course, you should continue with your readings, so you can tap into your resources and opportunities. More on this in the future.

Mercury Stations Retrograde: Dec 3rd, 2017 – Dec 23rd, 2017

The next big event arriving this month is Mercury will station retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are often feared little events, which happen 3 times per year on average. He stations on Dec 3rd, right along with our Full Moon of December at the 29th degree of Sagittarius. This is a degree which is tired, finished with the affairs of the sign. Sagittarius affairs of courts, immigration, boundaries, travel, philosophical views, truths, religious rights, what we have been dealing with other the last couple years. Since it’s still in Sagittarius, potential problems with foreign travel will be highlighted as an issue.

He retraces his path from Nov 21st up until his station. He finally emerges from the retrograde station on December 23rd Emerging out of his shadow on Jan 11th as he enters Capricorn.

Mercury in his stationing this month, creates a tango with Saturn. As each planet attempts to arrive at some consensus as to how they are going to proceed in the future cycle they are creating. It’s like they have a disagreement and have trouble coming to a resolution for what’s to happen next. Therefore, all negotiations can be stalled, left hanging in limbo until January.

The first contact they had with each other is on November 28th on the Galactic Center. This center is often referred to as the center of our galaxy. A black hole which swallows up and recreates what we know. Sagittarius issues have been front and center, perhaps this is now the end of the various issues which have arose over the last 2 years.

Mercury first connected with Saturn on November 28th, igniting the first of three connections.

Mercury then reconnects with Saturn on Dec 7th at the 27th degree of Sagittarius. Once again attempting to come to some sort of agreement or start to things. Mercury’s retrograde here in this sign suggests we are dealing with over-sea travel issues. Make sure you have your passports in hand while traveling. Restrictions due to Saturn’s influences will be highlighted. Stranded passengers. Control at boarders, heightened awareness of paperwork. Clamp downs on illegal immigration. Delays are prominent. Mercury and Saturn’s new cycle will officially begin on January 13th in the new sign of Capricorn. Potential problems with negotiations. Thus, NAFTA may be stalled. Older gentlemen issues as Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so the sex scandal is highlighted.

The combination of Saturn and Mercury can cause some sort of sad news event. The two of them create an energy of secrets. An expression of becoming speechless or a fear of expressing your beliefs or opinions in public. Closure of various court or legal proceedings come under an effective gag order. Negative thinking arises. It’s a time to look inward, to decipher a new path going into 2018. Planning and organizing for the future. Holding or going back to old traditional ways. Challenging work. Visualize what it is you would like to build. It can be a retrograde period in which we are dumb founded and have difficulty expressing our thoughts.

Propaganda can begin to arise over various ethical issues, religious issues. Criticisms about events over the last 2 years. Limiting leeway of expressions. Punishment for speaking out. Conspiracy theories or mysteries. Possible lies or deceptions begin to leak, even though Saturn slams the door. Back room deals. Silence.

New Laws may begin to emerge in January. The full Moon effecting these retrograde highlights and brings issues out in the open for serious discussions. We can internalize or deal with things privately as things become twisted and upside down. There are twists and turns to be sure, as additional information begins to arise on the 7th of December. We can feel trapped or stuck with information we really would rather not have found out. Be patient, don’t text and drive. Keep a clear head.

This Mercury connects with Uranus in a positive fashion. Bringing with it a desire to take some sort of unusual action or problem-solving skills. This will speed up the mind to find a resolution to potential difficulties and to help alleviate the depressive thoughts of Saturn’s issues. Innovative ideas begin to emerge. Therefore, it’s essential not to text and drive this holiday season.


Watch for further stories emerging out of the depths of Scorpio’s sex allegations. As Jupiter tends to take control in matters of Sagittarius. Courts or legal complications can arise. Information can be lost in the depths of Scorpio’s waters. We are not finished with sexual issues just yet. Additional information emerges from past events. Things emerge out of the coffin for public display. Old treasure can rise, or issues financial pools of resources. Like financial investment groups, insurance groups or other large carriers of investments from large pools of people. Limiting or a reduction in those resources. Lost financial assets. Law suits for large money. This can lead to investigations concerning the Sex Scandals emerging. Conspiracy theories can also arise. Mystery’s which perhaps need to be re-examined to find the truth. Witch Hunts or false accusations. A need to transform our thinking to a more realistic viewpoint. To contemplate prior to accusations. Deep studies into the traditional ways or old wisdom.

Watch you don’t go down that rabbit hole too far. You might be surprised by what you find. Meditation is a great past time.


December in and of itself is a month to regain control. To find one’s direction through the study of where you’d like to go in the future. A new trend is emerging. A new thought will emerge through careful examination of direction. Take this opportunity to conform to what direction is emerging. New innovative thought patterns. Acceptance of the new with the old and the integration of both.


December 1st brings a struggle to move forward as we want to get to where we are going in a hurry. This can lead to road rage. Out bursts of energy, explosive tempers flare. Watch for abrupt actions emerging. Explosions literally anywhere around the world. Mars is in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Relationships can easily break up under this aspect. Each party reflects on their own needs and or the lack of consideration to each other. This is really a volatile, unexpected energy. Watch for sudden disagreements.

Arriving on the same day is Venus as she emerges to the other side and into the sunlight of Sagittarius. A desire to calm the waters or to take off in a new direction. There is an adventurous pulse to relationships. The need to enjoy, have fun. A connection with others to discuss the philosophical views. A love of higher educational pursuits, a love of travel, a love of religious beliefs and a deeper connection with those with light, a love of the flamboyant, music, art and the outdoors. The romantic side of life. Deep in our souls we know what we desire.


Jupiter in Scorpio Trines Neptune in Pisces: Dec 3rd, 2017; May 25th, 2018, & August 15, 2018

Adding to the confusing nature emerging at the beginning of December is the first of 3 beautiful connections between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This magical, urethral energy can create an unbelievable event to transpire. It’s full of hope, dreams, wishes and desires to emerge through the murky waters of Scorpio. Hidden elements connect with the Universal energies of all worlds. This is an energy of new religions emerging or new believe systems. Scorpio is digging deep for what it wants, and Neptune is giving it the power of manifestation. One must watch out for what one wishes for under this helm. Several years down the road it might not all be roses and daisies. Enjoy the experience while it lasts, but be consciously aware it’s potential power. It brings us spiritual growth, empathetic awareness, heightened psychic development, compassion, artistic wonders. New trends in music It’s poetic, fluid and angelic!

Watch for diseases to arise with this free-flowing energy.


Falling in line with drawing in and creating anew direction is the Full Moon Rising on the 3rd of December at the 11th degree of Gemini. Like all Full Moon’s we become hyper-aware of our surroundings. This Full Moon houses the Mercury connection to Saturn at the 29th degree. An old way of believing is ending. Issues or difficulties are being drawn out, perhaps revealing lies and deceptions. Lines in the sand can be drawn. What is believed through the Jupiter Trine Neptune can be a miss communicated aspiration of what we desire, but not of what the truth of reality is. Adding to the difficulty is Saturn’s closeness with Mercury. Making us face our emotional reality square on. The Moon is almost exact to a inconjunct with Jupiter, so we are further kept in the dark or unwilling to accept things as they are. Adjusting, so we can form a reality we can fit into. The Sun’s/Moon’s exact square with Neptune also creates an lack of direction. Fuzzy communication with a lack of awareness for what is going on. Perhaps we’ve lost something, misplaced something which is of importance. Documents or papers could have gone missing. Mysteries or conspiracies seem to emerge.  Watch your driving around this Super Full Moon Energies. It all can be confusing, so watch your driving, documents or agreements prior to signing off.

This Full Moon joins with the fix star of Aldebaran. The Eye of the Bull. Being one of the Royal Stars of Persia. Watcher of the East.  Aldebaran according to Robson, “indicates favorable business, honor and credit but danger of calamity. Good for domestic, public and religious matters but danger of or violent death. With Moon” The death of something can arise with this Full Moon. A new awareness is rising so we can increase our minds eye to wisdom, long since forgotten.


By the 6th we begin to produce a more tangible energy as Mercury connects with Saturn for it’s second pass and both sextile Mars. This is right action. Right direction forward. Wait for this opportunity to create a clear path. Opportunities present themselves.


Mars moves to Scorpio on the 9th. Anxious to bridge the waters between this world and the next. He’s also relieved to be rid of the difficulties he had in Libra. The lack of movement and the need for diplomacy was a little too much for his exuberant energies. Mars use to be considered the ruler of Scorpio, now demoted to co-ruler when Pluto came on board. However, he still functions with ease within the sign. This creates a powerful determination to move forward in your desires. The courage to create. Establishing yourself in a winning stance. To not give up. To live on to fight another day, and another day, and another day. This is the gladiator, the Spartan, the soldier of hero’s.  There’s a possessiveness, a hunger for intensity to gain. There is no flight here, it’s a stand on firm grounding atmosphere and the raw emotions of a warrior. Get in the action of sports, outdoor activities, physical competitiveness, to ease the intense energy rising. Boxing anyone?


For many of us, we are anxious to emerge through the waters of Scorpio, but now that we’ve reached the other side, we can find it a bit difficult to maneuver due to the Mercury retro and Saturn preparing to move forward. Which direction do we go in next?

Dec 10th, brings us to a difficult decision as Venus squares off with Neptune. We’re tempted to run off with the first person to pay attention to us. A wink, cuddle or affection can send us into the deep end of the pool. This can lead to people running off with people they don’t really know. The smile or nod, propels you to make rash decisions. Spend on things you think you like, but will soon juck in the garbage as what the heck was I thinking. The prince can indeed turn into a frog.

We then enter a nice energy as Mercury heats up due to being so close on the 13th to the Sun. Burning up some of those old ideas to create anew trend of thinking. Messages or information emerges from leaders, governments as they change course of direction.

Mercury also connects with Venus in a New cycle on the 15th. Proposals of marriage, offers and agreements between loved ones. This can also mean the purchasing of something special. Christmas shopping. I’m not sure if I’d buy that new computer though. Jewelry, diamonds, a girl always loves them.

By the 16th we see the Sun trine to Uranus, where we can literally create our own reality. This can be a very creative time, so if you haven’t decorated yet. This is an exciting time to do so. An ease with which you can create your own goals and aspirations for the future. A new creation or idea begins to emerge as new innovative things enter our lives.


Our New Moon arrives on the 17th at the 26th degree of Sagittarius 31 minutes. Triggering the initial connection between Mercury and Saturn. Changes of direction as reality sets in. We may want or need to book travel plans at this New Moon or decide to enrol in college or university. Whatever the decision we can find we are held back in some fashion as Saturn once again infringes upon the energy. It’s trine to Uranus, so look at a different direction. Seek out more stable terrain. Plug into more possibilities. Be creative, energetic and original. It all looks so inviting with possibilities, but take a second look before jumping into anything new. Venus is very close to the New Moon, applying to conjunction, so something exciting can come about around the 22nd of December. And Mercury will trigger the New Moon on the 8th of January. Things can manifest quickly with this New Moon energy.


Dec 20th: Saturn enters the coolness of Capricorn for the next 2.5 years.


The first day of Winter and the Winter Solstice arrives on the 21st of December. This is when the Sun reaches its farthest declination South, creating the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere. It’ reaches its farthest point on the 21th, resting for 3 days before it begins to trek back to the North on the 25th of December. This sets up a chart which highlights the events going to be transpiring for the rest of the winter months.

The Sun joins with Saturn, newly in Capricorn, setting up a new cycle of energy for the winter coming. Creating that, push out energy. Venus is within striking distance as she trines Uranus. A spark of energy is created as we move forward. New connections, unexpected meetings, enlightenment, desire for the unusual, interesting or bizarre.

The Sun and Saturn connection burns up old ways of doing things. On a trek to a new age perhaps of responsibilities, obligations and commitments. The adage of spending wildly to keep countries going, is slowly turning around to a more responsible government. A need to claw back, re-budget and redirect its energies into creating something more tangible, sustainable for the future. As a result, it can lead to cutbacks, difficulties for the future leaders to manage the mountain of debt Saturn is stepping into. The cold hard facts must emerge to work a new blanket of awareness. The Moon in quirky Aquarius, merging with the South Node, also spells a time to reinvent ourselves and with mercury retrograde we must rethink our policies and procedures. Financial issues are prominent with both Jupiter and Mars in the joint financial concerns of Scorpio. Swim or drown, it’s a choice which will have to be made.


Mercury stations direct on the 23rd of December, tracing its steps from November 2017.


Venus resides at the 29th degree of Sagittarius on the eve of Christmas. What were you thinking about on the Full Moon’s energy? She’s ready to move on as she triggers the Mercury point of retrograde of Dec 3rd and Saturn’s journey from Dec 12th to 19th. What is it we need to rein in and get under control. How can we move towards valuing what’s important to us? Our needs versus our wants.

She moves into the 00-degree mark of Capricorn on Christmas Day, restraining under the weight of both Saturn and the Sun, marking a real moment in time as to what we cherish most in the world. Who we love and what is most precious to us. Yes, a seriousness, a need to return to our traditional ways of what Christmas is about. A connection with others through our loyalty to them. To be responsible, committed to the thing we most value in our lives. Merry Christmas Everyone!


I think we emerge the better come the 28th as we move towards initiating our dreams and wishes for the future. Don’t allow yourself to make unrealistic New Year resolutions as Mars tines Neptune. This can be a spiritual journey forward as Mars initiates an activity of magic full of hopes, dreams and aspirations.

New Years eve, triggers the New Moon of November as Mercury triggers it’s position from then. Where were we headed before we got side tract? The Moon is in busy body Gemini, so we will be here and there and everywhere on this festive night. Venus is in Capricorn, so be responsible to the commitments you have made with others. Mars in Scorpio can make this a night full of intense passion so watch for bar fights over the girl… 


Enjoy the Season! Make magic of your own, be creative, innovative and original moving into 2018.

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