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Well, we’re coming to the close of 2019. The feel of the air can seem denser then normal, as the air cools against the north winds. We can feel the pressure begin to build with obligations, deadlines and the responsibilities of Christmas at hand. It would seem we’re striving for more of a traditional Christmas this year, as we straddle the Cardinal sign of Capricorn biting at our nose and jack frost nipping at our toes. We have some major shifts happening as the month opens, preparing us for winter, through a frosted glass of realizations.

This is the month to hunker down. Giving and receiving, assisting others with their hardships or woes. Extending what we can manage to spare through our generosity and compassion for our neighbors. Tis the Season as they say. Giving gratitude for our blessings, attending the spirit of the season through our belief systems.

The month opens with Jupiter set to step onto the mountains edge. The 00-degree mark of any cardinal sign indicates a push out of energy. The beginning of a new phase or chapter opening. Icicles hang thick from the ridges protruding out of the hard slab of rock. For Jupiter this is really an uphill climb, as Jupiter doesn’t like the coolness of Capricorn. He’s deemed in his Fall, with his feet unsure of the environments stability. Jupiter in this case is unseen, dropping out of sight. Thus, his issues or concerns are not fully recognized. Which is most unfortunate for those under the influences of his path forward. Some people may be considered, helpless or having little assistance. Those in prominent positions can find themselves falling out of favor, disgraced in some manner. Suffering some sort of limitation placed upon them. Capricorn rules the elite, the best of the best, who have climbed to the top. Sacrificing other areas of life in order to reach their pinnacle. Prime Ministers, CEO’s, Presidents, Judges, Professors, Lawyers, Dignitaries, Government officials, corporate business owners, or Rulers of prominent establishments.

We may find that the obligations or responsibilities we have going forward can seem Insurmountable. We could bite off more then we can chew. With Jupiter here, there can be an ever-expandable amount of work and dedication to some project. We may find if we still with it, some reward at the end of Jupiter’s journey.

He is busy chasing down the other planets. Perhaps because he needs assistance, or because they need his assistance through the legal system, government connections, or align himself with a new journey forward. This is a significant shift, as we head into the next couple years. It sets the tone, through it’s stimulation of the Saturn/Pluto new cycle, set to begin on Jan 13, 2020. He seems to be instrumental in pushing forward a new agenda due to his connections with the other planets during his route. He seems to skirt Saturn, but finally catches up to him in December of next year.

This is a position, whereby, we know our boundaries, which is a hard task for Jupiter to reign in. We will need to know where we stand ethically & morally and what we stand for, perhaps as individuals but also as a nation governed by parliament. It’s best if we set some strong goals or aspirations, with the realization we may have to work doubly hard, but well worth the effort. We can find that we lump together with like minded individuals, freezing out others from our group. The conditions can be slow in making progress with a possibility of the economic conditions taking a turn to slowing down. We may need to tighten our purse strings and fasten our seat belts or just put on a warmer jacket. Capricorn is often restrictive, pressuring us to adhere to a specific set of rules or regulatory system. Thus, we maybe turning in a different direction.

The nodes positions are points in space where the orbit of the earth connects with the orbit of the Moon. These are positions where the energy is concentrated as a result of the Eclipse action taking place through these portals. Jupiter will be heading towards the South Node point and opposing the North Node in Cancer. By the end of December, he will be within 2-degree orb of this connection. Releasing and yet trying to hang onto an old dinosaur long ready for the graveyard. Far outgrown it’s usage, yet still trying to maintain it’s foothold. The Solar Eclipse emerges on Christmas Day or Boxing Day in some locations. This Moon will give us the opportunity to let go of some old worn out philosophies with Jupiter so close, and the beginning of a new venture forward.

December is the introduction of the energy, which is heading towards us in 2020, and the breaking of new ice as we begin several new cycles.

Venus is very significant on our journey into 2020. She leads the charge by triggering many of the points of the numerous cycles yet to be realized. Since she will cross these degrees, we must be on the look out for signs and symptoms of what is to come. Venus is a generous, artistic lovable energy. She will try to ease the pressure by softening the energy as she glides on sheer ice. She entered Capricorn on Nov 26, 2019. Crossing over the bridge, Jupiter is about to cross. Perhaps she’s trying to negotiate, make amends or influence through honey instead of brashness. (Freeland with the Wexit issues and the Western provinces?). Jupiter may then step up, though behind the scenes to put in place a regulatory system, blockage of judicial ruling come December. She will join with Saturn on the 11th, perhaps connecting with the leader or person in charge. The pressure is on, and it may be more difficult to deal with then first anticipated. She then triggers the point of the new cycle beginning between Saturn and Pluto on the 14th of December. Measure of control seem to be put in place. Stoppages, difficulty with corporate workers, layoffs, hardship, or the slow down of economic conditions are realized.

She breaks new ground, by the 20th, rushing into Aquarius. She is turning away from the materialism of Capricorn by rebelling and resisting the status quo. Striking workers may take hold. Rebellion, resistance and protesting. This is a cool detached placement, where she is friendly but is off limits to too much suffocation. Environmental conditions or group associations begin to emerge as prominent. New issues surrounding financial concerns. She seeks independence, so group activities with liked minded people begin to emerge. Communal living, new currencies to combat the control we feel from our government controls, basically fiscal control. There is an attraction to the odd, usual, side of life. Hippy, bohemian and astrology may become rather popular forms of expression. There is the possibility of the eclectic energy. Gathering odds and ends as one goes. Change is necessary here, as well as variety. Once set in on a mission it will be hard to change, yet change is the motto of Aquarius.

Mercury begins to break new ground by the 7th of December. Finally released from his shadow and ready to move on. He picks up speed rather quickly and enters Sagittarius on Dec 9th. This is a quick-witted energy. Eager to talk about his travels and is making plans for travel. He will seek out educational pursuits and loves to get together and socialize. People will be on the go with this energy, uplifting our moods with our exuberance through the social season.

He soon becomes a little extreme by the 22nd, as he heads beyond the parameters of the universe as we know it, and heads out of bounds until Jan 12, 2020, whereby he assists the union between Saturn and Pluto. These are drastic scenarios, extremes in thinking, but can bring with it new ways of viewing things. Trends begin to emerge, as way out there, unrealistic or strange in conception, but can eventually become the new normal. The muses are very active here.

He finally enters the confines of Capricorn, by the 29th, where he is still out of bounds. This can bring far out measures from governments around the world. New boundaries or legislation to confine or harness what they deem as out of control citizens. Whatever has transpired with first Venus and then Jupiter in early December, is implemented and communicated about. The news will be very active in December.

The Full Moon arrives on the 11th of December at the 19th degree of Gemini. This is a very busy Moon, where we can be stretch a tad thin. There can be a feeling of being over-whelmed with this energy due to the T-square driving into Neptune. Wanting to be everything to everyone. This is a very restless spirit, with little chance to sleep, perhaps due to lots of dreams materializing. Unrealistic expectation can also emerge. Luckily the ruler of this Moon, Mercury is in the active sign of Sagittarius, eager to explore new territory, ready to head out of bounds. One will need to be cautious of wandering too far out of the scope of acceptability. There can be must fuss and ado about nothing, or there can be a lot of confusion surrounding one’s activities. Mercury combines in a nice trine with Chiron, allowing us to verbalize our hurts and discomforts in order to release the tensions. We may not get it, as we miss the point of what someone is saying. It’s exceptionally important we pay attention to what is being said or where we are going. Bizarre activity seems to be the flavor of the day.

Gushing towards us exact on Christmas day is the Solar Eclipse New Moon at the 4th degree of Capricorn. This is the 3rd in a series of New Moons at the 4th degree of a sign. The Moon will pass between the earth and the Sun, connecting strongly with the Sun’s rays. This can be a rather emotional time, as we adjust to the blockages of the Sun’s rays. We can be temporarily disorientated, which causes us to change directions. This will be a south node connection, indicative of a releasing energy to this New Moon. Things are changing. As we struggle to move out of the modality of the earth element. We are bound so tightly with this energy, whereby we are totally reliant on the earth to provide for us that we fear a shift in energy. We can become paralyzed, as we attempt to break down the preconceived barriers placed upon us. Who really is in control? This eclipse is joined at the hip with Jupiter, making it the ruler of this Eclipse. Addressing the legal laws and regulatory systems through the judicial theatrics of life. The Trine to Uranus, can ease the transitions, by pushing us into new trains of though processes. There are limitations with this Moon’s energy, due to it’s natural ruler Saturn triggering the new cycle with Pluto. This can cause disruptions within the system of governments and social economic structures. We can feel like things are falling apart, as we crumble under the pressure and the need for change within the system. Forced change can be realized through dictatorship or the strong arm of the law, or the realization of punishment if we do not behave.

The Month:

We open the doors of December with an optimistic flavor, as Mercury sextiles Pluto and Venus sextile with Mars on the 3rd of December, just as Jupiter ingresses into Capricorn. This produces much needed talk about the various issues surrounding us. We compliment each other as we play nice in the sandbox. Some positive news can spring up, which can change our perspectives.

Jupiter moves into Capricorn

The Sun squares off with Neptune on the 8th, within the Sagittarius and Pisces bandwidths. This can cause rifts between faith and church doctrine. Religious ideologies can spring out of nowhere and secrets begin to be revealed. I view Sagittarius as the institution of Religion and Neptune to be the spirit or faith directed and holding God. Struggles can begin to manifest with this aspect in relation to different ethnic backgrounds and their belief systems. Problems with immigration or other cultural differences spring out.

Mercury enters Sagittarius, giving us a new perspective upon things. We can bounce back to optimism, high expectations and a feeling of needing to escape the ordinary and experience other cultural advantages by the 9th.

The 10th is a wonderful day to cleanse and heal our wounds. Take to the outdoors to clear and cleanse your soul.

The Full Moon rises large, with lots of opinions about various beliefs. The spiritual essence of what we value come full force upon us. New realizations emerge as important factors in the world at large. Potential lawsuits are launched. Venus joins Saturn at this juncture as Mercury inconjuncts Uranus. This is a rather depressive energy, which can stall the economic conditions, and make us speechless in the process. Did we hear that right? These are serious matters we need to address, with very little solutions or answers to the big questions.

We seem to break free as Mars in Scorpio, seems to know how to handle things through it’s trine to Neptune, or does it. New ideas can begin to manifest, through the act of engaging and demonstrating some control. At the same time Venus joins with Pluto, producing some power struggles within relationships and the financial world of business. A new cycle begins with the environmental struggles and the connection to profitability. The heavy hand of control that the corporations have on the production of waste and waste management needs to be addressed. Along with the deterioration of the management of government, corporate and business controls. This can cause problems within the political arenas around the world and the power struggles existing

The 14th, urges us to make the adjustments needed to move forward in setting goals or aspirations for ourselves. However, we may lack direction at this point.

We have a beautiful connection between Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus on the 15th. This can bring the dawning of a new age of currency or how we deal with actual currencies around the world. Jupiter can bring structure in Capricorn, creating an over inflationary element to different currencies such as bitcoin or other off the map currencies emerging on the market. This can bring in new trends, which have a hidden element since both planets are struggling within their fall signs. New age and spiritual awareness can be linking an underground railroad system, where people are not seen to be expressing free thoughts or new expressions of independence. Experimentations and scientific studies can be going on behind the scenes.

By the 17th, we have a lovely Mars sextile Saturn/Pluto, who are now only 2 degrees separation. This is the ability to use your financial where with all to capitalize on the opportunities availing now. What is one manning misery is another man’s gains? Take not of the power to consolidate and capitalize where needed.

 Start a new venture, budget or begin a new diet or exercise program. Stamina is strong with this alignment.

Mercury will square off with Neptune, which can cause strange arguments to arise. Verbal religious wars or debates over belief systems. A struggle to really know what is going on. The uncovering of the truth is very much present with this aspect. One will need to watch for lies, misconceptions or people convincing you of something which doesn’t exist. This occurs on the 19th.

Venus moves into Aquarius by the 20th.

We head into Christmas with the Sun’s entry into Capricorn on the 21st, producing the winter solstice. Venus will sextile Chiron bringing an element of a truss if one has been suffering difficulties within relationships. We can heal and begin to move forward. Jupiter and the Sun are strong in this chart, giving us optimism and hope for the future.

Along side Venus squares off with Uranus on the 22nd, this is particularly difficult, as it can cause breakdowns and breakups within relationships. Hardships with financial matters, can produce tensions, disorder and chaos. Social gatherings or social groups experience tensions, and we may seek to extract ourselves from the tensions.

Mars is sextile to Pluto, which allows us to move into the positive directions, gaining control of our actions. Opportunity to seize on an opening can place us in power positions.

A healing element emerges by the 24th, and hope springs up by Christmas. Miracles can happen with the New Moon rising on the 25th, with the Sun joined with Jupiter and the Sun trine to Uranus. Unexpected surprises can spring up out of the blue. Raising our spirits and bringing us faith to emerge.

New years Eve has a Moon in Pisces, which stretches us to seek entertainment behind the scenes. This maybe an emotional evening, whereby a few of us can drink or consume to much good cheer. Glamourous attire, and fancy parties seem to be nice. We’re a little too sensitive, so caution is needed to ensure we don’t offend others. It can be all rather magical, as the Moon sextiles the Sun. and the Moon joins with Neptune. Enjoy your little parties but be cautious when driving.

We end the month on a high not, with new ideas bounding in our heads and Mercury trine to Uranus, moving us forward with ingenious inventive ideas to launch us into a new year.

Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen

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