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So, I got to tell you, I had a lot of trouble with February and getting things straight in my head. Which is very interesting. Due to the fact when I go into the future astrologically I begin to feel like the energy which is going to be coming upon us. I couldn’t quit get which direction I should be going in. How I should be putting it on paper. I went over it and over it. I began February’s journey in the middle of January but had a lot of trouble until now really to get it all straight. There really was no reason for it. February is not in and of itself a complicated month. In fact, we only have One Moon, which of course is a Solar Eclipse, but aside from this, there is just us personally as the inner planets scoot around hitting the major outer planets. So, this is where we will begin.

The inner planets are about us, on a personal level. Our own personal connections with the larger world and with other people. They are safely tucked away between Earth and the Sun. An inner look at what we do in the general sense of life. It’s how we respond to the events or trending energy. Now what’s so complicated about that. The point is, February is about us and how we are inter-relating to our world. How we are fitting in, what do we believe in and where do we want to go based on this awareness. In many ways this month is about where we stand on a personal level. Seriously, where do you stand and what separates you from everything else.

This month is filled with on again, off again energies. The stopping, redirecting and pushing forward through some amazing inspirational person or event. Uranus the planet of originality, impulsiveness, enlightenment and inspiration is sparked by the inner planets and ruling the beginning of the month. We can find this month, we are pushed forward by the sheer electrical energy available to us. The spontaneous impulse of doing something out of the box. Awakening us to a new possible awareness as information emerges. We are illuminated with surprising people or events even if they don’t touch us personally.

Jupiter is not favored by the masses this month, as various issues relating to Scorpio have now gone beyond the boarders we are comfortable with. The sexual abuse allegations, sexual innuendo’s and abuse are felt with a type of retaliation from those whom are being accused. There is a type of conflict emerging now as new highs are being reached. This is a slippery slope as the lines begin to blur this February.

Issues around spending and the financial markets are also reaching amazing new heights. How far can it go one wonders? Perhaps a little down this month as pressure is applied to the ever-expansive nature of Jupiter. There seems to be a large expense. Tax payer’s money is also being spend with an awareness emerging of where all this cash is going. This can really rile a few individuals.

We are then dropped into the double sign of Pisces. Where the boarders are blurred, and we push the envelope a little bit as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move into these deep waters from the 11th to 19th. Pisces is a vary changeable sign where it’s hard to decide. There are no defined lines as we blend everything together. We move from the intellectual sign of Aquarius to the gut wrenching dream world of Pisces. We need to be cognizant of this fact lease we drown. Here we can do anything, or so we think. There are no limits, no restrictions, we are invincible. Able to move about in any direction. February can be disorientating, confusing as everything gets dropped into the cauldron. It’s here we must rely upon our instincts for clarity. Pay attention to how you feel. We might stop thinking so much and begin to rely upon our instincts. Many of us will be more emotional. It can be a hard shift, so we can fall fast. Get your bearings by meditating, breathing, singing and being creative through art, music, medium-ship, dancing, writing poetry, journal your dreams. Pisces is the Victim and can produce the Victim syndrome where we are always the victim never the survivor. Drowning in our own sorrows as we rattle off all the horrible things which have transpired in our lives. Become the Survivor and walk on. This does not mean you forget your scars or tribulations, but you move forward to assist those who need a hand up.

We also have a series of the inner planets of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars (outer planet) connecting with the ruler of Pisces which is Neptune. The inner planets will connect through the joining together with Neptune. All Conjunctions with a Planet means we are beginning a New Cycle with this planet. As though it’s a New Moon energy. What was, is over in relation to Neptune as a New way of being begins to emerge. This energy signals a need to step back and be clear if that is possible. We feel like we need to jump from one thing to the next at the beginning of the month, by months end we can be really confused as to what we really want. Be patient, step back with the awareness to get centered. Try to determine what is real, what is deception, and who is lying or telling the truth.

Essentially, we are inspired at the beginning of February and then we need to diffuse this energy into a magical creative solution. The problem is Mars is acting out of sorts. Mars is the active part of our lives. It’s our motivation and where we put our energy. Mars is just new in the sign of Sagittarius as of Jan 24th. This can further exaggerate Mar’s already active energy. Go, Go, Go type energy, but with Jupiter under the gun this month, that go energy is abruptly pushed or limited by several factors. This makes Mars in Sagittarius push its way through. He wants to push out the truth, take a legal stand, run with the ball to the finish line. But with all the inner planets square to Sagittarius’s ruler of Jupiter, we will need to fight our way through. Perhaps we just aren’t believable in what we are doing or saying. We are hesitant to expose the truth. Then we can become confused as Mars itself becomes angry with Neptune on the 17th shortly after the Solar Eclipse New Moon. This aspect is embedded in the New Moon Chart, indicative of the martyr mentality. The battle upon the Sea. Where we are inspired to act or react to various circumstances due to a belief we hold. A fight for the right cause or what we think is the right cause. We are swept away by the sheer force of the waves of emotion coming upon us. Expect stormy weather mid-month. Water issues arise in February. A lack of water, or too much water in various parts of the world. Water wars are possible. Nothing survives without the precious element of water!

We only have one Moon in February, which is a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at the 27th degree mid-month on the 15th. This is a very Eclectic Solar Eclipse energy. Quickly after the Solar Eclipse the Moon changes signs diving into the waters of Pisces. So, we need to be on our toes as this Eclipse has a rather Eclectic energy due to the ruler being the planet of Uranus. It’s spontaneous and full of surprises. You think you are going one way, only to find you want to change direction and go a separate way. This is high energy, as the lights blink and what we thought we were doing, is now over taken by another interest. We are interrupted.This Moon brings with it a need for the truth as a new awareness descends upon us. We are enlightened, inspired with additional information coming forth. It’s a New Moon where we begin something, but we need to step into our own authentic selves. We need to be original. We need to let go, due to the South Node connection and drop the pretentiousness of things and stop being what everyone wants us to be. What society wants us to be. This solar eclipse can allow us to drop the chains and be free. To embrace who we are really! Since Mercury is also being Eclipsed, our way of communicating begins to shift. The news or information changes suddenly and what was trending one moment is no longer in vogue. Something more important comes up to focus our attention upon. Juno is also closely aligned with this New Moon, so how to we view partnerships or marriage begins to shift gears. A new way of relating between each of us. Embrace your uniqueness. Quicken your step and release the Hippy within you!

The 15th also brings with it some clarity of direction as Venus moves to sextile Saturn. Saturn establishes some boundaries with which to work going forward. Some clear lines of productivity to making our ideas a reality.

Following the Solar Eclipse, Mars squares off with Neptune along side the Sun and Mercury’s conjunction. This conjunction is on the far side of the Sun, limited from earth’s view. Additional information is being revealed to the leaders of the world, but this information is not readily available. The Week leading into the solar eclipse up to the 20th can be very volatile. Watch for accidents.

The week from the 21st to 25th both the planets of Venus and Mercury begin their new cycle with Neptune. New creative energy emerges, yet we lack the motivation to get it from here to there. It’s a concept. A seed just emerging into existence. Be the inspirational or be inspired. As well we have Mercury sextile to Saturn, enabling us to express our ideas to others.

But we are still caught up in the tangle of motivation. This mess of frustrations to get going somewhere as Mars is challenged by Venus and Mercury from the 25th to the 28th. This is a fighting spirit of determination. However, it causes anxiety due to the sheer force of energy being pushed to do something, but we can’t seem to comprehend what it is the other person wants us to do.

The good news is, both Mercury and Venus are being supported by Pluto. There are opportunities to dig deep within yourself. To push forward and seize the golden ring against all odds.

The entire month is like a roller coaster. Up then down, up then down. Like a huge wave of emotional anxiety and happiness all rolled into one. Since the Olympics are upon us, we will see this play out over and over. Highs and lows and that fight for the Golden Ring.

We will see intrigue, scandal, glamour and strong displays of beliefs and faiths as Pisces plays a large roll within the religious sector. Accusations of discrimination based upon faith or race is perhaps challenged this month. It exists, but is it so blown up it’s unrecognizable for what it is. We begin a new cycle with some of these ideologies. Religions, Spirituality and our disconnects and connection with each will play a roll this month. Are we swayed by the impressions of others or can we stand our ground in our own beliefs and just accept others for their beliefs? Yes, it’s challenging but do able.

Now of course I would be neglectful if I didn’t mention Valentines Day! The day before our Solar Eclipse New Moon. This is also an Eclectic kinda day with a Moon in Aquarius, things are original. Don’t set your intentions too high. It’s not a lovey dove day to snuggle. It’s more of an action orientated energy, so if you’re in love with someone, let them know. Be an active participant, but not suffocating. We will hear some innovative ways of expressing our luv this year. So, surprise your sweetheart with something that pops out of the box, which comes with a little more surprise then usual. Do something that says it’s just from you.

Dream your dreams this month as you head into the Originality of who you are.

You just gotta love a change.

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