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February Astrological Forecast

A Serious Plunge; Happy Valentines

February is divided down the middle with half the month being rather stressed and the later bringing us to new opportunities. As we head into February, we can become more sensitive as the month progresses as we release ourselves from the air element. We plunge from our head to deep into our gut feelings. Decisions are made through feelings rather then rational thoughts by months end. The abruptness and sudden shifts taking place during the early part of February can throw us off our game. We can be mentally challenged in solving problems for the first two weeks of February. Shoving us into positions where we have no other chose but to release and let go. This can cause many of us to retreat. Seeking refuge in seclusion, privacy and healing modalities in the later part of the month.

We’re still in the after glow of the Saturn sextile Neptune energy. This makes us rather serious about our dreams. A need to make our reality, tangible and accessible. It’s a very grounding energy, but we are deep in the heart of emotions, where we are unable to see clearly the ultimate direction of our dive. This brings us opportunities to try something different even if we are unclear of the outcome. Faith can push us forward in realizing our dreams. The journey begins at this juncture. Set the map and be certain of your beliefs as ideas unfold with manifestations arising.

February is our shortest month but hosts a couple significant events. On a mundane level, we begin a New Year in the Chinese calendar. The New Moon of February 4th brings the new year, producing the last year of a 12-year cycle, preparing for the new cycle beginning in 2020. This year the animal prominently hosted is the Earth Pig. Fortune and luck can arise within this year, but also a complacency due to the Pigs lack of realism. When one thinks of the activities of the pig, one can visualize the pattern of eating and sleeping. The pig is tidy, and generally well-organized animal. This can present as overly optimistic and responsible. Since this is ending a cycle, this can be a year of finishing up, getting organized and managing financial matters. It would seem we become more sociable and enjoy travelling with the energies of the Pig. This can plunge us into a state of denial through becoming to lazy. Dreaming our way through 2019 without too much realism.

Of course, the other significant event is Valentines Day! Where cupid shoots his arrows into the most unsuspecting individuals. Arriving on the 14th, just when Mars enters the grounding of Taurus, leading the way for Uranus to re-enter on March 6th. We become more serious about our relationships and finances this month. As such many of us will act courageously to obtain what we love we love. Whether this is financial security, relationships or assets. Taurus is a very romantic sign. Choosing to work slowly and diligently in acquiring his one true love. Persistence pays off if one is determined enough.

Mars has hit several road blocks in January as he attempted to initiate new activities and establish new goals. First, he encountered Saturn, which held many of us back. This has slowed us down, stalling many of our projects. Come February, we are going to start to force issues as Mars squares Pluto. This produces a very energetic energy in February. We can become obsessed with our mission. Watch for aggressive individuals whom use tactics which can be less then desirable in terms of doing business. This can also allow us to break free from corporate and begin to the action of staring our own businesses. This is a great energy for active sports, which require lots of stamina. We will have to stay alert as the energy begins to build to an explosive level as Mars heads towards Uranus by the 13th of February. This fires up our ambitions for new ventures and the need to break away from restrictive circumstances.

Uranus is in a state of flux, being at the critical 29th degree of Aries. Since Mars will be triggering this point, we can run into chaotic situations. Weather related events could cause disruptions to travel plans. There is a need to finish up and free ourselves before we can feel safe and secure. Surprises are inevitable as several things begin to be pulled apart. We are on the verge of a new wave of activity.

Mercury the planet often depicted by Cupid is moving very quickly for the better part of the month. Communication is flying, as connections are being made. Since we are in the energy of Aquarius for a great portion of the month, many of us are tapping into new ideas in order to break away from old patterns of thought. Sudden ideas or quick, action propels us into all sorts of different directions as new revelations surface. Mercury enters the sign of Pisces on the 10th of February and begins to slow down as he prepares to station retrograde in early March, whereby entering his shadow period on the 19th. This can bring inspiration through the water of Pisces. We move from our head to an emotional connection of communication.

Venus moves into the coolness of Capricorn, literally cooling off relationships as we become more serious. We will want more of a commitment from others. A need to rely on those whom we depend upon. It will trigger the December 22nd Full Moon through a square aspect. There is a strong need to shore up our tribe and the protection that comes through the connections we have with those we feel close too. This can plunge us into a new direction due to the New Moon’s influence at this time. We can be letting go of old commitments, leaving or uprooting our family to perhaps move closer to other family members. Commitments in business and a reliance on our allies to keep our businesses going.

Chiron the wounded healer finally ends his journey through Pisces on the 18th of February, just before the Sun takes the plunge into Pisces. This begins a new cycle of the zodiac. Pisces is the end as Aries is the beginning. Chiron here focuses on healing self and launching new modalities of doing so. Chiron will remain in Aries until 2027, shooting towards self analysis of our own personal wounds.

The Month:

Feb 1st launches us into high tension as Mars squares off with Pluto. This is an aggressive energy, full of conflicts. Self interests are a high priority, so if we feel we are not getting our full dues, we can become jealous, obsessive or just plain angry. If you are working in the corporate world this can be especially true. Many of us can decide to quit and move towards a private enterprise. Government officials or large businesses can find this aspect to be especially difficult due to the resistance from the average worker or work force. Individuals are kicking up their heels in resistance. This can produce violence and demonstrations of discontent in the system.

There is an opportunity to mend fences come the 3rd as Mercury sextiles Jupiter, however things can get over exaggerated. Travel plans arise with opportunities to expand our knowledge through educational pursuits.

Venus plunges into Capricorn and squares off with the Full Moon of December 22nd. This makes relationships more serious. Concerns with financial issues within governments and corporations. Full awareness of what makes us feel safe and secure.

Our New Moon arrives on the 4th of February at the 15th degree of Aquarius. This is a very enlightening New Moon energy. Uranus rules this New Moon and resides at the critical 29th degree as Mars is approaching to trigger. Uranus has been under pressures once again, as it deals with issues from 2018. There is an indecision about where to go next. Yet a push to abruptly start things which we’ve been hesitant to do up until now. Still dealing with issues of the past, but anxious to move on to the future. It’s hard to launch a new agenda. If we can release our competitive nature into a balanced response, we could find we go further if we can recognize how we are acting and functioning on a personal level. This is once again a Super Moon which adds to the intensity. This Moon gives us the opportunity to build trust as we connect with those whom are compatible within our own energies. Aquarius brings us the information, allowing us to see things from a different angle and seeing things for what they are.

From the 5th to 10th, we have lots of opportunities available to us. Take this week to launch inspirational ideas. Unexpected news can propel us into a new direction as the light bulbs of recognition present themselves with ha ha moments.

Mercury enters Pisces, and our brainwaves shift to more spiritual ideologies. Interests in religious beliefs, meditation, healing modalities, and the psychic realms. Beliefs are strong with this combination and we can get stuck in our own thoughts of what is right and wrong. Racial differences as well as religious beliefs become strong issues.

Mars continues to push us forward by the 12th and 13th causing explosive energy to burst forth. New technologies, space projects, robotics and internet activities begin a new cycle of activities. This is the need for excitement in one’s life as well as independence and freedom from restrictive forces. This can give us the courage to break free going our own way. The start of a new journey.

Mars enters Taurus on Valentines day, bringing a slow burn of passion and romance into our lives. We could be initiating new relationships and connections with others. Take the time to listen to others, get involved and be inspired from Feb 14th to 16th. Venus the ruler of Taurus is lighting up Neptune, inspiring others to be creative in proposing to their loved ones. A very positive energy.

Things become a little more serious by the 17th and people begin to choose to spend less and begin to downsize. This can produce a slowdown in spending as people become more serious about their finances. Restrictions or a slowdown in governments or in the corporate world.

Positive advancements arise by the 18th, and there is no doubt that people are alive with change. New trends begin to emerge as opportunities present themselves in going a different direction in terms of goals and aspirations.

The Sun dives into the depths of Pisces come the 19th of February and the weather begins to warm as the Sun heads towards the equator of the earth. There is a lot of unrealistic conversations flying around, but some of it produces a shift in perceptions, just as Mercury begins to enter its shadow, slowing down. Pay attention as someone could be telling you some valuable information. There are new concepts emerging, which alters our beliefs.

Feb 22nd brings Mercury into conflict with Jupiter and triggers the Jupiter square Neptune aspect. This can produce news related events about scams, dishonesty, and falsehoods. If you are over exaggerating your position or bragging yourself up to high, you are bound for a fall. Watch what you are saying and be sure it’s the truth. Problems within religious groups, advertising, judicial system or university connections and the churches of the world. Delays with travel and travel problems.

Things get straightened out through sheer force of will come the 23rd as the Hermes sextiles Pluto and the truth begins to reveal itself. We now enter a positive period as we wind down the month of February and we begin to seize upon various opportunities available to us.

The later half of February is much calmer then the beginning. It’s time to take advantage of the positive energy by months end and begin our journey forward by capitalizing on what is available to us. The push begins to end as we take a serious plunge into the advantages available to us and begin to recognize our own limitations of what is hindering our progress. Listen to your heart in order to guide you forward.

Change and be changed……… Happy Valentines Day

Spiritual Journey


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