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February Astro Energy


Welcome to the month of Love and the Chinese New Year. After the blast of January, we are all ready for a shift of energy. This is a month which seems to be split in half. The first half is similar to January's unexpected trends. Where as the second half seems to break free from the themes prevailing on the winds of the first month of 2016. We continue to struggle the first few weeks of February, but begin to raise our vibrations come the 9th of the month.

The first active energy is of course the Uranus square Pluto themes which have plagued us over the last several years. We see these two planets are not in exact degree but are close enough to activate the volatility of it's influence. They will be exact within a 1 degree orb on February 2, 2016. Last month seen Mercury in retrograde activate this combination three times through it's contact with Pluto on December 19th, 2015 again on January 22nd and for the last pass on the 29th in direct motion. Information was being revealed with unexpected consequences. Chaotic events may have transpired. This was seen in the various bombings in Indonesia and Africa. As well the economic forecast for the future seems to be hindered by various issues surrounding China. Canada's dismal forecast due to dropping prices in resources and the falling dollar.

This month we see Mercury transiting through the similar degrees it travelled during December and January to reach it's starting point on the 13th of this month. Breaking new ground by Valentines day. This entire combination can continue to ignite unexpected events to transpire. The obsessive need to know. A revelation or information coming forth that has been well hidden can spew like lava from a volcanic eruption of detailed facts. Media continues to play a pivotal roll.

As well, expect earth to continue to move. Earthquakes, storms or other shifting influences like water to move things around. Water also continues to be a source of concern with Neptune and Saturn's influences.

We also have a shift arriving on the New Moon as we usher in the Chinese New Year on the 8th of February. This year we celebrate the year of the Red Monkey, associated with the element of fire. According to “Chinese Fortune Calender”, things can change quickly with this animal. He's very agile, quick and with nibble manoeuvres. Be smart,aware of your surroundings and the people you associate with as competition and challenges can present themselves. Financial issues will also be prominent. Anything can happen, which can be tantalizing. Use your wits to be consciously aware.

I believe this is a year to take heed to phrases like, “haste makes waste” and “ don't believe everything you hear”. You can look up various sites on Google about the year of the Monkey.

This month also is moving us into new territories. Moving past issues which dominated the last couple months. Several planets move into new signs. First and foremost Mercury finally breaks new ground on the 13th, Venus will move into the sign of Aquarius as the Sun moves into Pisces finishing off the Astrological year in the last sign.

This is by all accounts a month of stepping back. Adjusting to various shifts in consciousness and embracing our independence of thought. It's also about spirit, transcending boarders which seemed to limit our way forward.

I must also stress that Saturn and Neptune seem to still be exerting there influence with oil prices dropping. Jupiter is moving in retrograde, also preparing to square Saturn and oppose Neptune. So financial markets are confused about which direction they should be heading. We seem to be heading on a downward trend. Visit for further financial astrology.

2016 is also a Leap Year, so we have an extra day for February this year. All those born on February 29th will enjoy a day of celebration once again. Happy Birthday to all!

Highlights of the Month:

February 1:

Mercury continues to be very active with it's combination with Pluto. What we heard or was revealed last month still stands out as Mercury continue to trigger the Uranus square Pluto. Expect a continuation of explosions, spontaneous attacks at various places around the world. Due to Uranus being highly active this month due to the connection with Aquarius. We will continue to see expressions of protests, liberating stances. Freedom of various individuals whom had been kept captive or issues surrounding people being controlled or kept under restrictive circumstances. Sudden events or high impacts to various people or groups.

By February 2nd, we reach the exact 1 degree orb between Uranus and Pluto. Although this is the exact date, we may have felt this influence strongly in January. This is that urge to break free from controlling, restrictive influences within our life. The boredom or drudgery of managing things can send us off on a new path of independence. Sudden decisions are made which can be over-whelming to us. It's important to take a breath at this juncture. Breath deeply, steady your nerves as we can be high strung at this time. Meditation will be beneficial.

Even though this influences is with us much of the month, we begin to see some positive influences come the 3rd of February as Mars sextiles Pluto. This gives us the fight to carry on with a determination to succeed in our ventures. The Sun will also sextile Saturn. Make this day, the day to map your direction forward. Start new ventures, as tangible results can be realized. Accomplish what needs to be done. Work with the universe not against it.

We've got a hiccup on the 5th, as Mars inconjuncts Uranus. Be prepared for delays or adjustments as nervous energy steps in the way of your agenda. Be patient. Expect to be frazzled by the end of the day. Don't throw yourself into accomplishing your goals as your going to hit a brick wall. Flow with the energy.

As the Sun joined with Pluto in November, and Mercury joined with Pluto in January, we now reach the final connection where the information revealed hits the mats financially or within your relationships. Especially relationships associated with jobs partnerships. Expect job or financial losses with Venus joining with Pluto and translating the Uranus square Pluto aspect. Financial issues will also be revealed which might have been kept hidden previously. Issues surrounding banks or financial institutions. Also oil companies might be revealing financial statements which further verify the down turn in companies and the financial restrictions they are taking to balance the books.

Discoveries of your own personal connections with your boss or company. Income could be dropping. Now although this can cause some havoc, what's interesting about this combination is this might lead many individuals to start their own businesses. Several original ideas and connections with very interesting people can lead some on a very unusual exciting path in the future as Mercury also trines Jupiter. Big talk, big ideas , big aspirations can be a wonderful start to a new venture or idea. New innovative or inventions abound everywhere. We can be so inspired by other people's stories. Make your own unusual venture create your own journey to independent success.

Chinese New Year on the New Moon on the 8th of February at 19 degrees of Aquarius 16 minutes. New Moon's are times to plant new seeds for the coming new cycle of the month. With Aquarius here, it's time to step out of the obligations we feel tied too and view a new field of vision. This New Moon is joined with the fixed star of Castra. Found in the fish tail of the Goat and associated with Capricorn and climbing the ladder of success. According to Robson p.36; “By the Kabalists this constellation is associated with the Hebrew letter Yod and the 10th Tarot Trump, The Wheel of Fortune This indicates this New Moon holds a change that is fated. We have gone past the centre of control and now are heading to the end result of our actions. Preparing to adjust anew as the wheel turns we must go with the flow. George Noonan 1990 p. 36 also states this degree indicates, “great influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as climate and political customs.” As such this New Moon can bring with it malevolence, destructiveness with an uncontrollable temper. Robson. p.156. No doubt this is a time to start afresh. Expect changes, challenges if you are not willing to accept letting go and moving into the future. This is not a Moon which indicates harmony. Expect people to be anxious eager to create change, which often indicates social unrest.

As well the 9th of February can cause a great deal of stops and starts as the Sun squares off with Mars. Don't speed or rush around without a clear direction unless you want to have problems with person's in authority. It's a difficult day to get a handle on things. However there is a silver lining to the frustration as both Mercury and Venus are preparing to Trine Jupiter. This signals the turning point with in the month. Connect with others through social interactions. Enjoy some good news.

During the 9th, 10th and 11th, we can finally enjoy a respite from the stresses we've encountered the last month and half. As well from here on out, several planets begin to move into new territory. These days are very good for socializing. Getting out and connecting with others. Breaking new ground by reviewing old connections. What was lucky in December or November is coming round again. Enjoy. More optimism seems to be available. Everyone has been in the mid of winter, perhaps a bit more pessimistic then we really have a right to be over the last month. We can now move out of the dark of night and see things emerging for us in the future.

February 13th, bring Mercury out of it's shadow from it's retrograde period. Finally moving away from Pluto's influences. Whatever discoveries have surfaced you can now work with and move past as Mercury heads into Aquarius. There's lots of thinking out of the box with this combination. A need to express our independence. Ingenuity prevails. Expect to hear lots of innovative ideas, inventions, new discoveries. As well lots of talk of the betterment of humanity. We've got a liberating thought process emerging. Talk of space, new planets or discoveries.

This is a good day to celebrate Valentines Day. In fact celebrate from the 9th to the 13th.

Happy Valentines day to all on the 14th of February. This date holds our Waxing Quarter Moon. This maybe a day of adjustments as our emotions don't line up with our goals. So if you have a big date night planned, your plans may not go as you had hoped.

The love planet of Venus is shifting gears come the 17th as she moves from the grounded sign of Capricorn to the stimulating sign of Aquarius. Venus is ready for a bit of liberation with this sign influencing her. She's ready for some excitement. A love of the unusual. Interesting and a little out there vibes. A love to get involved in group activities, humanitarian efforts can be highlighted. Seek out some spiritual guidance through astrology as well. We're all drawn to the hippie side of life. So relax, kick back and enjoy some interesting internet articles or interests. Laugh a little, as we realize we are all different and need to be respected for our differences.

The Sun moves into the spiritual sign of Pisces come the 19th. Moving to finish up the astrological year. Our goals here shift to a side of us that's willing to sacrifice for the betterment of all. We feel more which can at times jeopardizing our own sense of self. We are not limited within this sign. So seek out new spiritual interests. This is a sign where the universe is vast, but you can discover so much through your own faith of knowing we can accomplish anything. Start meditation, astral travel, new religious beliefs. Cross the boundaries as the Sun moves through this very spiritual sign. Take the time to understand others. Learn about their customs and beliefs. Blend with the universe in your search of your own self identity. We are more then the one, we are the sum of all. Faith can move us across boarders beyond our own limitations.

Ceres will join with Neptune on the 21st. This enhances our desire to move beyond. Spiritual healing. Learn about foods that heal or other modalities of healing. This is a great day to seek out Reiki, or hands on healing methods. Issues surrounding environmental issues can also arise around this time. Problems with Water or water issues. Hmm lead in the water in Flint... contamination of the water systems or oceans. Health issues due to flooding can arise. Healing the spirit and feeding the soul!

A Full Moon arrives on the 22nd at the 3rd degree of Virgo. Shining a light on issues surrounding our food supply, health issues in humanity, environmental issues. This Full Moon shows us a need to get organized. Sort out what we really need in life versus what is weighing us down. Stream line, as we see things clearly with the light of this Moon.

Joined with the fixed star of El Kophrah in the hind quarter of the great bear (Ursa Major). The influence of this star would signal a time of uneasy spirit. Normally displaying a patient self controlled manner, but can rise to great anger which seeks revenge if provoked. This star is associated with the 7th Tarot, “The Chariot” Robson p.65. In order to stay the course it will take an ability to manage the reins of several energies at once. Know your direction. Strive to make harmony out of various different or conflicting circumstances. Virgo is often associated with health issues. So this Full Moon is a good time to start to recognize areas in your own health where you need to attend. It's never to late to start a healthy lifestyle. Begin to take a look at your way of life as well. How much are you wasting or are you being environmentally aware. Just because you recycle doesn't mean it's OK to buy all the packaging. This Moon might show you a better alternative. Eat fresh as much as possible.

Remember planet are a source of all of the elements: Earth to root down to sprout their seeds. Water to nourish and feed them. Air strengthening their stems. Fire from the Sun to give them vitality and Metal to give us traces of power to harden the fibre of life. All of these elements create the spirit of a living organism.

Nourish your body through these elements as much as possible.

February 25th is lovely for making a solid plan of action. There's opportunity to seek out professional advice in order to move forward. A very stable day. Good day for purchasing electronic equipment or transit. If your planning a trip this will produce a very stable journey. This day is a great grounding day. You may hear some promising news from governments or the business sector.

As well the 26th brings with it some unexpected pleasant news. Which can be enlightening as well as entertaining. This is a good day to surprise someone with a visit or bring them joyful news.

We may very well need to make some adjustments by the 27th. Especially if we are over expanding our expectations. If your expectations are too high, this is a day for correction.

The 28th and 29th holds the Sun joined with Neptune. This is a very spiritual connection where we know where the spirit wants to journey. Connect with your soul on these days to meditate, heal and recuperate. Send your love out to the world for healing.

Vision for the Month: “A woman stands at a crossroads. The next path is revealed”.

Breath new Air this Month



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