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Monthly Moon Cycles; 2018

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Full Moon: August 26, 2018

3 degrees of Pisces: Great Peaks

Well, we’ve finally hit a moment in time, where the energy begins to flow upward. We have been in a time warp, due to the high energy of the Eclipses and the numerous retrograde planets swirling so close to us. Like we have just gone through a black hole finally emerging out the other side. This Full Moon energy can bring us to the base of our journey. Looking up we can see our future, our vision our destiny.

This Full Moon falls Pisces, which can be a very confusing, deceptive sign to navigate. Like the hall of mirrors, where finding direction is almost debilitating. We often associate healing with the Pisces/Virgo axis and this energy is strongly built into this Full Moon. We find the crack within the mirror, which enables us to see our way through. A spiritual awakening can manifest as we adjust our direction forward. We can reach great heights and peaks when we release control and ride the wave of faith. This Moon shines with positive energy which can guide you out and up in the next couple weeks.

We can find vision through the inspirational connections we make. We can find our selves stumbling into new realms of realization. Pay attention on your journey forward, as people emerge to assist you. This Moon manifests into the areas of dreams, visualizations, miracles, healing, spirituality or religious beliefs. We can get caught up in the whirl of destiny. Where hopes, dreams and wishes reach great peaks of manifestation. Belief is a strong word within this Full Moon energy. Believe and so it shall be.

Pisces is also the veil, which separates this world from the next. The heaviness of reality is lifted beyond us, motivating us to release and let go of preconceived limitations. There are no expectations, limitations or blockages. We rise above our petty issues, releasing our secrets. Showing our true selves against the vastness of space and time. Spirit works in mysterious ways under this sign.

This Full Moon forms the magical Kite configuration. The back of the Kite is the opposition between the Sun and Moon. The need to balance our internal self with the world around us. The need to integrate our spiritual world into our day to day lives. The hopping back and forth between the two, can cause internal crisis if we don’t acknowledge they work hand in hand. The denial or limitations we put upon ourselves in the everyday world then becomes a challenge if we are unable to weave our belief systems in line with our goals and ambitions. Which can cause self denial. If you can master this, you will move beyond any expectations you preconceived into a magical place of acceptance and into the energy of the Grand Earth Trine.

This energy is very grounding. Holding the keys to self advancement. It holds the energy of Uranus, now in Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn and the Sun in Virgo. Bringing with it a very stabilizing force of energy. The Sun’s connection within this dynamic energy points to the light at the end of the tunnel. Where all your hard work is rewarded through recognition of your efforts. Long term goals can be established. People are drawn to you due to your work ethic or determination. You can find this energy to move you into a position of responsibility or elder status, especially if you are one of the earth signs.

Let’s not forget the Sun’s positive connection with Uranus. Sudden inspiration or creativity arouses life’s purpose. We are motivated to change or shift perspectives. Driving us away from previous jobs or careers and into independence, validation. This is where you can rise up the ranks at lightening speed. Reaching goals, you never thought you could achieve. Sudden fame rides this wave.

Uranus and Saturn bring to the round table, an assortment of transitions going forward. Sudden opportunities present themselves, taking you upon an exciting trip of highs, rewards, or positions of power. Don’t allow this power to go to your head. We are on the verge of something new. New leaders can begin to emerge to take charge of deficits or secrets held behind the halls of various leaders around the world.

If you have thought you or your direction was out of control, you can come back in line with this Full Moon. Following the path of least resistance into a highly talented creative energy.

The end of the Kite is formed by the positive connections between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus. A Magical place, where we will need to rely upon our intuition in creating our destinies. If it doesn’t feel right, then you will need to retreat, change direction or seek out guidance from someone your trust. The veil is thin here, coverups and scandals can be revealed in who is leading. Magic, mysticism, idealism, healing, occult, or other spiritual venues can thread themselves through events, directions, creative venues as we move forward through this wonderful energy. We bring our internal conflicts under control due to a significant amount of understanding in how the spiritual world works. We seem to be able to apply it to our internal workings. The light bulb has come on and we get it.

We’ve been under the pressure of the retrograde planets recently. Looking in the rear-view mirror at what is our life and now we begin to wonder what our life can look like in the future. This gives us high hopes, as we look to the peaks we can possibly reach. Begin now to start projects, make decisions for the future. Solving problems due to Mercury’s direct motion gives us awareness to direction.

Mars continues to be retrograde, but in a powerful position of Capricorn, ready to lead the charge once again through a determination to gain control over the various situations we may find ourselves in.

The Sun’s movement through Virgo enables us to begin those diets, exercise programs, clean out and motivate us into a positive routine. Health issues can be tackled effectively through diet, conscious living, mindfulness as well as spiritual practices implemented into our day to day living.

This Full Moon rides high with two powerful starts joined with it. Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, under the helm of the Arc Angel Gabriel, watcher of the South. According to Robson (Fixed Stars and Constellations. P.166) this can produce much trouble if secret business or perhaps cover ups are taking hold. Eventually gains can be made. Perhaps this tells of the revealing of various secrets held by others. It will take some adjusting too various revelations. It may take us to April of next year to really get a handle on things being revealed.

The other fixed star influencing this wonderful Full Moon is Sadalmelik. According to Robson, p.200. This influence causes awareness & prominence of the occult matters. Favorable gains and success in large companies.

This is a fantastic Moon for self improvement as we are unlimited as to the things we can accomplish. New opportunities present themselves, which can change the direction of our lives. Awareness opens the doors to possibilities otherwise never seen, giving us more stability to work through things due to the high creative energy available to solving our problems. We stand ready to take charge of the mission.

Look up and see your peak rising ahead of you. It’s larger when you are closer. Perhaps a little more daunting then you imagined. This may make many of us weary to even begin the journey forward. Take the effort, seize the opportunity. Yes, you are comfortable now, things have settled down. You are more grounded, but you are not finished yet. Don’t stop now, you are just getting started!

CJ (Spiritual Journey)

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Magick Tip

If you've found you have someone in your life, whom is not a positive force and you would wish them to move on with their own life.

Simply wait to the waning Moon cycle and perhaps a windy day.

Write their name on a piece of paper. Stating you would like them to move on in their life with joy, peace and happiness.

Rip up the paper into small pieces and blow it outward in the wind.

As well you can use this method to rid yourself of other unwanted problems.

 Write what it is you would like to see leave your life sphere. 

Debt, bad luck, anger,  or any other issue you feel is of negative value in your life.

Magick happens everywhere. You just have to recognize it.