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Harvest Full Moon

September 24, 2018

Embrace the Rain.

 Stop then GO!

“This Full Moon Reminds Me of the Rain. Embrace the Rain while it lasts as it will eventually end, and the Sun will come out”

Our Harvest Full Moon is a time of blessings as we reap what we have sown. It’s a time of thanksgiving for the bounty of Mother Earth as we celebrate Mabon and the Equinox. This Full Moon lands just one day after this celebration. Highlighting our need to finish our work and obligations both to ourselves as well as to others.

Full Moon energies are always a time of shedding what no longer is necessary to our paths forward. It’s a time of awareness, where we need to pay attention as things come to the surface due to the increase in light. The veil is thinner at this point of the month, allowing us to receive extra information from beyond.

This Full Moon can be rather tense, making you feel pressured, stressed or heavy due Saturn being so involved with the Moon and Sun within the chart. This Moon gives you the opportunity to address your responsibilities, obligations which we have been fearing or procrastinating in doing. This can be a fear of taking charge and making those decisions. Like leaping off the cliff into our own business, becoming that entrepreneur, applying for that new job or asking for that raise. There is unfinished personal business to attend too prior to taking those initiatives in moving forward. Old contracts or issues from the past need to be dealt with.

Those old personal issues need to be cleared out and managed before taking the steps forward into spring. The Moon resides at 1 degree of Aries. The sign of Spring while the Sun/Mercury are the Fall season of Libra. The Moon joins Chiron the wounded healer. This is the perfect opportunity to move through old wounds. Long standing issues, you hold within you in the deep recesses of your psychic. Those automatic responses, triggers or habits, which need to be released and cleared. It seems to start and end with you. Find your itch and scratch it. Others can be triggering responses from you, as the reflection from you is expressed through their verbal need to point it out. This can produce a feeling of being depressed, held back, insecure in your direction forward. It’s important to know if others are holding you back. If you are too sensitive to their responses and if these issues others are pointing out are reality. Are they a reality within your life? There is a need to stop and address these issues. Take responsibility and own what is yours. These could be there issues and their need to shift the blame onto someone else. To boost their own ego’s by making you feel less.

Once we have dealt with our own demons, we can move forward by understanding who is nourishing you within your relationships. So, it can be those people who point out the flaws, cracks or imbalances who are the people who are nourishing you. The ones whom are hard and push you forward. There can be hard cold facts, which propel you to see what you need going forward. It’s these people whom keep the fires burning. Those that push you beyond your limits. Those whom never relent or give up on you.

Then there will be those whom sweeten the pot, tell you how wonderful you are. The question is for who’s gain are they doing this for. Is it to soften you into believing that you should do something for them. To take responsibility for their work. You must weigh your options and this Moon can force you into deciding. What are the motives, behind yourself and others? Don’t get down on yourself or let others drag you down. Take things with a grain of salt. Wait before you respond verbally or sign documents as there will be a catch to these things. Stop weigh your options, hold back until you find out the facts.

If you get stuck in the “What about Me” zone of Aries, you will find that you struggle under the weight of the energies of this Full Moon. There is a balance between us all. What is good for me can also be good for you and we must consider the impact we can be having on others prior to making our own selfish decisions.

There is lots of opportunity following this scrutiny phase with positive steps forward as the Moon sextiles Mars and Juno. Once you have cleared out what you need too. What you needed to do to catch up with responsibilities or your obligations you can feel passionate in moving forward. Finish up loose ends and then the restraints will be removed, and you can freely initiate where or what you desire to do next. The bars are released, and you can resolve misunderstandings or arguments. There is a lively energy to this Moon with new initiatives, ideas or pioneering motivations.

Mars is joining with the South Node for it’s final wrap up to the events of the spring and summer months due to Mar’s retrograde. They connected on June 7th as well as July 20th. This is the final releasing of several activities which no longer suit our purpose. Old ways from our past, have emerged to haunt us. We have several natural talents, which we easily do because we are excellent at doing them. However, we will never stretch ourselves if we don’t spread our wings and try something different. If we never take the risk, we will never move forward. This Moon can push you to give up something, which perhaps is or has been of value. A place where you have felt comfortable. It’s easy without any risk. This Full Moon is a time to release and take those risks. Get determined and step past your comfort zone into new territory. A new frontier is arriving.

Your interactions with other is important with this Full Moon as Venus begin to grind to a halt. Issues need to be addressed in relation to sharing. What is yours and what is mine. What is of value and what can be released. Who is of value and who needs to be released. Flow, merge and unit with the energy available.

Take the time to STOP for just a little while. Look around yourself. Dig deep within and unearth what has or is holding you hostage. Avoid being paralyzed with fear. Look at others with objectivity and reflect it back onto yourself. Clear out old issues. Take responsibility for your action instead of blaming others. When you have done this, step forward, take a risk when opportunity comes knocking.

Embrace the Rain.


Spiritual Journey: Colleen Jorgensen

My humblest appreciation and acknowledgement to the photographer & person photographed. Unknown to Me.

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