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Grounding is one of the most important techniques to accomplish in relation to any type of psychic work, healing work or meditation work. It's also good to practice as we journey through life.


There are many techniques to learn to ground. It's one of the most important abilities you will master in order to reach your full potential. 

We all hold our own energy. If this energy is filtering out towards others or interfering with other energies when it's not asked too. Then you are not grounded. As Jane Donald so eloquently explained, "grounding is the ability to occupy your own body with your own energy". Without taking on the energies around you and having those energies affect your own emotional state or physical state. 

You need to just occupy your own space. To be centered in your own self and area of work (unless you are asked to work in someone's energy field). Even if you are asked, it's important to know which is your energy and which is theirs, so you are not stabbing in the dark to decipher who's is who's and end up guessing your way through. Then you need to let go of the energy which is not yours and separate it into it's own sphere of reality in order to work with it.

I personally, use the energy of Mother Earth and her energies to assist me in grounding. Mother Earth has her own energy to tap into. This of course is gravity. We are always in a state of resistance against the forces of gravity. Sometimes for very good reasons as we age. This energy force is a valuable asset.

 What I have termed as “Dropping”. Dropping according to my feeling, is the ability to allow gravity to pull you down further to the earth. We release the resistance, in order to sink ourselves towards matter. In doing so we automatically release tensions, feel drawn to the center of our gravitational reality, are held down, sensing all parts of our body sinking allowing us to become aware of their forces.

We also need to ensure we are in a position which is stable. If we are out of line with our Torus (where the energy moves upward and out around us and back to center) we will just fall over. If we are not centered relevant to the gravitational flow. We cannot be grounded, we must align with and maintain a center point so we are not in resistance against. This allows gravity to do it's job.


Several techniques have been used to ensure you are grounded. Planting your feet flat on the floor, releasing the tension out of the body towards your feet and allowing this tension to be released through the feet into the earth. Visualizing weights holding your legs down to the earth.

Using light through the crown chakra to moved through the spine down out through the end of the root chakra continuing on into the earth where you are attached through this light source to the earth.

Imagining you are a tree. Your roots extend through the earth anchoring you to the earth through these roots. The roots extend deep into the fertile soil.

Various crystals are also used to assist in the anchoring process.

Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, Pyrite, or Lodestones.


Connecting with nature can certainly assist in grounding self. Taking a long walk in nature. Gardening or any outdoor activity where one is fully aware of their environment. Touching or having earthy things around such as wood, crystals, seas salt, plants or herbs, as well as black dirt or sand. Various types of music can assist you to ground. Earthy drumming music. Music with a lot of base in it, or use the Tibetan bowls to lull your body into a state of ease to ground.

Consciously become aware of the energies at various times throughout your day. Practice various techniques so it becomes second nature to you. Where you can ground at any moment or be in a state of grounding all the time. Pay attention to your energy and other people's energies. As well the more you practice the more aware you will become of various energies.


As you ground remember to release and settle the mind.





  1. Jane Donald

  2. Living Skies Reiki: Karen Sthamann

Picture taken by Colleen Jorgensen: North Vancouver, BC

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