Inspiring Awareness by Colleen Jorgensen

Spiritual Journey

connecting to spirit


According to the Webster dictionary. The word Inspire, is defined as " To breathe in. To infuse thought or feeling into. To affect as with supernatural influence. To give inspiration: To inhale.

This journey is about our ability to be inspired by the spirit. We are a people. Joined by all nations, religious, beliefs through our connections of being inspired by each other. It's important to our journey.

We have and can  be inspired by the spirit at any given time with a movement, person, or event. We have the capacity to share, interact, motivate or move each other in the most astounding ways.

Often we are unaware of the energy flowing between us or around us. It comes at the most unusual times. It can be triggered by the smallest influences. A picture, book or speech. A feather, or a raindrop can motivate us all in the most uplifting manner. A breeze, or flower triggers within us an emotional response to imagine possibilities.

When we are inspired. We stand up. Breath in the freshness of emotional satisfaction. We move, motivate or inspire others to join with us our cause. We discover we can be all things. Our confidence grows with anticipation. We're excited to reach out and accomplish our desires.

This is how it is for me. I'm inspired by so many things. It's astounds me even today, at the massive amount of influences that spur me onward.  The connections with family, friends, or the stranger on the street. The spirit around me. It's that single word. The influences of nature. The connections to events within the world. It's love, admiration, desire. All of these things propel us on. Towards a destiny, goal or ambition.

With Inspiration, we do not lose faith. It may wane or ebb at times, but then we are once again inspired by something or someone. A hope swells up within us. We are moved by the spirit of life. Reaching out to inspire others. To be inspired. Where hopelessness lives, so does inspiration. Life is brought forth by the nature of it's essence.

An angel, guide or even a fairy speaks to us, deep in the recesses of our minds, hearts and souls. We are guided towards miracles. From the smallest turn of events to the massive healing of a dying person. We seek out faith. Answers to the deep questions of life. Then a rainbow appears. The sun shines through on a cloudy day. A warmth spreads around us. There's a knowing. A understanding. It prevails through every crack and crevice, assaulting our senses.We become aware of inspirational guidance, of God, the source, spirit of light.

Through inspiration, we desire to learn. To understand, seeking out knowledge. We're motivated to see, feel and understand. Those aha moments of intensity. When the cloak is dropped. Revealing full awareness. It's at these times, we can be crushed, devastated, but also liberated. Free from the falsehoods of what we believed. Through this medium, we will shake off, move on to freedom.  We become life. We can reach great heights through this powerful force. It is old awareness, new insight shrouding us in possibilities.

It is in this journey. I want to inspire you through spirit. Understanding of energies. Feelings of hope, desire and the capability to do what you desire. Whether small or large taking us on our journey. We are not limited by life, we limit life. Ride the wave of awareness. Be inspired by anyone or anything. Be positive, uplifting encouraged by the unknown. Open your book. Take a peek and be inspired.

 Lets inspire each other.



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