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Words are simply that, just words.

Strung together like beads upon a string.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Just Words

We fell these words.

it is the uniting of words, bringing emotions.

Feelings that impact, bringing life.

A Voice.

We become words.

Loving, hatred and honesty.

We are shaken, transfixed.

A Force.

Words are the response.

They slam us into and out of reality.

Like an invisible cord, propelling us.

A Movement.

Words explode the mind.

We are captured in imagination.

Holding fast to the beliefs.

A Creation.

Words unite the world.

They bring honor and dignity.

Nations bound by the art of word.

A History.

Words bring war.

Horrors, destruction and manipulation.

The beginning and the end.

A Liberation.

Simplicity of the words.

Forever changing thought and deed.

never the same at all.

Simply a Perception.

Origins of words.

Becoming same but different.

Graced with exaggerations of lives past lived.

A Meaning.

Yet, they are words.

Forever embedded in sheets of thought.

Interpretations laced in correctness.

Just and simply Words.

Written by: Colleen Jorgensen: October 2004

A Mindful Meditation

“ Lasting Happiness cannot be found in pursuit of any goal or achievement. It does not reside in fortune or fame. It resides only in the human mind and heart, and it is here that we hope you will find it” [1]

“ We Have Lost The Art of Daydreaming” CJ

Why is it important for us to develop a Mindful Meditation Practice? We lead very busy lives. With both parents working to make ends meet. We have become driven by the pull of what society dictates we should be achieving. Success is a measurable thing according to the world at large. How do we measure up is a large part of our ego's. It's a never ending cycle of examining ourselves inwardly to discover we just somehow don't measure up. The demands are endless to the questions of, “ what do you do”. I always found this to be a question flanked with a need for the person asking it to somehow compete with a response of something better then the one it's directed at.

Expectations are high on what it is you actually do in life. It's never a question of who are you, but what do you do. I guess what we do for a living is a reflection of who we are. In reality though it's a very slim line of reality. A person is much more then their achievements. Influences from society have almost pushed many of us over the edge in our ever growing world of capitalism. We are urged to have the biggest house which makes a fashion statement, we need to be the best dressed, the best at hosting, the best parent, the best spouse, the best conversationalist, the best employee and the never ending lists of bests continue within our inner dialogue. Other wise our contribution to life just doesn't quit measure up. The pressure is immense to become something we essentially are not. We are forever working on the outside of ourselves. It's the need to look our best as this is a reflection of who we are. It's products lathered in promises of beauty, masculinity, strength, endurance and if you present the part you must be the part... hmm

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