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January 2018: Blue Moon Magic

Lunar Eclipse. Emotional Highs and Lows

Wow, we’re here already... Some of us, battered and beaten with last years events and some of us just ready to move onto something new & exciting.

New Years bring with it, Hope, Dreams and Expectations. They are full of promise, like Santa’s little bag full of opportunities. Well 2018 is full of these little surprises, where opportunity can come knocking. Where many of us will be enlightened. Filled with anticipation and excitement. We can get carried away in 2018. Inspired because of something someone says or does. Many of us will bring in a new awareness of life. Perhaps, a unique way of thinking. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide to change. We essentially become who we want to become. We truly turn the page. Many of us will have new responsibilities as we begin the journey of deciding which direction we really want to go.

So, we’ve got lots going on in January to kick off the New Year. First, we have Two Super Full Moon’s in January. They are like large parentheses, which hug us throughout the month with their supporting energy. Almost like the month of January itself is set aside for something special. This makes the month unusual and intense.

The first Super Full Moon arrives on January 2nd at the 11th degree of Cancer. This is a highly charged emotional Full Moon being so close to the earth. It’s the first thing out of Santa’s little bag of delights. It triggers the Jupiter in Scorpio Trine to Neptune in Pisces. Indicating we’re beginning the year with a New way of feeling about things. Compassion emerges and an ease of emotional well-being. To be grateful! Watch for religious tones or a new energy prevailing in terms of beliefs.

Cancer is the sign of the homeland, family and security issues. A strong need to feel welcome, accepted as who or what we may or may not be. There’s a creative flow of energy which inspires us and empowers us to connect to our roots, heritage or to mother earth.

As a Full Moon’s energy goes, the Sun is opposite, huddled between Venus and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. It’s cool, distant and perhaps a tad fearful. This can be the power of the people revolting against the coldness of governments, leaders, or the established corporate world.

Saturn is just newly in his home sign of Capricorn as of December 22nd, and will exercise his control rather quickly. This Moon is the fluid need to recognize our wants against need. Our need for safety against the will of the people in charge.

The North and South Nodes are also in contact with Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio. This is a highly intensive energy, which is unlimited in it’s needing to pursue your dreams due to the connection with Neptune in Pisces. This energy is over-confident in what we believe we can accomplish. Thus, people will be generally overly enthusiastic to begin a new action. Letting go of the past. Determined to step up the ladder. So, if you run into some overly egotistical people, it won’t be unusual. Over-stepping the boundaries will be an understatement.

Venus is out of bounds till the 4th of January. So, there is an extreme influence to gaining control of our resources. A strong need to budget, or take back expensive gifts. It’s like a rubber band being stretched to thin, so it can snap at any minute. Some extremes in relationship, as they begin to cool off from December’s connections. As well if you began a relationship in December, it can get a whole lot more serious by January.

Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio begin a new cycle on the 6th of January. Because Jupiter is making such good connections with both Pluto and Neptune, things begin to rise from the dead. Like a big treasure hunt as the earth and sea begin to spit out various artifacts or discoveries for us to marvel at. What’s hidden comes into the light over the next year. Mysteries also can be revealed, or conspiracy theories unraveled. We’re all enlightened by the facts. Expect a richness of energy to reveal itself as more and more people seek to find their own treasure.

Mercury is still winding its way through it’s shadow period. Re-entering Capricorn on the 11th. Shortly before this ingress, we have Mercury once again connecting with Uranus in Aries. There is talk of innovative ideas. Perhaps new inventions, digital technology or robotics emerging onto the scene.

Mercury the sign of the reporter, remains all month in the sign of Capricorn. It’s a sobering energy, where government, business, or leadership events seem rather boring, harsh. Getting right to the reality of the various situations.

Until Dec 11th, this moment things are a tad exaggerated. A nervous fidgety energy, which can leave us exhausted but very busy due to Sagittarius energy. We continue to be here and there and everywhere. Trying to do too many things all at the same time. We’re back where we were at the beginning of December. It reconnects with Saturn in Capricorn and it’s time for a final resolution or decision to be made. Once we have finally decided where we are going next in 2018. There is this huge outrushing of energy to get started. We can also encounter some disappointing news or sobering news as the heaviness of Saturn stops Mercury in it’s tracks. Formulate a plan going forward into 2018. It’s crunch time.

We can have a real drag down energy heading into the New Moon on January 17th. Everything seems to slow down. Grind to a halt. Delays, obstructions, traffic snarls. Everything that was moving fast is now frozen in place. The weather changes.

Shortly after Mercury’s connection with Saturn, we have our first of three connections between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn on January 15th. At the same time Venus triggers the New Moon of January 17th. This initiates a feel of determination to succeed at any cost. There is a strength and willpower to move mountains due to the intense focus directed at one particular thing in your life. This is such a transformative energy, we really can create our own destinies and eliminate that which is no longer working for us. As a society it would seem we are moving towards a new belief system due to Neptune’s influence. A new religious way of thinking, where spirituality rises to meet the old doctrine. A merging of the old with the new philosophies. Or perhaps a richer understanding of how they work together within the earth-bound realms. There are new opportunities to build upon your belief and to create a powerhouse business. New businesses begin to emerge and the beginning of a new way of doing business in the world.

Our New Moon arrives on the 17th of January. By this juncture we have 6 planets in the sign of Capricorn. We can find we are fearful of what’s coming next. Fear is a man manifested thing. It is created when we believe we have no control or we are being overly controlled. This is a wonderful Moon to reclaim your control and power. Shift into a new way of viewing things. It can also indicate a New Energy is prevailing. Things begin to grind to a halt. A slow down of the economy or in the business sector. Too much debt accumulation over Christmas signals a time to slow down. Avoid counting the chickens before the eggs. It’s all serious business. Expect some disruptions or chaos erupting.

Venus has just squared Uranus in Aries and this New Moon squares Uranus as well. This makes things a bit more volatile. Giving an explosive energy to this Moon. Where nothing was expected. No hint or warning. Some weather-related event can erupt at this time.

Many of these planets just crossed the underworld of Pluto on their way to the New Moon. A clear indication of change is blowing in the wind. Especially in relation to business. New rules or regulations can be just beginning from government legislation. It will be a time of adjustments moving forward.

Venus first enters the airy sign of the Water Bearer on the 18th. This is a networking energy, especially among women. To share our ideas, but not giving away our secrets. We are interested, but appear aloof, hesitant. This makes a good salesman. Friendly, energetic, connecting spontaneously without the strings attached. We’re anxious to discover new information while avoiding getting to emotionally involved. Forget the jealousy, we’ve got the attitude! We can all manage on our own. Innovative ideas for making money. Relationships begin to really cool off by this point. Those long term connections we made in December can begin to break away. We like the casual friendly feel. Let’s be friends shall we. It’s a fixed sign, so avoid pressuring people as they won’t budge an inch.

This is followed by the Sun into the lightness of Aquarius, bringing forth a determination to make our mark. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of fame. We continue to be reserved, yet very friendly. This forms a large group mentality, where the needs of the group or humanity takes precedence. The individual needs to discover how they fit into the group, so they can be recognized. Do something unusual. Be creative starting on the 20th of January. Large group activities or world activities can take center stage at this month’s juncture.

We are very much in control of what we are doing in January as Mars treks through his own dominion of Scorpio. Emerging into the light-hearted sign of Sagittarius on the 27th. We have been contained. Perhaps a little prone to jealous acts or intense sexual encounters, but by the months end we’re ready to spread our wings and fly away to some warm climate on the Caribbean or some such place. We reach into our little bag of treasures to make our own discovery.

We then run smack dab into our last Super Full Moon on January 31st. Holding the month together like one big present ready to be unwrapped. Not only is this Full Moon a Super Moon but it is also our first Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon. It’s rather special Blue Moon and connected to the heart strings of Leo at the 11th degree. This is a heart stopper for sure, as we change directions in what we love or desire. Since the Sun is ruling this Moon, we can also suddenly change our job, career, loved one or course in life. It’s packed full of energy to be released. A reset button is pressed as something is let go of in favor of something new. A new emotional attachment. A desire. For me it seems like its more of a want rather then a need.

Mars is closing in on connecting with this degree on Valentines day next month. We’re waiting for just the right moment to act or make a move. Our desires will be acted on next month. We push and release in the time between. Letting go of old loved ones. Previous relationships seem distant and full of criticism as we struggle to get out of the head and into the heart!

Blessings in 2018 for each and every one of you!


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