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January Astrology Forecast


Turning the Page

As we close out 2018 and head into 2019, we head straight into Eclipse Season. Eclipse’s we’re often feared in ancient times, due to the recognition of things appearing to change during these phenomenon periods. Although we don’t often acknowledge the sudden shifts which take place due to these events, they still today signal a point in time which alters our directions. We are now heading into a new series of Eclipse’s as the North and South Nodes have now move into the signs of Capricorn & Cancer. A redirection of focus occurs to business, family and with our sense of security.

January sets up the energies which will be with us for the entire 2019 year. Preparing us for the future trends. It holds the first Eclipse’s in the New signs of Capricorn/Cancer. As well as housing the first of the two major aspects happening in 2019. Jupiter square to Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune. Both these aspects will carry us through most of 2019. Uranus stations direct in January, another major player for us in 2019. It’s like everything we need to know is in January. So, wake up, pay attention and let 2019 begin.

January is the month where we need to decide what we need going forward. A month where we need to let go, par down, organize and determine what makes us feel safe and secure. We need to get busy, releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves a purpose in our lives. However, there is also a complacency, ignorance perhaps that can signal a feeling of just going with the flow. It will be important to get organized. Lay down some laws, rules and regulations for one’s life.

The first of three aspects happen between Jupiter and Neptune on the 13th of January. This is a waning square, which signals a finishing up phase before these two titans begin a new cycle. The Square aspect is indicative of some sort of crisis which needs to be addressed. It’s motivating in the fact we need to address problems.

With these two optimistic planets we can find ourselves wishing for something other then what is before us. We can find we shift gears and break free of old ideologies. Finding we’ve fulfilled the set requirements we wished to attain and now want to let go, but we still need to finish the business at hand.

Jupiter and Neptune are both rather expansive. Jupiter because it wants to broaden its horizons and Neptune because it has no boundaries. Each one can be rather illusive due to the extent of their reach and influence. Many of our beliefs systems can break down due to the energy they are manifesting. A lack of direction, confusion, delusion can cause us to evade, ignore various situations. Deflecting the truth from revealing itself. Areas of concern can focus around immigration, religious rights, interest rates, pharmaceutical issues, oceans, legal system, drug, trade agreements, political groups to name a few. With the square aspect, we can in this instance become complacent, ignorant and unaware of the concerns or threats around us. The energy can produce a bizarre feel to it, yet we can’t seem to put our finger on it. The response this month will be a knee jerk reaction due to the fire of Jupiter. A puzzle presents itself, where we just don’t know how we will figure it all out. Thus, we can feel a bit over whelmed. Pay attention to how this begins to manifest within your life, as it will become a major player if it’s playing a roll in your personal charts.

The second major event in January is the first of three connections between Saturn and Neptune. It’s almost as if, a crisis presents itself this year, followed by an opportunity to move into a new direction. To harness and create our dreams. Right away on January 31st, the sextile between these two planets emerges. Saturn now in its own sign of Capricorn, puts pressure to fall in line. New leaders can emerge as saviors to the plight of difficulty of various countries. It seems to be positive, however the influences of Neptune in its own sign can still produce false prophets, confusion, or a lack of clarity. We really need to be consciously awake in 2019. The positive energy of this aspect resides in its ability to create our visions or inspirations into a tangible force. New ideas can become a reality. Set some goals, and you will be surprised at the outcome by year end. Problem solving is high on the too do list. This can manifest as a feel good, where lots of opportunities present themselves, but can also produce success through hard work, practicality and determination.


The month begins on Tuesday. A very serious day due to the Scorpio Moon. A wonderful day for New Years resolutions. We dig deep within ourselves to get going. The Moon goes void by evening, where we can put our feet up and rest.

Mars enters his own sign of Aries on the 1st. This will allow us to get going on many of those New Years resolutions. Finally, the slow sleepiness begins to lift, and we are ready for a bit of action. Don’t take on more then you can chew though, as Mars will bring some challenges with him in January. Aries is the sign of beginning a new project, or idea. The dreams of the last month, begins to take hold and we begin to act upon them. Take the time to select the ones you truly wish to accomplish and leave the rest for later. There can be some delays in January and we can find ourselves pushing too hard. Avoid forcing issues. Take your time in January, be patient with others.

Mercury is moving very quickly now, after his retrograde station in December. The planet of communication and travel is also out of bounds till the 18th of January. Expect some wild statements, solutions and far out commentary.

Mercury still in Sagittarius connects positively on the 4th, bringing us solutions to problems. Much needed inspiration arises here and some grand ideas for the future. Unexpected hopefulness. Sudden positive news emerges, which enlightens us.

At the same time, some positive announcements of where we are heading next. We’re anxious to make some changes to our lives, and it’s hopeful during the first week of January.

January 5th, brings our first New Moon, housing the first Solar Eclipse of 2019 at the 15th degree of Capricorn. Capricorn is a business orientated sign. Slow, methodical and persistent. Security issues begin to become front and center issues. Professionalism, governments and business take center stage. Shifts and changes will begin to emerge within these sectors. It’s a good time to take stock of your job in relations to how you’d like to live and enjoy your life. Are you sufficiently making ends meet and are you comfortable? Capricorn likes to trim things by producing cut backs, slow downs and manages with what is available, other then over producing. This is a time when we need to take stock and perhaps enjoy the things we have. Limitations, rules and boundaries begin to emerge. Changes indeed become a necessity with this eclipse.

On the same day, Mercury heads into the cool sign of Capricorn, and we all get down to business. Lots of talk of the economic conditions within the business sector and government. A new dialogue begins to emerge as new trends begin to present themselves.

Venus finally steps out of the intensity of Scorpio and heads into the vivacious sign of Sagittarius. All systems are a go ahead. More social events, parties and the love of travel are enjoyed with this energy. A time to connect with like minded people and engage in some good conversations about how we can solve the problems of the world. This is a grand time for decorating flamboyantly, experiencing other cultures, while taking in some large concerts. Expect more optimism, romance and feminine gatherings from the 7th to Feb 4th.

Jan 8th brings Mercury to logger heads with Mars. Not a good scenario if one is travelling. Watch for disputes, accidents and verbal exchanges which cause frustrations. We can be redirected here as our plans become disrupted.

By the 11th, it’s understood we need to give a little to get a little. Compromise works best with the Sun joined with Pluto. However, expect others to be a little more intense, demanding and perhaps down right evil. There is an extreme need to succeed, so the rules seem to be off limits here. Sudden layoffs can also be realized.

Things become a little strange mid-month, beginning around the 12th to 20th, we can begin to feel the energy shift as we have a couple aspects merging along with the Jupiter square Neptune aspect.

This can really hit us in our pocket books, by the 13th as Venus squares Pluto. This speaks to our debts, both personal debt and government debt . Over spending is not suggested at this time. As well as the breakdown within relationships as they evolve and change over time. The revealing of secret love affairs and the mismanagement of funds.

Things don’t seem to get much better with Mercury joins Saturn. It’s really a time to fess up. Clean the slate and get on with things. A new cycle begins, and our conversations shifts to serious. Decisions need to be made at this time. Planning, taking stock and figuring out the new rules. Choices are needed at this time. Make your resolutions at this juncture to ensure success.

Jan 13th also brings into focus the Jupiter square Neptune energies. This can bring with its controversy over various religious belief systems, ideologies, cultural divisions, religious wars, judicial discrepancies, spiritual imbalances, scams, deceptions and a vague sense of direction. New age practices can be criticized. Long Term Influence in 2019.

We are searching for some stimulation from the 14th to 16th. Expect to run into some tantalizing conversations. Lots of opportunities available if one is looking in the right places. As well Venus will trine Mars, so take some time for some Romance. New relationships can be formed at this time. If you are needed to contact people, this is an excellent period to engage. Dinner date anyone?

By Jan 18th and 19th, we’re ready for some drastic changes as Mercury joins with Pluto. Sun squares Uranus. The conversation becomes rather serious, possible fore warnings of doom and gloom in the world of government and the business sector. Now is a time to develop a sense of determination to finish up things. Clear debt, set a course, dig in and get practical going forward. Sudden shifts in direction, goals are altered or changed. Electrical problems could emerge. Travel delays, especially at airports and sudden volatile decision arising from various leaders around the world. New dialogues begin.

The 20th fairs no better on the new frontier front of Mars. If you had some plans to move forward in January, you could have been met by delays, difficulties throughout the month. Mars now comes under the gun from Saturn. Regulatory decisions could be preventing action forward. Government red tape and such. This can become very frustrating as it signals a time of slowing down, through no fault of your own. It’s a good idea to stay alert while driving, we are all pushing to finish up or get moving. Pace yourself and be patient if possible. Venus will sextile Saturn, so use a little bit of honey instead to get what you desire. All’s fair in love and war...

Jan 20/21st, lights up the skies with our Supermoon Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the 00-degree mark of Leo. It’s also the third of 5 Full Moon. Our last hooray to the Leo/Aquarius axis. A North Node eclipse is indicative of advances as a new direction emerges. The Sun rules this Eclipse so there will be a sacrifice or letting go of something before moving on. A power struggle could emerge. This Moon is very isolated against the bucket shape pattern emerging in the skies, thus things can become ego driven and emotionally charged. New relationships emerge to ease the transition. Expect some power struggles.

Venus joins with Jupiter by the 22nd and it’s all systems go. People can be thinking of making travel plans at this juncture. Plan some social gatherings, wedding invitations, group connections. There is a feeling of too much optimism here, so watch your pennies. Great for engagements.

Sun moves into Aquarius and a road less traveled. For many Aquarius people, life has been rather disruptive due to the energies of the South Node and the Eclipse’s arising in 2018. Drastic change has enveloped many of you, which has brought a letting go of numerous things within one’s life. We have just the one eclipse left on the 20th and then, there is an end to some of your difficulties. A new direction is emerging.

There is a need to just lay it all on the table by the 23rd. If you’ve been out misbehaving, then it’s time to pay the piper and heal some of the wounds you’ve opened up as Mercury squares Uranus. Shocking news can arise, problems with travel plans, airlines and such. Electrical or internet problems. Things can become a tad confusing in the process.

Mercury enters the coolness of Aquarius by the 24th. Conversations shift to the unusual. Topics related to science, space travel, astrology become more prominent. New innovative ideas pop out of no where. Humanitarian concerns, climate change and the evolution of mankind.

As Mercury enters Aquarius, he heads straight into conflict with Jupiter. Issues concerning immigration, foreign affairs, judicial concerns, agreements and trade difficulties. Watch you don’t promise more then you can deliver at this time.

It’s time to set your course true by the 29th, as various relationships can be moving on, due to relocation or new job opportunities. A new dialogue arises as the Sun joins with Mercury, and a time for determining what excites you heading into February.

Our need for something different is often accompanied by our lack of contentment within ourselves. January can be the recognition of where we desire to see our lives as we venture into 2019. Look inward for the answers and it’s there you will be inspired.

Happy New Year to Everyone. Find your niche, be happy, laugh lots and enjoy the Journey!

May acknowledgement to the artist/photographer: Unknown

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