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Spiritual Journey

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JULY, 2019

Hi folks, welcome to Summer. We leave a very difficult month in the dust. Ready and willing to move on. The thing is, some of these situations are continuing to linger. Not yet resolved until later in the year, but the energy is indeed lifting for July, towards Eclipse Season emerging.

June brought with it a surreal energy. For many, this brought their dreams to reality, with Saturn sextile to Neptune. For others, it felt like slugging through mud. The air was dense, heavy and laden with issues to contend with. As we exited the month of June, this energy is still activated until the middle of July.

So, let start with a few events transpiring in the skies this Month. Firstly, it’s Eclipse season, which always brings with it an added energy to the New & Full Moon’s. In addition, we have the Moon’s about to Flip Over. What I mean by this, is we will have an additional New Moon, or Blue Moon emerging at the end of July. This will bring the Full Moon to the top of the Month and the New Moon’s to the end of the month. At the present time the New Moon is first in the monthly energy.

The next important event is Mercury’s retrograde phase: Stationing retro on July 8th, moving backwards (of course Mercury doesn’t move backwards, but being so close to earth it gives the illusion of doing so) from 4 degrees of Leo, moving into Cancer on the 19th of July and stationing direct on July 31st at 24 degrees of Cancer. Whereby it will hit its original 4 degrees of Leo on August 15th.

Here we go...


July perhaps isn’t your most favorable month. Yes, you love the heat of Summer, but there are some corrections along the way since both the Sun and Venus are in the sign of Cancer. Along with the heavy guns of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node at cross purposes with you. This can still be presenting some challenges to your direction. You’ve got big plans, perhaps too many plans over the last couple months. Squeezing everything together could have been difficult, due to the seemingly lack of support from others.

This month can spell some shifts and letting go of various enterprises, which lets face it are just not working in you’re favor. Mars will move into Leo on the 2nd, along with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Mars in Leo will motivate you creatively. You can be inspired to move forward with a specific project. This may require some investment, which could arise around the 11th of July. Mars here will push you into a specific direction, bringing with it some favorable inspirational ideas. Getting together in social events is also one of the main themes.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is a very positive influence. Signaling some pleasant changes within the home and family structure. You could be mending some fences if you’ve had a falling out with some family members. The home could also be up for changes. Renovations or a change of residence could be in store for you when this Eclipse is triggered. It’s sextile to Uranus, can bring some pleasant surprises for additional income, which can send you smiling all the way to the bank. Along with Saturn’s positive connections with Neptune making some of your dreams come true if you’ve been looking for that perfect job. You could begin to get recognized for all the hard work you’ve been putting into your business ventures.

Mercury will station retrograde in your 5th house of creative pursuits. So, something you’ve been thinking of beginning needs a few more touch ups before launching. Some issue with properties or family matters can also draw your attention away from your new project. Things are still being worked out. Romantic issues, or children’s matters also are up for some review.

Expect some significant changes in relation to your career sector this month. Shifts and changes are taking place as you release and let go of a job or that your work on a specific project is finishing up. The Lunar Eclipse rises Full on the 16th of July. This can become emotionally difficult for some. You may feel stranded or left in the dark for a brief period of time when this Eclipse is triggered at the end of July. News can be forthcoming. These changes will be in your best interest, as new doors begin to open. You may also be passed over for a position, but don’t fret. It doesn’t seem like it was the right fit anyway.

There is some wonderful energy around the 25th, as some fresh new ideas begin to emerge. You could be planning some vacation time, as well as considering venturing off or some higher educational pursuits. This Moon can also signal some significant associations with children. Either your own or grandchildren. Enjoy.

Creative juices are flowing, as Mercury heads direct and the New Moon emerges. It signals the road is clear as you head into August. The roadblocks begin to lift. Social activities increase, along with some potential birth announcements or social engagements.

Shifting Perspectives.


Wow, Taurus has been seeing some positive energy flowing into your Sun Sign. This can produce all sorts of positive news for your goals and ambitions to be realized. Opportunities have been knocking at the door, so you should be feeling rather lucky.

Mars heads into your sector of family & home come the 2nd of July. Activating some nice energy for social gatherings. New group associations could also be realized. The Solar Eclipse brings positive news towards you as well. This is a very positive New Moon, which could signal some new electronics or vehicle purchases. New decisions are being made and the new connections within group activities can bring some enlightening information, which alters or changes your plans.

Mercury heads retrograde, so some family plans can be changed, as you begin to deal with some issues which were transpiring in June. If you had hoped to travel or vacation, you could be drawn back to more pressing matters. Although Mars is activating social connections with family, there can also be some disruptions to this area in July, especially around the 9-11th. A family member could be a little upset with you, but you can simply explain you are following your dreams.

The Lunar Eclipse rises in your 9th house of legal affairs, educational pursuits, travel and belief systems on the 16th. Cracks are showing in several areas. It’s time to clear out some of the paperwork, or should I say deal with some of the paperwork. Since Saturn will be very close to the South Node all of July, it’s important for you to be on top of your communication dealings. Especially if it’s related to important documents. Old issues can also be eliminated with this Eclipse, which will ease some tensions. However, it’s important to get your affairs in order to ensure efficiency prior to this date.

There is a positive energy emerging around the 25th, which is great for financial affairs. You could find, either you or a family member is acquiring some extra income. Positive news emerges for an error which entitles you to some payback form the government income tax, insurance policies, winning tickets, or an inheritance of some sort can fall into your lap.

Expect some nice opportunities to travel within groups, or for you to take some time off for a retreat or vacation come the 26th.

Property and family matters loom large near the end of the month. Unexpected personal decisions may have to be made. Family members can also be startled by some new directions you are evolving into. The New Moon here can also spell a need to sell or purchase properties. Watch the paperwork though as you need to read the fine print before you make any major decisions. Mercury will also trigger the Lunar Eclipse come the 31st, opening travel, legal or educational issues with possible change to some decisions.

As you head into August, your attentions shift to family connections. You may not be in the mood for it though. You will just want to hang out and do your thing.

Steady as she goes!


You know Gemini, it’s hard to sit still at the best of times, so July is pressuring you to figure some things out in relations to your profession or career moves due to your lack of focus. There’s been a whole lack of clarity surrounding this area for a while now. It doesn’t help either that the people whom are supposed to be assisting you with some of these projects are causing you more difficulty rather then helping you. Getting all the facts straight, is still a monumental task.

With your ruling planet Mercury, stationing retrogrades on July 8th. You will need to go over some ideas, blueprints, plans before they can be implemented. On top of this there is the financial costs associated with your new ideas or plans. Who’s going to pay, and how is that structured. Perhaps the hunt for investors.

Mercury’s journey will trigger some of the events which transpired in June, but it seems to be taking longer then anticipated for things to get underway. Documents will need to be reviewed and the fine print needs to be read. Perhaps some modifications need to be put in place. I think some of your goals are fairly large, and you’re hoping the payoffs will be as well.

Mars moves into the document sector by the 2nd of July, so you will need to be on top of things if someone makes an offer or propositions you with some sort of agreement. Take your time and read things over carefully. Some unexpected new ideas could also be emerging around this time as well, which you are thinking of adding to an existing plan.

The July 2nd, Solar Eclipse arrives in your house of income. Since this is such a positive Eclipse, it could spell some nice pay increases or an additional income coming in. Expect some pleasant surprises for your creativity, as well as your ability to find solutions. If you’ve been looking for some investors or extra capital to launch your new professional dreams. This Solar Eclipse can provide what you’re looking for.

Watch for some arguments surfacing around the 11th, as others are unclear of your direction. Don’t get put out, if they are asking the tough questions. After all it’s all theories right now and nothing is out there, so what’s in your head needs to be explained. I think if you do this some positive connections can be made.

The Lunar Eclipse rises in your house of shared resources happening on the 16th. Just a couple days prior to this, you could be partnering with some new investors. Acquiring insurance, loans or investments from new people. This will begin to eliminate old investors or people whom you have worked with in the past. You could be changing banks, insurers, accountants or other licensed professionals whom provide these services. There has been a lot of pressure in this area of late. Debt or Loans could have been proving rather challenging, as well as taxes owed if any. Money which was supposed to come in couldn’t for some reason. Income related to investments are now changing, along with debt holders. There will be a renegotiation happening around the latter part of the month. If you are looking for investors, they are now changing, as old ones are removing themselves.

The 25th, can bring some positive connections within some new relationships or partnerships with others. As well, someone could be backing out of a deal or negotiation, due to your unpredictable energy. Make sure you’re putting forward a good idea of what your plans are. You as well could be the one who is unsure or hesitant.

The New Moon surfaces by the 31st, signaling a fresh start to many of the issues, which were surrounding you in January. New contracts or agreements can be surfacing with this New Moon. Mercury will trigger the Lunar Eclipse from the 16th, indicative of changes going on within financial sectors.

New Avenues


Many Cancers over the last several years have been going through some significant changes in life. July is birthday month, with some hefty energy emerging for you due to the Eclipse’s. The Good news is the North Node is transiting through your sign. This is usually indicative of changes which bring some opportunities and new stimulation to reactivate your vitality. Because the Eclipse energy is an amplifier, it can trigger an over exaggeration. One must be cautious of being overly materialistic, greedy or acquiring negative desirable traits to a normally positive event. Those Cancer born between July 1st and the 4th will feel this energy the most.

This month can be extreme, with high highs and low lows. The energy is shifting, as changes are happening on a personal level.

The rest of the Cancers can be assured of some successes but are less likely to feel the full shift this Eclipse can provide. Changes are afoot for all Cancer individuals though.

The month opens with a Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, just as Mars enters the sign of Leo. This is a very positive Eclipse energy, which can signal some nice changes physically. Your energy can begin to increase, with a feeling of excitement. This eclipse will sextile Uranus, bringing with it some nice accolades from the associations you are involved with. Material gains or extra income could also be coming towards you when this Eclipse is triggered. You could feel like you’re on a new path, with new goals or dreams ahead of you. Since Mars is in the 2nd house of income, you could be feeling more confident about where you’re headed & what you value. A new income could also be arriving.

Then Saturn in opposition to your Sign, is demanding accountability for past actions. Karma is playing itself out, especially within relationships. The need for dedications, is strong, so if you have not been dedicated to those people whom were close to you, some positive rewards will emerge. Some of you though can now find themselves dealing with the Karmic ramifications of the negative actions they presented to others. There can be a lack of cooperation, scorn against or difficulty dealing with others. Karma can be a hard task master. In retrospect though, for those of you, (depending on your chart) who have sacrificed or really contributed to the needs of others, Saturn will reward you for such a feat.

This is at play for most of the month. Mercury begins to station retrograde by the 8th of July. Along side Mars, indicating some trials or tribulations are at play here. Financial concerns can produce some arguments or tensions. Things will have to be reviewed over the next few weeks to determine if errors have been made. July 19th brings Mercury back into your sign. This can bring up issues of where you wish to go on a personal level as you rethink some decisions you’ve been making.

You could be preparing or making some plans for a summer get away by the 11th. You’re feeling rather charged and ready to go, but you will need to wait a bit longer, so make sure all plans are up and running smoothly with Mercury retrograde. Expect some hang-ups around the 19th, or interruptions to your plans. Family matters might crop up.

Expect some changes of direction within your relationships. I know, this time around, you seem to be dedicated to your partner, but others may draw your attention away from a significant partner. You will encounter the second Eclipse of July on the 16th, with a Lunar Full Moon landing squarely in your house of relationships. This can signal some changes arriving within a significant relationship or those special friendships. Things can also get a tad emotional, so be prepared. Especially at the end of the month, when you hear news, or make some significant decision within this sector. Business partnerships can also be of significance. A discontinuation of such agreements can arise.

The 25th of July is splendid for the acquisition of a new job with some extra pay increases. Your health could also be at the top of its game.

The 29th, also produces some unexpected snarls within group associations or the people you work with. There is lots of changes arising in this area, altering your plans for the future.

We have our second New Moon on the 31st, just as Mercury stations direct. No doubt your considering what is most important to you. There’s lots of talk coming related to financial issues and income. A new income can arise this month, with some new projects at hand.


Well Leo, this is also your Birthday month, as the stars begin to align within your sign. You’ve been anxious to expand your world. Ready and willing to take some risks in order to make your dreams a reality. Children are also connected, as some of you could be conceiving or attempting to have children. For those older Leo’s this could relate to grandchildren. However, things have been holding you back a bit. As a result, you’re chopping at the bit and a little stressed to move forward.

Financial issues have been top of mind and the risk to future generations through possible losses to some of your existing investments. This can be causing some confusion within banking, insurances, the taxation department, or other individuals whom are holding your financial potentials hostage in some way. You will need to be cautious though as you do not have all the facts this month.

The Solar Eclipse of July 2nd, 2019, lands in your house of self sabotage. Sometimes, sabotaging something in your life is a good thing, as it wasn’t working out well. This Eclipse is very positive, which could change your mind about some things. New revelations or news is forthcoming, so hang on before making too many decisions right out of the gate. The trine to Neptune will put your negotiation skills to the test, but things should work out nicely. As well the disruptions to your professional plans or career can see a boost this month, as new opportunities present itself. You could also hear some good news related to children’s affairs as well.

Mercury stations retrograde in your first house of personal concerns. Joined with Mars, you are flying high with vitality and new ideas. Whatever has been transpiring over the last couple months, needs some careful attention to detail. Perhaps you need to follow some of this information to the core. Changes of the mind, or altering decisions made last month are likely to be drawn out in the open.

By the 11th of July, you could find you are tapping into some real solutions to some of those investment dilemmas. Others can also present an offer, which will be difficult to refuse, but remember Mercury is retro, so see if you can stall this decision for just a little while, until you have all the facts.

Many of you have been having some problems with your health and vitality. With Saturn close to the South Node, you realized that bad habits are catching up with you. This month, you may have to make some much-needed dietary changes to your health plan. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse also arises in one of your health houses, so it’s imperative that you take these matters seriously. This could be emotional, if you have some strong addictions to sweets, or other products. This is also your house of work, and co-workers, so some significant changes are long overdue. This can mean you are ready to retire or move onto another job.

The 25th is your day Leo. A beautiful energy will emerge between you, Mars and Jupiter. This could bring some very pleasurable news or opportunity coming your way.

Things can be capped off though with the Sun square to Uranus. Unexpected shifts are happening within your profession or career by the 29th. It might be all good, if you’ve just hit the jack pot on the 25th, but if you haven’t expected some shakeups within your career. Unexpected events have begun to hit you with Uranus in Taurus. Public images, public affairs could be working against your best laid plans.

The New Moon gives some new vitality and energy to you personally by the 31st. Refreshing you’re personality and optimism. Things in January could have been looking up for those early born Leo’s, born in July, as significant positive changes emerged in your professional standing. This will be of significance once again as you head into a new personal direction. Mercury stations direct and triggers the Lunar Eclipse of the 16th, so be prepared for an emotional roller coaster.

Thumbs Up!


Dear Virgo, for the most part, life has been stabilizing. You could be pulling yourself together, getting back into shape and thinking about your personal direction forward. Saturn, Pluto and the South Node are aligning positively with your sign. Making you feel rather secure with your children’s interests and your social affairs. The North Node in Cancer also brings some nice opportunities to join in with new groups, or new associations with others. In addition, Uranus fresh in Taurus, is laying some nice groundwork, for long distant travel, educational purposes, teaching or exploration. You could over-all be feeling rather confident in most areas of life.

The Solar Eclipse arrives with the New Moon on July 2, 2019. Bringing a positive vibe to being out and socializing within groups. Expect to be invited out to a few social gatherings as you’re popularity could be rising. Not normally one for social affairs, but this Eclipse is sure to bring out the best in you. Especially if you’re born around Sept 2-5th, as it will be triggering these Sun Signs directly. Some of your dreams and aspirations are also materializing.

Saturn will be joined with the South Node for most of the month, bringing with it some pleasant rewards for sacrifices made along life’s journey. Past endeavors will see some nice accolades with some of you receiving some rewards and recognition along the way. Investments or risks you’ve taken should pay off for most Virgo’s.

Mercury your ruling planet now stations retrograde on July 8th, in your spiritual house. You could be receiving some news at this time as well as reviewing your options. Dealing with paperwork, communication issues or a vehicle or insurances or inheritance issues. If this is arising, expect some delays, as all the facts are not yet available to you. You may be requesting them, or others maybe wishing you to provide additional information. What you expected maybe not what is transpiring, as a result you could see some verbal disagreements or arguments. You will need to watch you aren’t revealing more then is necessary.

The 11th, is a he said she said kinda energy. You could feel rather strung out and stressed but bear with things as some positive information will be forth coming from strong supporters of your cause. Take the time to listen, it will be important.

The Full Moon, Solar Eclipse arrives on the 16th, some of you could be struggling with releasing children. Either because they are now moving away, or that you’re little ones are gaining more independence. For those parents who are being overly supportive, this could be a time of releasing some of that burden. Yes, it’s emotional, but necessary for your personal journey and theirs. Changes are emerging also in relation to some investments you’ve been making. Cashing in on some of those old investments you’ve made a while back. You could also be feeling a tad older then your years, and don’t really feel like socializing like you use too, as you switch to different hobbies or interests.

The 25th, is a positive energy, with Mars in your house of decision making, and Jupiter in the 4th house of home. Granted, you could have been struggling within your personal relationships, but home affairs have also been suffering. So today, brings some clarity to some of these issues, and presents some solutions. If you have been working on selling, or purchasing a home, this is your best day for things to get underway. Property increases are manifesting.

Uranus is in a difficult mood by the 29th, so watch for speeding tickets, problems with those in positions or authority as legal issues can arise. If you have travel plans or on vacation take care during the end of the month, as some upsets can occur through interruptions or delays.

The New Moon, surfaces on the 31st, just as Mercury stations direct, so it’s full steam ahead. If you’ve been reconsidering issues surrounding your direction in life. This brings a fresh new perspective about things currently. You could also be wrapping up some property deals or buying or selling a house.

Moving Forward.


It’s been rather challenging for you Libra over the past couple years. You are generally not one to rock the boat, but the universe has decided your boat needed some changes. It’s been pushing you around in several different directions of late. This month produces much of the same, with many of you employed in positions where you’d rather not be.

The Good News is you have a New Moon Solar Eclipse rising in your house of career on the 2nd, which can push you into a new direction for your professional aims. Since it will be squaring off with many of you, it can be negative and positive all at the same time. As a result, some of you could be laid off, let go, or that your job is just finished. Some of you have also been struggling with co-workers as well or bosses. This Eclipse will begin to shift some things, which can send you flying into a more positive position or career. This will bring new associations into the life.

Now wait a minute, Mercury will be stationing retrograde on the 8th of July. Expect a review process to still be going on in relation to your previous position or an issue around the 19th. Somethings are just not quit finished. If you have some disputes going on, this will be the month to sort those things out. Mercury joins with Mars, as he heads into retrograde, which can fire up the energy and cause some disputes, so be prepared for this. Associations with professional co-workers can be stressed, angry or hostile. The good news is, the Solar Eclipse is positive by nature, and you will have some support from some people whom are backing you up.

You could find that you’re more aggressive then usual within social groups. Which aligns well with Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication. You’re able to hold your own, when it comes to the facts of a situation. This month can drudge up some of these issues, if co-workers have been making false claims against you.

Financial issues can crop up by the 11th. Perhaps a dispute over monies owed comes into play. Unexpected expenses could also be presenting themselves. See if you can tuck a little aside for a rainy-day fund. If you’re dealing with banking issues, tax issues or insurance issues, due make sure you have all the facts straight.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happens in your 4th house of home and family. Many of you have been dealing with some abrupt changes within the family structure of late. Perhaps this has been settled, but there are lingering effects. Expect this Eclipse to bring some significant changes to bear. This is a releasing energy, which will probably be best in the long run. Some of you could also be selling a home, or property. This can be emotionally difficult, but bear with things, as Karma is at play here.

The best day of the month is the 25th, where you will see some nice accolades from others. People currently are being rather supportive, as you realize some dreams coming to reality. Some of you could be purchasing a new car or receiving some wonderful news.

The 31st, brings the New Moon in Leo, charging up your desire to get out there and realize some of your dreams and wishes. Fresh hope begins to arise, as you meet some new acquaintances and head onto a new path. Issues surrounding your profession are also wrapping up, as you begin to clear the table for a new start in August.

Clearing Matters.


Scorpio has been enjoying a rather positive energy of late. Especially within your risk-taking sector. You’re never afraid of taking some risks, and a little bit of competition never hurt anyone. Recently, some of your dreams have been coming to fruition, due to your sign trine to Neptune, which is sextile to Saturn. Lots of realizations emerging. This energy is mostly positive, as it assists you in discovering the truth of things, so you can deal with them. However, with the square to Jupiter, it may have presented some challenges to your values, beliefs and morals.

This month brings the Eclipses in favorable position to make some nice changes within your lives. The first New Moon Eclipse happens on July 2nd, in your house of foreign travel, higher educational pursuits, legal issues, publications or immigration. A shift in perspective or belief systems often arrives with this triggering. Some of you can be finding your self traveling to a much greater extent. In addition, you could also be acquiring a home in a different country or an additional home. Either your moving for business or you are seeking some adventure to your life, or both. This Solar Eclipse is positive by nature. The North Node often brings new developments into the life. Trine to Neptune, I’m sure some of you will be encountering some pleasant surprises with children as well as romantic interests emerging. This can produce some much-needed fun in the sun.

The most thrilling news though, is the unexpected energy of Uranus, which can bring some new exciting people into the life. If you’ve been looking for a partner or mate, this Solar Eclipse could realize your dreams. Surprise meetings which give you some little thrills with some much-needed attention from others.

Mercury stations retrograde on the 8th, so plans can be delayed or stalled for vacations at this time, due to work obligations. Possible problems within the office, can spell a need to stay at home and deal with it. Breakdowns are possible. Arguments can also arise due to frustrations, so pay attention when dealing with others, especially if the concerns are about legal issues. Reviewing paperwork, documents and other legal concerns are likely during much of July. Make sure everything is in order. If you’ve had some disruptions within the marriage, and seeking separation or divorce, this retrograde phase will be especially important to go over things. Old partnerships or people whom worked for the business your in could also be causing some problems. Some of June’s activities will be triggered.

The 11th, brings a much-needed respite, even though issues can still be occurring behind the scenes, an individual could be giving you some nice support. This could be within the family or someone whom feels like family.

The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse arrives on the 16th, Saturn and Pluto have really been putting pressure on you of late, in relations to communication, paperwork, book-keeping or agreements, as well as equipment or packaging or labeling. The South Node here is indicative of releasing some of these issues and getting them off the table. I’m sure you’ve been dedicated to the cause, but enough is enough. This is a rather challenging eclipse, which like all Lunar Eclipse’s be emotional. Decisions will have to be made here, and especially around the end of the month. Movement and lots of activities can be coming to an end. Business, business business. Expect the 14th, to be a bit challenging as well, as family matters which could be connected to legal issues will come against some resistance.

A wonderful energy emerges on the 25th, as Mars connects with Jupiter. This can spell some popularity coming your way. There is a lot of public notice arising. Perhaps a few date nights or invitations for social gatherings. Some nice news emerges for a little fun to emerge.

You will want to get out and explore the outside world by the end of July. Some extra income also arrives just in time for the New Moon surfacing in your public sector. It will be tough to sit at home; you will want to be out and about. Making new connections and getting in touch with your fun side again...

Opening Potentials.


As I’ve mentioned in previous horoscopes, Sagittarius has been under the gun in many respects. You’re normally rather buoyant and ready for anything. Jupiter your ruling planet has been acting up though, producing some bizarre events to transpire within your life. You could also be dealing with health issues, or working in the health field, which can be producing some surreal moments.

June, most likely was not overly favorable as you sought to work out the kinks of various family issues surrounding you. Neptune in your 4th house of home and family could have produced some stressed for you. Possible flooding issues or water issues within the home. It’s a wet heavily laden with emotions, so you could have felt isolate, lonely, or dealing with family issues. Issues are breaking apart and dissolving, as a new path is emerging.

It’s a fresh new month though, and Mars newly in Leo, blends very well with your fiery energy. He’s now in your 9th house of travel, educational pursuits, legal issues, and publishing. You could be planning your next trips or vacations for the upcoming year. In addition, summer plans are also emerging. A couple courses here and there in between writing a new blog or book will work well.

Fresh new income could be arising, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 2nd, in your house of joint financial concerns. This is such a positive New Moon, that you cold be seeing some nice promotional opportunities. New unexpected jobs pop up, as you get offered some new position. Some of this positive news could be coming for a family member as well.

Mercury, now stationing retrograde on the 8th, aligning with Mars, can fire some of you early born Sagittarius individuals up. Some new ideas for educational pursuits or travel, spurs you straight to your bank account to see if you can swing it. A review of various banking issues, loans, pension funds, inheritances, or other investments need some attention. Family property can also be involved here. There is a need to make some adjustments, perhaps for the taxation system. There are some significant positive changes emerging in this area. Bonus.

Saturn along side the South Node, can spell some expenses though, as your income could have dropped over the last several years. This could have spelled a transition stage in life, where you were shifting from one set of income to another. What you valued could also have been shifting as well, as you worked out the changes.

You will need to watch for some problems around the 14th, when Mars squares off with Uranus. Arguments or disagreements with co-workers can cause rifts to emerge. You might be truthful, but perhaps others are not ready to hear your opinions. At the same time, some positive news from someone in the family can be emerging, and you’ll both be ready to celebrate.

The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on the 16th, will be triggering this financial house, which could drop your income in various degrees. Expenses could be rising. It’s not all negative though, as you seem to be deriving some valuable investments from another source of income. It could get rather emotional though, so bear with things, as the energy flow forward. This Eclipse will be triggered by the end of the Month by Mercury’s transits, so expect some news around then.

The best day of the Month is when Mars Trines Jupiter, which will be a very lucky day for you Sagittarius. Take advantage of it, as some winnings can come your way. Lucky you. You could also be ready to take off for a much-needed vacation. You’re always up for some excitement either way. With Mars in the apex of a Yod configuration, certainly some significant events are transpiring at the latter part of July.

You will need to watch July 29th though, as some concerns with your health can crop up. Make sure all your vaccinations are up to date. Yes, even Adults need to update their vaccinations every now and then. Unexpected accidents can arise, so drive careful and be extra cautious around this time.

A lovely New Moon connects positively with you on the 31st, and its full steam ahead for some retreats, educational pursuits or vacations. This New Moon especially connects with those Sag people born at the beginning of November. Mercury also heads direct, finishing up financial issues or investment concerns, triggering the Lunar Eclipse, and finally releasing those hang ups about what you deem as most valuable in life.

Sorting out.


Your it, in 2019. We all must take our turns with Saturn and the Eclipse’s triggering us. It just so happens to be your turn on the roster. This can present some challenging situations, which have put you in some precarious positions. The universe isn’t picking on you, but it is forcing you to recognize some things about yourself, you didn’t recognize prior. It’s also pushing you to become the best person you possibly can be and make some much needed changes within your life.

This is Eclipse season, so the South Node is bearing down on those individuals born between Jan 3rd and 10th. This poses all sorts of releasing and letting go. This energy can produce some significant changes to arise in your goals and aspirations in life. Directions are changing. You need to take extra precautions with your health and well being. Make sure you are paying attention to your diet and physical exercise program. Stress can also be playing havoc, so pace yourself.

The positive news is, the July 2nd New Moon Solar Eclipse is sure to bring some new people into the life. It’s such a positive energy, you could find people extending all sorts of invitations to some social gatherings. You’re sure to be busy. There is also the possibility of some new romantic connections as well. New date! You may be a little taken aback as to who’s been eyeing you up lately.

Mercury will be stationing retrograde come the 8th, along side Mars. You could be faced with some financial arguments over funds someone owes you. This will begin a process of figuring out if you are entitled to any of these monies from mistakes made. Some of these issues extend as far back as January of 2019, so hang in there it all seems to be trying to work itself out. However, others can become a bit of a challenge as their version of events and yours differ.

The 11th can be a tad challenging though, if you have children. Some expenses can arise, which are a little more then you expected. If you are looking to put some money in some new investments, it would be good to check them out firstly before proceeding due to Mercury in retrograde.

There is lots of activities around people and relationships during this month, which in and of itself is positive. However, some stress of who is controlling who can crop up around the 14th, as power struggles can emerge. The best part of this is the bizarre nature of the events unfolding. Remember to just stick to the events. The facts are the facts.

The dreaded Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 16th of July at the 24th degree of Capricorn. This seems to affect those born between Jan 13th and 17th strongest. This Eclipse can be rather emotional. Mercury now at 1 degree of Leo, will be triggering the Jan 21st Lunar Eclipse. So, if you have issues extending back to this time, you will need to once again release some personal issues or agenda’s you may have had. This can bring some news towards you, which you are resistant too. The square to Pallas, is often indicative of a competitive issue arising, or political maneuvering at play. Alienation as well as some fear begins to manifest. Try to get a handle on this through the acquisition of the facts. Try to leave out the emotional aspects of this if possible.

Mercury moves back into Cancer on the 19th, and back into your house of relationships. Triggering some events from June, which must be sorted out. Friends and enemies emerge.

July 25th is a grand day. Presenting some very positive energy as Mars Trines Jupiter. Some fresh ideas begin to emerge for you, and things begin to bring some clarity of though. Expect some social invitations.

The 31st is a busy day, with Mercury heading into direct motion in Cancer. You could find you’re a tad tapped out by the end of the month. So much energy funneling into your personal houses with the Eclipse can demand a little R&R. You can find that people have paid more attention to you in July, so you’ll be needing to replenish some funds come August.

With a New Moon emerging in your house of joint financial connections, you will see some positive boosts to your investments, pensions funds or bank accounts. This often signals a new beginning in these areas. Fresh starts are always nice. As well things begin to get all straightened out.


Many of you dear Aquarius people have been dealing with a lot of changes over the past year due to the Eclipse’s landing in your sun sign. Some of you have been pushed into various situations which were not of your control. Health issues could also have been triggering.

Now, many of you could be thinking, that the whole ordeal is over with, but for some of you early born Aquarius people there are still shifts and changes arising. This is due to Uranus beginning to transit the sign of Taurus. Taurus energy has a great deal of trouble with Aquarius, even though Uranus is your ruling planet. This causes disruptions to the family, as they shift and change directions. Your home or property could also see some disruptions, either through buying or selling. This could trigger a move. Maintenance of the home maybe required. You could have seen some of this last year.

The big news of July is the Eclipse’s. July 2nd brings the first Eclipse to your 6th house of health, work and co-workers. This is an excellent energy to stimulate some much-needed improvements to your health. Changes are emerging, which will benefit you going forward. The positive connections it’s making to Uranus, will bring some nice needed stability within the home or family structure. Surprising news will be positive, as increases in values or income is brought about with this Eclipse.

Mercury begins its descent into retrograde phase, within your 7th house of relationships. By July 8th. You could see some fireworks emerge within your relationships, as Mars sets off Mercury’s shift. Expect some disagreements or differences in points of view. Aquarius could have difficulty with this energy. There also needs to be a review or re-connection to some issues going on recently within your health. Test results may now need a little TLC to make sure nothing has been missed. If a new health regime is not working for you, you may have to alter somethings during this phase. Get in touch with your health provider if necessary. Since the North Node is transiting here, I don’t believe there is anything to be concerned about, however, it’s important to stay on top of things, so you don’t miss anything.

If you were also having some issues with co-workers, then a review will need to take place if someone has accused you of something. New co-workers could be emerging into the workplace.

Some demands place upon you from the 9th -14th, can bring some challenges. You could feel a little too stressed, as too much pressure is being place upon you. Perhaps superiors or administration is demanding too much. Power struggles could ensure, so be careful to document if needed.

Our second Eclipse of July occurs in your 12th house of self sabotage. This is a more challenging Eclipse point, demanding you change some of your points of view. This could be a complete change of faith as well. The positive news here is the connection to Saturn, which could bring out some of your ideas and make them into a reality. You will be inspired to create something for the future, which could possibly derive an extra little bit of income for you. You could also be realizing some fears you never recognized existed before. This Eclipse could be demanding a little R&R. A home retreat to gather your thoughts and ideas for the future and where you are headed. You could also be revisiting the hospital for further tests just to keep on top of things.

The best day of July is the 25th, when Mars will trine Neptune. This is a grand day to get out and socialize. If you do, you could find some very inspirational people who spark your motivation to continue with some of your creative projects. This could also bring you into a new group of associations, which will be refreshing for future relationships. Get together with a loved one and head out for some positive activities.

The Yod, is very active with Mars at its apex, indicative of new activities emerging. Perhaps some new exercise program or diet. It’s a busy busy near months end.

By the 29th, you could find your faced with a decision. A T-Square forms, placing Uranus in between you and a partnership. Disruptions within the family or the home, can cause tensions to build up. Watch for electrical accidents. Pay attention.

The New Moon cracks open a who new world of friends or associations. You could partner up with someone for a new business venture. Take some time to heal any rifts which occurred within some old relationships.

And Your Off!


Well, there certainly has been a vast amount of confusion surrounding you. Many of you could be realizing some long-held dreams. A surreal energy swirling about, and connections with some pretty powerful people. Others have or could have felt, like they were slugging through mud, just trying to figure things out from day to day. Since Pisces is the two fish, there is always duel things happening within your life.

It’s been a long journey for some of you, so hopefully the tides are now turning. July is Eclipse season, and they always bring some sort of changing of the guard. The first Eclipse on July 2nd is very positive for you Pisces. Connecting with your water energy, lifting your spirits. Some of you will be entering a new romantic relationship, at the very least there is some nice social invitations being extended. There could also be news about a new addition to the family. Children and their concerns are also highlighted.

Mercury will station retrograde on the 8th, sending you back into the office to clear up some issues. You could be a little hot under the collar to realize some of your co-workers are not doing their jobs and you are left to clean up the mess. This should be all cleared up by the 19th, when Mercury heads back into Cancer. Once again, triggering some nice positive social connections.

Mars though is active in your house of work, and from the 9th -14th, you could be under the gun to complete a task before the deadline. Abrupt interruptions could hinder your progress, as communication problems surface. Expect all sorts of issues to emerge, like printers down, electronic devices stop and start, power goes out, you know all that rife raft with Mercury retrograde. People will have trouble getting back to you as well.

The Lunar Eclipse rises on the Full Moon’s light on the 16th. This is activating changes within your social circles. This Eclipse can signal a need to move on from various groups you had previously been engaged with. Sometimes, we just need some fresh energy to motivate us into a new direction. This can also indicate a power struggle emerging, as to who, is in control of things and this might not bode well for you. Someone or you could get overly involved or obsessed within a situation. Don’t discount this happening with associations in relation to your profession.

Mercury will re-enter the sign of Cancer by the 19th, which will bode well for you, as Cancer blends well with your sign. Expect some social engagements to be transpiring. If you thought you couldn’t make it to a specific event, you may find you have freed up some time to attend. Romantic interests or a re-connection to someone you previously dated comes back into the picture. Family functions are also on the table, so be prepared for a little fun.

The 25th is our best day of July, with Mars trine to Jupiter. This spells some nice energy to infiltrate your career. You could be the center of attention, winning accolades from potential clients and co-workers. Expansion within this area is likely. Work and relationships within this sector are highlighted, heading into August. New connections are being made, so pay attention to possibilities or potentials to make connections.

The 29th, spells some unexpected challenges. Unexpected cancelations for a hot date, as well as children’s concerns can cause interruptions to occur. Expenses emerge and can spell a lack of available resources to attend a specific function. Errors in the banking system, and a need to budget for what you really value in life.

The New Moon emerges on the 31st in the fun-loving sign of Leo. If you’ve been looking for a new job, some real potential exists currently and heading into August. Fresh starts with a health program or diet also lightens your load, as you make up your mind to change your lifestyle. This once again squares off with Uranus, so you might have to spend a tad bit to get started. Adjustments will have to be made this month in determining where you see yourself in the future.


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