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June Astrological Forecast


Inner Inspiration

Many of us are very busy with our lives. Wrapped up in all sorts of issues, running from one project to the next. Adhering to the clock. Frazzled with activities. Lost in self directed motivations and often unaware of our sense of self. June is one of those months where we need to contemplate. A month of reflecting and calming our souls and opening to the heat of summer’s light. This is a creative month as we flitter around with the Gemini energy. Scattered bursts of activities and expressions of what we truly value in life. Like a butterfly opening from it’s cocoon, taking flight on the winds of change. This is such an intuitive month we can be drawn to tears, both happy ones and sadden ones. It can be a very wet soggy ending to spring.

We are blessed this month with a slow down energy, as Mars approaches earth, being at it’s closest point since 2003 and standing still as he prepares to station retrograde on June 27th. This heightens his energy, making us more aware of what we are physically doing in life. Where is it we wish to go as the school year ends and the freedom of summer begins. This can also lead to an exaggeration of activity and the need to have rest periods.

Neptune as well is preparing to station retrograde on the 18th of June. which can bring us to our most desired dreams. A need to address the spiritual side of our selves and the heightened sense of the realms of emotions. What do we want from life. Our emotions can be rather strung out, excessive as we pick up on the energies of so many other people around us. This can be misleading as we become more sensitive.

Uranus now in Taurus as of May 15th, continues to address we value. Self worth and appreciation for the things we have, not the things we wish to have in the future. Freeing ourselves from the materialism of life and yet relying on the materials which are important to sustaining life in a simplistic form.

We open this month in the beauty of a Grand Water Trine with three planets 120 degrees away from each other. Venus, Neptune and Jupiter draw us towards our romantic sides. Souls meet in the illusiveness of emotion. We are highly sensitive. For some this can present as very artistic quality, drawing our inner inspiration to emerge. We can become edgy as the empathic side of ourselves emerge and the sensitivity towards what is mine and what is yours. We can be lured away by sweet talking expressions of endearments. Heavy rains can materialize with this energy or you could find yourself running off to elope under the magic of the stars.

As we try to gain clarity through the first week of June, it’s hard to adjust to what reality really is. Where one thing ends and where another begins. Don’t get lead down the garden path into purchasing items of beauty or investing in illusive items by charming salesmen. We have a real power struggle emerging on the 5th of June. Intense confrontations or standoffs become apparent as Venus opposes Pluto. Uncontrollable passions or attractions grab hold of us. If you are standing firm on your position, things can get out of control. Disappointments in love or buyer’s remorse.

Mercury heads into out of bounds territory by the 6th of June, which allows many of us to really speak our minds. Expect some people talking about very unusual things which seem to be out of the scope of what society deems acceptable. Yet it can expand our minds to go farther then we could imagine as current ideas emerge to enlighten us forward. Unexpected things fall out of our mouths as inspiration grabs hold of us with our over active imaginations.

We’ve all got our heads in the clouds so watch your driving on the 7th with the Sun in square to Neptune. How in the world did I get here when I just left home? I don’t remember the road. Yikes.

Our New Moon arrives in Gemini on the 13th of June at the 22nd degree. New thought or information can emerge. It’s a great Moon for taking a quick course here or there. Mercury is just heading into Cancer and sextile to Uranus. A wonderful surprise arrives. What had arrived in our hearts early in the month is motivated by our need to find out how we can attain our desires and we begin to plant the seeds for the future. We can be so inspired this month, yet we need to address our wounds as Chiron comes head to head with Saturn and Mercury. Healing comes through adhering to bringing out old wounds and talking about them. We can be very negative in our thinking even if things are going well. There’s always a downer in the crowd isn’t there. Mercury rules this New Moon, so perhaps it’s time to address some of our personal issues and resolve past family issues.

Venus enters the sign of Leo the day after this New Moon and runs head on with Uranus in Taurus. Venus loves the light heartedness of Leo and thrives under the energies of it’s vibrant energetic nature. It’s time to party, live it up and have an enjoyable time. The potential to do or act in unusual ways is highlighted. The cougar emerges between drama and the unthinkable. Ridiculous activities emerge as we struggle to break free from our commitments.

Harsh words and criticisms arrive the next day on the 15th. We can explain yesterdays activities as too much of a good thing, but someone must be responsible. It’s better to laugh at our ridiculous behavior then to be too hard on ourselves. Forgiveness is the best medicine as Venus trines Chiron and the healing begins.

Things return to normal by the 17th and it’s time to work off some steam with a go at the gym or a run around the park. Get out and do something physical on this Sunday.

The Quarter Moon on the 20th just before the Summer Solstice in Virgo with ruler Mercury beginning to form the Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune. A change of direction is indicative. Figure out what isn’t working and dig deep into your inner self to figure out your direction. Listen to what others are expressing to tap into the inner inspiration. We are moved by words, music and magic. Anything is possible with an out pouring of compassion. It’s a highly probably energy for marriage proposals and wonderful stories of fairy tales.

Our Summer Solstice and the beginning of Summer arrives on the 21st as the Sun enters the waters of Cancer and sets the tone for the season ahead. Neptune is prominent as he is now stationary. Ideals as well as ideologies emerge as illusive, yet we are inspired by the clear still waters of our emotions. We struggle under the helm of trying to figure out how to communicate our desires, so action is always better then words going forth. How can you show others what you need? We really want to abandon responsibilities, throw our hands in the air and just take a walk on the beach. We need new exciting friends and the discovery of new connections to motivate us on wards. This is a lazy, slow down of activities. For some of us a stopping to our activities as we prepare to change directions from external directions to just looking after our own personal needs. Good news arrives if we let down our defensive and accept the journey forward. Release and allow yourself to express your feelings.

June 23rd signals a time too discuss our ideas and perhaps new awareness’s as the Sun brings us some surprising opportunities to move forward. New directions and excitement fills the air. As you anxiously move forward don’t throw the baby out with the bath water by the 25th as Venus squares off with Jupiter. Heavy expenses can occur if we miss our mark. Don’t get your hopes up too high if a person lets you down within a relationship.

By the Full Moon in Capricorn, all those dreams and inner inspirations can materialize under the heightened energy at this time. We begin to shift positions, as we take what was just an inspiration to a thought verbalize to a live representation of the road forward. We’re turning a corner as the Lord of Karma bears down on this Full Moon. Things can become deadly still as 5 planets are now in retrograde motion and we adhere to just the obligations we need to fulfill. We pull back, quiet our minds and take some solitary time to ourselves come the 28th of June. May of us will be tired by this point in time, ready for the Summer break or holidays arriving soon. What we have sown now comes to fruition. Rewarded if we have been responsible and harsh with those whom have neglected their obligations. There have been little boundaries within the months energies, now we come to realize we need to set some parameters and withdraw into our own space. Personal fears can emerge if we are unaware of life. Time to ground and do a little earthing if possible.

Unexpected news arrives on the 30th just as Mercury enters the sign of Leo. Some wild ideas surface as Mercury squares off with Uranus. Really you won’t expect it. Watch for accidents or issues with travel. Unexpected news events can arrive. Sudden wind storms or weather events... Anything is possible but do avoid confrontations or arguments. Breakdowns in electronics or sudden electrical storms cause disruptions in the electrical grid.

Be inspired this month. Retreat. Discover your own personal ideas or dreams. Where do you see yourself in the future? Rely upon your intuitive side and trust where the energy is directing you. Release your control and allow yourself to drift for just a little bit this month.

Awareness emerges, be inspired. Colleen Jorgensen. Spiritual Journey.

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