Inspiring Awareness by Colleen Jorgensen

Spiritual Journey

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Your full of energy Aries, as you head into June. May could have left you breathless from all the activity, travelling or moving about. This month draws some of that energy to a close. However, you’re still seeking some information or inspirational ideas to propel you into the Summer months.

The New Moon arrives on the 3rd of June, highlighting travel, movement, schedules, agenda’s, bookkeeping and paperwork. Information is key with this New Moon. New information or ideas begin to solidify themselves. You could really be grappling with the truth of things, trying to decide if you should just continue vacation mode, or begin to consider taking some courses. You could be doing both. Retreats or vacations are geared towards learning. Vehicle concerns, as well as appointments are being scheduled and set up. Your beliefs are being challenged this month, so communication can get a bit wonky.

Mercury, now out of bounds, along with Mars your ruler, both are acting up this month, as they set off a series of events. Mercury enters the confines of Cancer shortly after the New Moon, bringing you back to the basics of home & family concerns. Whatever was brewing in December and again in March, is now ready to be launched. A need to reconnect with family or a journey to the homeland of your ancestors. Numerous changes are taking place within this area. A move or relocation could be in the works. Signing of a lease or purchasing a home or even selling become top priorities. Property values, or land issues could be surfacing throughout the month. You can find you’re a bit stretched with issues between home and work concerns.

The middle of the month sets up a series of events, which can be challenging. Launching those plans can cause some confusion, perhaps due to some legal issues. If you’re traveling, make sure you are fully aware of what is going on. Issues surrounding family matters is key to resolving issues, as well as those housing issues.

The Full Moon rises on the 17th of June, joining with the expansiveness of Jupiter, where you’d just like to jet off somewhere warm, to ease some of your strains. The problems surrounding the home can wait just a little longer. If you’re seeking legal council for any reason, this would be a good time to attend to such matters. New obligations or pressures within your career, are pressuring you to move into a new direction. Seeking a home business rather then corporate is an option, due to the pressures of authority or changes within the establishment. June 18th sets things into motion, as you express your decision to others.

The summer solstice arrives on the 22nd. Arriving in your house of home & family, as you gear up for summer. You can find there are some issues within this realm, which just can’t be solved. If you’ve been renovating, you may find that now is the time to finish up things. This also triggers a need to let go of various personal relationships and move on into a more liberated stance. Many of you will be seeking out more group activities in favor of connecting within the confines of family.

There’s a big push this month to make the necessary changes to fulfill your desires.


This is a grand month unfolding for you Taurus, as you begin to figure out what is of value to you and worth the effort of keeping. Uranus has been influencing you early born Taurus’s, setting in motion some big changes on a personal level. The need for expressing your own individuality can be strongly felt.

The New Moon in Gemini can make you restless or anxious about financial issues. Being a sign needing security, this Moon can set your teeth a chattering as you step out of your comfort zone to make some major investments or purchases. This could highlight vehicle repairs or purchases, electronics, or other devices of importance. You could also be spending on a new website, promotional materials or launching some new idea, which you hope will generate some income down the road. Some of you can also be gleaning a new income.

New income seems to arrive as Venus moves into your second house of earnings on the 6th of June. It’s fast past activity, so expect a boost of resources. You could be getting an extra job on top of the one you already have.

Both Mercury and Mars are in Cancer by the 5th of June, and both are out of bounds. This can cause a lot of excitement around paperwork, documentation, bookkeeping, electronic devices, vehicles, deals or propositions. As well you will be on the move, with little chance of sitting still for too long. This is a jammed packed month, which can cause some confusion around associations you have with others. Confusion over the clarity of words can become muddled, so watch your temper if you feel the need to defend some sort of verbal response or action you’ve taken. Associations within groups or friends can become strained this month, as you find tensions building over matters surrounding truth and lies.

If you are looking to partner up with someone, or try to connect or get in specific groups, you may have to dole out some cash to make this happen. This could be investing in specific areas, which sounds all wonderful. There is an element of caution here. If someone is trying to convince you of investing, check everything out prior to making your decisions. This is one-time legal council or seek a professional to look things over, will work in your favor, however it might be painstakingly long before you can get in to seek some council.

Opportunity can come knocking around the 16th though, if you’re looking for that council or advice, as well as some educational pursuits. Travel or traveling can also come into play, as you plan your next vacations. Social connections pull you this way, as opportunities arrive.

The Full Moon arrives by the 17th, addressing investments, banking, taxation or insurance issues. Joined by Jupiter spells, an opportunity to get that loan or add some bonuses to your portfolio. Expenses can also arrive, due to the tension which has built between Jupiter and Neptune. Trust is the key word here. Some investments can be showing some strain of loss. Mercury and Mars will join in your third house of information, so expect some news around this time. Even though money is flowing in, expenses are also rising as others demand their share.

The Solstice arrives also in your third house of information, connecting you with family members or get togethers. Issues which arose around Christmas of last year and March 21st of this year, are activated. Changes are emerging as you make decisions or address concerns about various family members and how you will be communicating going forward. Fresh starts or new agreements are beginning to take hold. Expect an expense around this time.

The 27th, highlights family affairs as you head into Summer.


Welcome to your Birthday month Gemini.

You have been focused upon your own personal issues of late Gemini, making decision about your health or well being, as well as where you seek to go in the future.

The New Moon picks up this theme around June 3rd. It’s square aspect to Neptune can key into how you fit into society. Discussions around your occupation or career become front and center, as you try to figure out where you wish to go next. This can cause you to let go of a profession, as you seek a more fulfilling personal purpose.

Mercury slides into your 2nd house of earned income by the 5th, moving towards Mars. Financial issues have also been primary issues of concern. With the North node moving through this house, there is no doubt you have been seeking additional income from another source or wishing too. Some of your financial investments can also be under strain, as you adjust to dwindling saving accounts or investments have been losing ground. There is pressure here, as some losses of pensions or other available resources have challenged you lately.

You’re energy is increasing through as Venus crosses your Ascendant. This is an excellent month for creative projects. Getting a new hair cut, new wardrobe or other accessories. You also seem to be standing out in the crowd as your popularity increases. So, if you’re seeking attention for some of your creative projects, this is the month to do so.

Mid-month presents some challenges in figuring out where you wish to go professionally. Things can become confusing around this time, as your reputation can be marred by others. Relationship concerns, arise, as so many people seem to want to step in and solve your problems, without much consent from you. Too many people in the kitchen can spoil the soup. Watch who you can trust as well. People surrounding and/or your own personal relationship can be over the top. Exaggerations become a bit over whelming from your perspective. There is a lack of clarity as to what you wish to do going forward. Relationships can come under pressure.

There is also an opportunity to cash in some resources to fund a new project or creative idea by mid-month. Various individuals can claim you are merely wasting financial resources, but you can feel confident in what you are doing.

The Full Moon rises in your seventh house of relationships on June 17th, joined with Jupiter and square to Neptune can spell some strain, as you come to fully realize who is supportive of you, and who is simply trying to sabotage your direction forward. Caution needs to be taken to ensure you know who is telling the truth of things and who is working in your best interest.

Decisions are finalized in relation to earned income by the 18th, Mercury and Mars start a new journey forward in your financial department.

The Summer Solstice arrives on the 22nd, triggering some new projects, and finding out the worth or value of things going forward. This could spell the rise of a new income flowing into you. A home project begins to develop.

As you head into Summer, you begin to get super active and ready to explore your territory.


Welcome to June and Birthday wishes to those early born Cancer. This Month is busy for you, as you begin to address your belief system. Beginning in January, you could have been learning or discovery new ways of thinking. Perhaps through educational pursuits or involvement with travel. Legal or legal matters are also highlighted. Keeping secrets or withholding information seems to be involved, as you figure out your next moves. This all can be changing your perspective about your job and the direction of your employment.

The New Moon emerges in your twelfth house of self undoing on the 3rd of June. Changing the direction of your own dialogue. New discussions begin to emerge which can shift your direction & perspective. Concerns over a loved one’s health or you own need for a check up can bring visits with the doctor or tests. Some fresh new ideas bursting forth of possible solutions or resolutions. Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, can change direction very quickly, as you make new plans for the future, and decisions are being made on a personal level, as to how you need to deal with various concerns related to the well being of loved ones.

Mercury emerges through the Ascendant on the 5th of June, setting into motion various plans you’ve been establishing over the previous month. Now you seem to make your intentions known. Mars already in the house of the physical has perhaps started some new activities around your own health and well being. Changes are emerging physically, and mentally as new perspectives emerge in June. You’ve been putting off on any personal decisions due to the needs of others, so it’s your time to make some personal decisions heading forward.

Venus moves into the house of the mind, by the 6th of June. New likes & dislikes begin to form. This is a highly creative energy, as you begin to see things through the filter of your own imagination. Plans can begin for future possibilities of how you wish to be creative going forward. Issues once again around loved ones and their health can also begin to improve under the guidance of Venus. A daughter or daughter in law may need some health tests or hospital visits.

By the middle of the month, you can be under some pressure if you have been taking courses or educational pursuits, as well as dealing with legal matters. Some of you can be setting up appointments or dealing with a legal issue, which becomes a little more challenging. Your fairly supported this month, so you will be able to work through many of these hiccups.

Job pressures or health issues can cause delays in your education, as more pressing matters come to light. However, you won’t be left high and dry, as a friend or close confidant can assist you in achieving those goals. Perhaps studying with you or coaching you. This can also come from a qualified individual who want to be of assistance. They can lead you in the right direction.

New people can be emerging into your life, as old friends are being released or moving away. The strong attachments you have to others is finally letting go. You realize they are no longer serving a purpose within your life. Decisions are also being made by the 16th, as Mercury trines with Neptune, sparking off a need to get away on a vacation or learning retreat. This can put pressure upon a relationship as they can be left out of the equation. Mercury and Mars join in your first house of self by the 18th, and a fresh start emerges for you personally.

The Full Moon rises on the 17th, highlighting your job sector and co-workers. Jupiter is usually a rather positive energy, producing a possible job offer. You could also be moving into a new position or promotional energy. Some of those new creative ideas, are beginning to burst forth.

The Summer Solstice is an excellent time to launch those plans into motion. The Sun crossing the Ascendant can put you in a position of leadership or prominence. An excellent time to start a new project, health regime or activity you’ve always wanted to do. Some adjustments will have to be made in relation to the family obligations in order for you to fulfill your desires. Avoid pressuring or taxing yourself at this time, as you can feel drawn out or tired from too much activity.

Financial matters begin to surface as you head into the Summer months.


For you Leo, being in the spotlight comes natural to you. Since the previous Full Moon, put pressure upon you with family, property or housing and your connection to relationships. You could have felt tired, drawn out or exhausted. This month can see you biding your time, relaxing and taking some time for seclusion in order to recover. There is a change of mindset emerging due to the pressure of letting go of a job, occupation or health concern.

The universe never leaves you stranded though. A New Moon emerges in your house of dreams, aspirations and associations on the 3rd. New group associations begin to emerge, as well as connections to people who can spur on your goals as you head forward. Invitations and social connections begin to be top of mind. A few parties here and there was always Leo’s strong point. This really takes flight as Venus triggers the New Moon by the 19th and all sorts of decisions begin to take hold.

Mercury the ruler of the New Moon emerges into Cancer triggering plans from December of 2018 and March of 2019. There is a lot of thinking going on here as to future plans. You now begin to release out worn concepts, replacing them with fresh ideas.

Concerns from January, re-emerge by the middle of the month, placing a great deal of focus upon children or their affairs. Joint financial concerns are also highlighted. Perhaps triggering a decision to make an investment. However, things can seem a bit unclear, so it’s important for you to research various aspects of this prior to putting any financial risk forward. It may all sound great on paper, but how it’s going to shake out is another matter. A child may have some big dreams or ambitions, which can put pressure on you, if they ask for some sort of assistance from you.

There are numerous changes arising within your occupation as well as your job status. With Uranus in the 10th, and Pluto and Saturn in the 6th. Health issues or a feeling of exhaustion can be limiting your ability to perform as you’d like too. This can bring about the letting go of various projects or jobs as you can feel stretched to the limit this month. Sudden changes within the profession can also come about. Suddenly let go from one position, only to have another one come about very quickly.

June 14th to 16th, can produce some wonderful ideas for the future. Where, how and when to invest for future gains. However, the launching of such large projects can need some investors from other areas, which can signal problems as people hesitate to believe in your plans or projects.

A decision comes to bear by the 18th, as you begin a new path forward in sorting out the details of your plans. Mercury is out of bounds, so thinking outside the box, is just what you’ll need to boost your ego.

The Full Moon on June 17th, dawns bright for you, at the 25th of Sagittarius. A sign which is very much in alignment with your own personal fire energy. If you’re born in the latter part of August, this Full Moon is a positive energy. Just past a conjunction with Jupiter, could spell some positive news in relation to children, high risk ventures or just having some positive fun experiences. An opportunity can come knocking at this time. Job opportunities which can pay off in large ways. Adjustments will have to be made. Things can seem bizarre, as you grasp for the stars. Financial dividends can also pay off.

The mind can be going a hundred miles an hour this month, with Mercury in the 12th, joined with Mars. This can make you exhausted, tired or just played out. Try to take some time off after the 18th of June.

The Summer Solstice arrives by the 22nd, as the Sun enters the Summer sign of Cancer. This is a time of year; you’d rather be just kicking back and doing your own thing. New things are coming to light, as you change course and plans for the future.

There is not doubt, you’re ready to kick off some ideas by the 27th, as Mercury heads into Leo. The launching of an idea, project or health regime begins. You will also feel like traveling as well. So, pack up and hit the road.


Many Virgo’s can see their relationships through rose colored glasses. Extremely trusting, hopeful, and patient of their partnerships with others. Neptune now riding in the 7th house of relationships can bring some tension as you head into the interior of June. Challenges can present themselves with a significant other or friend. Even those enemies can rear their ugly heads.

This is a very busy month for you Virgo, as you put yourself in the spotlight and charge forward with your career and professional pursuits. If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed, don’t let the energy get the best of you.

There is a large focus upon your career or profession this Month with a New Moon emerging in the 10th house of status on the 3rd of June. New obligations or new beginnings can arise within your profession. After all, you on a roll these days, as you discuss new possibilities going forward. In many ways you can feel like you lack support from others, so hang in their, as you shift gears adding things and letting go of previous creative ventures. This New Moon in Gemini does not blend well with your energy Virgo, so it’s important for you to be clear about your intentions.

Mercury heads into your house of aspirations, dreams and group associations by the 5th. Connecting you with all sorts of new people. Mars has been triggering your plans of forming larger group associations. Perhaps gleaning or reaching out through large forums such as social media or the internet in order to reach a larger audience. Others can also be reaching out to you, to acquire some of your expertise in a particular area. You can find your in hot demand these days, for social functions.

Tension emerges by the 8th, and continues forward into the middle of June, with Neptune coming under stress. Partners or partnerships can be under some tension. Your partner may not fully understand your direction, goals or ambitions going forward. Both of you could have entirely different viewpoints. As well the actions of a partner or friend can be causing you confusion, due to their bizarre actions. This can create some difficulties within the family dynamic, so be prepared to face some challenges.

Venus heads into your house of career by the 6th, producing some nice energy, which increasing your popularity. Everyone might want to be with you these days. Your standing out in the crowd, along with your work projects or career. This can present with it some promotion or recognition in June.

Tensions within the family, could peak around the middle of the month, due to Jupiter’s second square with Neptune. More information can be surfacing, causing a great deal of confusion to take place. The truth and lies take center stage. Uranus however is strongly supporting those early born Virgo’s and Pluto and Saturn are in support of Virgo’s born in the latter part of September. This reinforces your resolve to search out, as well as attaining people in positions of authority for support.

A new highly creative idea can emerge, as you begin to let go of old creative projects and move forward with new solid plans for the future. The Full Moon lights up you forth house of family by the 17th, indicative of a concentrated energy funneling towards issues surrounding family, home, property or ancestral connections. Perhaps there is a need to visit family members.

Mercury and Mars join by the 18th, highlighting plans for your goals. New connections can be made with others as well as forming numerous group connections. Lots of associations emerge.

The Summer Solstice connects you with numerous people as the North Node connects with Neptune in your house of relationships. Indicative of new people emerging into your life. You will have to be cautious though, as Neptune is once again under attack by Venus and Jupiter. People can be over the top. Perhaps sabotaging your efforts, or under cutting your good graces.

By months end you will be seeking a little R& R heading into July. This will spell a need to just sit back and review possibilities heading into the future. Vacation comes to mind.


Hey Libra, welcome to June. This month see’s you focused upon some educational pursuits. Whether your teaching or leaning, some new projects are in the works. Travel plans are not out of the question either, as you head into the summer vacation season.

It’s hard to sit still this month Libra. The New Moon arrives on June 3rd. It’s connecting positively with your natural air qualities being in the sign of Gemini. Decisions come into play, as you debate your options. There’s a real eagerness to learn something new, as you explore your area. You’re connected to a move or perhaps into a new house, indicative of being on the move. You could find you are moving locations, traveling, registering for a course here and there or deciding to venture off on an over-sea venture. Nothing is off limiting this month, and every option is open and up for discussion.

There’s a strong push to activate a career shift as well. As Mercury the ruler of the New Moon shuffles into the peak of your chart. You will want to be out in the world and expressing what you wish to explore going forward. New careers or professional discussions begin to emerge with lots of public activity. Mars collides with the North Node, which triggers some changes in relation to public standing or career choices. An opportunity could be evolving as you take the necessary steps forward around June 11th, 2019.

It’s also around mid-month where you could be having some issues with co-workers and communication problems. Problems at work need to be addressed. There seems to be a lack of clarity going forward. Make sure your agreements or contracts are in place prior to this date, to ensure accuracy. You could also be dealing with challenges related to computers, vehicles or other electronic devices. Malfunctions could be taking place. Watch for accidents during this time, as you’re not paying attention to the road. In addition, obligations or responsibilities around the family or home sphere, could be causing you delays or hold ups. Housing or a move could be taking place, causing interruptions to your activities.

By the 18th, you could see some fresh starts within your profession, as decisions are made, and opportunities arise for further advancements. Later born Libra’s are seeing numerous changes taking place, as they let go of the dependence upon various family connections. However, a family member could be of value going forward in making those advancements possible.

The Full Moon rises within your third house of communication on the 17th, joined with Jupiter square to Neptune, can cause some confusion, with a need to address a specific situation. There can be a lack of direction in relation to your job or co-workers. Accusations or false claims can be made. However, within the confusion there are steps forward, with new possibilities emerging within the profession. New information is coming forward. The Sun’s entrance into the 10th house of profession, also signals more determination to move forward with an idea. There is a connection to the land, property, housing industry, food industry or inspection of such.

By the 27th, many of you will be venturing off connecting within group activities. Should be a pleasant, as you explore your options going forward.


This month Scorpio, the New Moon shuffles into your financial houses. Drawing your attention to investments, taxations, savings accounts or insurance issues, early in the month with a New Moon on June 3rd. Perhaps you need to do some banking or finishing up on your financial connections with others. Some connection to some higher risk investments can also come into play. Children or issues surrounding them financially emerge. If you owe money, or need to pay off some debt, this month highlights a fresh start in this area.

You’ll feel like getting away through. Planning for long distant trips or connections with someone abroad is in the picture. You could also be preparing for some long distant travel in the future. Some fresh income could also be giving you a boost early in the month, so you will have that extra cash to motivate you for those vacations or to extend your own educational pursuits.

Mid-month can bring some challenges with children or their issues. Income could some how be involved. What you value and what you’re children value might be two completely different things, so you should try and take this into consideration. Issues of the romantic nature also are highlighted, as you try to seek out some stimulating excitement and fun for yourself. It could feel like you’re lacking in this department of late.

However, there is an opportunity presenting itself for discussions, changes of direction or mind come the 16th, so be prepared for a fresh start as new plans are formulating. If you’ve been working hard to accomplish several tasks at one time, you can see a release around this time. You’ll be wrapping up projects, tying up loos ends on contracts, agreements or issues related to communication. All this proves positive for you, and you could have nailed it. Good Job.

The Sun enters your house of travel by the Solstice on the 21st, triggering off the need to jet set to some far-off destination or your need to advance your schooling. Some of you also could be teaching something or hosting your own events in some area. Legal papers or legal considerations can also be taking place if you’re purchasing a home or other property.

Expect to be at the top of your game by months end, with a need to really get out and explore the world. Connections or invitations could be arriving, as you seek out some fun in the sun. New ideas and communication in relation to your career and profession can come with some news or decision being made by the 27th. Scheduling issues also seem to be important this month, with some ample opportunities to connect with others.

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer.


There could be a bit of pressure upon you Sagittarius as you head into June. First your ruling planet of Jupiter will be under some stress, beginning early in the month. As a result, you could be feeling a tad under the weather, or just strung out from too much stress or strain. This is a good month to just step back and become aware of the potentials coming forward in the future.

The New Moon on the 3rd of June, lands in your house of relationships, which could trigger some challenges within this area. The demands of various individuals on you or needing your attentions can be a little daunting. Communication will be key to resolving many of these issues. You could also find you are trying to expand a project way too fast or something is pushing you forward at record speeds.

Mercury is moving very fast, as well as being out of bounds, so your significant other can also be under the gun to get things going in one way or the other. It heads into your house of joint financial concerns on the 5th, placing you in a positive position for some gains. Investments, or investing become high priorities. 

Some money could finally be coming through. Mars already here, could already been connecting you with insurances, taxations issues, investments, or the banking sector. Even pensions and savings accounts will be important. The possible investment in a new property is also highlighted.

Some new people could be emerging within your life. This month has new connections starting with others by June 6, 2019.

Around June 16th, can play havoc on you physically, as you have been pushing yourself too hard. Issues with family matters can also be limiting you as you may need to attend to these matters. You will have to watch for possible water damage to the home. You could also see leaking pipes somewhere. However, it seems to be covered through some sort of insurance claim. Look for the positive in whatever is going on, as there seems to be some extra advances financially coming through to protect you going forward.

The Full Moon rises on the 17th, in your sign, giving you a boost up, in solving some of your personal challenges. Joined by Jupiter, it’s bound to give you some lucky accolades heading forward. If you’re thinking of investing, you might have to adjust to various factors going forward, such as interest rates or mortgages.

A new conversation begins, perhaps due to partnering up with someone to make financial advancements by the 18th. This can become a very large project or undertaking, as a larger then normal investment must be made, however, the rewards may outweigh the initial investment. By the 21st on the Summer Solstice, your anxious to get things rolling as new events and projects pop up.

By months end, you are moving forward with plans for vacations, and future vacations abroad. Educational pursuits could also be top of mind, whether your teaching or learning. New energy begins to funnel in by months end, and you could be back on your game.


Welcome to June, Capricorn. There definitely has been a lot of changes going on within your life these days, with both heavy-handed Pluto and the pressures of Saturn putting you into high pressured situations. So, you need to be a little extra careful with your health these days. Make sure your eating your greens.

This month begins with a New Moon and the air waves of Gemini, placing a focus upon your work, co-workers and health concerns. You can find a fresh start emerging due to a new job or additional workload from somewhere. This can begin to give you a fresh perspective as well as some new plans for an exercise program or diet. There could be a bunch of things going on, so be prepared to be busy. Since communication is highlighted, you could be asked to do interviews, and be busy with paperwork.

Mercury heads into your relationship sector by the 5th, which triggers some issues from December, as well as March. If you’ve been struggling within existing relationships, you can find you are attracting some new people within your life. Mars already here, still can have caused some upsets with others. Arguments or disagreements could have surfaced.

Venus moves into your work sector on the 6th of June, giving you some luck with those job opportunities going forward. However, you do seem to be having all sorts of communication problems by mid-month.

You will have to be cautious in terms of how you are expressing your ideas. Communications seems to be a little wonky these days with a whole host of people, especially those you work with. You could also be having some electronic problems, vehicle problems, or phone problems. Make sure that what you are saying and what you are doing match up. With so many planets assisting you in your relationship houses though, someone should be sure to give you a hand up with such matters.

The Full Moon rises in your 12th house of secrecy on the 17th of June. It could be back to the drawing board as you let go of old preconceived notions. You’re a natural stickler for tradition, but some things are releasing as you move forward on your journey. The way you think, and what others think can cause some adjustments to be made.

You also can hear some good news around the Full Moon energy, as an opportunity presents itself.

The Solstice brings you together with others. As the Sun reaches out for assistance and companionship heading into the summer months. You could reconnect within a relationship as well as reach out to new people emerging into your life.

There’s a new conversation by the months end, as Mercury slides into your house of finances. A boost in pay or some other accolades could be heading your direction.


Welcome to June Aquarius. The universe is trying to set you back on course in June. The New Moon arrives in the compatible sign of Gemini, enabling you to think rationally and solve various issues by the 3rd of June. Beautiful Venus in Taurus has been creating some challenges within the family dynamics, as you could have felt like a daughter or other close female has been against you. However, this New Moon allows a new perspective to arise, and some opportunities to change course within your health or job sector can manifesting as a positive working relationship. Children also are highlighted with this New Moon.

Mercury is full of energy, as it scoots into Cancer by the 5th, triggering some communication to arise within your job. It might be hard not to express your desires within the work area. This could also be a time when you are considering a new health regime or dealing with some tests. A physical is not out of the question.

Venus also enters the house of romantic interests & children by the 6th. Connections with children and their activities is highlighted. A real enjoyment of connecting with loved ones for some fun activities. Entertainment as well as romantic interests are also part of the plan this month.

There is little doubt that the mid section of June will be addressing your earned income, or the lack of it. Just as Jupiter makes it’s second connection with Neptune by the 16th. This could create some tensions to build as expenses seem to pile up. You will need to watch your spending, as debt issues are top of mind. This can cause some mental anxiety to play out, as you struggle to work in order to pay off various debts, which have accumulated over time.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as a new job opportunity can be presenting itself. So, apply for those jobs or grants if you are able to do so. By the 18th, you could have landed the most amazing job, if you’ve been actively seeking one out. New exercise programs as well as new activities are emerging. There are also some nice ideas emerging as to how you can glean just a little more money. This could be a new idea, buying and selling some items which are no longer of value to you. Organizing what’s important and what isn’t. Some assistance from someone in an authoritative position can also be helping you out.

The Sun moves into Cancer by the 21st, triggering the summer solstice, as it moves into your 6th house of health and job sector. Further triggering the necessary things in life to get finished up. Paying those bills, organizing things and setting everything in its place.

Mercury finally shifts into your house of relationships by the 27th, which begins to connect you with all sorts of people. A significant person within your life can also become rather important. Travel and short little vacations are also highlighted as you head into the summer months.


May of you have been dealing with some very personal issues. June seems to highlight some of these bizarre issues which have been surrounding you since the beginning of the year.

The New Moon rests in your house of home and family matters by the 3rd of June. Many of you, could have been dealing with water issues within the home, renovations or some other major project. This month could set up a new energy within this sector of life. A fresh coat of paint, redecorating, or just adding a few pillows here and there. Family and guests could also be coming into the home, so you’ll need that fresh new look. This need for something new and refreshing also is triggered when Venus moves into your home sector by the 6th of June.

Family matters can feel a bit challenged this month, as so many connections are linked with family and their concerns. You could feel stretched a bit thin, as you try to meet the demands from several family individuals all at the same time. Financial concerns also could be in play, as potential needs are not being met.

The tension builds as you slide into the midsection of June. Some previous personal issues begin to highlight themselves once again. Your career seems to be placing some significant challenges onto your path, as you attempt to get everything completed by those deadlines. There seems to be an ever growing pile of things to get done, which plays havoc with your health and well being.

Mars in the 5th house of children, can indicate some assistance. As well they could be promoting and helping you sort out some materials from several groups of people. There could be some public affair, which you need to be getting ready for, and don’t have the time to master everything at once. This could be quiet a large affair you’re handling. By the 16th, you could be a little overwhelmed with everything and will need to speak you’re peace about how you wish things to get accomplished. There could be some controversy over who thinks you should be doing it differently. There could be some delays at this point.

The Full Moon rises on the 17th, bringing into awareness some direction, which needs to be taken. If you’ve forgot anything, this will be the time, you acknowledge those last little details. As well, you could see some acknowledgements or awards for hard work done in this area. There are some opportunities to realize your dreams and wishes going forward. Others can also be of assistance as group or social activities are highlighted.

There is a fresh new start to things by the 18th, as you decide on a new course of actions. Children can also be making some decisions as to which direction they are going, if they are adults. You could be making some decision if you children are younger about their affairs. Romantic interests come into view and perhaps some risk taking if you are considering investing in some venture.

The Sun’s movement into the sign of Cancer, signals a pleasant energy begins to emerge by the 21st. So, hang in there, for this moment in time. You could be considering some fun activities for the summer months. Socializing as well as embracing some nice activities with a loved one.

The 27th, brings Mercury back to reality and to the practical affairs of life. Daily activities come more into focus, like paying those bills, organizing and planning for the next couple month.

Disclaimer: Astrology is considered a form of entertainment and should be viewed as such. If you need professional advice in any area of life, it is recommended you seek a qualified person out. There are not guarantees the events will transpire or happen within the life of the person who holds the Sun Sign positioning. We as individuals move through the signs during our lifetime, and so you may no longer be carrying the energy of a particular sign. Sun Sign Astrology is for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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