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June Astrology Forecast

Adventure through Acceptance

Sometimes in life, we just gotta love life for what it gives us. June is an adventure of possibilities. It’s got ups, it’s got downs, and it’s got thrills, as well as these still moments of reflections. We need to hang on tight, so we don’t feel like we are falling out of step with the Universe. Just be in acceptance of life’s events. Opportunities to capitalize on the information we hear, and who we connect with. Sometimes, we just gotta be upside down just to see things from a different perspective. Shaking us up a bit, in order to make us realize we are really blessed to be alive.

The month of June is a month filled with activity, based on the Sun being in the airy sign of Gemini. Gemini is full of ideas, gossipy information, ready to seize the moment of opportunity. It’s a fast-quick sign, which likes to be on the go, exploring the area around. Discovering tid bits here and there. June can be flighty.

We’ve been busy. Going here, there and everywhere. Getting ready for Summer to arrive. Gardens get planted, yards get cleaned up. The dust gets shaken out and the cobwebs of the winter get swept away.

We’re just coming off a stormy New Moon on May 25th, indicating some stormy weather for June. As well Mars in Gemini just opposed the might of Saturn in Sagittarius on May 29th, revealing some truths from August of 2016, when the cycle began. This can be a hard nut to crack, so expect to sit tight until all your chores are done before you can make merry. The Sun will trigger this degree come the 15th of June, so there will be repercussions for not adhering to the rules. Mercury is quick to catch up to the Sun this month, moving very fact through the sign of Gemini in order to catch him by the Summer Solstice on June 21st, but before he does, he also triggers the Mars oppose Saturn aspect on the 18th. Information will be revealed as to who the culprit is. The truth is always better, so if you are hiding secrets it’s time to get real with yourself. Leaders maybe making announcements. There can also be a show of military might, as Leaders demonstrate their capabilities.

The intensity begins to rise, as the month progresses, due to both Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces standing still in our skies also around the middle of the month. Just as the Sun and Mercury trigger the Mars oppose Saturn. Both are preparing to station. Jupiter direct on the 10th and Neptune retrograde on the 16th of June. This will heighten our awareness of our relationships and the confusion which can be surrounding them. They also seem to be playing the blame game. Pointing fingers and accusing the other of being difficult. A series of Yods form in the skies. We many wonder if we’ve been hanging around with the wrong crowd, only to find out, there was more going on then we had first anticipated. Relationships, alliances, partnerships have all been going through some shifts and changes. June will be no different. June brings a heightened awareness of our connection with others. Yet, we can find we are stuck within them. Reliable upon their influences, resources, dependencies or other difficult circumstances which we seem to have little control over. There seems to be a crisis of some sort evolving, but our choices are limited. This can cause us frustration, as the difficulties seem to be impossible to resolve. Let sleeping dogs lie. The alliance between countries, trade agreements appear to be significant.

In the background of all the activities in June we have this most wonderful Grande Fire Trine aspect between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node in Leo. Suddenly we are on a new venture, which inspires us to make life worthwhile. We can see new innovative ideas emerge, which become tangible. Space, internet advances for the future move into existence. Spontaneous ideas emerge which take hold. New kings, rulers and leaders rise to the top, which come about in the most unusual manner. Science, sudden awareness of ideas come surging forward. Thought provoking possibilities are on the table. This Trine will consistently be in effect throughout much of the year. Making its next hit on November 11th, 2017.

This month opens with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Virgo on the 1st. Pay attention to the details, as we can get a bit testy if things don’t look right. We come to a crossroads at this juncture from the New Moon cycle. Issues surrounding the New Moon cycle, become highlighted again. The Manchester bombing. The G-7 meetings, the gathering of leaders from around the world and issues they discussed. Trumps visit to the middle east. Venus is in a wonderful Trine to Saturn, so we can begin to build some trust. Make a solid plan for budgets and dedication to your project.

Venus then connects with Uranus on the 2nd, bringing about some spontaneous connections with others. Sudden meetups. Connecting with the most unusual people whom are both enlightening and inspiring. Excitement, sudden windfalls or assistance financially. Fresh new starts as Venus and Uranus form a new cycle starting. It will be noteworthy. People come and go quickly.

The Sun squares with Neptune on the 4th, and it can signal a time where leaders or bosses are acting rather peculiar. Avoid being led astray. Smoke and mirrors and illusions.

Both Venus and Mercury and Mars move into new signs this month. We’re on to new landscape. Feeling refreshed after a long journey through the early signs of the zodiac. We can feel as though we have a new lease on life at the beginning of the month.

First Mars on the 5th into the sign of Cancer. A placement which is frustrating for him, due to him being in Fall. He hits this Cardinal Sign, with a thud as all his focus begins to gravitate towards home and family concerns. This is the degree of the Summer Solstice, ushering Summer in a bit earlier then anticipated. With it’s entrance it brings into formation the first Yod. Mars calls for too much emotion in relation to our activities. So, pay attention to your intuition folks. It’s protectionism, defending one’s homeland out of patriotic duty.

Venus into Taurus on the 6th, stabilizing situations within relationships and financial concerns. Banking could become highlighted. This is a strong placement for Venus, so she will be strong in her actions. Watch you don’t dig in your heels and leave yourself without a backup plan.

Mercury moves into the sign of Gemini. He’s moving very quickly this month. Moving through this sign within 14 days flat. We’re quick on our feet. Witty expressions, fast paced conversations. The need to state our view points as we gather information for the future. Our environments are excellent places to hide out. Quick little trips within our surrounding area will do wonders to clear the webs from the brain. Take a little road trip this month, you’ll very much enjoy the journey.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius further complicates things on the 9th of June, just as Jupiter is stationing direct on the 10th. This is a moment in time, when we will really be seeking out the truth. Bringing awareness to our environment and the people within this environment. I get the sense we feel like we can handle anything with this Full Moon, as we search for our own justice. Jupiter ruling this Full Moon highlights once again those whom are important to us. Are we gaining or releasing loved ones and who is our loyal friends? We can emerge from this Moon with an change of position as we become clear in our beliefs and perspective. With Neptune at a Midpoint with this Moon, we can find ourselves dissolving issues, only to allow new issues to form. Watch you are not caught up in situations which can be polarizing. Free yourselves from those whom seem unstable. Justice and the idealism of Peace are a strong force. Issues related to immigration and the resolution. It can seem unclear as to how this issue can be resolved. Changes of direction are indicative due to crisis or a transformation of consciousness.

We’re at a crossroads on the 17th of June with a Waning Quarter Moon arrives in Pisces, signaling the end to a journey as a New one is just over the horizon. This can be a sensitive time, as we dream deeply throughout the night. Watch and listen for messages to emerge.

The Summer Solstice arrives on the 21st as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. Mercury will sit at the 29th degree at it’s entrance, but will quickly catch up with the Sun a few hours later. This chart dictates events or energies of the coming season. Saturn is very elevated in the Ottawa Chart in the sign of Sagittarius. This highlights the responsibilities of leaders to resolve issues of immigration due to terrorist or other issues in other countries. Boarder issues. Saturn is trine to Uranus giving us a glimpse of innovative ideas to lead us into the future. Boarders, boundaries and even walls will be mentioned. Mars is preparing to line up against Jupiter in Libra, positioning military influences for protecting homelands. Neptune is rising, which can produce confusion, delusions or illusions for the people of the country. Scandals, secrets, conspiracy theories, espionage, spying and whistle blowers emerge.

A couple days following the Summer Solstice, the New Moon emerges on the 23rd in the sign of Cancer. This is a strong Moon for Change and shifting positions to begin new projects. We have a group of planets, known as a Stellium in this sign, all marching towards difficult configurations. Mars is in the lead, so I’m suspecting it will be hitting first and asking questions later. Defence and defensiveness. The alliances and the groups we have embedded ourselves within, seem to become out of alignment with our family values and/or are jeopardizing our personal relationships. Friends become enemies. We can retreat with this Moon, delving into our own little shells for some time with self and families. Try not to over-react, set some much-needed boundaries to feel secure.

Primarily the month’s end of June becomes increasingly stressed, as Mars moves forward to both trigger Jupiter in Libra and oppose Pluto by months end. Mars will first square Jupiter on the 24th. This can feel like a war based on religious principals. A cry for justice. Venus will Trine Pluto, so we are intensely attached to our principals, triggering an over-reaction, exaggerations and promising more then we can deliver. This can be a hot and heavy week-end. By the 25th, we need to be nurtured, but the unexpected nature today can send us into being a needy individual. Wild over-exaggerations. Posturing, patriotism, protectionism of homeland against possible exaggerated threats of invasion. Wasting, extremist view points. At the same time Mars will Trine Neptune, which can lead us into believing we are justified in what we are saying or doing, due to the illusion we have created. We are confident if nothing else.

Things ease somewhat on our path to July, for a couple days. Take this time to breath. We are only on the verge of control, as Mars heads towards Pluto. Make sure you are clear about the facts of what is being told to you as we are often in the grips of an imagined force, propelling us forward.

We run into our Waxing Quarter Moon on the 30th of June in Libra. Try to be diplomatic, when pleading your case. Be simple today, take deep breaths and meditate on how you will proceed.

Mars in Cancer meets head on with Pluto in Capricorn in opposition as a highlight of July’s news. It’s an us versus them mentality. People against governments or the corporate world.

Be prepared for a volatile end to the month of June. Yet, if we can become consciously aware if we recognize the energies swirling around us. We can view it as an adventure forward in life, opening possibilities for us.




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