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Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter will transit through the 30-degree span of the Universe known as Capricorn in 2020. He begins his trek on December 2/3rd, of 2019. The last time he visited this area was 2007-2009. If you remember what was transpiring around this time, you may experience similar energies.

He’s moving very quickly from Jan to March, almost completing the full 30-degree span. Jupiter begins to slow down come April and stations retrograde on the 15th of May at the 27th degree of Capricorn. He remains in retrograde motion up till September 13th at the 17th degree. A position he held on the 18th of February 2020. Jupiter begins to pick up speed by October, finally breaking new ground on the 6th of December of 2020.

For Jupiter this is really an uphill climb, as Jupiter doesn’t like the coolness of Capricorn. He’s deemed to be in his Fall, with his feet unsure of the environments stability. Slipping and falling. Jupiter in this case is unseen, dropping out of sight. His issues or concerns are not fully recognized. Which is most unfortunate for those under the influences of his path forward. Some people may be considered, helpless or having little assistance. Those in prominent positions can find themselves falling out of favor, disgraced in some manner or suffering some sort of limitation placed upon them. Capricorn rules the elite, the best of the best, who have climbed to the top. Sacrificing other areas of life in order to reach their pinnacle. Prime Ministers, CEO’s, Presidents, Judges, Professors, Lawyers, Dignitaries, Government officials, corporate business owners, or Rulers of prominent establishments. Good leaders can see further acclaim with this placement. Receiving rewards or recognition for their service. Others may fall from grace, disgraced or struggling to maintain their positions.

During his journey, he’s very busy. He will be instrumental in pushing forward a new agenda due to his connections with other planets during his route. He seems to be skirting Saturn but will finally catch up with him in December. Like a game of tag, he will be after Pluto, and promoting new ideas with Neptune.

Feb 20, 2020: Jupiter sextiles Neptune

April 4, 2020: Jupiter conjuncts Pluto

June 30, 2020: Jupiter conjuncts Pluto

July 27, 2020: Jupiter sextiles Neptune

Oct 12, 2020: Jupiter sextiles Neptune

Nov 12, 2020: Jupiter conjuncts Pluto

Dec 21, 2020: Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Although we have the major shift taking place with the Saturn conjunct Pluto aspect occurring on Jan 12, 2020. Jupiter will play a pivotal roll in expanding our awareness of the world at large. Making us aware of the slow deterioration and the need for the re-birthing of various structures within our lives. New innovative ideas will emerge, and new practices will be established within the global communities.

This can be the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructures. An expanding gift of new technologies, whereby we open the doors to accepting new scientific finds, which begin to emerge in December of 2019 with the positive connection Jupiter makes with Uranus. This can introduce us to new forms of energy, power grids, robotics or other scientific advances.

Capricorn is a harsh environment. Signaling the beginning of winter. Barren and cold against any growth. It seeks to maintain the status quo. Enduring the hardships presented with winter’s winds. In this respect it’s presents establishes routines, long held traditions and practices patience within it’s folds.

During ancient times we needed strong leaders to guide the people through the cold season. The rationing to make the supplies last. The business agreements to ensure success of the peace within the community. The need to be responsible, organized and dignified in a constructive manner, which benefited those around us. We relied upon the seasoned veterans, the elders and wise ones within the community, whom had the knowledge to pass on to those whom would eventually take over the roll of guide or keeper of the country, state or community.

These long held traditional ways will hold back Jupiter’s need to expand business, trade routes, international trade, increase immigration and bring new religious views into our lives. However, this can cause a great deal of expanding fear of the unknown. This introduction of new technologies as well can be limited due to the unaccepted viewpoint of many people. It will take a while to climatized to such new morals or ethical considerations.

We still hold fast to some of these traditional ways. We have built upon these same traditional ways. Focused upon business, our goals moving forward. This is a career-oriented sign, which seeks to establish prominence, a livelihood, or profession to sustain one through life. We are climbing the professional ladder, aiming to reach the pinnacle of our desires. Placing a mark on our achievements. It takes discipline, adherence to the protocols within the structure. It plays on the boss and employer mentality. The leader, and citizens, thus ruling governments or the establishment.

Jupiter seeks to bring awareness through education, experiences, & counseling. With the seizing of opportunities available to us. This can crack open our awareness of our present systems. The moral values within these structures and how well they are functioning. Jupiter is also very much about discipline, repercussions, push us forward in our wisdom. This occurs through the judicial systems. It has high expectations, increasing our ambitious motivations to succeed through right action.

The journey with Jupiter will enhance our momentum forward. Pushing us down a new path by addressing issues within the destructive patterns of Pluto’s journey through this sign in previous years. This is a long journey. Jupiter connected to Pluto can open new avenues of business practices. Perhaps new types of businesses will spring up out of the old crumbling systems. A new way of doing business. Realism and realistic practices begin to form through this connection. Change is on the wind, as new leaders begin to emerge with a strong message of transformational change. The people will not accept the old mantra’s of dictatorship, hardship or strong force against them. The corruption within some governments is collapsing, in favor of a new dawn of realizations. People are more educated, aware and not so reliant of the old systems. Jupiter is about being fair, treated equally through the practices of the laws.

This can produce a great expansiveness. An awareness of the limitations presented upon us in various regions of the world. Freedom fighting can become more ramped up for a specific cause. A belief or need for the truth. With Pluto’s presents, we are more determined to set the record straight. To prove our points through a higher inspirational journey. A belief can push us far within our goals to readjust the toxic environments surrounding us. The clearing of debris, garbage or the environmental issues and holding leaders to account for some of these disasters, as Greta Thunberg has begun to introduce us too. In this situation it’s not about the people recycling, it’s about the leaders of governments who allow it to exist in the first place.

Jupiter with Neptune can bring a powerful push forward and into spiritual practices. These may begin to infiltrate and become norm within our business structures and institutions. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Promoting wellness, optimism and growth through practices like meditation, spiritual beliefs, manifestations, ancient practices, such as Yoga, clairvoyance, religious communities, to change and be changed within a structure which needs change. This is a shifting of perception. New religions may spring up, as we step beyond our own limitations, through faith and trust.

New advances within the science world, university departments, new courses emerging, which ride the line between old and new. A spiritual regeneration, renewal to enhance our insight of the world around us. Inter-relations with other countries. Shifting awareness of boarders, immigration issues, educational pursuits, the judicial systems, criminal activities, trafficking, mobster mentality, gangs, or those whom seek to use violence as a method of controlling those around them.

Many structures within our societies are crumbling under the Pluto transit through Capricorn. Pluto does nothing fast. It’s a slow deterioration of the existence of an element. The breaking down, wearing away until the destruction of the element as it formally existed. This transforms in ways we have trouble understanding. It rots from the inside out. Jupiter will set the stage to begin a new cycle.

The journey of Jupiter though Capricorn, can lead to the expansion of dictatorship around the world, and the limitations democratic countries have within the new structures forming. We could be challenged by strong leaders emerging around the world. Ready to demonstrate their power. International institutions can be a judicial system to maintain the status quo. International court hearings maybe established. In addition, old systems of dictatorship can be crumbling, ready to be replaced by new laws. Expect boarder disputes, new laws to control the masses, religious grand standing, new laws within the immigration system.

We can be brought to the bring of the over abundance mentality of making it to the top. Reaching our goals. Becoming wealthy instantly with no work or effort. However, with this combination, we will have to work. If we have goals, aspirations and desires to reach the pinnacle of our efforts, it will be nose to the grindstone. If you persist, you will be rewarded by such efforts and sacrifices.

Blessings to All

Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen

Acknowledgements to the artist/photographer: Unknown.

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