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Jupiter in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn

The connection between Jupiter the planet of expansion, beliefs and higher knowledge reaches out to Pluto, a planet of power, control and change. With the positive Trine energy we have the ability to create a positive, uplifting change within our lives, society and the world.

These two planets will become exact in aspect on October 11, 2015 at the 16th degree of Virgo/Capricorn.

They will then connect on March 16, 2016 with Jupiter retrograde at the 17th degree.

They make their last contact on the 26th of June, 2016 with Pluto retrograde at the 16th degree. They will join with the fixed stars of Coxa and Vega. With Jupiter close to Coxa expect good trade agreements for merchandise. Release of redemption of various captives. Prophesy, oracle. With strength and wisdom. Pluto forms a connection with Vega. People whom are riding this wave politically will see luck within their political achievements. There is a generosity and/or practicality within their campaign. Look for people hitting highs of fame, who come and go within the media. Artistic talent is on the rise. [Astrology on the web: Fixed Stars].

This is a very uplifting energy. Our faith or beliefs can actually move mountains. With both planets in the sign of the earth element, we can accomplish something that is practical. It's sustaining going forward in the future. Sheer determination can create miracles at what we can achieve. This is a motivational, hopeful aspect. It gives optimism to those whom need a little boost to make the necessary changes within their own lives.

For most of us, change or transformation within our lives doesn't come easy. We need to be inspired, motivated in order to tear down the comforts of the walls we've created. This connection can change our perspective as Pluto shows the world a different side. New world leaders come upon the stage. New ideologies move us onto a different path. There will be moments we will look out at various groups and realize, someone has done something really rather remarkable. Moving from the bottom rungs of the ladder against all odds, reaching the top of the mountain. This is a feeling of hope to build something we thought could not be done. It gives hope. 

Change has been a strong word in the last few years. Obama ran on the word change. Recently Trudeau (Newly elect Prime Minister of Canada) rode the wings of the word change. People are eager for change. Any type of change. Jupiter inspires us to believe in this concept. That anything is possible.

Within the world in the last several years entire populations have strove for change. Eager to change the structure of business, governments or religious fractions. Societies protests against the imbalances between the rich and poor, fought over religious territory, struggled with dominant rulers. All in the name of change.

This aspect will further ignite our passions to actually move forward to rebuild, restructure or reshape various ideas. Jupiter is an ever expanding planet. Within the sign of Virgo he can over blow the little details. Spreading far and wide various news issues coming forth. It reminds me of the paper boy calling out the headlines on a busy city street. Now we will witness the possible expansion of various media outlets though social media, or internet medium. This aspect can over-whelm us with the details. Where we can't, "see the forest for the trees". The information can be insurmountable if we don't manage the pieces bit by bit. The connection with Pluto in rebuilding various infrastructures within our world can lead many a person to make promises which are larger then can perhaps be managed in the long run. Causing people to just feel over-whelmed with too much. The couch may look better as thought roll around in our heads but not getting much accomplished. 

Pluto in Capricorn is attempting to create structured change within our business or government sector. It's a slow moving process of destruction. Throwing out the garbage which isn't working any longer. In order to rebuild a solid functional society. The connection between the two can create a positive step forward for rebuilding.

Jupiter's need to expand the needs of Virgo and the connection to Pluto in Capricorn can produce positive results to ensure stability moving forward. The concerns of the working class citizen can be harmonized with the larger business sectors of society. Promises for new job creation. Jobs related to Virgo's interests of health, nutritional needs, food production, nutritional needs. Crop production, the food supply, organic products, dairy products, herbs, domestic gardening will see advances moving forward. Negotiations between trading countries to open boarders. New business will be created within these sectors. Business or governments can be focused on industries which promote environmental concerns. Capitalizing on these various industries, perhaps through big business taking a control in various fractions of these businesses.

The  erosion to infrastructure is also another area which surfaces out of the belly of Pluto's destructive force in Capricorn. Old roadways, bridges and buildings need attention to move into the future. Concerns over plumbing, septic systems or water distribution systems will be addressed through the analytical views of Jupiter in Virgo. Resolution to repair, rebuild can create huge job creation for the working class. To perhaps promote economic movement within a country. Expect dirt moving ceremonies. Projects maybe promised but various projects might have trouble getting through the systems of bureaucracy, red tape of the various levels mired in the details of any project.

Various religious beliefs arise. Philosophies connected to old belief systems, can emerge as popular. Old traditional ideologies.. Perhaps pagan traditions connected to the earth. The use of herbs. The power of mother nature to heal. New leaders emerge to spread their views through social media, internet or other forms of communication. New communications techniques might take hold. Traditional uses or the old ways in various cultures will surface. The emergence of inspirational stories, which charge us to make our own leap forward in whatever belief we may have.

Whatever, creative energy emerges from this contact.Whether this be a leader, new philosophy, inspiration or change. We are inspired by each other to make a better world. To connect by learning, educating ourselves through media. Government can change, yes in deed.We can produce a better world just by believing.


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