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March 2016

It's Eclipse Season!

Well as you've probably noticed, I've changed the name of my monthly report. After discovering another person using Astor-Energy, I've decided to change it to vibrations. Recently scientists have discovered what they term as “Gravitational Waves”. I find this absolutely fascinating. As for me I wonder what more we will discover on our journey into space investigation. Perhaps one day recognizing Astrology as a valid science due to energy correlations affecting the universe.

This is the month of St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th. This date was originally an ancient festival which honoured wine and fertility. Perhaps due to the closeness to the Equinox. This is the only festival of March in recognition of St. Patrick of Ireland whom gave birth to Christianity in the region. It's celebrated today in various countries including Canada.

Major Highlights.

We are heavily weighted by several influences this month. This is Eclipse Season and as such can be charged with extra energies. Eclipse's are highly charged New and Full Moons. Produced by either the Moon moving between the Sun and Earth, blocking the light from the earth or the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon. In either case the lineup of the Earth, Moon and Sun are significant. They arrive in pairs in similar signs approximately every 18-19 years apart and run in cycles. We are presently in the cycle of the astrological signs of Virgo and Pisces. An eclipse often marks endings and beginnings. Changes occur as something is blocked out of existence really for another thing begins. This can be related to interests as well a society moving into a new direction. If an eclipse lands in aspect to one of your planets, it's influence will be felt within your life.

Our first eclipse happens on March 8/9th with a Total Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees of Pisces 56minutes with a New Moon. The last eclipse occurring around this degree happened on March 8th, 1997 at 18 degrees -36 minutes of Pisces. So if you can think back to this time, similar connections could be arising.

With this eclipse the Moon blocks out the light of the Sun. Thus we may lack direction or be confused due to the lack of clear avenues. We rely more on our own instincts rather then on our rational mind. This eclipse is a south node eclipse. Thus we need to connect to past or let go of past attachments or a link to something that happened in the past. It's influence will be felt around December 7th, 2016 with a culmination around Sept 6th of 2017 and finally an ending to issues around June 6th, 2018 with the Moon cycles present due to similar Quarter and Full Moons occurring around this degree.

Eclipse's produce change. There is a stellium of planets in this chart in the sign of Pisces. Which could amplify energies around what this sign represents. Religious influences with beliefs changing. Issues related to spiritual awareness. Healing, health, institutions, drugs/pharmaceutical, water/especially oceans, disease/epidemics, psychological influences. Enlightenment due to the veil being so thin. Possible discoveries related to psychic work, meditations or other forms of spirit connections. This is a time of connecting to spirit. As well new religious doctrine might be introduced or old religious beliefs begin to emerge. There can be a sense of being confused around this time as well. Things might not make sense. Old wounds or hurts may come to the surface to be eliminated or dealt with. Religious beliefs may also be challenged related to what is the correct way of seeing things. Reality might set in with this eclipse as we strain to know the facts. It's a New Moon that can lead us into fascinating avenues, but you must try to keep your head on straight and not be led into the lairs den. Deep religious beliefs can emerge at this time. Research the facts. Watch for various individuals taking advantage of others. If all else fails, exercise, eat a clean diet and clean your closets. This is a good moon for spiritual practices, such as medium-ship, psychic awareness or meditations. Have a reading with a qualified individual. Great Moon for honoring the water element. Water rituals. An outpouring of compassion, faith and hope.

Water and water issues are huge with this eclipse. Possible weather problems. Flooding in certain areas may occur or extreme rain. As well we can encounter severe drought conditions due to the south node influences.

By March 16th, we see the second connection between Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. Has anyone noticed the amount of gyms opening up? I think I counted three of them on just one small block in our city. As I recently wrote in my article Jupiter Trine to Pluto, we are creating big business especially related to the Virgo themes this year. Virgo is very much associated with health. People are getting on the band waggon to join gyms, eat better, get in shape. Healthy eating, buying locally and avoiding foods which seem to be mass produced. Pollution and environmental concerns are also creating big business ideas. Environmentally conscious companies are emerging which are making huge income from these businesses.

Pluto by nature is rather secretive ruling criminal activities and secretive groups. Many of these so called criminal groups can be emerging as a saviour in some manner. People might be gravitating towards some of these groups as they are indeed becoming rather powerful in their ability to control the beliefs of others. I think this is called recruitment of various fractions whom are very difficult to get rid of. Perhaps because they do indeed hold power, either through financial gains or through influences.

In other respects this is a great combination for powerful expansive. Transformation affecting large populations through sheer determination to make a difference. Spiritual health is important to this combination. New businesses are emerging which highlight spiritual practices which are beneficial to mind, body and spirit. Each however is broken down into a smaller piece of interest. Some take Yoga, some take crystal healing, some take meditation. They are broken down into different practices, which are growing in popularity by the minute. As well we are learning a new belief system. Yes the church is still strong and with this combination can be regaining some popularity through the ability to take one problem at a time and solve it. Hugely influential due to it's massive financial influences. We are moving into a spiritual awareness.

We then have the New Year beginning astrologically. Occurring on March 19th/20th depending where you live. Marked by the Sun's entrance into the sign of Aries. Springing forth the Equinox. The term Equinox means balanced or equal. A time when the Sun crosses the equator. Where the day is of equal length to the night. This time is a celebration for many as it signals the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere. With the fall coming forth for the southern hemisphere. We all know the Sun does not move. It's the tilting of the axis of the earth which causes the Sun to rise at this time of year.

On the eastern part of North America it will occur on March 20th at 12:30 AM with Mars rising over Ottawa and Washington which has arrived in the sign of Sagittarius earlier this month. Fighting over religious philosophies. Aggression, combat or even War. It really isn't in a mood for getting along. There may be issues over debt and printing more money to manage. Interest rates can become a factor.

Central Standard Time in North America the Equinox arrives at 10:31 Pm on March 19th with Scorpio Rising Trine to Venus/Neptune conjunction. This bodes much better for the interior of North America. An easy flow of energy creates opportunity to create future business ventures. It ties into the Jupiter Trine Pluto coming at the end of this month. Indicating a spring season laced with expanding wealth and transformation if you allow your mind to expand to new possibilities.

The West Coast of North America sees the Equinox arrive at 9:31 PM on the 19th of March with Libra Rising over Vancouver/Washington/California. Libra is the sign opposite Aries. The Ascendant is joined with the fixed star of Spica. Indicating fame, wealth, glamour or honour. With Neptune and Venus joined, more film or entertainment industry playing a part. Money maybe spent in large quantities around these areas. Children might also play a roll. Relationships are highlighted.

The Moon is at the 23rd degree of Leo in all three charts. It's hard to let go of ego with this chart. Although it may bring a spring which is romantically wishful. Perhaps still continuing to live with our heads in the clouds, but do not be drawn into the web of illusions. Ground yourself if you can and enjoy the journey.

Again with so much Pisces influences, we may feel like we are pulled in several directions. It can be a magical journey. Meeting soul mates, realizing dreams, transforming and expanding thought this spring. Celebrate this Equinox with water rituals. For heaven sakes don't get stuck in the mud. We are fired up this Equinox with the Fire Trine between the Moon, Uranus and Saturn happening exact just prior to the Equinox. Lots of action happening this Spring.

We then have two things happening simultaneously on the 23rd of March. We have the finishing up of the Libra/Aries eclipse's from last year with a Lunar Eclipse at the 3rd degree of Libra 17 minutes. Arriving a couple days after the Equinox. We're shifting. The stellium (a group of planets in the same sign) in Pisces remains. We had a similar Lunar Eclipse which happened September 27th of 2015. Also back on September 26th of 1996 a similar eclipse happened at the same 4th degree of Aries. You may recall some connections. Along this axis is where we identify ourselves with others. Thus it's important to identify self. Learn to recognize your own energies so you can connect with others in a refined manner. Mercury is the ruler of this eclipse. Communication will be key to how we express to others what we need for emotional security. This is a Full Moon Eclipse, so emotional issues might be strongly felt. A primal urge to seek self gratification will be marked with opposition from others. This is an eclipse which marks a time to release self interests and embrace help from others. Tell your truth with this Eclipse. Ceres joins with Chiron a time to cleanse our souls of pollutions, Perhaps negative influences have prevented us from recognizing what we truly need in life. This is a great eclipse to start on the path of healing self through direct expressions of where you should be heading from here. Once again water issues related to environmental pollutions. Contaminates of oceans or disease caused by. A discovery of cures for several diseases might be recognized at this time. Cause and effect. The only air sign in this chart is the Moon. The mind might not be connected to the emotional instincts. What will you listen too. The Mind or the Heart?

This Lunar Eclipse is significant as it holds the 2nd pass of 3 passes between Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo at the 16th degree of both. The first pass occurred on August 3rd, 2015. Which marked the down turn in the economical situation in several parts of the world. Connected with this is of course the Saturn square Neptune. Which has drawn down the oil prices. We now have the second pass of Jupiter to Saturn. , These two planets often related to the economy. Religious or belief systems. The square aspect produces obstacles that need to be addressed before moving on. If you have misconceptions about financial practices, this eclipse is a good time to decipher between wants and needs. It's necessary to get rid of illusions about where you are heading financially in the future. This time period is good to develop a good solid plan of managing or creating a budget.

Banking or financial institutions at this time might be struggling with bad debt. Hidden practices might come to light about these institutions business dealings due to Venus so close to square with Saturn. Things are slowing down. Borrowing money may be more difficult due to slowing cash flow. More expenses related to the basics of life due to possible hyper inflation with Pluto Trine to Jupiter. Bubbles may burst at this time with a possible drop in the stock markets producing a bear market.

Although these two planets often are related to the economic conditions of world countries. There is also an influence produced with the astrological signs they are in. Truth is strongly associated with Sagittarius being the ruler of the law and Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. What does this say about what we belief, what we know for sure and what is just a lie. Things will be revealed with this contact. Facts are important to Saturn. No more exaggerations, no more beating around the bush or conspiring to hide the truth. Several events have been emerging about truth. For example shortly after the first square the Netflex television documentary “How to make a Murder” was released. Expect more truths to surface. If you are one of those whom seeks to hide the truth. It's a good time to fess up. Immigration issues and travelling on water to reach freedom will once again hit the headlines.

Saturn at this time is also preparing to station retrograde. Giving him just a bit more punch. Especially when he's the centre of a T-square configuration. There is a great deal of tension to limit the flow of illusions about what is going on. Jupiter on the other hand is making it so hard to reach the truth by creating a mountain of little fragments of issues. To many details to everything. It's broken down into so many pieces and parts it's hard to organize the facts. Be patient. Figure out the misconceptions and illusions. Then tackle the details. Issues surrounding health will also be highlighted. The last hit of these two planets will be on May 26th, 2016.


March 1st brings our Waning Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. This is a day, we are not sure of our course of action. We are confused by what we hear, see and smell. There is a desire to know, but we'd rather avoid the truth. Venus is sextile to Saturn so it's better to just gravitate towards old companions. Trusted loved ones or friends to ensure we feel like we are on solid ground.

March 3rd is a day to make some financial adjustments with Venus inconjunct with Jupiter. But it's a great day for surprises, especially of the female persuasion. You may meet someone whom is rather unique, exciting or fascinating which might ignite your passions to know more. Enjoy the experience it might not last long. There is also a real interest in paying attention to the state of our environment, food issues as well as safety.

If you have a red hot subject which needs to be addressed. It's not wise to tackle it on the 5th of March as Mercury swan dives into Pisces and moves to square Mars. Heating up topics due to misunderstandings, or confusion of facts. It's a hot tempered day which can produce accidents. Storms can arise. Mercury in Pisces is rather poetic and would rather discuss metaphysical topics then really get down to the business of the day. Our minds wander in this state. We miss important facts with our heads in the clouds. We don't know which way to turn and we can get easily lost.

March 6th, lights a fire under our ..... as Mars moves into the fires of Sagittarius. Lets just pretend we know where we are going. Follow the guy who has the best looks and most confidence. The Sun squares Saturn, whoops I was suppose to finish that project. Perhaps the latter part of the day can pull us back to reality as a little bit of clarity emerges through the haze

Really the entire week end is just racked with ups and downs. As Sunday the 6th also holds a Jupiter inconjunct Uranus. Sudden shifts in energy creates issues to get over blown and perhaps a bit out of control. Things can swing rapidly so be wary of who's proclaiming to be right. Right!

We might all be happy to go to work come Monday morning on the 7th as the Sun sextiles Pluto and the Moon moves into the depths of Pisces. Yes we can hide our emotional state well. While ensuring our boss knows you have the power to create a good business model. Shift in direction are positive. Plan for your future. Avoid making things up though as you will get caught...

Come the 8th of March as the Sun moves to oppose Jupiter. Oh yes, that is just too expensive to buy. Can you manage to get along without it, and still further your dreams. You will have to weigh the facts and go over every detail to determine if it's worth it.

We now have a large stellium of planets in the sign of Pisces and our focus for the remainder of the month is anything but practical. Dreams emerge as real. We're interested in taking spiritual courses. Many of us will be uplifted, inspired as we dance with Neptune. It's a magical place, surreal in it's existence. Others will experience confusion, distortion in our ability to reason out why events are happening. They will resist the energy of illusion. The best way is for you to acknowledge the mystical environment or strange individuals you encounter with a sense of embracing the ride. While being aware that it's a great ride, but it's not necessarily true. Don't believe everything people tell you. But do pay attention to your dreams.

Our Solar Eclipse arrives on the 8/9th of March with our New Moon in Pisces. It's the start of something. Allow your feet to lift off the ground. Know your position relative to the world. Immerse yourself in various topics of interest from poetry to music to artistic endeavours. Take a course in psychic abilities, buy a book about divination or tarot reading. Read some tea leaves. Have a reading. Go to a medium or magic show. Hang out by the ocean. Read a book. Reality does pull us down during this New Moon with the T-square to Saturn but know we have the ability to change our circumstances through sheer determination to do so. Don't be discouraged by what is reveal. Let go of falsehoods and embrace the future.

On your venture to initiating your dreams, we've got the energy and direction from the 9th to the 10th of March. Don't be pushy as you dive into what you believe is your future directions or you might get your nose out of joint when someone confronts you.

By the time the 11th of March rolls around, Mercury is heading into the arms of Neptune in Pisces and translates the {Saturn square Neptune } aspect which is prominent this year. Expect news about oil. Also issues surrounding quantities, which with Neptune in Pisces it's massive. As well look for news of transportation on the oceans of goods and services. Mercury is the planet ruling trade. He's a merchant so rules the agreements or negotiations for trade. You may also hear news of talented individuals whom are awe inspiring. Paintings, music, various forms of artistic abilities or talents emerge. Protegees and the like. Spiritual leaders might also speak out. New acceptance of psychics come through strong. With the translation of the aspect between Saturn and Neptune we can see through the cracks of propaganda. Fakes and frauds are revealed as fonny and untrustworthy.

By the 12th we have Venus moving into the sign of Pisces. Venus is exalted in this sign. She loves the deep magical waters of Pisces. Creating a fashion show for the mystical realms of movies, theatre, art world, music industry, psychic shows, magician and the like, all move to entice through Venus's ability to attract. Ceres also sextiles Pluto enabling us to grasp opportunities to connect together and transform the problems related to our fisheries, food supply and environment. Take this day to change the way you recycle and reuse. Renovating, fashion are inspired by Venus in this position.

We begin to understand all of this takes money and financial backing to clean up the mess we've made. Inflation of food and/or water increases in price. Grow a garden this summer. Start planning now.

By the 14th, we've hit a brick wall as reality comes crashing in due to Mercury square Saturn and Venus square to Mars. It's not a great day for agreeing with others. We're bound to have an argument or internal wrestling of anger. You might feel agitated a couple days prior to these aspects. New of restrictions or hardships. News of issues related to immigration, conflicts with interested parties. News of boarder closures, angry outbursts between women and issues related to men. We are not patient with others.

The 15th brings the Waxing Square between the Gemini Moon and the Pisces Sun creating our Quarter Moon phase. We perhaps don't have all the information to enable a solid decision in direction. We seem confused by the facts of information. We're missing something. You may feel a need to retreat for some space to regroup your thoughts. Connect with family.

The 16th brings into focus the second pass between Jupiter and Pluto. We may feel like we can accomplish anything. This is a good time to make major necessary changes within your life. With Jupiter retrograde it might just be a feeling in the pit of your stomach, which says, somethings got to give. Somethings got to change. Mark your path now for the future. Make a commitment to move in a positive direction for the future. Start a business venture.

With the Grand Fire Trine on the 19th, anything is possible. It's a good weekend to get together with others whom inspire you.

We embrace the Equinox with enthusiasm. Eager to start the New year with our passionate dreams we've encountered over the course of the first half of the month. The season turns with the Wheel of Time. A welcomed season from the long nights of winter.

Equinox also arrives in the early hours of the morning of the 20th in several areas of the world. March was so named because the winter turned to spring, when various armies could now move into battle positions. “ To March” forward. As the Romans moved to conquer more land and people.

By the 22nd, we begin to shift our focus with Mercury moving into the fire sign of Aries. Several planets will begin to follow over the course of the next month. This position gives a direct expression to our communication. We have little tolerance for idle conversations. Get to the point. Perhaps we've been mired in too much water over the course of the last few weeks and we have little patience for what could now be considered nonsense.

March 23rd brings our Lunar Eclipse. As mentioned above. It's our Full Moon in the sign of Libra. It's a balancing act between us versus them. Negotiations are highlighted. Certain relationships might be eclipsed in order to move forward with new ones. It's a good Full Moon for healing. Releasing old ways of doing things. Clearing stuck energies within the body which effect our connections with others. Don't poison the waters by being ignorant of compromise or compassion. Avoid addictive behaviours.

This Full Moon also brings with it the second pass Jupiter and Saturn in square. Financial struggles or obstacles need to be addressed. Know your truth and believe in this truth. Be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day.

We get shown the way forward on the 24th with Mercury Trine to Mars. New information can move us to act on this knowledge. Knowledge is power. We're off the couch and zooming towards our destinies.

Of course until the next day when we discover it could cost a bit more then planned as Venus opposes Jupiter and our luck runs out. Don't be discouraged. Both these planets are associated with finances in some form. As well as how things look. We generally like shiny new things, but be careful you don't get ripped off when you discover what's underneath. It's a balancing act between your personal assets and what the banks actually own of yours. Authority comes down hard on those who don't pay their own way. Bankruptcy and foreclosure could be on the rise. Get your ducks in order before the 25th of March.

With Venus in sextile to Pluto on the 26th, not all is lost. We feel a bit confident in our ability to transform our situations financially. It's also a great weekend to cuddle up with your loved one. Passions are ignited so make a date night you'll not forget soon. We're also back on track to getting what we desire.


We've got some glitches to work through on the 29th due to some information we didn't expect. So we've got to adjust to this news.

By the 30th we dig a bit deeper to find the guts of the issue and it might not be as pretty as we expected. We could very easily say we've had enough of the lack of clarity. Feeling like we've been a bit deceived. We've got recourse though acting in a mature manner. Expressing our knowledge, “We reap what we Sow”.

We end the Month how we began the month with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Capricorn. Which begs the question are we moving ahead with an enlightened mind or are we just repeating the old jargon of yesteryear. Be prepared for a surprise, opening your mind to new possibilities.

Vision for the Month: A Woman stands on a beach as the rain pours down.

March brings with it a whirlwind of change. Yet we are still unclear of our direction or that there has even been change. We live in the shadows of dreams. Swept away by the tide.

Enjoy this dreamy enlightening month. Where the past meets the future.



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