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Mars Moves Out of Bounds

April 20th – June 12, 2019

13 degrees of Gemini to 17 

degrees of Cancer

The term Out of Bounds is in relation to the Sun’s movement across the ecliptic. The Ecliptic is the plane by which the earth orbits around the Sun. From our perspective, the Sun appears to move around us. In its yearly movement it moves both north and south of the Equator. Creating summer both in the north and south hemispheres. When it reaches its farthest point both north and south, the degree of measurement is called a declination. The farthest the Sun ever reaches in its movement is 23degrees-27minutes. Creating the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice.

This span of space is considered in bounds. If one thinks of it like as a line of play in sports and a planet being the ball. The ball when out of bounds has moved beyond the scope of play and is therefore no longer in play or in the game. [1] Nor is it within the scope of what society considers to be acceptable. It appears the energy of whatever planet has gone beyond this point is no longer following the rules of the game.

This makes the energy of the planet erratic, unpredictable or out of control. This make the planet weird, as there is nothing to contain its energy. It’s allowed to see outside the lines. There are now no limits, no boundaries to contain or control the energy being exhibited and therefore can begin to break the rules of the game. It can act outside the scope of what is deemed acceptable social behavior. At times this can be perceived as dangerous, especially with Mars, and perhaps it can get carried away with its inspirational actions. However, it can also produce new trends, or activities. In this case, as Mars begins to produce a different way of acting. At first it may not be deemed as sociably acceptable, but as we get use to it, we can find ourselves doing some of these activities ourselves. Especially adopting a more masculine approach. We may feel like we can do as we please, producing selfish behaviors. We don’t feel trapped or contained by anyone or anything. [2]

People born with Out of Bounds planets are often trend setters, or known for their unusual behaviors or thoughts, drawing people to see things from a different perspective. There are others, depending on their chart configurations who produce negative actions or thoughts, as they feel they do not have to adhere to the rules of society. Thus, criminal behavior can also be associated with an Out of Bounds planet.

Mars is a very active planet. Without it we are unable to do anything physical in life. It can be very forceful, aggressive and courageous. It is the Ego, the testosterone, assertive energy. As such it can become over whelming for others to deal with, as it forces its way forward. Connected with the masculine energy it’s position out of bounds can become extreme in its application. Physical vitality increases, aggressive actions full of self confidence and perhaps over powering displays. As well it can lend itself to new activities emerging, new leaders pushing their agenda’s. Activities requiring stamina. We can all become a little more daring in our need to be bold.

Between April and June, Mars will be Out of Bounds within the energies of Gemini from April 20th to May 16th, 2019. Gemini is a very active sign. With Mars here, our attention shifts to the accumulation of facts, stories, education. It’s an erratic energy, producing activity all over the place, with the inability to sit still. Since Gemini is about information, we can see tempers fly if one does not agree with the far-out opinions being presented. It can become confusing, scattered, fragmented and changeable to suit the situation. There will be an over exaggeration within ideas, and the force to push those ideologies upon others. If others won’t accept them, strong aggressive behavior can pursue if one is not aware of the energy. The fanatical gathering of facts or information grabs hold of us, with a thirst for gossip. The story lines can get bigger and bigger in their scope with dramatizations or re-enactments included. For some this will be all fun and games, a light-hearted exchange of entertainment. It can all become over stimulating, as we attempt to sort out the irrational information from the rational. If one won’t accept the stories then the story will change, alter itself until someone is caught in a bind of untruths.

There can become a heightened energy around April 25th- May 7th, 2019. As Mars the planet of war, now Out of Bounds, moves to trigger the major aspect of 2019, between Jupiter in Sag and Neptune in Pisces. The various scandals which are playing themselves out around the world, can now produce aggressive maneuvers or strategies to act upon various allegations which have been presented. This can produce an all-out war within the judicial systems and the confusion surrounding the events, which most likely surfaced in February due to Mercury’s retrograde. Actions can be taken which draw lines in the sand of opposing opinions of the facts. Threats, out of control behaviors or words. A war of words can ensue which is very disruptive and negative. The facts are exaggerated. This can cause extreme nervousness, anxiety, or panic attacks. There is a lack of trust with conflicting points of view.

Mars will oppose Neptune first from April 24th -28th. This produces really weird behavior. Because Mars is aggressive, associated with violence, guns, or other assaults. Our desires to do something can become strong, even if the activity is bizarre or unusual. We’re just not thinking clearly. Activities can become highly secretive, conspiracies, spying, or top-secret missions emerge. Abnormal behavior, deceitfulness, lies begin to pile up on each other. Unhealthy use of drugs or medications. Problems within the water systems or flooding. Issues surround the belief system, as far out altered beliefs can form. Cults, or strong religious beliefs emerge.

From May 4th -May 8th, 2019, Mars Out of Bounds moves to square Jupiter. Jupiter in Sagittarius begins to sort out the truth, events or facts. The information of events can be so crazy, it can seem distorted or unbelievable. This is when, some sort of intervention is required. Some one can be on the war path for justice. Holy crusades or financial interventions due to waste or misuse. Jupiter’s connection with Mars can over exaggerate the events, producing a force of stimulation. There can be a lot of manipulation, as some try to whitewash their real motives.

There is a real need to watch while you are driving during this period. Caution should be taking to obtain all the facts. Accidents can increase. Watch for aggressive behavior or actions emerging and get out of the road. Road rage.

Media or the news can propel us to watch or listen to people doing crazy stunts. Stupid talks or dialogues, which make no sense what so ever can become popular past times. The Media itself can be viewed in an aggressive fashion as not portraying the facts within the ethical parameters laid out. False News can emerge as being a credible fact.

Travel, or the distribution of mail or trade can become snarled in legalities or issues.

Of course, not everything can be negative within this dynamic, we can find enlightening conversations or debates, which stimulate the mind to thinking differently. Inspiration is high upon the list of motivating factors and can move us into different directions of interests. We can become highly creative, becoming social butterflies in the process. Acts of heroism or courageous acts can emerge throughout the Mars Out of Bounds experience.

Mars then moves into the sign of Cancer on May 15th, hitting the 00-degree mark of Cancer. Stimulating the Full Moon from December 22nd, 2018 & March 21st, 2019. This produces a point of change, perhaps forced upon us in some manner. We can stand at the crossroads at this juncture in determining where we are going next. Events transpire rather quickly, shooting us off into directions we perhaps never though possible. In your own life, if events have been moving at records speeds, you can find such energy to be rather needy at this point. This is a fresh start. Due to the Cancer influence, we can be packing our bags and moving homes. We can begin new starts, even if they are a little fanatical by nature.

Mars Out of Bounds in Cancer can produce extreme emotional responses to various events. Intense feelings with emotional frustrations. Since Mars is in it’s Fall in Cancer, as such the tendency to hid things, manipulate situations, seek to control, can present problems. Those whom have been affected by Mar’s journey though this area can find they have fallen out of favor. It’s a very soft sign, needing to recuperate to collect one’s motivations going forward. A return to the folds of the family or place where one feels safe and secure against the harshness of the world. Extremes can be taken by some, that we are under threat and need to protect our country, homeland or our society. Measures can be taken to do such due to the threats which were conceived, or actions taken at the end of April. We can feel under pressure to act. Food or the food supply and the distribution of such can be significant.

There can also be positive developments as well. New ways of developing or producing food & the distribution process. The housing industry can emerge with new communities springing up, or the development of unusual homes emerging on the market. Outside of the box solutions for families and the way they live. New technologies of how to keep safe.

Mars Out of Bounds can produce new trends, valuable information to emerge with a heightened sense of awareness of our actions. Our disillusionments can carry us away from the end of April to the middle of May. Perhaps a time to be away on Vacation in some remote island. We must be hyper-diligent to use the increase energy to our favor and produce positive information for others to learn, be inspired by, so they can venture forth creatively.

Our reactions are our own. How we react or don’t react is entirely up to the individual, and not the product of others.

As Henry David Thoreau, Walden stated: “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away”.

Happy Travels

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