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Mars Retrograde: June 27th -Aug 28th/2018


We have an upcoming Mars retrograde beginning on June 27th, as Mars comes closer to the Earth, which happens approximately every 2 years. This year it stations in Aquarius at 9 degrees, then appearing to move backwards to 28 degrees of Capricorn. Transiting over a small area of the zodiac from May 11th to Oct 9th, when it finally moves forward in Aquarius.

We are going over ground already covered from May and June. In July 2018, you can review events from May 22nd to June 27th. From August 12th and from Sept 10th to 15th when Mars moves across the 00 degrees of Aquarius, we are focused on week of May 16th, which coincided with May 15th New Moon and Uranus move into Taurus. Mars hit the critical 29th degree of Capricorn as well around May 15th and is retriggered from August 13th and again from Sept 4-10th. Mars will station direct in a dignified position at the 28th degree of Capricorn on August 28th, where it will stay until Sept 3rd. Finally coming out of it’s shadow on October 9th. It’s a long haul and a time to reset our direction.

Mars retro’s changes the direction of energy, to an internal mechanism versus and external outward mechanism. Mars is the planet of action. Our get up and go in getting things accomplished has got up and went. It can take longer for us to get motivated. We tend to mull over things a bit longer. Perhaps strategies or plan things, whether they get done or not is another matter. Mars also in and of itself is rather inflammatory and considered one of the malefic planets due to it’s tendency to be rather aggressive. This mulling over things can cause a great deal of frustration for some individuals as things just are not moving fast enough. The heat can keep rising to the point of boiling and we can suffer burn out as we simmer under the pressure. This can cause unexpected temper tantrums and haste does indeed cause waste. Summer illnesses or accidents can be on the rise over the next few months.

All of July demands free will and independent thought. A wonderful time to take a nice long holiday if possible. People can get a little bit stubborn under the helm of Aquarius. Avoid arguing for the sake of proving a point. Once someone has something on their minds, well it’s better to let them learn their own lessons. A great deal of frustration can arise within the electronic world. Breakdowns of computers, phones, printers, as things slow down in their functioning. The internet can crawl to a snail’s pace as Mars begins to backtrack. Watch for errors. The outcomes of actions taken in June can resurface as problematic. There is a need to do something else, to strike out on ones own and re-evaluate your direction. Cooperation with others becomes fragmented, out of joint as everyone seems to need to have it their way. New thought patterns and the changing of our ways and directions is the best way to establish stability. Avoid resistance. Attempt to work in harmony with others and if things are not moving fast enough practice the finer martial arts or tai chi. Patience is needed.

By July 15th, Mars will have transiting back to join with the South Node and oppose the North Node in Leo, which occurred between June 7th-9th. There can be regret associated with this contact as activities which you release and let go of in June, seem to resurface as needing some clarification. Expect to be having some need to gain back what perhaps has been lost through a decision-making process and cause anger or frustration to occur and resistance to moving into the future. They join again on Sept 25th, for the final time and acceptance and willingness to move forward begins to emerge. It’s a time to finish up and to bury the hatchet.

Mars activates the Total Eclipse which happens on July 27th but activates it earlier on the 24th. A South Node Eclipse, closing in with it’s second Square aspect to Uranus, exact on August 1st. Things begin to get heated up at this time. Expect some uprisings, protects and eruptions or storms to occur. A release of pent up energy. Cooperation can collapse within agreements, as protectionism steps in. Bullying, conflict or antagonistic actions speak loader then words. This can be a backing up and changing of directions. Change is begun with a bang as we release and let go of old ways. Our emotions are strung out and we may take it out on people or alliances which are important to us. Pay attention to the road to avoid accidents.

Mars will move through the signs of Aquarius and back into Capricorn on August 12th where he is dignified, controlled and ready to go to work.

We gain more control as Mars steps back into Capricorn on the 14th, however, it’s dicey as to which direction we wish to venture next. We can be all muddled up, but a decision must be made, gaining more traction by the 20th of August. Mars then stations direct on the 28th, triggering events from May11th -14th. We may come back into line briefly, only to stretch our wings once again as we move into September. Mars in Capricorn is strong. We regain our ability to direct our energies to finish up what we’ve started. Take this opportunity to clear up loose ends or things which keep hanging on. Take the action necessary to get rid of the old ways of doing things, so you can move into the future with confidence. Avoid being lazy or disrespectful to others on your journey of change. People can be selfish and self motivated during August. We can feel like we are so far behind we’re having trouble catching up, as we’ve put things off for too long. It can be a dog eat dog atmosphere as our competitive nature steps in. This can set the stage for the next couple months, so mind your P’s & Q’s. All’s fair in love and war!

Be enlightened, listen to your mind and heart. Understand, things take time to work through. Be patient, conscious of the changing of direction. Loses and gains is a matter of perspective. Try to resolve and finish up old tasks. If your frustrated get outside and get physical. Burn off some of that excess energy. Reflect upon your own actions and how this is affecting others & yourself. Sometimes we must give a little to get a little. Compromise and agree to disagree if necessary. We all have a journey and it’s helpful if we consciously know what’s happening in the energy field at a higher level.

Peace and Resolutions

Enlightenment: CJ

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