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Full Moon Magic

May 18, 2019

27 degrees of Scorpio


This Full Moon is packed with energy, due it’s positioning in the night sky. Scorpio in and of itself is a very changeable energy, as it forces its way through obstacles. We can feel it’s pull, determined to transform our very existence, as we’re drawn into the murky depths of the River. There is Magic in this Moon’s ability to draw upon powers we never thought existed or we imagined.

This is a place we may not see through very well. Where the fear of alligators launching their predatory might against us sends us trembling with fright. Yet we can become determined to escape, and to live another day. We’re ready to venture into caves, we’ve dreaded entering prior. We can put aside our fear with this Moon as we seek to discover the hidden elements within our lives. This Moon gives us a do or die mentality, ready and willing to make our mark upon the world.

It holds the forces of Cancer due to  landing in the 3rd decan. Cancer is generally a warm fuzzy kind of energy. But with the ferociousness of Scorpio, we can feel defensive, unprotected and vulnerable of the family dynamic. Both Mars and the Moon are in mutable reception, adding a little energy into the mix. People can become a bit touchy, sensitive or moody. For good reason, if people are treading where they have no jurisdiction.  Mars in ancient times ruled this Moon, bringing up old haunts, family disruptions or squabbles. Pulling skeletons out of the closet. Countries can also be defending their homeland. Dealing with security issues and the costs associated with such measures. This is a defensive stance against a perceived threat, imaginary or real. It can also be very manageable, as they exchange places in order to assist if anything crops up.


Secrets can begin to emerge, espionage, spying and conspiracy theories. This Moon is full of intrigue. Rumblings of truths not yet heard. Perhaps we’re not willing to hear the truth yet we cast punishment.

The Moon is in opposition to the Sun, as all Full Moon’s are with Mercury close by to interpret what is being revealed. We can be on the edge of our seats as we witness changes due to government or business announcements. Since the Sun and Mercury are in positive connections with the Moon’s ruler Pluto, some positive announcements will be made.  Loans or positive financial measures can be revealed. As well the Moon is sextile to Pluto, bringing about some opportunities to start new business ventures. Available funds present themselves. This maybe a good time to launch that new idea you have. We can truly figure out what we desire in life.

This Moon can cause rumblings, bringing about strong opinions & desires. Something you want so bad; you can taste it. Deep in your soul emerges a drive, so strong you hear nothing around you except your focus in achieving. Going after what you need in life to fulfill your soul. Your destiny.

The opposition from the Moon to Mercury, can get one excited. Making us speechless. Our words can get stuck in between our hearts and our minds, as one is going faster then the other. Foot in mouth can cause some misunderstandings as how we feel is compared with what we are expressing. Actions sometimes speak louder then words, so pay attention to the action’s others are demonstrating.

The South Node continues to be in close proximity to Saturn, as they are both rolling backwards. Indicative of a need to finish up old projects, obligations or responsibilities. A time to review your part in events transpiring within your life and taking charge of the situations instead of standing back.  Allowing others to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Yet the North node, indicating our future direction is in exact trine with Neptune. Allowing us to dream upon our futures. Thinking of new measures, we can take to move us into our futures. This is creativity at its best. The arts, music, spirituality, meditation, psychic, faith and restoration merge with our future direction. This Moon rules the North Node, allowing us to delve into our pool of ideas and begin something tremendously powerful.

We can come across others who are of assistance to us, just as Venus begins to separate from Uranus. Unexpected visitors venture forth to give us the tools we need to begin our creative projects. We can be inspired through others. As well, new resources pop onto our plates.

We seem to be in the gap, at this point, ready, but not quiet. The Sun has the nasty little star of Algol riding beside. Certainly, a negative influence for this Full Moon. Certainly, an indication of us needing to lop off various elements within our lives and to streamline things. Eliminating that which is not working well or costing us too much money. That sounds much better then what Robson portrays this star as meaning, “This is the head of Medusa, which was slayed by Perseus. Medusa was one of the Gorgon sisters. Whenever anyone looked upon Medusa, they were changed to stone. This star is considered to be the evilest star resting upon the heavens. Thus, it causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hangings, electrocutions, and mob violence. With the Sun and Mercury as it is, there can be an influence of death, sickness”.

This can spell trouble for leaders, or those in a position of leadership. Citizen’s can be against their leaders to be removed from their positions. Unrest or mobs can spring up in various parts of the world, setting a tone of unrest due to financial hardships. This Full Moon will give people the strength to stand up against those whom persecute them.

As well we can have the emergence of the transformation of leadership, due to the positive energy coming from Pluto. Change is afoot.


This Full Moon presents as a negative energy due to the influences of Algol, as well Mars is out of bounds, interchanging energy with the Moon, driving us a little bit farther out of where we may feel safe. However, if we harness the energy, tap into the vibe or rhythm of the ride, we can change our destination. Rise above our hardships, powering forward with sheer faith and determination to do what we feel is our rightful journey. We can taste the victory, set our course and soldier on.


Magic is when we manifest our journey, rather then allow others outside of ourselves to dictate our destination.


As Always

Turn due North


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