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May 2016 Astro-Vibrations

Welcome to the Merry Month of May!

This month begins a slower pace. A time of reflections. Where are we going and what do we want to do next. We have a beautiful Grand Earth Trine to stabilize our environments this month. As the planets weave in and out in the sign of Taurus connecting with Jupiter the planet of expansion and the might of Pluto to rebuild what we perhaps have torn down over the last couple months. The month will be laced with this very grounding energy. We can enjoy the days of spring. Connecting with others through social gatherings. Perhaps meeting new people. Taking long walks, planting, roaming our environments in an unhurried fashion, which can be very pleasing. We can all feel like we are just a little bit more tired, lazy and calm during the majority of the first two thirds of the month.

Many of the planets are retrograde. An unusual phenomenon, signalling a time to sit back, slow down, think about what we really want in life. Going over past elements of our lives in all aspects to discover how we want or need to change things in the coming months. This is our month to reuse old items. Finding new uses for old things. Enlighten ourselves with new ideas to promote our lives in a simpler fashion.

Mercury stationed retrograde on the 29th of April at the 23rd degree of Taurus, entering May in the newly stages of his journey. As we all know, Mercury retrograde occurs approximately 3 times per year. It's a time to step back from those things governed by Mercury. Communications can become snarled as our inner dialogue has trouble aligning itself with our verbal expressions. We can be misinterpreted, paperwork gets caught in snares of cobwebs. Being that this is in the sign of Taurus, our financial situations can become more pronounce then normal this month. It's a good time to simplify our budgets. Live with what is needed. Downsize, ignore the ads to buy more. Go through your closets and keep some of those items you would normally throw out. Using them for other purposes, connecting them to make new outfits. This is our month to be creative as we are looking at things differently. Expect to run into old friendships, perhaps old lovers. Connect the dots about why they were in your life at that time. Something could of been happening in a similar fashion back then. This could some how be connected to now.

Venus also is newly entered into her home sign of Taurus. She's powerful here. Displaying a pleasant atmosphere of stability, relaxation and productivity. This is a wonderful month to socialize. At least for the first three weeks of May. Try to connect with others this month. There are lots of possibilities for expansion of business. If your starting a new business, it's wise to consider things this month. Formulate a possible plan moving forward. Merge with like minded people. As the saying goes, “find your tribe”.

We are feeling more sure footed. Confidence increases. Expect some individuals to become rather pompous, arrogant. This month could bring the rich and famous out in the media in some prominent manner. Be thoughtful, considerate and mindful.

Then it's like a line is drawn in the sand with the New Moon on the 21st and everything could change to some degree. Remember through as Mercury stations he forms the Earth Trine right till the end of the month. Solutions are available to you. Seek them out.

Now for the not so good news. In the background of this very positive energy we have the usual goings on of Jupiter in square to Saturn and Saturn in square to Neptune. These two aspects have been forming a T-square configuration, which can be very motivating, but also rather stressful. With the positive connections being made this month we can work through various difficulties due to the positive energy available to us.

During the latter part of the month, we may well need to dig deep to resolve issues which have arisen since last year. Jupiter square to Saturn makes it's last exact contact this month. This aspect has been connecting with one another since last August. Making it's second pass at the end of March. These two planets often deal with social issues and the regulations which govern our society. Economic conditions as well as political conditions play a large roll with these two planets. It signals a time of conflicting points of view related to economic conditions and the rules and regulations governing them. Too much spending now needs to be curbed for the benefit of society. Restriction can emerge with expression of philosophies or beliefs about various areas. The hot topic is of course the refugee dilemma and how to pay for the cost of bringing these individuals to a better life. The expense rests with the country taking them in, which can produce hardship for the people within the country since they can already be struggling with job losses, decreases in pay or other financial hardships.

Of course we have other issues, job losses, governments spending beyond their means to try and produce stability within their countries. This aspect signals a time when boundaries need to be established as well as rules and regulations of each governing body to reign in their bad spending habits. This aspect also needs to consolidate viewpoints. Come to a consensus on political issues the world is dealing with right now. We must deal with religious conflicts surrounding the middle east as tension will begin to rise again near the latter part of the month and into next month.

The Month:

Joyous, joyous beginning to the month.

May 1st: You may have some difficulty awakening from sleep this Sunday morning. Oh what the heck, just stay in bed and dream those sweet dreams for another couple hours. There's an opportunity to think up some grand idea for the future today. Slow your pace down a bit, clean the yard. Do some decorating and chill out in the evening. Don't get stressed out if you can't get everything done, or if not everyone is pulling their weight. Relax.

We continue with the laziness come Monday morning of May 2nd. Procrastination definitely is highlighted. I think perhaps you'd like to escape to some tropical island paradise, but responsibility beckons us to our duties.

The 3rd and 4th are great days in May. We are enthusiastic, optimistic and ready to be productive. Great day to ask the boss for a raise and then go out and celebrate. Earth people are especially benefiting from this upbeat energy. We begin to believe anything is possible, so start manifesting your desires.

May 5th brings a few hiccups in trying to adjust to conflicts with others or issues. It can be a challenging day, but we can get through it. It's just a day! Some issues just can't be solved in a day, so let it go.

May 6th is the New Moon in the sign of Taurus. This is the 3rd of three Super Moons so the energy is higher then usual. This is a glorious New Moon with the Grand Earth Trine displaying itself in full view. Be sure to make a wish this New Moon and start something you've always wanted to do. Taurus is the material by nature. It creates permanence. Associated with assets, earning power and financial power. What we value is important with this Moon. Starting of a different idea of what we want our lives to be. It does have a softer side being ruled by Venus. Beginning of relationships, romantic encounters and love. What is it we are passionate about emerges to become important. If we are not into the game of what we enjoy, then we are often not happy. This is a New Moon to discover. If you have released over the last several month from the eclipse in March and the T-Square in April, you can really make progress this New Moon. Find your truth and walk on in life. This is a positive New Moon for people with earth signs around 16-18 degrees. Virgo, especially Taurus and Capricorn. There is less resistance to move forward with this Moon.

We continue the positive energy into the 7th with the Earth Trine exacting and the powerful connections to Pluto by the Sun. We can really accomplish lots over the next couple days, which produce positive results. It's been a while since we've had such good wind in our sails. Everything can seem larger then life. Embrace the moments.

Jupiter moves to direct motion on the 9th of May. Finally we are moving forward and will not reach the degree he stationed retrograde on till August 7th, 2016. So we are retracing ground we encountered from October 2015 till now. What issues have you been dealing with over the last several month. Resolution begins to take form over the next couple months. He will stay in this stressed T-Square until July 20th, where perhaps we have a problem with our perceptions of how we want things, not necessarily how things actually are. Judgements can be passed without recognition of the facts. As Jupiter moves direct the Sun and Mercury join exact at 19 degrees of Taurus. Perhaps nobody is listening to your grand ideas of the future or you're over-shadowed by somebody else. It's a good idea to set some boundaries to work within. Write down a solid plan of action or formulate a spectacular budget. Be practical in moving forward.

The 9th is also a great day for socializing. Invite some people over for stimulating conversation. You might just run into your Mr or Mrs wonderful!

The good news continues into the 10th. All this week features positive aspects to get together with good friends, old acquaintances, or lovers. It's a great date week, so if you are single get out there and find the other half of you. If you are already married, renew, refresh and reconnect. Plan for celebrations this week. Don't refuse invitations. Decorate or restructure your wardrobe.

We have some obligations to attend to on the 11th of May. We may be wondering if we are doing the right thing when it comes to our new/old relationships. A responsibility to paying bills. Managing financial issues may arise today. With our busy social lives this month it's hard to fit everything in.

By the 13th we are more confident then perhaps we've been in a while. The easy flow of conversation continues with Mercury Trine to Pluto. The power of words is written throughout this aspect. If you've got something to say, now is the time! New information can emerge with this aspect. Things long buried can surface adding a new slant to what you believed was true. Discoveries can become highlighted on the news. A new juicy story can be relieving as much as it's uplifting. Finally we know the answers. If you have lost something, now would be a good day to look for it.

Mercury also joins with Venus today. The power of words can be magical to others. What you have emotionally felt can now be expressed positively. Tell your loved ones how you feel today. Attend a movie, play/show or listen to an orchestra of music, seek an art gallery out or visit your local market or park.

This Saturday May 14th, signals a time when you should plan a date with your intimate partner. It's the perfect day to snuggle in and discover things you never knew about them. Sex can be magical if you connect on a deeper level. Anything is possible. Old relationships can pop out of the woodwork. Remember they are old. With all these planets going retrograde they don't seem to be keepers any longer, but some may rekindle the flames of passion.

Get something done on the 15th with a Virgo Moon demanding cleanup. Yard work anyone? Ask the neighbours to join in to ease tensions. It can be a very productive day. Start an exercise routine or new health regime. Sounds all good to me.

We're feeling good on Monday the 16th with a desire to accomplish something of value. As the Moon sextiles Mars.

Avoid confrontations on the 17th as irritations begin to get on your nerves. Take a break for mindful meditation or breathing Yoga. This will tame the desire to power trip in your own authority. Avoid the power struggles with others if you can manage the energy. Calm....

Nope not calm as the Moon opposes Uranus on the 18th. Feeling like you need to break free from restrictions is normal with this aspect. We might find electrical outages or difficulties with computers.

Take a well deserved break on the 19th.

At this point in the Month, we head back into the reality of living. We become busier with the Sun's move into the sign of Gemini on the 20th of May. Gemini is information orientated. It gathers all sorts of information just in case they need it. We're more restless, eager to get up and get going somewhere, even if it's just a drive around the block. Walking might work better if your just going round the block... However it might be good to do this as Mars is not happy with Pluto today. It's not a good day to speed. We are anxious to get something resolved. Becoming irritable in the process.

The Full Moon emerges on the 21st of May. Also known as the Wesak celebrating the birth of Buddha with the emergence of Buddhism. Celebrate by doing something kind for yourself. We are all changing, evolving and moving towards our destinies. Be mindful of yourself and others.

This Full Moon falls at the first degree of Sagittarius. Full Moons always display the light of consciousness. An awareness emerges with Full Moons as reality shines forth from the dark. Upon our realizations we shift our directions to adjust or accommodate ourselves to this reality. As the Sun now is gathering information, so this Full Moon is taking this information and interpreting it. [3] Events and actions are documented, displayed for others to view. Sagittarius is about our beliefs about what we have seen or heard. A focus on religious or philosophical debates may arise around this time. Mars is very closely connected with this Full Moon as he joins with the Moon. Several days prior to this day, you may see military actions pronounced more prominently in the world. Emotional battles for freedom of expression. It forms a T-square with Pallas Athene, indicating struggles with what we believe and what others believe. Battles over religious ideology continue in the world.

I feel it's a stressed Full Moon as we continue to struggle to create boundaries for appropriate actions related to belief systems. Issues related to social-economics within various groups. Leaders will be protecting the interests of their territory or nation. Information will be key for leaders to emerge ahead of others. If your just guessing, or jumping to conclusions without valid facts, it can be dangerous.

Mercury is preparing to station direct around this Full Moon, so information is highlighted. Watch the media as some positive information may emerge. Education is key to success. Ignorance or keeping people from achieving full education will do nothing but limit countries ability to move forward. Educational issues will emerge. Know your truth and what this truth means for you and others.

Get out and get moving with this Full Moon. Become involved in some sort of physical activity to cool the heat of the heart.

May 22nd brings us closer to Mars. Literally as the planet of action is at it's closest point to earth. Star gazers get out there for a premier look at the red planet.

As well Mercury stations direct. This retrograde shouldn't of caused to much havoc as it passed Pluto and Jupiter a couple times, forming the Grand Earth Trine to stabilize things. Continue to discover the facts. Expect leaders to reach agreements. Media events can be positive in nature. However the Sun also opposes Mars adding heightened awareness to issues. Tensions in the inner part of Europe can be high. People differ in beliefs, philosophies and facts evade hotheaded individuals.

We cool our heels from the 23rd. A great day to let go of pent up issues. It's just life happening. Another day, another dollar, as they say... hmmm

Venus moves to the fresh breezes of Gemini on the 24th. Venus here loves great communication and expression of what is of value. She needs to express herself openly and honestly. She will need to find out facts from the smallest to the largest. Media related to fashion, decorating, new trends in jewelry, financial issues, housing markets become interesting. Relationships can be light hearted, full of good conversations, but avoid droning on with too many facts.

Keep relationships or connections with other as easy going as possible. Venus moves to oppose her lover Mars by the 25th. Tensions build as we have two totally opposing points of view. Hers and hers and that's about the extent of it. He's looking at the broader picture, but she's just not grasping it. Nope it's the other way around. This is a day to be patient with others. Conflicts or sudden awareness’s can create breakups as we discover things we didn't know. It's like finding out your mate can't stand the way you brush your teeth. Ugh.

Well we've finally reached the last pass between Jupiter and Saturn on the 26th of May. As I've mentioned at the beginning of the article. Jupiter likes to expand and Saturn likes to restrict. The struggle ensuing between these two planets creates an energy of spending to much for some and others struggling to get their fair share. Someone always has to pay. Finances just don't disappear, they had to get the money from somewhere. This aspect really highlights the mismanagement of finances within the structure of society. We need to rein in our spending for the betterment of society as a whole. This can be an out of control aspect. We don't see the consequences until after we've done something. We've got all this pent up enthusiasm to live, perhaps large, but we need some clarification on the rules and regulations to certain ventures. Since Saturn also rules the past, we need to learn from our mistakes and begin the slow process of consolidating. This can be a real downer as we are brought to reality of situations. But with Jupiter there is always hope for the future. 

The energies of this aspect last for several days, just as Mars in retrograde slides into the depths of Scorpio. Mars moved through Scorpio from Feb 14th to March 6th, so if you review events or issues you encountered then, you may see connections. Financial issues, taxes, insurances, bankruptcies, or joint ventures can be revisited now till August 2nd.

Tensions emerge on the week-end of 28th and 29th with a Moon square to Mars and the Last Quarter Moon. It's back to the drawing board, as our inner tensions are released from the depths of our soul. Avoid playing drama queen. Yes boys that includes you as well. Change. See a different point of view so you can express your self in a powerful manner when Mercury makes it's last positive aspect to Pluto, binding the Grand Earth Trine to rebuilding what we want to change from the ground up. The T-square aspects of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune indicate we need to take control of our lives.

Enjoy this reprieve in the first part of the month. The positive aspects enable us to work through various problems or issues later in the month.

Vision for the month: “ A woman walks through a field of flowers”

Laugh, smile, be cheery!



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