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May Astrology Forecast

Moving On

May is one of my favorite months. It’s always full of promise, potential and life. New shoots emerge from the ground fresh from a long hibernation.

We’ve been in this circle of events recently as so many of the planets have been stationing retrograde. Back and forth through old territory from Venus’s station retrograde on March 4th to Mercury’s station on April 10th. Tracing over old issues which needed some extra attention during those months. This back and forth motion which invaded us, could have sent many of us into this circular pattern. Making us unsure of our direction as we try to sort through the various issues at hand. Who’s our ally or friend. What connections have we made or perhaps sacrificed to stay the course and what was the cost of such actions. We still have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto still in retrograde station, so we are still perhaps a bit gun shy, hesitant to make a decision.

May will see us moving on as both Mercury and Venus will break into new territory by the 20th of May, just as the Sun moves on into the chatty sign of Gemini.

Much of May is a Taurus month with a fixed energy. Confirming our need to stabilize and settle into the energies available to us this month. We can become resolved to maintain the status quo as we begin to focus on moving on without too many people rocking the boat.

May opens under the influence of a Waxing Quarter Moon in Leo in square to the Taurus Sun. Just coming off the New Moon’s initiatives of April 26th. This can set up difficulties due to power struggles emerging. There’s a stubbornness to this Moon’s energy so some may dig in their heels rather then compromise.

Mercury finally stations direct on the 3rd, just off the enlightenment encountered with his connections with Uranus. A new wave of interests is beginning to take hold. Novel ideas are emerging. So be ready to take flight. The last connection with these two will be on May 8th and 9th, as they start a new cycle of awareness heading into the future. This is about inspirational ideas, lightening fast decisions and a sense of anything is possible heading into new territory. Be brave and explore new possibilities this month.

It’s a time to restore ones’ energies on the 8th of May. Release your control and just be your self under the Sun’s positive connections with Pluto.

May 10th brings a major shift of energy which will last till November 6th, 2018 as the North and South Node’s move positions backing up into the signs of Leo and Aquarius for the next 18 months. The North Node moves into the sign of the king as the South Node moves into the water bearer arms. We perhaps need to stop thinking and start feeling as the Eclipse’s over the next several months will ask us to express our hearts rather then our thoughts. The previous energies of Pisces (spirituality) and Virgo (health) are waning as we step into the realms of creativity and how we connect.

Releasing our need to disengage through social media. New rules with a new game. Leo the ruler of Kings will play a major roll as new leaders emerge onto the world stage with a North Node of potential. Future possibilities of talents and directions not yet harnessed. Old habits of engaging through the medium of internet will slow as perhaps new restrictions or limitations take hold. Perhaps we just don’t need so much technology. This is a familiar place so it may be hard to accept the rules which are being set forth by governing bodies. Be prepared for leaders around the world to be competitive. Wanting to strut their stuff. Expect a few emperors with no cloths to step forward.

Aquarius is about humanity, equality, freedom and liberation. Encasing technological advances as it connects us with everyone. A benefit to all. The South Node is about releasing and letting go of some of those freedoms for the sake of the kingdom and protectionism of the Lion. This could mean limitations on internet use or new rules and/or regulations must be established as one of the possibilities of a South Node Aquarius influence. Leo is the heart of the matter, Aquarius for the betterment of all. Air and Fire. Thought and action. Honor and pride begin to emerge as strong influences into the future. Too much head, can produce a lack of compassion, generosity and love. As Leo takes the center stage, confidence and enthusiastic risk taking can over-take us into being to boastful and arrogant. Pride can be taken to extremes.

May 10th also holds our Full Moon of May in the sign of Scorpio, which is not fond of the arrogance of Leo. This Moon will dig deep for power and control over situations. The sign of joint financial ventures, shared resources, banking, insurances and taxation, seems to be front and center. Venus ruler of the Sun now at 7 degrees of Aries, is at a position it held on the Spring Equinox on March 20th, tapping into this charts energies. Thus, stress is doubled as a Grand Cross if formed between Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury. Debt, increases in spending, limitations and possibly depressed events. Pluto is the lord of this Full Moon, signaling a time of change as he remains at cross purposes to Jupiter. Large money in the hands of government and corporations are developing tensions within relationships, allies, enemies and partnerships. We are shifting perspectives about who’s our friend.

Mars is in the sign of Gemini all month. A sure indication of people actively gossiping. When he squares Neptune on the 10th and 11th, we need to be sure we are not daydreaming while we are busy zooming around. Watch what you express to others. A slip of the tongue or gas pedal could create a situation one does not need to deal with. We could very well be running around like chickens in a hen house.

Enjoy the energies from the 12th to the 14th. It’s a great week-end to get outdoors and get into action. Seems like anything is possible. Mercury moves into the fixed sign of Taurus on the 15th so practical matters are more pronounced. Talk about developing something of value. Grounding inspirational ideas with tangible realities behind them.

Make some adjustments on the 17th, as we head into the Last Quarter Moon on the 18th. Making our enlightening ideas a reality becomes tangible as Saturn forms a trine aspect with Uranus. This is an easy flow of energy to form our inspirational ideas from the beginning of the month into something we can see. Begin now!

We can hit a hard place come the 19th, due to our indecisive direction forward. We require adequate funding to establish our way. However, Venus is out of sync with Jupiter on this day, so conflicts can be tricky in relation to financial and social interactions. Relationship issues as well as over-spending or additional expenditures can be realized. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills.

The Sun moves into Gemini, as Mercury and Venus break new ground on the 20th. We are finally getting somewhere. It’s a busy time of year. We are all actively getting ready for the summer months. Zipping around our neighborhoods preparing the neighborhood for a new season soon to be upon us.

Make some magic on the 23rd by tilling and planting some root vegetables.

We’ve got our New Moon on the 25th at 4 degrees of Gemini. This chart signals a turning point is at hand. Tensions are produced with alliances, allegiances and our commitments to each other. Power struggles are possible. Make sure you understand all the facts of the situation to avoid assumptions. New Moon’s are reset opportunities to start something new. Don’t get caught up in control issues.

Mars will move to oppose Saturn on the 28th of May. This is the Full Moon phase from the joining of these two planets on August 24th, 2016. Problems which arose at that time are now in full view of realization. A time to balance our needs. To push forward. To stop and make sure we have all our ducks in a row. Don’t rush. Take the time to finish projects before anxiously moving forward, or you’re just going to have to redo it.

Arise early on the 29th, if you are wanting to establish riches and honor for one’s self through magick ritual.

By the 31st we are in good form as Mars has an opportunity to break free from Saturn’s grip and Mercury digs out the dirt with Pluto. Information is released which had been kept secret. Now’s the time to find out what you need heading into June.

This is a month which has its up’s and down’s but over-all it seems to be a fluid month of moving forward. Take the time to refresh and renew.

Lots of Light!



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