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May New Moon Monthly Horoscopes


This month see’s you focused upon financial issues. Fresh income could arrive this month as the New Moon graces your second house of earned income. There many be numerous changes to this area of late with Uranus arriving in this area since March 6th, 2019. Bringing with it some sudden movement to your house of financial gains and loses. A New Moon landing here can signal a new income or more money coming in.

The beginning of the month can be a little dramatic. Mars now out of bounds has just finished it’s square with Neptune in late April, producing some anxiety or stress. You could feel like you’re all over the place trying to deal with numerous issues. There is a connection with relatives, sisters or brothers here. Lots of discussion about health-related problems could crop up. You could also have been dealing with agreements as well as vehicle hang ups. Computer and electronics are also in the picture. Make sure you are expressing what you wish to say.

To say the least, as you head into the New Moon of May 4th, you are a little confused about which direction you’d like to go in. Take your time and think things through before making any major decisions until after the middle of the month. You could be considering heading back to school or wanting to take some pop-up courses. Papers and other dealings seem to need your attention.

There can also be some spending on personal items as you will want to look your best if you are starting a new business or applying for a job. You’ve been working on yourself for the last month, and the results are beginning to show. Expect some nice compliments as you head into the month

Right after the New Moon on May 7th or 8th, you get a boost of excitement as Mercury joins with Uranus. This can bring in some wonderful news about a new career or business proposition. New ideas emerge with lightening speed. You’ll be off to the races starting another new project.

The 15th signals a time of shifting energies as Mars heads into your 4th house of family & home and Venus moves into the 2nd house of income & spending. Mars still out of bounds can produce a need to make plans. Renovations or an actual move could take place. Just as Venus joins with Uranus, producing a need to spend some income on a house project or finish up one. Watch you don’t bite off more then you can chew. Family connections also surface, so watch for arguments within this sector. An all or nothing attitude can emerge.

There’s a lighter energy emerging for the end of the month, as your third house is triggered bringing with it some opportunities to connect with others. You will want to engage in some events going on in your community.


Well, this is your birthday month, bringing with it a fresh year ahead. Some of you had birthday greetings in April as well. Whichever month you are in, many of you have felt the need to focus on individual issues. With Uranus now in your first house of self, the sudden need to change something has risen. In addition, there are numerous shifts and changes about to take place as you seek more liberation and freedom of expression. This can suddenly motivate you in usual ways. There is a restlessness to freely express your own individuality.

Sudden expenses could of arose early in May, due to some investment in something you’ve always wanted. Confusion could have clouded the affair and could still be plaguing you as you attempt to get a handle on some financial issues. Insurances, taxation, banking, loans or mortgages will need to be dealt with early in the Month.

With the arrival of the New Moon on the 4th, it seems you’ve redirected your focus to personal issues with first Mercury and then Venus sliding into your 1st house. You’re needing to express your own opinion about some personal issue. Some unexpected news can head your way, along with some fresh ideas of where you wish to go next. This New Moon will give you the inspiration to go for what you desire. Expect some nice gifts arriving mid month, or some personal spending on clothing, or things which are personal.

The drama of trying to figure out those bank accounts or financial issues begins to wane by mid month, as Mars heads into your 3rd house of communication. Issues surrounding family becomes a focal point of yours. You could be invited or engaged in all sorts of family events going on. Expect to be on the run, with business or errands to run. Pressure from family members can weigh heavily if they are just abusing your good graces. Watch for arguments or disagreements. It’s a passive aggressive kind of thing.

There’s a Full Moon lighting up your house of relationships on the 19th, makes you more aware of how people are integrating into your life. The concept of sharing and who is paying for what is more noticeable. If you find you’re the only one nabbing the bill, then you can decide to make changes with this Moon’s energy. There is a nice flow of energy to learn something new, which will bring more people into your life. You’re feeling better then you have in a long time, so people are more attracted to you. Plans could be made during this Full Moon for travel or educational purposes.

By months end you are looking to head into a new direction as new engagements or within groups associations. You could be hearing some nice news about joining some humanitarian mission. A need to connect with others, seems to drive you into new thought patterns or a different way of thinking. Your very busy, running around and connecting with other during the month of May.


You have been so busy Gemini as Mar’s has been triggering you into action. You’ve really been trying to figure out which direction you’re career is moving in of late. This Month is no different, issues surrounding your profession have left you in a daze. The people around you have brought some extremism into your life. Early in the month brings some tensions within relationships, which could have impacted your profession. Arguments or disagreements have emerged, leaving you a little more aggressive then your usual bubbly self.

With so much energy swirling around you, it’s a wonderful month to begin some sort of exercise program into the life to expend some of this pent-up tension. You’re usual comrades will not seem pleased with some of your antics, so give them some slack if they don’t want to participate in your activities.

Your still busy thinking about where you wish to go next with the New Moon come the 4th. Some unexpected twists & turns in your plans can arrive suddenly as you end up going in a completely different direction then first anticipated. A new perspective can begin to arrive by the 7th of May, ushering in some news as well as a new perspective. Sudden ideas can send you onto a new exciting venture.

You could be keeping things under tight wraps this month as new people begin to emerge into your life. Sudden shifts can take place with loved ones. A possible secret affair or strong attraction lights you up and you’d rather enjoy your new connection privately before bringing them out to show off to others. If you’re planning something for a loved one, your best bet is around the 15th.

Mars heads into Cancer, highlighting issues with financial matters. The strong emotional ties you have with your possessions can ignite some trouble if you don’t become aware of it by mid-month. Don’t allow your emotions to dictate what you value. Try to sort things through as you decide to rid yourself of some burdensome items.

The Full Moon emerges on the 19th, in the sharing sign of Scorpio and a good time to view how you contribute and share within your work sector. Unexpected events begin to transpire around finances. You could be making some decision of where or what you’d like to do next. Positive events transpire here, which could bring in more money. A raise, or investments seem to present positive outcomes.

This is a good month to deal with some health issues. Get your check ups or physicals done this month as you could be feeling rather sluggish.

You begin to lift as the month progresses, ready to announce some decisions you’ve made around the 20th. All the secrecy had to end sooner or later. You can finally be on the right track with professional life. Popularity also increases as people notice you more. Try to be yourself and now what believe people expect you to be.


You are really focused upon your direction in life these days, and upon you personally. As others begin to put pressure upon you, you feel the need to let go and move into your own directions. You’ve been rather testy these days, with some mental anxiety or worry. Commitments have been tough and will continue to cause some disruptions, as you release and let go of any toxic people. This isn’t like you, but it’s time, so there is more of a willingness to release this month. Decisions are being made.

There’s been lots of action mentally over the last month. You could have been dealing with some health issues yourself, as well as visiting the hospital for others. There hasn’t been a moments break. Legal issues or dealing with professionals has caused some stress due to the confusion surrounding them or what they have been conveying. If you’ve been attending some courses to advance your career, you still could not have found what you’d really enjoy doing. Expect some problems with co-workers early in May. Disagreements can surface over expectations of who is supposed to be doing what. You’re still not out of the woods with some heath issues either, so stay on top of things.

The New Moon rises in your 11th house of groups associations. Expect to be intrigue by some new people coming into your life. The sudden changing of your hopes & dreams is shifting rapidly. You can be moving into a new direction and seeking out more stimulating groups. The emergence of new interests. Expect some positive news arriving of a new group gathering this month as your interests take another sharp turn. The engaging of new interests and new women arrive on the scene. A change in direction for loved ones as well, especially daughters or for a daughter-in-law.

Mars breaks through your personal house on the 15th, bringing forth a burst of energy. So, if you’ve been feeling sluggish, wait till this juncture. It’s a whole new you, with a whole new direction. Health issues which have been of prime importance are put aside as you focus upon your own goals and ambitions. New activities emerge.

By the Full Moon of May 19th, your anxious to kick up your heels and have a little fun with new friends or acquaintances. Children and their affairs can also be highlighted, with a need to release or let go of some issue going on with them. Financial connections within this sector is apparent, as you sever the cords of assistance. There can be a reconnection made within a relationship as well. Things get sorted out, as both of you agree to transform within the relationship.

Another opportunity to learn or seek out new interests through courses can arrive at the end of the month. Possible travel ideas in connection to a spiritual journey pops up.

There’s still a lot of thinking going on near months end, so be prepared to seek some down time to get your ideas or plans on paper. You could be preparing for a new adventure come months end. Contracts and negotiations seem to be in the works.


There’s a lot of attention being placed upon your career these days, as well as your public standing in the world. People are noticing you more, and your popularity could be rising as a result. Sudden shifts and changes this month can spell a letting go of one occupation and diving into another.

The New Moon rises in your 10th house of profession and with Uranus newly in this area, you could have found new interests propelling you onto a new career path. Expect some enlightening news come the 6th, bringing up some new ideas for a possible new career. Some of you could be suddenly quitting your jobs, as you hear of new openings elsewhere. Someone could make you an offer you can’t refuse. You simply can’t sit still as you seek freedom of creativity within your field of expertise.

This month is not without some tensions. There has been lots of activities with associates you’ve been dealing with. If you’ve been trying to put together some deals, you could have encountered some difficulties. Perhaps financial concerns have presented problems, borrowing or lending institutions or that those in control feel the risk is too high. What you are presenting is perhaps confusing for some or you are over inflating the value of other things. If you have a grown child, they could also be dealing with some shared financial issues. Loans, investments, debt, banking, insurance can also be rather confusing or such a large issue to tackle you don’t know where to begin.

By the 15th, your looking to just sit back and relax a bit. A feeling to just stay at home and resolve any issues which have been left on the table. Letting go of various perspectives and adopting a whole new philosophy going forward.

Changes once again surface by the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 19th. Leo doesn’t like either of these Moon’s in May as they rub you the wrong way. Leo often doesn’t like change unless they are the ones to initiate it. It’s at this time, that you could be aware of some challenges with your home or family members. Financial issues could be involved you decide to sell or purchase a piece of property. There is an opportunity to gain financially with this Full Moon, so stay on top of things, as new job opportunities arise.

By months end, you seem to figure things out, as well as where you’d like to invest. You’re really on the hunt to find a new interest or other stimulating connection with others. Concerns for you family seem to work themselves out as well and you move on to other thoughts. Making new friends or making new association with others becomes a focus. It’s a fast-paced energy, so you’ll have to be on your toes.


As you enter the month of May, you could have found yourself embroiled in some sort of relationship issue. You may not even understand or be aware of what is transpiring. This could be your significant other, or a best friend or even enemy. Arguments, disagreements and certainly your points of view don’t match. Things have been a little bit bizarre in this department of late, as Neptune slide into your seventh house. People could seem as though they are acting out of sorts. Keeping secrets and being rather secretive. Your friends could be acting out of sorts or doing what you consider strange things.

For some of you it’s been rather interesting. If your single you will run into potential relationships, connecting with unusual people, whom you’ve normally haven’t connected with before. Differing points of view, could have presented challenges. There seems to be some confusion surrounding some of these people. Family members can also be dealing with relationship problems or bizarre relationships emerging.

There’s lots of public gossip floating around, which surrounds you in May. Some allegations can be jarring, so brace yourself. Changes within the home or family structure can also be taking place, as new people enter the family sphere. This may play out as a new spouse brings home their children. Attempting to fold them into the family unit. Relatives could also be announcing births, weddings, family reunions or planning summer events.

The New Moon lands in your 9th house of foreign travel, indicative of changes within how you view the world. Morals, values begin to shift. This New Moon connects positively with your natural earth energy. You could find you’re traveling or booking foreign travel, so get your passport up to date. Learning or attending university or courses of any kind also being. You could also be developing some sort of educational course to present to the world. You could also find that you’re teaching something. Some Virgo’s can get jobs working in Universities, Collages or extending their online courses abroad.

By the 7th, you hear some news about a good deal and seek to act quickly. Sudden opportunities arise for Travel and Teaching or Schooling. Expect some issues within the legal establishments or paperwork related connections to contracts or negotiations.

New group associations appear as new people begin to trickle into your life. If you’re traveling around the 15th, you could run into some interesting people, as you make some enlightening connections with others. Sudden decisions about learning begins. Invitations also begin to arrive, as Mars heads into your dreams and hopes sphere. Group activities seems more prevalent then going on one dater. So, join in and have some fun this month.

The Full Moon rises in your third house of communication, so if you are on the go, don’t lose any of your paperwork. Issues around paper will have to be sorted out, as financial connections drawn your attention. Make sure you have all your record keeping up to date, before engaging in activities which require proper paperwork. Do it early so nothing is missed. Issues surrounding insurances, taxes, signing agreements or documentation. If your looking for someone to sign off on something, the 19th will work best for you as partners seem to be cooperating better. This Moon blends well with late born Virgo’s.

New people begin to trickle into your life by months end, most likely through some group associations or connections on a broader base. Like someone puts you in touch with someone else. Issues you’ve been having within relationships seem to be sorted out by months end as you both head into new directions.


Venus the planet of love, is your ruling planet, giving you some spontaneous rewards this month. She’s been on the go in your seventh house of relationships since mid-April, connecting you with all sorts of people. You could have been joining together for group activities or events. She continues creating some festive energy well into May.

As we enter May, Mars has been kicking up his heels, which could have seen some disagreements over moral or ethical issues. If you’ve been seeking out information for a project, you’ve most likely have had much success either. If you’ve been trying to enroll in courses, the paperwork could also have presented challenges.

You will need to watch your driving up till the 15th of May, as the planet of action is pushing some of your hot buttons. Difficulties within communication with coworkers could have been setting you up for failure. Some secrets or gossip is surrounding you, which you possibly are not aware of until the middle of May. Take your time to process some of this information prior to reacting. There is a need to teach someone something, which they perhaps are not interested in hearing. If you have a project on the go, you could have miscalculated something and will have to redo it.

The New Moon arrives in your eighth house of joint finances. Some potential new income could be coming in from other sources. There is a real focus upon investing, inheritances, income tax, insurances or banking. You could find your re-examining your mortgage, taking out a loan, or re-investing terms or investments which have come due. In addition, you might also be changing banks, switching insurers, & looking to new financial advisors.

Some of this information can be arising around the 7th of May as Mercury joins with Uranus, signaling unexpected news related to financial issues. This could begin the change within your financial sector.

Some unexpected financial gains can be realized as you head towards the Full Moon, with Venus connecting with Uranus. Financial gains or a wonderful opportunity to establish profits begins to surface.

With the Full Moon rising in your 2nd house of earned income, you will know exactly where you stand financially. You may find that you need to put out some extra cash to get things rolling, but you are investing in something for the long term. Housing, or purchasing property with Pluto going through your 4th house. You could also be making some business deals or establishing your own home business, which could set you back a bit, leaving things a bit tight financially. There is a strong need for some stability in relation to establishing a permanent residence. You could be seeing numerous changes in relation to where you live, which could have caused some disruptions within the family sector over the last several years. This month can see some progress made.

Things lighten up for Libra as both the Sun and Mercury enter Gemini by the 20th, connecting positively with your air element. You will feel like doing a bit of exploring around your neighborhood. Travel plans are not off the list as you head into June, as a significant plan can take hold. Seeking new knowledge by attending school can also get you fired up and thinking about potential prospects.

A new job can present itself by months end, even if it’s creating your own business or work project. You’ll be moving towards your goals of establishing your reputation in some fashion in order to launch.


There could have been some frustration at the end of April and heading into May within your financial sector. If your dealing with any type of investments, things could have seemed a bit tight, as investments had to be sorted out. Communication was essential in getting things moving again. Gemini ruling your 8th house, could have spelled a lot of talk about where you were going next, and trying to stay on top of demands from investors or clients or your profession. You could be trying to rebrand or repackage something to make things a bit more fun, but there is a lack of direction, as you stepped out of the box.

If you’re dealing with children or some of their issues, there are lots of ideas on the table. Concerns about children can also be surfacing with little direction early in the month. As well there can be a romantic connection in the wings, but unsure of how to proceed. It’s best to wait until you are in to the middle of May before making any major decisions, as I think by the 21st, you will have more of a clear direction forward as the energy begins to flow in your direction.

The New Moon surfaces within your house of relationships, just as Uranus moved into this sector last May and for a permanent stay in March of 2019. This could have brought with it some unexpected breakups within several of your relationships. If you’re hanging on for no good reason, then perhaps it’s time to release. You normally are a very strong-willed individual, so if anyone has betrayed you, chances are there will not be much forgiveness. It would seem you may be biding your time, until the moment is right. Expect some new people to be emerging into the life this month. With a New Moon can come a fresh start within your relationship sector. Relationships are changing.

The 7th of May brings with it some discussions within relationships and where you are heading next. This could be a call from out of the blue, for a date. It’s totally unexpected. Someone can also be making a proposal for partnering up in some venture. You could be hearing news about a new relationship within the family, as well as with some friends.

If you’re looking for love, then peg the 15th as your day for making some moves. Exciting individuals could be entering the life or attempting to make a connection with you. New friendships or meeting numerous new people energizes your life. Enjoy the moments and go with the flow.

It’s around this time as well, that Mars shifts gears and enters your 9th house of travel midmonth. Possibly setting in motion plans for some long distant trips. This will trigger the Full Moon of December 22nd, 2018, which could also see you planning to return to some sort of educational pursuit or learning some new information. If you’ve been attempting to deal with a lawyer or the legal establishment, it seems more likely around the 15th.

The Full Moon lands in your sign on the 19th, energizing you even further, by directing your attention to your own personal needs. You could find your spending a little extra on sprucing yourself up. Some nice news could be forthcoming about a business transaction as ideas for solving problems surface. Get together with new associates for some good conversation around this Full Moon. You can also find your signing papers or documents need attending too which wraps things up nicely.

This is a very busy month for you Scorpio, things which were transpiring around the beginning of the month, in relation to financial issues, begins to bear fruit by the end of May. Decision about children seem to dissolve themselves, and a new direction unfolds for you going forward. Expect some lighter energy at this time, as you could be traveling or enjoying some nice down time, which can be rather enjoyable.


You are always the optimist, especially with Jupiter assisting you in expanding your life’s journey. However, Mars the planet of action or disagreements is causing some ruckus within relationships these days. Early in the month, you could see some problems emerging with friends or within a significant partnership. You’re a naturally competitive individual, so it’s natural for others to respond early May. You could have gone a little over board in your exaggerations, which could have been perceived as lying or omitting the truth about a relevant matter. It’s important for you to say things as they are to gain the trust of others. It’s important to get at what is causing the behavior rather then attacking. People whom you trust could be deceiving you in some manner. Saying they can accomplish some project or do something for you, which they are not able to complete.

It all began late in April, when some family issues needed your attention. There could be some issues within the home. Water issues could be prevalent or flooding in or around the home. You will need to shore things up. Which once again lead us back to the trusting of others to assist you early in the month.

There is a new direction emerging in the work sphere of your life. A new job or project initiates or the potential for changing directions. The New Moon graces your house of healing & health, which could be connected to your new direction or bringing you into this field. This could be your own health changes are going in a new direction. Unexpected changes have emerged into this house over the last year. You have gone in numerous directions and brought about sudden changes in the direction of where or what you wanted to focus on in relation to your health or even healing. If your job is somehow connected to the healing modalities, it also has gone through many changes or directions. There could be a feeling of unsatisfa in this area, always needing more stimulating projects to inspire you forward.

By the 7th, new information comes to light. A possible proposal or new ideas once again spurs you forward. News related to health and your well being can also surface as you turn over a new leaf to maintain a healthy diet or exercise program.

Shifts begin to take place just prior to the Full Moon, as the energy begins to change. A new partnership could be forming as Venus joins Uranus. A new individual could be coming into the work place, or you could be starting a new project with a new associate. It’s all rather exciting as the project gets underway.

The Full Moon rises in your 12th house of the mind. A new awareness brings about a change of direction. New perspectives through ideas light up your mind, sending you in a totally different direction to increasing your income. The Sun and Mercury, slide across your seventh house of relationships by the 20th, allowing you to connect with all sorts of people. You could be contacting various individuals to partner up with you in order to make some changes to your existing income. If you are running your own business, this will spell some profitable gains, heading forward.

By months end, issues with the home or contractors, is now dissolving and moving out of your life. Mars just entering the house of joint financial concerns, certainly spells a need to partner up with someone, in order to make advancements financially. You could be making investments, buying insurances or dealing with the taxation system. Inheritances or wills are also on the table as family connections exist within this area. You will be focusing on establishing a new direction financially.


There has been a lot of pressure upon you of late. More responsibilities, pressure within the workplace or from a boss which could have been leading to feelings of sadness or frustrations on a personal level. More responsibility due to a new job or transformations within a job could be building up. Your attempts to keep up with the revolving issues can be a little disconcerting.

Jupiter now residing in your house of self-sabotage, is ever the optimist. Perhaps refusing to let go of certain elements in one’s life, which no longer seem to be working. If you believe the same old philosophies or practices will continue to resolve your problems, you will be in for some corrections. There is lots of confusion emerging early in May, as a snarl or mess-ups within communication get stretched to the limit. There seems to be a lack of understanding as to whom is supposed to be doing what. This adds to your anxiety, as you lack the where for all in solving the problems. There could be lots of gossip around the work area, as co-workers seem to be pressing for an authoritative position. You will need to be crystal clear on what was said, to avoid further confusion.

In addition, if you are having mechanical problems with a vehicle or other electronic device, please make sure that the technicians are only fixing the things which need to be fixed. You will have to rely upon your instincts if you have no other resource to turn too.

The New Moon surfaces in your 5th house of risk taking, children and enjoyment come the 4th of May. This can bring about a new form of entertainment heading your way, which is rather light hearted. You’re a straight forward individuals, liking to maintain a tight schedule, often repeating or engaging in similar entertainment practices. Uranus newly in the 5th house is going to shake things up a bit. You could suddenly find yourself with a new interest. Spontaneously engaging or meeting unusual or interesting people.

By May 7th, some new topic lights up your 5th house of fun. Expect to be going to some new event, children’s activity or meeting some romantic interests.

Things begin to really shift by the 15th, as Mars heads into your house of relationships, triggering the December 22nd Full Moon, and the North Node. New fresh relationships are emerging with lots of invitations. New friends or other interesting engagements begin to connect you with others. Old friends can also begin to be active within the life as well. Venus will join Uranus, so expect to be meeting someone new, either romantically or as a serious friendship.

The Full Moon rises in your 11th house of associates & group activities. You could find you are realizing which groups of people are serving you well, and which need to be released within the life. Associates you work with could also be leaving or moving into a different association with others. The Moon is making good contacts with you on a personal level, bringing about positive changes. You may be following the direction of others, but please be aware of their motives.

Both Moon’s in May will connect positively with your energy, setting you in a new direction and stabilizing your energy to move forward.

By months end, things begin to straighten out within the work life, as issues begin to dissolve. Communication problems straighten out, as the air begins to clear. New people in the life, seem to be assisting you to move into a new direction. You may hear some positive news and get what you had hoped for. A new job or direction for a new job seems to come about near months end.


Many Aquarius individuals could be dealing with some frustrations with children, romantic interests or attempting to decide on which direction they are going for their future investments. It’s been a rough couple year, but this month seems to be bringing about some nice needed changes.

The news heading into the month of May, can seem grim, especially due to the lack of clarity financially. If you’ve been finding that children or group activities have been draining your resources, perhaps it’s time for a review. The need for independence is strong as Uranus headed into Taurus drawing with it a strong need for liberation of some sort. Since Taurus can come to logger heads with Aquarius, you can find things really challenging as you step into a new energy. You can find your at a crossroads and need to make a decision.

If you’ve found you are having to financially support others, such as your children, this is the month, where you will meet those challenges head on. If you’re looking to take on a risky venture, and you need the financial capital, not knowing where you will get it. This is the month to face those challenges.

The New Moon emerges in the 4th house of home, bring about a new direction for the family. Uranus is your ruling planet, so expect some changes to come about, especially if you are seeking security for your self & family unit. Sudden shifts and changes come quickly. Shoring up and securing any financial needs you may require. It’s important to get all your ducks in a row by this Full Moon in relations to insurances, investors, lines of credit and establishing the necessary connections you need.

A new dialogue arrives on the 7th, which is both enlightening and spontaneous. You can be making some decisions based on this news. This could involve borrowing or some sort of investment, either from the banking sector or investments you already have. If you’re waiting to hear from the bank in relation to a loan, this might be the time of that news arrives, sending you in a new direction.

Changes within a job or career seem most pressing this month. With both the North Node and Mars heading into the house of work by the 15th, which triggers an idea which surfaced around Christmas of last year. You may begin to go full force as you step forward with your plans for new employment. You may also be hiring family or family friends to come in on the venture. All work seems to be a family venture to you Aquarius’s.

Venus will also join up with Uranus, starting a new trend for financial security through some additional income. If you are planning a family business, you are allowing the stars to guide you in the right direction. You’ve always wanted to be independent. News could be arriving as well within the family, which brings possible surprises.

There have been some frustrations within the groups of people you have been presently associating with and are seeking to expand your connections with others this month. As well your career and/or profession has been paramount as of late. It’s no different this month, as the Full Moon rises to the pinnacle of the chart triggering an awareness of what you would actually enjoy doing. Awareness of your profession and where you stand within life. It’s important to get all your ducks in a row by this Full Moon in relations to insurances, investors, lines of credit and establishing the necessary connections you need.

Your mind begins to shift as well from a point of being the employee to be the employer.

Issues surrounding uncertainty around income, seems to be dissolving by the 20th. Just as the Sun and Mercury head into the house of children. Children’s activities or events are highlighted this May, for pretty much the entire month. A releasing at months end, can spell a get together or family gathering to take place. You will also be looking at different ways to enjoy your own sense of freedom.


Neptune, newly in Pisces, could have been adding some real confusion around you personally. Some of you can be dealing with some sort of undiagnosed physical ailment or a lack of clarity of where you wish to venture in the future.

Challenges within the profession/career, as well as within the home or family structure is adding some hazy confusion to your personal life. If you are dealing with some sort of illness, it’s important for you to realize, a clearer focus begins to arrive near months end.

Arguments or disagreements within the family could be sending you in a new direction. More pressure or added work load within the career in May can also be weakening your immune system. It’s imperative for you to be conscious of your diet this month, which will indicate better health heading into the summer months.

The New Moon arrives in the realms of your third house of communication and learning. Uranus newly in this house, is bringing about sudden shifts in thinking as new information arrives to assist you forward. You could also be considering purchasing a new vehicle by the 7th of May as Mercury joins with Uranus. If nothing else there are new deals on the table or negotiations. Lots of paper work is emerging, as well as some much-needed technological devices. You can find you are spending more then you anticipated.

The tensions which arose early in the month with family members, seems to dissipate, as Mars moves into Cancer and your fifth house of children. The attention seems to shift from house hold concerns, to getting out and having some fun. Family matters or connections with visiting children or grandchildren seem to enter your sphere of awareness. This energy begins to blend well with your sensitive nature, bringing about a refreshing breeze within the life.

Expect to be engaging with a new friend or connection with loved ones around the 15th. A new dialogue emerges, with a fresh perspective. Mars also moves to your house of children and family affairs as well. Triggering events which began last December.

The Full Moon arrives in your 9th house of travel and educational pursuits. If you have been attending school, or secondary education, you could be achieving accolades at this time. Connection made abroad can also produce some enticement. Student exchanges and prospects for the future.

The north node in the 6th house is activated by the 20th, initiating a possible new job, as tensions begin to diminish for you. Family matters and home issues by the months end. It’s busy as you’re busy in this area of life. Visits and zipping around the country visiting relatives or family members.

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