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Mercury Retrograde

December 19th to January 8th

Mercury the planet of communication, messenger, and thought processes has stationed Retrograde as of December 19th in the early hours. It's close to the earth, thus it's energy is magnified. He has just set foot into in bounds territory as he stations in the farthest point south. Mercury is now positioned between the earth and the Sun, whereby reaching it's inferior conjunction with the Sun on December 28th, while he is stationed retrograde in motion. He will also reach 00 degrees of Capricorn 3 times during his movements back and forth.

He first reached this point on December 3rd, in retrograde motion on January 4th and again on January 13th, 2017. This 00 degree mark of Capricorn is considered one of the Cardinal points. Indicating a out rushing of energy of eventful times ahead. A new movement begins, which will invoke possible changes and new trends emerging. This is significant in the meaning of the action of Mercury's influences, as there is more punch to his expressions.

Mercury also stations on Pluto the planet of transformation and change. Joining with this highly intense planet on December 19th and again on the 29th of January. This can bring out hidden secrets. Long kept mysteries emerge into the open. Finding something which has been hidden for a good length of time. We as individuals may find our passions are arouse in expressing our motives, goals or aspirations for our livelihoods. We can find intrigue surrounding us at every turn. Like a good mystery novel motivating us to look deeper into the facts. Was it Mr. Green in the Library?

Being in the sign of Capricorn these plots, turns and twists can be found within our governments, high business moguls or large businesses. The media can be digging deep into some such story of corruption. Investigating dark secrets of officials working in these areas. Since Mercury is retrograde these might have involved past transgressions, which are now bubbling to the surface. Previous criminal activities or investigations can come to light. We can become obsessive or compulsive in our need to know something. Pluto is very much a planet of control. Various individuals could be attempting to control what transpiring. Do we comply and stay within the limits or do we dig deeper in our understanding of why others want to express their opinions or hide their intentions.

Saturn is ruling Mercury's journey through Capricorn. A possible involvement with legal actions or legal drama playing out in some manner. This planet might very well be stabilizing situations due to a need to focus direction on discovering the truth. It's interesting to note, Saturn will make it's first Trine to Uranus on Christmas Eve, allowing us to freely express our needs or deep personal wants for the future. Freeing us from our various constraints or limitations.

This is a beginning trend of transforming how we interact with one another. To attempt to pull out all the deeply set ideas or thought patterns so we can clear the trash out and move on in a more independent, free thinking expression of our own truths.

Love & Light this Holiday Season.


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