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OCT 31/NOV 1, 2019


We have our third Mercury retrograde station of 2019 occurring on Oct 31/Nov 1st depending on your location. He will then station direct on November 20, 2019. Often, a Mercury retrograde can cause some havoc in the area he’s stationing within. The usual mantra is we have trouble communicating, find odd things happening with electronics, or accidents occurring. This may be the case simply because our energy moves into a different direction and we are not paying attention any longer.

Mercury retrograde times are excellent times to draw back and review the issues that Mercury is addressing. It’s not a time to push forward with decisions, but a time to hold your own. To review and go over various areas within the sign Mercury is stationing within. You can discover lost items, reconnect with old friendships, and must deal with a specific problem over and over throughout the time frame.

Mercury enters the shadow period from Oct 11th prior to stationing retrograde. During this phase, we can find ourselves detaching, ignoring, or letting things slide a bid, as the energy moves from an outward base to an inner type dialogue. We begin to jump the gun a tad. Believing we already know what others want from us. We begin to tap into the meaning behind what someone is saying instead of listening to their full sentences. This produces errors. So, it’s a good time to be mindful of what others are saying and to listen carefully. Mercury will not come out of his shadow until Dec 7, 2019.

Mercury will station retrograde at the 27th degree of Scorpio while conjunct Venus. This is a rather intense retrograde phase due to the Scorpio energy. The little Hermes is deep into this sign. There is a need to go deeper into conversations, feelings and actions. There is a compulsive need here to dig a little deeper into the meaning of things. He’s suspicious of everyone and everything in this position. He wants to know what makes you tick, and what your soul’s purpose is behind your actions. This makes people suspicious during this cycle. Things begin to manifest more like a mystery then actual life. If life isn’t spicy enough, we will make it more so. We need a reaction or response, creating dramatic situations in order to stir the pot. Secrets can begin to bubble up to the surface, leading us into tangled webs of information. We can get caught up in believing things, so much so that we become compulsive within our actions and can’t let things go. There is a persuasive need to convince people of things, making you look like you are lying. We’ve all got this passionate point of view. Forcing our opinions and suspicions on others through our persuasive need to enforce what we are relating.

This is a wonderful retrograde period for the media. Various in-depth stories can emerge. Perhaps involving cold case files, human trafficking rings, prostitution, the under belly of society. As well as various events involving hidden activities of the wealthy or governmental individuals. Scandals can break wide open as we once again revisit topics resurfacing from the past. It’s Sherlock Homes in action to be sure.

Scorpio rules the wealthy. The banking industry, the insurance companies, the investment firms. Places we pool our money together, often to secure the safety of our wealth for the future. We may discover a bit of shape shifting in these areas. Financial issues can loom large here. We can be rethinking our investments. This is an excellent Mercury retrograde to review your mortgages, insurance policies, bank accounts or interest rates and our debts. A wonderful time to sort through the papers of such deeds to ensure that everything is in order and up to date. Some of us can also be rehashing inheritance issues and estate planning.

Mercury will station right next to Venus. Venus is residing at the 29th degree of Scorpio. Indicating a need to let go of something you value, a loved one, partnership or financial connection. A business transaction is finishing up, or perhaps ready for renewal. This energy is a time of endings, with a need to tie up loose ends. If you’re going through divorce or separation in an area of your life. This is a period where you will be reviewing things to make sure everything is in order to be finalized. Mercury is saying, wait a minute, hold up, we’re not quiet done here. Ironically, the connection to Chiron, certainly indicates a need for more discussions, so we can heal the wounds. A hesitancy in leaving, with a need to salvage a piece or part of. This Mercury can send partners back to the table to negotiate terms and conditions. Relationship decisions can be placed on hold. One last chance to salvage the connection or to reconcile differences due to a painful wound. It can become easier to see the other person’s viewpoint and to forgive.

This can be a time, when old relationships begin to resurface. Old connections are made to ex-lovers or ex partnerships or to estranged family members. A rekindling might take place for a brief time or making permanent connections once again. Expect to be running into old flames, or with people you haven’t seen for a very long time.

This connection to Venus will lighten the load. Allowing us to gently persuade others to listen to our concerns. However, we may become suspicious of their motives or underlying reasons for trying to find resolutions. We can use all sorts of tactics for this persuasion. Social invitations, dinners out, sexual favors, or other controlling motives. After all we are in Scorpio, so deep down we can be rather compulsive if someone has pushed us a little too far over the edge. Expect to reconnect with old friends and to find a healing quality to the reunion. We’re changing our minds here. Willing to wait a little longer before deciding. Decisions may be forthcoming by December 9, 2019.

This Mercury retrograde is governed by Pluto, which is now preparing to meet Saturn in Jan of 2020. There seems to be an involvement to larger entities, influencing many of the decisions we’re making. The economic conditions, tax concerns, legislation, financial connections. We may have to deal with some larger issues, as they crop up within our lives. Pluto hangs on, determined to endure. Simply saying sorry won’t cut it. You will have to prove it, grovel, and really take responsibility for your actions.

This is a retrograde to really determine what you value in life. Venus is ruling Mars, who is now skipping through Libra. Attempting to make the peace, but having trouble making decisions on how to proceed forward. He’s moving to square Pluto, the ruler of Mercury. A clear indication of disruptions if people are not willing to come to the table to negotiate. Things are being unearthed that can be influential within Governments, Corporations and the wealthy populations. We can find ourselves being swindled, cheated or duped by the propaganda being related. We may miss the point, through the complacency of our actions.

The Moon’s position in Capricorn can make this retrograde period feel rather depressive, but for good reason. It’s a period to get to work to push your goals and aspirations forward. Opportunities are calling us, and we need to get everything sorted through so we can move in a new direction. We can find ourselves inspired by this Mercury retrograde to push forward in all seriousness.

Mercury stations direct on Nov 20th, 2019, at the same degree it held on Oct 11, 2019. When you reach this junction, you may find that you have slid back, or have felt staled. Mercury will have a positive sextile to the Moon. Which gives us hope that all the information arising through the Retrograde station will lighten the load and clear out a lot of debris which has been hanging on in your life. Social gatherings are indicated, with positive news forthcoming. We can fully understand where we stand and how we fit into the family or social structure. Positive announcements can be made at this time.

Mercury leave his shadow on Dec 7, 2019. This is when decision will be finalized and made. Venus already in Capricorn, joined with Saturn commits to these decisions. Jupiter as well has jumped into Capricorn. New projects are surfacing as we launch ourselves into new positions, start new business ventures or commit to loved ones. We’re now in it for the long haul. A time to come to the table and commit.

We’re a suspicious lot through Mercury retrograde this time around. Be wary of other people’s motives but enjoy the social gatherings you encounter from his journey. Make those re-connections with loved ones, old friendships or ex lovers. Old graves can be dug up, to rehash old wounds as skeletons come out of the closet.

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy your journey through this Mercury Retrograde.

Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen.

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