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November Astrology 2019

In the Heat of the Night

As we enter November, many of us can be feeling a little wrung out. Exhausted in many ways. It’s been a bit of a challenge coming out of the latter part of October, with so many planets in the sign of Scorpio & a New Moon in Scorpio in opposition to Uranus. This always increased the tempo of the energy, causing stress or electrical currents to course through out veins.

This month reminds me of a clear lake appearing calm against the steam rising from the difference in air pressures, as hot meets cold. The dark of Scorpio looms large, heating up issues due as Mercury heads into retrograde motion. We blend through our bodily connections producing heat, courage or violence. Mixed with the blessings we gain through our fight to the end. The warmth of Venus seeks refuge with Neptune, drowning our need for the warmth of our faith. Showing us with ideas, creativity, and lavish energies. Venus joins with Jupiter on the 24th, steaming up our romantic interests and love is in the air.

We push our way into November with a New Moon at our backs, and a Mercury Retrograde looming before us. Seems like, we’re on the backslide of some pretty intense energy. Mercury retrogrades can cause some communication difficulties or electronic, or accidents to occur. Scorpio rules the sector of the horoscope associated with financial affairs for the most part. It’s a deep mysterious sign, which likes to dig into the buried sectors of our society. Incidences related to human trafficking, prostitution, financial fraud, sexual scandals, governmental taxation, or back room deals. Investigations are being reviewed this month, into all sorts of allegations or criminal activities or cases.

This is an excellent time to review cold cases. Undercover policing maybe exposing events involving hidden activities of the wealthy or governmental individuals. Scandals can break wide open. Areas such as the banking system, insurance companies, investment firms, bank accounts, interest rates, debt or budgeting concerns, business transactions. Many of us should be reviewing our investment portfolio’s. Sift through your papers, make sure that everything is on the up and up, calculate the numbers to ensure no mistakes have been made. Finish up loose ends with agreements or renewals and finalize your stance. Ready to be implemented in December.

Mercury stations within reach of Venus. Connecting this retrograde station to relationships and sexual activities. There will be a need to go deeper into conversations, feelings and actions. People can get suspicious of the various activities of their significant other, becoming jealous or hiring private detectives to investigate. Old ex lovers can come into the life, old friends or acquaintances. We can reconsider a position with a loved one, trying to mend or repair the relationship. One last kick of the can, one last hope of reconciliation.

This is a passionate Mercury retrograde, where we want to know what makes others tick, and what their soul’s purpose is behind their actions. This makes people suspicious of one another’s motives. We can get tangled in people’s drama. Secrets can bubble to the surface, leading us into a tangled web of information. We can get caught up in the mysteries of life, conspiracy theories, or espionage. Great for the media to uncover stories. We’ve all got a passionate point of view, forcing our opinions or suspicions on others. Believing something that isn’t necessarily true.

Expect this one to be interesting at the least and mind blowing at the extreme. Mercury entered his shadow on Oct 11th, stationing retrograde on Nov 1st, will station direct on the 20th, and leaving his shadow on Dec 7th. It’s here we can begin to break new ground and move forward.

Nov 2nd brings Venus into the sign of Sagittarius. A place she loves to kick up her heels and have a little fun. We love the freedom of social interactions and the connections we have with other people. We will need to express our outspoken ideas openly and forthright. Moral or ethical issues can surface, with a real need to know the truth, seeking honesty from others. It’s a need to have backing from some sort of religious base, tied to the justifications given to do or not do something. This can be a very flamboyant energy, full of artistic pursuits, creativity, color and fashion. Music, the opera, architecture and appreciation for the finer things in life. It’s royalty, rich pampering. Along with sports, horseback riding or outdoor activities, followed by lavish parties. Travel is indicated with this placement, producing advancements in education or the connection with other cultures, as our dream date rides up on their white horse.

Enjoy yourselves with Venus in Sag, until she enters the heaviness of Capricorn come the 26th. We will land with a thud, triggering the December 22nd Full Moon, the March 21st, 2019 Full Moon both by square. Also enacting the June 21, 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse via square aspect. Shifting energy takes place here. Venus in Cap seeks material status through the acquisition of position of wealth. There is a draw to those in positions of power, and she seeks to glean status through association with these individuals. She may marry for position or wealth. It’s all business here, cold, calculating and can appear somewhat snobbish. More women can be opening their own businesses with this placement. There is an air of maturity, needing structure and a solid foundation to build upon. Traditional business practices are attractive.

Mars has been struggling through the peace-loving sign of Libra as we enter November, taking some pretty intense hits from Saturn and Pluto on his journey through. Mars first squared Saturn on the New Moon of Oct 27th, slowing him down to assess situations before proceeding. This can cause delays due to red tap or person’s in authority. He could be trying to make decisions here or trying to form alliances or connections with others. He’s in a tough position heading into November, as soon as he clears Saturn’s check point, he runs into Pluto, driving the stakes higher. His frustration can boil over by the 5th of November, causing a forceful energy to emerge. Pushing his way into what he seeks to gain or know. We can be presented with both energies, the hero or courageous person risking life to save another, or we can lose our tempers, lashing out violently against those whom are abusing their position of power. Protesting the unfairness of various situations. We have this stance of dictatorship emerging.

Mars finally shifts into Scorpio; a placement Mars enjoys through ruler ship. He’s at his fighting best in this position. There is tremendous determination, power and strength exuding from his male physic. An insurmountable endurance to complete his tasks. The soldier at his best abilities. This is a very controlled energy, but ready to react in a heartbeat. Disputes arise of jealousies, possessiveness, financial issues, or inheritances.

Our final Saturn sextile Neptune arrives at the 16th degree of Capricorn/Pisces axis on the 8th of November. This aspect first emerged on Jan 31st, again on the 15th of June and now is putting in place the final touches of it’s energies. This is where our dreams are larger then life but can now be put to or within a practical us. Dreams do indeed become a reality. This aspect mitigated the Jupiter square Neptune aspect, and for some is creating the realities they only once pictured in their heads. We are inspired through this aspect, to not give up and to keep reaching for our dreams, business hopes, and dedications. This can be the final lift off we need to launch our businesses, making career plans known to the world.

The Full Moon emerges on the 12th of November at the 19th degree of Taurus. The Moon now dignified, opposite the New Moon of October. The Sun joins with Mercury, telling secrets to the king, due to the trine with Neptune. The Moon sextiles Neptune, so this is a highly creative Moon, bringing with it opportunities to capitalize on our ideas. The ruler of this Moon, Venus is square to Neptune, indicating a sacrifice will need to be made. Perhaps greasing someone’s palm with a little extra to bring our fruits to bear. Mars is close to the fixed star of Spica, in sextile with Jupiter, bringing with it fortunate affairs, stardom, fame or wealth, along with Arcturus, producing inspiration through right action, honors and benefits through travel. This is a beneficial Moon Energy.

Venus moves out of bounds come the 13th to December 13th, exaggerating our need to be the center of attention. Fashion designs become bolder, as we seek to be in the spotlight. Venus here is exaggerated, producing a need to spend financial and live like the rich and famous. We can get carried away with shopping, plastic surgeries, glamour, or spending on the things we believe are essential to our beauty. Various people or trends can emerge which are outside the norm. At this point could spell a huge difference in the normalities of life. Bringing with it new trends for the future, as she methodically pushes towards her connection with the South Node in December.

The Sun enters the light heartedness of Sagittarius on the 22nd. Lifting our spirits, bolstering our Moods. We begin social parties for Christmas gatherings. We feel hopeful, inspired and excited to be out and about.

The New Moon arises on the 26th at the 4th degree of Sagittarius. Connected to Mars through a semi-sextile aspect, producing growth through a determination to succeed. Jupiter the ruler of this Moon, is on his last legs of his journey through his own sign, moving to make amends with his brother Uranus. Venus is now at the cardinal degree of Capricorn, triggering the releases of 2018 on our journey through 2019 and ready to launch anew come June 21st, 2020. This is an optimistic Moon, pushing us out into the world to socialize and engage with others.

Sadly, Jupiter begins to end his Journey by the 28th of November through his own sign of Sagittarius. Many Jupiter individuals have not had an easy time in 2019, due to the bizarre connection Jupiter was making with Neptune. This energy also produced a lot of uncertainty, lack of trust, and a lack of support. Expect 2020 to be much better for you as Jupiter will connect positively with the depths of Neptune.

The Month:

We enter November grinding our way forward, but the Sun connects positively with the North Node, pushing us forward to our destiny by the 2nd.

Venus trines Chiron come November 3rd, allowing us to take some R&R. Head to the spa with friends if you are able.

Push comes to shove by the 5th when Mars finally is fed up with Pluto’s antics in Capricorn. Alliances can be broken, difficulties within governments. As individuals we can find ourselves more prone to disagreements as our inner frustrations with others can emerge strong.

Venus semi-squares Pluto by the 6th, further inflaming the fires by exposing the potential financial corruptions hiding beneath the surface. If you have been spending and hiding this fact from a loved one, you will have to pay the piper.

As we head into the middle section of November the energy begins to slowly shift and change. The Sun’s sextile to Saturn, along with it’s positive connection to Neptune, can launch us full swing into a potentially good business, which will glean us a tidy little bonus. Popularity increases if you are looking to advance yourself.

Our final Saturn sextile Neptune arrives on the 8th. This is a very good day for everyone. Good fortune and a comradery assault our visions for the future. Those ideas can now really emerge strongly.

Mercury retro gives us the answers we so desperately seek by the 9th, as he sextiles Pluto. The answers we seek are better then we imagined, perhaps producing the fact we were right all along if mistakes have been made along the way.

The Sun joins Mercury in Cazimi on Nov 11th, being in the heart of the Sun. Mercury is safe here, protected by the strength of the Sun. Confident and confiding his information to the King. This is an excellent time to speak your truth, as you have strong council and will be heard for your points of view or opinions. You can express your information and it be taken seriously. A close confidant may require your assistance to keep a secret (Scorpio).

We launch into some favorable energy as we head into the middle of the month. Mars sextiles Jupiter by the 12th, gaining allegiances and support. This is an excellent time to get out there and have a little fun. Through those connections you can glean more clients, or prospects to make some financial gains.

Full Moon in Taurus by Nov 12th, highlighting our relationships and financial status.

Nov 13th is amazing with the Sun/Mercury combination sextile to Saturn, along with Mercury trine Neptune, producing a fabulous day for advancing your career or profession. This is a grand day to ask for a raise, pick someone’s ear to present a new idea. Creativity is on the rise, along with a little extra cash, so get out and celebrate. Good news is forthcoming in the area of the chart this is arising.

Nov 14th can lead us down persuasive roads if we believe everything we hear or see. Caution is needed to ensure we are not ensnared by just a pretty face. Venus square Neptune.

Another wonderful healing day, to hit the spa is Nov 23rd. Get some people together and engage in a nice healing ritual.

Nov 24th brings Venus in connection Jupiter. This is a very optimistic planets and brings with it lots of social activities. This is a very gracious positive energy. Expect invitation, wedding proposals and nice travel plans. Relationship advances and meetings with others produces a feeling of expansion.

The last week of November has a flavor of corrections, as adjustments need to be made on the 25th, as the in conjunction occurs between the Sun and Uranus. Our plans need some tweaking before we can move forward. This can become a frustrating day, as we don’t know how to push through the unexpected interruptions occurring.

Nov 26th, New Moon emerges in Sagittarius with fun, laughter and excitement.

Chiron square to Venus, can surface another old wound we need to take care of within relationship or connections with others. If you have a habit, within your relationships or financial areas of life. The downdraft can surface on Nov 27th.

Mercury makes a lovely trine to Neptune on Nov 28th, just as Jupiter makes his last degree within Sagittarius. Fresh new ideas begin to emerge, as we launch our way forward. After all the past is the past.

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Acknowledgements to the Men and Women who sacrifice to ensure our freedoms. Both past and present.

Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen

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