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November’s Astrological Forecast

Air Bubbles Break Surface.

Sometimes I think there are only two seasons. The light season and the dark season. With the light, we push ourselves upward towards the light. With the dark season we are pushed downward. Each entrance begins with a water sign. The Light with Pisces and the dark with Scorpio. We are now entering the dark season in the Northern Hemisphere, as we enter the season of Scorpio. We get pushed down under the water. For many it can be a panicked time, where you either sink or swim. It takes us a bit to climatize ourselves to being in the water, waiting to touch bottom and emerge through to the other side into the sign of Sagittarius.

This period of time can be considered the transitional period. It can be depressing as we learn to navigate the depths. A need to transform in order to make it though the dark waters before reaching land. We can feel like we’re stuck in a muddy soup of muck. Release yourself. Stop trying to control the events happening. Sink deeper. Let your breath out, allowing Air Bubbles to break the surface from whence you came.

Jupiter newly in Scorpio as of October 10th, has already put on his diving gear. The problem is, he’s not going to be coming through the other side just yet. He wants to explore this territory. To expands the issues which are buried deep within society or the individual. In the few short weeks, Jupiter’s dive into Scorpio is beginning to reveal Bubbles of buried information breaking out into the world. The “Me Too” expression has circled the globe in the expression of sexual misconduct. Sexuality is very much an issue connected with Scorpio. For many our sexual orientation or activities are generally hidden within the confines of where ever the act is happening.

The hidden mysteries of conspiracy theories are also highlighting our world. Eagerly anticipating the revealing of JFK’s assassination files to be opened by the United States Government.

We also can’t forget the Republicans determination to reveal the going on with President Trump behind the scenes. The need to express their determination to expose what they perceive as the true character of what is transpiring in the White House.

In addition, the Financial Ministers financial exploits have been revealed to the Canadian public. Was he hiding his personal financial investments. Is he credible. Shortly after this, the Prime Ministers attempted to explain. This is relating to the public’s shared resource in public funds will be further spent to enrich the middle class and lower-class income through the child tax credit. Miraculously there is more funds available, and of course more debt.

As well the two ships in Canadian Arctic Waters. English owned. England have graciously given Canada many of the artifacts from these vessels, except the gold bullion.

And let’s not forget the negotiations which continue in relation to NAFTA. Tariffs, joint financial connections and taxation issues. Goods and Services.

The amplification of issues surrounding Scorpio’s domain will be front and center for the next several months. Expect to hear anything from budgeting, pensions, embezzlement, capitalism, tariffs, slaughter houses, sewage issues, disease arising from stagnant pools of water, mysteries, intrigues and toxic materials. We dive deeper into the philosophies of Witchcraft, secret societies, research, reincarnation, & Psychiatrists or psychic experiences. We shall embrace, be repulsed, and drop deeper into the unknown elements of life. Who’s sharing and who needs to share. Reach deep to find your treasure. Yes, and buried treasure may arise!

This month also brings with it the last of Saturn in Sagittarius Trine to Uranus in Aries. This aspect can produce the advancement of technologies and innovative inventions. The Hippy individuality has become mainstream. With the understanding of the unusualness of self. This can produce an odd and different reality to emerge. If you have been living in the strangeness of your world, not to be concerned as this reality will seeks acceptance. It gives more tolerance to the strangeness of people. It can promote; “Invention through the necessity of life”. It’s a smooth running tolerant aspect, with which we can stabilize our own uniqueness. This energy stabilizes disruptive forces. Where history & tradition meet an innovative future and a New reality is formed out of a need. This is fresh ideas coming to maturity.

Another major aspect going on is the Uranus in Aries semi-square to Neptune in Pisces. This is a long-term aspect due to the slowness of the planets. It began in August of 2017 and made it’s second connection on Oct 7th of 2017. Along with hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and mudslides. The next will occur on June 16th, 2018, Dec 15th of 2018 and the last on May 1, 2019. The semi-square for me gives a grinding energy. A friction, which seems to rub us the wrong way. It’s very difficult to deal with, because the events happening, don’t specifically correlate with something which we can fix exactly. Uranus seeks to shock us into awareness, but Neptune leaves us confused as it dissolves things before our eyes.

Mercury is the little planet of communication and how we express our inner thoughts and feelings. Mercury has been in the depths of Scorpio since October 17th and has been assisting to reveal various issues discussed above. News and the Media have been revealing issues. This can be a controlled placement with Mercury. We often have scheming, plotting or the impression others have ulterior motives. It has felt like we are on the edge of our seats, waiting for a secret to be revealed.

By November 5th Mercury will shift energies as it enters the sign of Sagittarius. Mercury doesn’t function well in this sign due to his detriment position here He drops through no man’s land and ends up on the other side in a brightly filled room filled with possibilities and comes under the governorship of Jupiter in Scorpio. This brings in the legal system into the discoveries Jupiter is bringing out into the open. The truth of the matter is needed. The righteousness of what is being said. Is it true or are we exaggerating the issues? It’s the attitude here. The potential possibilities. Blowing them out of proportion to the point they become a fictional story based on threads of truth. Religious or philosophical view points become over dramatized and we miss the point due to the insinuation of things rather then facts.

It get’s worse as the month moves forward, as gossip, potential lies, and the exaggerations begin to boarder on other worldly things due to Mercury’s trek outside the parameters of boundaries. Reaching the 23 degrees 37 minutes declination on the 11th of November and continue to move outward into December. Mercury here can get out of control with accusations, attitudes, and extremes in what people are saying. It’s a half-backed truth of events. Extreme speech or people saying off the wall things because there seems to be no restriction to what they feel they can say. An intense sense of shock or miscommunication can be attached to this energy. It’s the Emperor with no Cloths in some respects and the outlandish barrage of extremes which can be attached to it’s energy. However, it can be positive in that it can allow our minds to go further with possibilities. Allow us to see a much larger picture then what is being told to us. We can reach into subjects which perhaps were too taboo at times.

The month we shape shift through it’s energies. Due to the Saturn trine to Uranus we seem to be able to adapt ourselves to reality. The month opens in a very pleasant manner giving us a feel of possibilities with the Sun’s Trine to Neptune and Venus in sextile with Saturn and opposes Uranus on the 3rd and 4th. It’s an opportunity to set down the rules. To put an end to the craziness of always being concerned with the needs of self within the relationships. Necessity will be of top of mind.

We have our Full Moon on November 4th in the sign of Taurus at the 12th degree. Venus in her home sign of Libra triggers the October 19th New Moon Chart. Joined at the hip with Spica the fixed star of extreme fortune. If something was begun at this New Moon, results can be seen, and rewards can be given for those whom relate to both Moons. There is honor, wealth and success within our connections to others. New associations began on October 19th can prove to be of benefit. Venus will make an opposition to Uranus, adding a spark of excitement. A new person enters the life or a change in the dynamics of your love life. Mercury is still in the sign of Scorpio, a secret admirer can emerge, enhancing the energies of this Full Moon.

As with every Full Moon we have opposite views. This Moon falls in the money signs of Taurus and Scorpio. What are we valuing? Are we worth what we say we are? My financial statement and the banks collection of many financial statements. How my tax dollars are being spent within the collective side of society. Pensions, taxation and insurances and what is left for the individual at the end of the day. Financial issues and worth will be highlighted during this Full Moon.

I feel like there is a huge expectation with this Full Moon. We expect our fair share from those whom are responsible for the spending of the country. Sometimes Expectations can have a big fall. Stock markets at this point continue to rise. I wonder if this is just all hype due to Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio. A promise of more then what is there.

Venus shifts into the depths of Scorpio on the 7th, diving into the blackened waters. Ready to join her mates through to the other side and the dark side of the year begins. It’s ironic, as the cold winds of winter begin to arrive we cuddle into our beds and have sex. It’s a fitting gesture for Venus. Lets makeup! In Scorpio, her energies are sensuous, intense and dramatic. There can be an obsessiveness within our relationships.

Ironically the month begins to smooth out. We begin to get accustom to various inconsistencies and strangeness becomes the norm. From November 9th to the 17th. We have the Sun sextile to Pluto on the 9th. Allowing us to penetrate deeply into our goals and aspirations.

Saturday the 11th brings Saturn in Sagittarius Trine to Uranus in Aries. It’s final connection with one another. We can persuade others of the excitement to life. A world which exists beyond the limited boundaries we place upon ourselves. Thus, changing our lives. Realizing we can be stable and shift both at the same time.

Venus makes her connection with Jupiter on the 13th and we are blessed with people making promises. This is a sociable connection often producing weddings, engagements, celebrations. However, Mercury squares Neptune, people are promising more then they can deliver. Confusion surrounds events. Pay attention to your driving. Talk of getting to our destinations and partaking in the festivities can produce difficulties.

Mars comes into the picture in a strong fashion on the 15th with a sextile to Ceres. It’s possible to ensure the safety of the environment through positive actions.

Magic happens on the 16th as Venus in Scorpio Trines Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Mars on the 17th. These are two highly creative days in which magic can happen and dreams can come true. We can be inspired or motivated to move into new enlightening areas of life. This is a good day for meditation or spiritual venues.

Our New Moon arrives on the 18th of November at the 26th degree of Scorpio. Just as the rulers of Scorpio both Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn collided in a square aspect. This is a waning square. A time to release and of letting go. The alliances we have made can quickly turn from friendship to enemies in a heart beat. Perhaps the deceptiveness of plutonian governments and businesses has reached its breaking point as negotiations falter. Scorpio is the management & control of the resources of a country. Including the generation of funds through taxes, interest rates, insurances and how these resources are being spent. Scorpio is also about the debt we carry as individuals and its impact on lending institutions. It’s a measurement and holds the compensation system of pensions, inheritances and estates. Shady deals can surface with this Moon or within the one-month time span from one New Moon to the next. The inconjunct between the New Moon and Uranus can shake us up. Awakening us to new realities. Do not be neglectful of the past wounds, remember the consequences from other experiences. The Jupiter Trine Neptune connection is fast approaching so we have a feeling of promise for the future. Transcending our situations to view a larger more important picture. A feeling of limitless possibilities.

By months end we are almost through the depths and transition from the light part of the year to the dark. Mars has lagged the other planets and spends all his time in Libra during November. He’s the final straw within those relationships or connections we have been struggling with throughout the year. He will break the ties as he will connect first with Pluto, breaking the need to be controlled by those in positions of government and power and to walk away from those whom are not conducive to his direction of action. He essentially says we have a choice during the month of November. It’s not till the end of the month, where he may sever all ties within various relationships or connections in business or otherwise. Be prepared to defend.

In a general sense the end of the month is therefore a relief in numerous ways. Venus sextiles Pluto, giving us the opportunity to capitalize on our investments (this can be relationships) after all we invest in those people we believe will bring us some benefit.

The Sun moves through and enters the shores of Sagittarius on November 22nd. It’s like a breath of fresh air. The land is often frozen, and the land is desolate ready for the winters winds. Sagittarius is about expanding our horizons. Ever seeking the greener pastures on the other side of the fence. We become focused on winter holiday planning, Christmas parties, and gift buying. The festivities of activity for December.

Mercury trines Uranus and then joins Saturn. We’re ready for a new beginning. We’re getting ready to voice our conclusions and decision to then make it a reality. We can encounter moments of awareness and enlightenment with this aspect. It is due to this good feeling of decision making that over the course of the next few days we can encounter adjustments before our final decisions of the 28th when Mercury joins with Saturn. This can be the reality of the situation. The cold hard truth emerges.

We feel like we can move on in some way by months end, even though the actual action of our decision has yet to be done. We’re more comfortable in who we are and our direction for the future. This month is a promise of things to come. Of how we can dig deep down into our souls and arrive at a place of certainty of self. How we can come through the other side, changed, be in control of our existence and how we have some how died and been reborn all in the span of one month’s time and still the bubbles break the surface as a sign of perhaps what was and what is yet to be.


Thanks so much for visiting me. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Spiritual Journey

Colleen Jorgensen

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