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October Astrology


Bumps in the Night

October is our spooky month. The days begin to shorten significantly, as the air becomes a little crispier around the edges. The leaves quickly drop, preparing for the cool night leading us into Halloween or Samhain celebrations.

I almost feel relieved in many ways. Like we’ve been all jammed up over the past several months, weaving ourselves through a maze due to the Jupiter square Neptune aspect. We’ve had to try and figure out the facts, navigate the road ahead with little certainty of the outcomes. October seems like it gives us a bit of a reprieve from the hectic pace we’ve been enduring. There has been ups and downs for many of us, and now October brings with it a simplicity with only Uranus spurring us to change our minds and directions.

With the Jupiter square Neptune aspect, of course, it depends where the aspect was hitting you, but Virgo’s & Gemini have felt pressure to solve a problem which perhaps they didn’t really know they had until mid June. Both Sagittarius and Pisces have been under the gun, swimming in confusion or a lack of direction forward. The Cardinal signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries, have also felt pressure to adhere to some sort of standard set out for them by others. Aquarius has endured some growth through discoveries, as Taurus has felt unexpected shifts happening within life’s parameters with Leo having to adjust to the various events transpiring around them.

As the veil begins to thin, we might be able to see the holes though to the other side. When we open the month, several planets begin to step up to the plate and shift into new energies. This might be the month to solve many of the riddles. The hidden, illusive answers of nothingness coming from others. The craziness of it all, as we’ve pushed to dissolve our hang ups. Only to find ourselves in another bizarre situation during the September energies, which have a lag over effect influencing us. We can dive deep into the unknown, solving mysteries, discovering truths of what we believe, which alters our perceptions.

Right off the bat, Mercury finds a juicy story to tell by the 3rd of October. Immersing himself in tangled webs of secret information. He’s hot on the trail of discovering a deeply held undercover story. We’re a little more intense about what we’re communicating these days. Let’s call it passionate about our point of view. An anxiousness to push our agenda forward with all the zest we can muster. We’re ready to dig up the dirt, release the toxins, and eliminate the garbage from our lives.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, is intense this month. As he prepared to station direct, he stood still for just a few moments. Long enough for us to tell the world, we’re fed up with the garbage it’s producing and expecting the consumer to deal with it. The rallies throughout Canada and at the United Nations, spoke of the need for the Plutocrats, Governments, and Corporations to set in motion a plan to clean up the environment. Pluto remains strong, stationing direct on October 2nd, pushing governments to control the situations, which are certainly out of hand. This will open the cracks to see what’s under the mounds of dirt covering the toxins underneath.

This month pushes us just a little bit closer to the Saturn Pluto conjunction of Jan of 2020. Determining who is in control and what secrets have been kept from those in lesser positions of power. Since the South Node is present, we can see further releases happening. Where we turn the corner and give up a little piece of what or who we were. Bankruptcies, with various leaders leaving the public arena, perhaps a few of them being discovered for espionage, dirty dealing, underhanded activities. Perhaps they are losing power, or control over a certain situation. Saturn will bear down pressure upon those who are not acting responsible. Demanding accountability for any abuse they’ve been inflicting upon the system itself.

Then Mars turns the corner, shifting into the sign of Libra come Oct 4th, expecting us all to work cooperatively with each other. Mars is in his detriment being in this sign. The warrior seeks harmony, alliances, and peaceful negotiations. Throwing him off balance, when he can’t find resolutions within the systems at play. He’s alone here, with little support for his opinions and little backing or acknowledgement for his efforts. He can ride to the rescue, perhaps finding the perfect solutions, but often is ignored. Feeling uncomfortable, he doesn’t know what to do next. We are hesitant, reluctant to initiate our ideas. Therefore, we can’t make decisions off the top of our heads. If we don’t act out spontaneously or if we do, it can lead to disharmony and worry. This can be a time, when we push for resolutions within our relationships, pressuring those or forcing some sort of compromise in order to feel whole, healthy and engaged. Although this seem negative, perhaps it’s time, we just sat back and kept the peace. If he’s pushed though, we can find a range of emotions surfacing, breaking the peace as we walk away from those unhealthy situations.

Venus is anxious to catch up, trading in the comforts of Libra. She’s anxious to hear what Mercury has discovered, so jumps quickly into Scorpio by the 9th of October. She is detriment in Scorpio, cloaked in a trench coat, undercover, while spying on her next victim. She acts a tad strange in the deep waters of Scorpio. Pushing her to rely heavily upon her feelings. Driving her to take risks she otherwise wouldn’t take. She is ruling timid Mars in Libra, unearthing secrets, which will be handy at the negotiating table. The bargaining chips she can use to seal the deal in her favor. She’s intense here, controlling, devious and sly with her intensions. You could find yourself folding your cards against her cunning manipulative practices. Yet we can be intrigued, driven with desire to rectify the information coming from Mercury. We can keep it tucked away in some recess of our minds or stashing our money in some corner cubby. We can push to know, that which is unknown, believing things which bump us in the night. Yet transforming us as things are uncovered, revealed or bubble to the surface. Jealousy can rear its ugly head here, forcing situations beyond its boundaries of acceptability. We need to watch for the stalker in the night. The changes taking place. Changes of our mind, actions or opinions as the month progresses.

The Full Moon arrives on the 13th, at the 20th degree of Aries. We could all feel like we’re in some sort of spy movie by this point in October. Holding back, not wishing to reveal too much in case we are found out what our real mission is. Mercury now is spinning tales of grandeur through his make-believe expressions, while he connects positively with Neptune. We can hear good news at this time, which pushes us forward onto new adventures. The T-square formed between the Full Moon energy and the Saturn/Pluto combination, forces us to acknowledge how little control we have on various situations or how out of control we really are within the governmental structures. Venus opposition to Uranus, can pull the trigger on various financial issues, leading us to separate from situations which are not conducive to our well being. This can lead to difficulties within government systems, corporations and our stability. Change occurring within the financial systems can send shock waves through institutions which could break down under pressure. Lots of promises can be made, but it’s another story if they are kept. However, Jupiter shines its light upon this Moon, showing us the truth. It’s a Social Moon, giving us hope and expansion of our lives.

Uranus is active all month. Triggering a need to separate and change the dynamics of our viewpoints. We can find, we are constantly changing our minds. This seems to come through the revelations arising from hidden awareness through Mercury’s journey through Scorpio. It’s here we become aware. Fully informed, which leads us to change our directions. Our minds shift, and our values begin to transform into something other then what we expected. It can be abrupt, surprising or a tad shocking, but the spontaneous swift actions it presents can send us in a completely different direction then first anticipated. Uranus will be triggered several times throughout the month, (7th, 12th, & 28) which should be rather enlightening to say the least. We need to be self aware, consciously thinking of the next move, to anticipate the result. Like playing chess with an unknown entity.

The Sun then moves into the dark waters of Scorpio by the 24th. Sinking us deeper into the solitude of our recesses. We can feel safe, secure, as we retreat to the warmth of our beds as the winter air begins to collect.

The New Moon rises on the 27th, in the early degrees of Scorpio, bringing in Samhain with a bang of renewal. The air is thick with emotions, as this Moon shoves us. Pushing us into the unknown, the unusual, the energetically charged air. With lightening speed, it can send us on new treks, suddenly changing our mission. Mars is now forcing us to acknowledge our errors. Our lack of attentiveness to our responsibilities. Forcing us to realize, we shouldn’t have ignored the warning signs earlier on in the month, but what choice do we have then to make the best of things.

The Month:

We have a sense of urgency by the 1st, to straighten out our relationships once and for all. We can feel threatened due to Venus square to Pluto, driving us to change how we interact with one another. Deep resentments can surface. Financial difficulties can rear its ugly head.

Oct 3rd brings Pluto’s halted energy into direct motion. Releasing us from various tensions to transform ourselves into what others wish us to be.

Mars then quickly jumps into Libra by the 4th, attempting to calm the waters through some sort of negotiation tactic. He’s hard to figure out in this sign, as he doesn’t want to take any responsibility this month. He’s appears to be a very cordial fellow, with little interests other then maintaining the peace. But by just doing this action, he appears to be aloof, disinterested and a failure, which can cause hostilities in other people for his lacky lazy attitudes.

Just as Mercury inconjuncts Chiron, limiting our ability to find solutions to our own personal wounds. We may just bury the hatchet for another day and leave sleeping dogs lye.

There’s a crisis of direction by Sunday the 6th. It’s easier to just let bygones be bygones if you are feeling like you’ve made a crucial mistake with plans for your future. As a result, by the 7th, we could be talking crazy talk, as Mercury opposes Uranus. Unexpected news come flying out of nowhere. Shifting our perspectives and sending us into a new dialogue of conversation. Expect some accidents around this time. Difficulties with travel plans or airlines. At the same time the Sun squares off with the Saturn, indicative of power struggles as people refuse to take responsibility for the unexpected leaks of information surfacing. Shocking as it might be, someone is sure to be blamed, and perhaps unnecessarily.

By the 8th, Mars attempts to heal over the difficulties, only to find a bandage won’t really work. We’re once again likely to just try and negotiate our way through. Sometimes action speaks louder then words. If you say it, then you should do it.

The 9th, sinks Venus into her hide out cave of Scorpio. Sending us onto intense secret missions. It’s an all or nothing game, driving us to figure out what’s hiding just around the corner. Some leaders could be trying to adjust to various misconceptions being put out there. Since there is an election going on in Canada right now, it’s no doubt someone is trying to adjust to a misconception arising.

By the 10th, we could be realizing that we are attempting to heal a situation which seems to be festering just under the skin. Making amends only works for so long, until another minor incident pushes things right back to the beginning.

Sudden changes within the dynamics of our financial stability and our relationships goes topsy turvy as Venus opposes Uranus. Our sense of balance struggles for freedom of expression. Some will be flying off with a new love interests, pushing us to jealousy, and control issues. We can struggle with our equilibrium and our sense of security. Discovering what you value will be important going forward. Things are changing.

The Full Moon brings us some positive vibes by the 13th, as we’re more aware of what we really want, or should I say who we really want. This is a very sociable Moon, expecting us to get out and enjoy ourselves. Good News follows this Moon, initiating a celebratory energy. People could be lacking the ambition to take responsibility for their actions though, so watch for authoritative people stepping in the way of some fun.

If you’re looking to resolve business issues the 14th, should work out well for you, but don’t push your luck to far, as you’ll find the change you sought won’t be to your liking. Things are uncovered due to the Sun’s square to Pluto. The power to control is prominent.

Neptune begins to take charge of things by mid month. Allowing us to tap into our creative energies. New ideas begin to emerge. We will have made some major decisions by this time and could be unrolling our new mission. This is very inspirational energy, as some of us can be realizing our dreams.

Positive energy flows from the 15th, right through to the 21st. Allowing us to gain control of our lives. It all seems positive for new directions forward. New friends or associations emerge. Realizations surface. Creativity is on the rise. We’re inspired, motivated with big dreams for the future. Faith and our belief systems will play a large roll in where we are going next.

By the 21st, Mars stops us in our tracks with his square to the North Node, preventing us from going any further. We can become disillusioned by the grandeur unfolding before us. It’s sure to be an inspirational day, amazed by what we perceive. This is the Canadian Election day, so I’m sure we can find ourselves split down the middle, for some life has stopped momentum forward, and for others the new government will spell prosperity. This is a lucky day by all accounts, so a good day to buy a lottery ticket.

The Sun zips into Scorpio by the 24th, just as Venus finds a change of course through her sextile to Pluto. Opportunity for a new job, or perhaps starting your own business venture. We can gain control over our relationships and financial statements. Things aren’t as bad as they first appear. Money in garbage opportunities.

We begin to end the month on a harsher note, as Mars squares off with Saturn, producing a stalled effect, followed by the Sun’s opposition to volatile Uranus and a New Moon in Scorpio by the 27th. This can produce sudden changes of direction due to new revelations. Keeping the peace isn’t all what it cracked up to be, as we once again bump into things in the night.

The New Moon rests at the 4th degree of Scorpio influential for those born Oct 26th to Oct 30th. Launching them into new unexpected directions due to the Uranus opposition directed at them. This creates a need to make a decision, as we can find we are pulled apart by the various aspects happening within our lives. Sudden change of direction. This Moon is very much connected to our shared resources, such as the banking systems, taxation, insurances or investment groups. This can bring unexpected challenges

Halloween is sure to be rather enjoyable, since the Moon’s in the jovial sign of Sagittarius. Motivating us to get up and get out to enjoy the night airs festivities. The veil is rather thin during this time of year, with some cultures celebrate Samhain and the beginning of a New Year. We have three planets in the depths of the Scorpio energy, giving it a spooky aura through the night. There is a lot of enthusiasm prevailing and with Mars in Libra, we’re sure to have cordial company while we prance around the neighborhood. Be sure to acknowledge the spirits of the dead, by leaving them a little something on the side. Ancestors will be happy to receive your blessings and vice versa.

It’s a magical month, so enjoy the journeys pathway.

Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen

Acknowledgements to the artist or photographer: Unknown

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