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October 8, 2018

Libra New Moon

Radical Change


Our New Moon of October lands at the 15th degree of Libra and joined with the Sun. New Moon’s begin a new cycle. Projects can begin at this time as seeds are planted. Our energies can increase due to new initiatives beginning. However, this New Moon is rather tricky in that we need to clear away old issues before we can move forward. This Moon is going to shove us into a New direction with a fair amount of force. Expect some radical change within relationships and material or financial areas of life.


Libra is the sign which rules over relationships. The balance between what is mine and what is ours, with a mutual respect and understanding. A New Moon here would most likely create or generate new ventures within relationships or new chapters within existing ones. This doesn’t seem to be the case in this situation. Rather it’s dealing with old issues within the relationship which can start up again or that old relationships enter the picture once again. The scenario is often the same, “I remember when you did this” back 10 years ago. Some of these difficult issues just continue to be recycled within our relationships. This Moon can bring out the beast of these issues and they will need to be cleared prior to moving forward in any one direction.


All sorts of harboured feelings can arise from this Moon. The rehashing of difficult moments, where one finds themselves in a similar position they were in the past. From marrying the same sort of person, you did the first time around or over-spending causing financial distress. Going down the same road even when you didn’t want to the second time around. Old habits which cause destruction, pain or difficulty. This Moon is about shifting your energies to align with your true Direction. Where life says we must make some radical change within our lives. Instead of blaming others for our discomfort, we must take the initiative to move forward consciously.


Venus the ruler of this Moon is now in retrograde station in the sign of Scorpio. The waters are stirred up here, creating muddy waters and visibility to be reduced. Nothing seems clear. Old relationships or issues surrounding financial dealings emerge and adjustments must be made. You can find old friends or lovers surfacing. Comparisons can be made between the old and the new. Hashing out financial habits can also put people into a need to transform and change how they deal with things. This Moon carries with its extreme reactions to the most minor events.


The Moon squares off with Pluto bringing up trashy issues and all the stuff in between. Jealousy where it’s not needed. Obsessive or compulsive needs emerge to fill in the emotional lacking. A determination to prove something is right, can cause destructive behavior to surface with such a ferocious energy it can stop one in their tracts when it’s unleashed. This can become a power-hungry force which can over take all reasoning if left unchecked. This Moon can throw you into projects to release stored up energy.


Ceres is right along side this New Moon, indicative of the lack of nourishment within the connections with others. What is lacking within your life? What makes you feel completely sated and satisfied? What do you need to feel completed and what will you do to get what you need? It can be dangerous, because we can begin to barter our way out of things. Promises are made to keep what we desire. Is it worth the gains and loses?  Ceres brings with it the need to release our toxins. To cleanse and restore.  The trine to Mars would suggest active activity will clear out unwanted negative responses.

Issues surrounding the environment, women’s issues or social dysfunction. The mother and her need to protect, nourish and sustain her off spring. Changes in policies within the environments as well as with women’s issues, and children’s care issues.


Mars and Venus are not getting along within this New Moon energy. Intensifying the issues to come to some sort of resolution within your relations. Financial issues or investments unravel due to the pressure within a relationship. Issues over possessions and the strong need to break free from things which are holding you back. Emotional problems within our romantic lives. Course, rough behavior emerges. Disappointments because your expectations are not being met. So, lower your expectations.

This Moon presents like a rubber band, when we are stretched too thin, we will eventually snap or over shoot our mark. Mercury now in Scorpio can bring out the dirty little nasties of what is underneath the surface and what’s going on behind closed doors. Affairs or backroom deals can come to light. Lies and deceit of where the money is. This is a typical, “Follow the Money” scenario to discover the truth. You could be digging out old financial statements as mistakes have been made. Check your billing.


This is a good Moon for detoxing and ridding both your body and life of unwanted toxins. Beginning an exercise program or change your diet. Clear out and clean out, so the mind can be fair for any challenges coming forth. Change the furniture around your home. Change the dynamics of your relationship, by trying something different. React differently. Ground yourself. Watch your health as our bodies are influenced by all sorts of stimuli.  Health issues can arise, as well as some people encountering crisis.


Chiron is now back in Pisces, and we seek to move forward after a sensitive issue. Wounds yes, but a deep understanding that these scars can move us forward in life. Shifting our directions to bring about the Radical Change we so desperately need to enjoy our lives. Reduce and manage so you can’t cope with life’s snags and snarls.


Spiritual Journey (Colleen Jorgensen)

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