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October Astrology Forecast

A Time Gap & Venus Retrograde

As humans we are often looking for perfect. We want everything in our lives to be calm with no difficulties. We strive to achieve this. We become out of balance when our lives do not match up with our expectations of what we believe it should be like. But what if we started to like all of it. All the negativity, all the positivity. Understanding, both energies are our motivation forward. Getting us unstuck from our complacency. Pushing us beyond our limits into a new different place…

This month is kind of like this. Whereby much of 2018 was about reviewing where we are in life. Resisting and pushing against the forces of change by reviewing where we’ve come from and where we are going. Many of us have been on edge, uncomfortable, anxious yet immobilized by some unseen force. Yet anticipating a renewal. We’ve perceived this as a negative. A problem to be solved. A time to change, move on due to the motivating factors always pushing upon our spirits. It’s been a time gap really, where everything slows down, where we need to stop and pay attention to what has just happened. We need to pay attention, lift our heads and look around.

October is another time gap, due to Venus stationing retrograde, which will bring us to the final push forward. The sky is telling us a story, yet we often miss the meaning. Are these events in the sky actual events transpiring in heaven as many cultures believed or are they simply energy forces of the planets influencing our behavior here on earth.

Venus has a long story to tell. According to mythology and ancient beliefs, she was more powerful then God. She was referred to as Inanna in Mesopotamia. Ruling over love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice and political power. The Assyrians called her Ishtar, Queen of the Heaven. She was the LION and ruled over the eight-pointed star. She also was considered to be the highest deity of the heavens. She became known in other names such as Aphrodite, Astarte. According to mythology she gained dominion over all the deities. From Mes, ruling over positive and negative aspects of civilization. From Enki the god of Wisdom as well as gaining power from Anu, the God of the sky. (Wikipedia)

Her journey through her retrograde station. Involves her journey towards earth and moves between earth and the front of the Sun. This Retrograde is known as the descent of Inanna into the underworld to ease her sister Ereshkigal, whom was Queen of the Underworld and in pain due to the loss of her husband.

Visibly she is moving very fast currently, keeping pace with the Sun, which make her invisible to us here on earth for 40 days and nights and up to 60 days. She has two phases. She disappears for 2 months. After the 2 months she rises again, this time as an evening star. She will then disappear again for 2 weeks and rise again as a morning star. Where Venus will rise before the Sun does. During her journey down, she needs to pass through 7 gates to reach her sister.

When she arrives at the gates of the underworld, she is confronted by the gate’s keeper, Neti whom needs to consult with her sister before allowing her entrance. Her sister Ereshkigal despised her sister Inanna, but she instructs that the 7 gates be opened, but only a small enough crack for her to get through. At each passing she must give up a part of her royal garments as payment for passage.

At the 1st gate she gives up her glorious crown. At the 2nd gate she relinquishes her beads. Her breast plate is given at the 3rd gate. She gives her bracelets at the 4th. The 5th is her rings and her measuring rod at the 6th. Finally, at the 7th gate she removes all her royal robes.

She now is defenseless, naked as she is brought to her sister’s throne. Ereshkigal struck her dead, claiming the underworld to be hers. Her maid waited at the entrance for three days for Inanna to return, when there was no sign of her return, she fled for help, she was denied help from the God of Air, the God of the Moon Nanna. It wasn’t until she visited Enki that she received the assistance she so desperately sought. Enki, the God of Wisdom and Water, whom gave Inanna the gift of the universal laws, that he sought to aid in retrieving Inanna from Hell, as he knew life on earth would perish without her. He created two creatures, whom turned themselves into flies and slipped through the cracks at each of the 7 gates. When they reached the underworld gave Ereshkigal compassion in her mourning state over her husband. Since they had given her such comfort she offered them a gift. They in turn requested the body of Inanna. She obliged. (Wikipedia)

They then fed her body with food and water and slowly Inanna rose once again. According to the laws of the universe someone had to take her place in the underworld. Inanna chose her husband Damuzi. Ereshkigal offered to reduce his sentence to only 6 months for the cycle of life to renew itself.

Venus is both the planet of Love and War. Holding two sides to her. She will be in the phase of Hesperus from Oct 6th- 26th.She is referred to as “Lucifer” when she is the morning star from the Oct 27th-Nov 16th. According to Darkstar Astrology the first phase is karmic by nature. The need for more love and the returning of old flames. Venus then enters the invisible phase becoming Lucifer and the morning star and can be a more dangerous time. Whereby affairs, temptation and sexual liaisons can arise. Jealousy, rage, possessiveness, obsessive behavior as well as psychic manipulation to loved ones.

She also will be involved in a dispute with Uranus during her retrograde phase through opposing him. Stepping in-between the fight between Mars and Uranus, which has been transpiring for much of the year. Beginning on May 16th, with the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, followed by August 1st earthquake in Indonesia and finally releasing its stress with the tornadoes in Ottawa. Tension has been brewing with sudden explosive reactions, allowing pent up energy to be dispersed. Venus has now had enough of all the squabbling. She will oppose Uranus three times on her journey into the underworld. Sept 12th was her first initial hit. Oct 31st her second and Nov 30th her last. She has sought to correct Mars through her first square arriving on the 8th of Sept, which will be followed by her 2nd on Oct 10th, just after the New Moon. She is mad, attempting to straighten out the dilemma caused by these two titans. Accusations, difficult relationships and partnerships have emerged onto the world stage. Now it would seem women and their issues will surface as being more important or will intercept certain people’s progress onward.

Her opposition between herself and Uranus can bring with its instability within ourselves, both emotionally as well as within our relationships. What we value, appreciate, or desire can be met with opposition and sudden reversals to our decisions in relation to love. Attachments we have formed can become difficult if our dependency upon them is broken due to separations. Spontaneous endings to friendships or love affairs, and then sudden attractions to others. Foolish spending on impulsive purchases to appease the emotional needs or the gap left behind. Powerful desires, yet a demanding free autonomy. This can produce very erratic behavior for the pure pleasure of fulfilling or appeasing a need. Waste for gratification. Expenses are high with this connection; thus, it can affect relationships due to financial problems as well as the surfacing of sudden affairs.

During her fight with Mars, she is against the activities in relation to the female and male psychic. Relationships disputes arise. Accusations of sexual abuse and uncovering of negative affairs. Partnerships and business dealings can go array. There is a dissatisfaction with the opposite sex. Electrical problems, as well as internet problems. Uncontrolled activities, disputes over financial dealings. Due to Venus residing in Scorpio for much of her journey, you can find secrets emerging, underhanded dealings, fraud, deception, conspiracies surfacing. Financial mismanagement. Arguments with others. When she graces her own sign of Libra, she will attempt to mend fences.

She goes through her retrograde phase in an area of the zodiac known as Via Combusta. A range between the 15th degree of Libra and the 15th degree of Scorpio. (Allan Oken; Astrology). For me, this area is also known as Ophiuchus the missing sign of the zodiac. It’s a very unfortunate zone. Even though the most prominent positive stars of Spica and Arcturus reside here. Spica being connected to success, riches. Often associated with the ruling class such as Kings or Leaders. However, rulers were often in more jeopardy then others were due to others attempting to gain their position. Arcturus, which gives riches and honors, popular gifts and favours from friends. (Robinson) This is a dangerous territory, because any planet residing here can fall into disfavor, or things simply do not work out as one had planned. One needs to watch their back; least others betray them. False friends or allies can be seen to reside here. With Venus transiting through here, perhaps some of this will be revealed. Hidden agenda’s, false alliances, underhanded dealings, betrayal, conspiracies and financial connections with back room deals.

Everything is tied to Venus in October as she descends into the underworld. This is a time where we need to let go. Perhaps our need to assist others is being me with ingratitude, harsh penalties. As Clare Boothe Luce says, “No good deed goes unpunished”. October is a time when we can discover betrayal, backstabbing, jealousy or hurtful behavior from others. We need to strip ourselves bear. Let go, reveal or expose everything. We go through the phases ourselves as well as with others. Strip it bear, exposing it for what it truly is. No longer hiding behind the cloaks or pretenses. It is through this cycle we can lay ourselves wasted, dead or dying. This is a time of rebirth, whereby we leave our previous lives and rediscover the basics of life. Fresh renewed and ready to fight for what is ours. Assistance will be available to us in our hour of need. Have faith, persevere, sacrifice and then move through the gap into the new.

So is October, filled with the descent of Venus, ready to relinquish her defenses, her protection, her trust, her beliefs, to assist another, only to be betrayed, left for dead. To then rise and fight for what we believe to be of value to us. The re-emergence of self dignity and right.

This perhaps is a time when we encounter old lovers. We run into people whom we encountered old romantic relationships with. Old friendships spark up again.  Old fashion statements from way back when. Our hearts flutter at some of these old dashing suitors we once had. It's a time of remembrance of old romantic encounters either within our lives or others. Stories to be told of how one's parents met.  Old debts can resurface which we never got around to paying. Issues with something we have purchased in the past can become a lemon, difficulties with it and problems collecting debts out standing. It can be the perfect time to budget, figure out what is needed and what is of value. Issues surrounding the taxation system, insurance system, pension funds, the countries debt load, banking and the banking system as a whole.

It maybe wonderful for delving into garage sales, old worn out items which might still hold a bit of value. Antiques, or old items which have been used are good to purchase right now. 

The Gaps in October:

October starts out mired in confusion. Just as Pluto the planet of transformation and change reawakens from his slumberous sleep stationing direct just as Mercury’s need to get information from him. There is tension between the two of them. Oct 1st and 2nd can be troublesome days to contend with. Information comes out of the depths of hell. Blaming others or devising or hiding information is opened and exposed. New media events. Troublesome information. Arguments and difficulties with travel are to be expected. Watch for accidents. Relationship problems and or broken deals in business.

As well October 1st to 8th brings with it the re-activation of the Uranus square Pluto aspect from both Mercury and the Sun. This can produce further rebellions, oppositions, conflicts within society. Disapproval and discontent in relation to how leaders are responding to the people’s freedoms.

We seem to have an opportunity to recover from the 3rd to the 4th due to the semi-sextiles from Venus to the Sun and Mercury and Jupiter. The glossing over of the facts makes it a little more tolerable. There is a moving forward due to a moving forward and growth.

However, by October 5th, we feel the pressure of Venus as she heads into retrograde station. Fully making her transition on the 6th. This can be a difficult time for relationships, and financial issues.

The 7th will see the need to adjust to our surroundings. You can find that you are shifted into a new reality and the need to move into a totally different direction. Confusion and a lack of clarity surrounds us.

The New Moon arrives on the 9th at the 15th degree of Libra. Now usually this would signal a time for fresh starts within relationships. However, the ruling planet of Libra is now in retrograde station. Tensions within these dynamics surface or become apparent. The quality of these connections begins to show its face. This can become the beginning of a difficult period as Venus is also square to Mars, showing us who is in our court and who isn’t. Squabbling within ranks, will jeopardize future projects or activities. Aquarius here can signal a time where we need to pull together for the common good, but selfish motivations causes cracks in the system. There seems to be a great deal of confusion around this New Moon, whereby we lack the clarification and do not knowing all the facts. People can persuade you into doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

Mercury then moves into Scorpio on the 10th. This brings serious discussions. All sorts of conspiracy theories, investigations and mysteries as to who done what when. It’s a murder mystery novel. Unexpected news arrives due to Uranus and Mercury being in opposition. There is indeed something rotten in Denmark. (McBeth). Reminds me of all sorts of dirty grinchy playwrights. A pound of flesh… We are short circuited, out of balance here. Too much speculation with very little fact to back it up. Expect problems with the internet and the electrical grid. We can find we are extremely high strung, nervous or anxious. Events can become rather shocking as things are exposed. Travel difficulties as well as changes to our plans. Accidents as well seem to arise. Watch your driving. Weather events…

Venus squares Mars. If you remember what was transpiring around the 8th of September, there could be some links associated to around October 11th as well as September 12th and now. There are certainly difficulties around financial issues, relationship, and difficulties with the opposite sex. Scandals, emotional outbursts, sensitivity and stand offs.

There seems to be a backlash come the 12th, as the Sun squares Pluto. This further erodes the integrity of leaders and their platforms. Difficulties in business transactions, mining or the oil industry. If leaders are trying to push, they are pushing too hard, trying to force a situation rather then negotiate it. Power struggles ensue, when push comes to shove.

Talks can bring about some reconciliation during this time if we stick to the agenda. Take responsibility for our actions and attend to our obligations. Don’t let things slide.

Resolutions can be found from the 13th/14th, to our problems through genius ideas surfacing to move us forward. As well Mercury joins with Venus. Venus and Mercury never are in hostile aspects with one another, so they now come together to find resolution. There is a need to figure things out, but chances are the best intentions could pave the way to hell, due to Venus retrograde and both in the sign of Scorpio. I feel this energy has ulterior motives. This can establish a need to change directions or wanting to discover ways of doing things through discussions, panels, meetings or research. The whole truth is yet to be unraveled but deep profound discussions can take place in trying to resolve relationship problems or financial problems, trade agreements and so on. Dig deep to find the answers.

Mercury then comes in positive connection with Neptune on the 19th, but something sounds a bit fishy here and yet we are inspired through exploration. Solitude and withdrawing are be the best solution and a good day to just retreat.

People are bitchy, stubborn, resistant and demanding their own way as Mercury squares Mars. Arguments break out and things break down. Such confusion over such a little request. Hold your peace, stand back and observe rather then engage.

The 22nd begins to clear the air as we move to resolve some of our differences. Budget issues, relationship issues. It’s time to change and restructure our ways of doing things with Mercury sextile Pluto and Venus sextile Saturn. Eliminate that which is not working to seize opportunities. This produces a positive energy to reassess and review what we want to have within our lives.

The Sun moves into the depths of Scorpio on the 23rd and opposes Uranus. This can bring up a volatile month ahead with spontaneous actions from leaders. Unexpected shifts in directions and work-related events. Financial concerns present themselves as tension and stubborn attitudes emerge. Issues surrounding taxation, insurances, wages and banking systems arise.

Our Full Moon of October arrives at the 1st degree of Taurus. Bringing to light the Stock markets, banking systems, our values, shared resources and what makes us feel secure. The Moon’s joins with Uranus can bring unexpected separations from family or financial losses. Unusual behavior from family members. Sudden changes of location, people moving about. We can feel full of rage due to the Scorpio influences, jealousy or envious of others. There is tension to move on, yet a lack of direction forward. Where does one go, what does one do? Reflection is near and dear to us in resolving problems within our dramatic lives. Discover the image from others in understanding what you are displaying to them. An opportunity arises to be mature and seek out old ways of doing things to manage things.

The Sun joins Venus on the 26th and this is shaping up to be a very busy day. Opportunity surrounds us. We are more alive, full of energy with this energy. A cheerful day full of hope for the future. We could have found a new friend or lover here. Take this day to go shopping, give a gift or receive a gift. We are more jovial, so get together with friends and socialize this Friday evening.

Mercury joins Jupiter on the 29th, so this can be a day to make travel arrangements if you are going somewhere for holiday. Moving plans can be set in place as well. It’s a good day to sort things out and expand your knowledge by taking a course or returning to school.

We end the month with Samhain/Halloween and Venus making her 2nd opposition to Uranus. This can spell trouble in paradise. Enticing compliments can get you a long way in shifting your mind. Sudden changes of the mind or tastes can cause upsets. Sudden shifts in the banking system or stock market. Over spending or spontaneous buying. Venus has dominion over Uranus, so it’s like someone is leading someone around by the nose ring. Manipulations bribing, blackmail and underhanded dealing.

This is the time of year, when we celebrate and host our ancestors. Bringing them to the table with us the evening of Halloween/Samhain. It is beginning of a New Year for the Celtic Culture, for Witches around the world. It’s a time for remembrance, thanksgiving and the blessings we receive from Spirit. Coming through the Gap to meet and greet us with warmth as our guides move us forward into the New Year ahead. Remember your history and the people who came before you. Then treat those little goblins and ghosts at your door.

The North Node is now at the 00-degree mark of Leo, ready to make his transition into Cancer. Finishing up a 18th month journey. This is a shifting of energy and trends of where we are heading next within our journey through this world. Stay tune for Next month’s monthly Astrology for the new road opening before us, as we begin to release and let go of 2018 and see our future in the clearing.

Blessings to All of you and your Support of Spiritual Journey!

Have a wonderful Month emerging into the GAP once more.

Cheers: Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen

Acknowledgment to the photographer or artist: Unknown.

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