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Allow Mother Earth to Wrap her Arms around You”

I recently just received my certification as a Meditation Instructor. Its was a memorial journey with many hours of meditation practice. What resonated the most within our curriculum was the ability to allow forces in everyday life to be accepted. Rather then be in a state of resistant to their forces.

Let's face it. We ramble through our days with little acknowledgement to these forces. We often just acknowledge them as stresses which we need to manage. Western society as a whole began practicing various art forms in order to cope. Many going back thousands of years. Like me, they grabbed onto Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or Meditation, as well as other practices to release and enlighten the stress within us. All by the way are positive therapeutic forms of releasing resistance and also applying resistance. 

We are Resistant, as a natural form against the forces of gravity. On a daily basis, we hold ourselves upright. Lift our extremities against the forces of the downward draw of gravity. Gravity is continuously working against us, as we pull ourselves away from it's forces. Of course this is a positive attribute. If we didn't, we'd just be a puddle on the floor. We also need to resist this force to build muscle, tone our bodies, exercise, work and do all the necessary functions of physical life. In and of itself, gravity is a positive reality of life. It holds the earth together. Allowing us to maintain our form within our axis rotation and orbital rotation. So this is all common sense right. The problem begins to arise, when we are in a state of continuous resistance to everything, not just gravity.

Stress begins to build up within ourselves, when we are in a holding pattern of continuous resistance. Resistance to the demands from family obligations, work obligations, career obligations and relationship obligations. The steady stream of pressure from ourselves and others to accomplish these obligations. We all know, there is a never ending list of things we need to finish. Things we want to accomplish in life, in order to feel like we are contributing to society. For recognition, for fame, for self gratification. We as humans want to be acknowledged by someone. The pressure to full fill these requirements begins at a young age as parents, teachers, councilors want us to succeed. To be our best selves. Sometimes to be something we are not. To force a particular demand upon us, which feels unnatural to our spiritual being. Being responsible begins to become a very large word.


Our bodies and minds eventually begin to rebel against these demands. We do things for others, we don't want to do. Many of us, don't like our jobs, co-workers, or even family. At times we begin to resent the drudgery of it all. Many of us, do lots for little acknowledgement or gain. We need a break. We need to just take a moment to breath. To relax, collecting our thoughts, feelings and center of gravity.


So here's the thing. We need to become aware of the phenomenon of resistance. When you are asked to do something, need to go to work, or need to perform any other function, are you in a state of resistance against this force. In that moment of awareness. You need to release this resistance against this force at once. Allow mother nature to give you a little hug, and then decide what action you need to take from there.


The exercise:


I often talk about what I term as, “The dropping phenomenon” or “dropping the body”. This is allowing gravity to work in your favor for a moment. It allows the tension within the body to be released and for, “Mother Earth to Wrap her arms around You”, giving you a little hug.


Feel the drawing down of gravity as she draws you towards her. Allow each muscle within your body to drop towards the earth. Allow your shoulders to drop from around your ears. Feel your scalp ease and release tension within the hairline. Feel the muscles within the jaw and face relax and draw toward the ground. As this is being done, breath in, and release even further into the arms of earths embrace. Feel the tension within the back, pull down. The breathing comes in and out in an even flow of releasing negative energy. We can close our eyes as we move through the body, relaxing the chest, abdomen and lower back to release. Allow the resistance to melt away, as we acknowledge the therapeutic realms of gravity. Do not resist her draw, but embrace the feeling of dropping towards her. Especially feel the Gluteus muscles release and drop. This allows the pelvis area and lumbar region to ease tension in the lower back and hip areas. Feel the thighs spread further which eases tension. The knees might be the hardest to release as we can be in a state of preparedness to escape or move into action. Thus the knees can give us a great deal of tension as they hold a great deal of energy. Concentrate, think of them resting, calming as the shins and calves release. Naturally the ankles and feet feel as though they are sinking into the earth. We need to breath through this process as well to calm the nervous system.


So, I can hear you now. “I don't have time for all that”. What you don't realize is you do. At first it can be a rather tedious exercise. You can begin by just doing it before you go to bed or while you are in bed, before you go to sleep. After a while it becomes second nature. Like so many other habits we have acquired in life. When you acknowledge your resistance to someone or something, begin dropping your body in conjunction with breathing. Acknowledge if it's a healthy resistance or unhealthy resistance. We do need to resist if a negative force is coming at us for harmful purposes.


These few moments of acceptance of mother earth's gravitational pull allows the tension to release within the body. If you have health problems, this eases the tension in areas afflicted by ailments or disease. Allowing the body to heal itself. Releasing and opening up channels of positive energy flow.

This also allows the body and mind to accept certain moments in life. To accept, calm, and engage in a healthy pattern of awareness. To make a decision based on your acknowledgement of circumstances.


We automatically resist certain events, people, or places in life. We don't like what someone said, we don't want to do something. Something maybe too challenging. We resist and then convince ourselves it has to be done. The key is to limit the amount of resistance we partake in a day. Try to be more accepting or change your life to allow less resistance to take place. Flow within the energy surrounding you, rather then resist every action or phase.


I know, in this day and age, the demands on life can be challenging to manage. So try my little exercise on a daily basis and before you know it, you will be calmed, more relaxed and healthier.

Enjoy your journey!



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