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Saturn in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces.

This aspect will come into exact formation on November 26th, 2015 at the 7th degree of each sign. They will move out of range but will reconnect through their retrograde motion exact on June 17th, 2016 at 12 degrees. Each Planet will be in retrograde motion at this time. Their dance continues to influence us throughout the summer and connects for the 3rd and final time on September 10th, 2016 with Neptune still in retrograde motion.

I would consider Neptune in his home sign of Pisces to be stronger of the two planets, although Neptune will be retrograde for most of this journey, weakening his state in some respects. Saturn is in Sagittarius. He's not the weakest here, so still holding some strength of ability.

These two very strong influential planets will form a aspect called a Square. They will face off with each other in a 90 degree angle as they move through their orbit within space. This aspect is usually considered to be difficult. It signals a conflict of energies. Each battling to gain dominance of influence over the other. A problem arises which needs to be addressed as tension is created. A need to resolve issues arising from both planets is necessary to change or move the energy forward. It must be understood this is an energy flowing through the other energies which are also playing out by their connections within the universe.

Saturn transited the sign of Sagittarius previously from 1985 to 1988. Saturn traditionally rules the sign of Capricorn. A strong steady capable sign. Saturn holds things together. Being very traditional to the old ways. He can be strict, responsible and hard. We often look to the placement of Saturn in the charts to find out where we will encounter some issues that need some attention. Where we need to be just a bit more responsible, dedicated too, or having obligation to attend too. It's important to this planet to know that you, society, or the world is being accountable for what is going on. He can be a hard taskmaster. Wanting things done correctly the first time. This planet wants things to be held to a higher standard. Thus he can create an oppressive energy in many ways, causing fear in order to manage things. Instruction can come through this fear based mentality. There is a need for respect and honour in what is being managed. It's a slow, dedicated, constricting, crystallizing energy for the pure purpose of running things efficiently. This is the bottom line, where land meets sea in this instance.

Sagittarius is a sign which is vivacious, expansive, optimistic by nature. There is a need to move, travel, experiencing a wider scope of view. It's where we form our philosophies, morals, ethics and beliefs,through a higher mental awareness. Our opinions and view points emerge through this sign, influencing our point of view. If we didn't change our view points from time to time, we would never change anything. This sign rules the judicial systems, universities, religions, travel, ethnic origins, cultures, gaming, and immigration to name a few. This sign is mutable, being highly flexible but can get all fired up to initiate change or movement.

Over the next two years, Saturn influencing this Sign of Sagittarius can generate an energy which deals with our belief systems through our connections with past philosophies. New fears may emerge about our or others religious belief systems or ethnic backgrounds and how this is influencing our own environments. Where certain religious philosophies have been held for long periods of time. Certain areas might apply strict new laws within their structures during this transit. Saturn is to pay penance. To pay your dues. This is where we think we know for sure our truths. Saturn is a very reality based planet. There is no grey area, it is black and white. It draws a line in the sand. Rigid belief systems may emerge.

Saturn humbles the contagious enthusiasm of Sagittarius. The legal system could be having problems. Certain people within this area might have to be accountable for various actions they took in the past. Accountable actions will be important with judges, lawyers, and the law. Saturn demands proof, evidence in order to make claim against others. Various cases may surface where the judicial system or those working within this system can be held to account for their previous actions.

Immigration systems might begin to implement laws producing harsher restrictions to enter countries. New boundaries and limitations to access certain countries. Longer wait times, more reviews of people trying to gain access to various countries. Travel and travelling to various destinations might be prohibited or penalties for travelling to these areas. Fear of different cultures and their belief systems or practices.

Higher educational institutions could encounter difficulties as well. Are people learning valuable information within these institutions. Scrutiny over such issues can become highlighted. Questions of whether faculties are managing their students, jobs, materials effectively. The idea of a higher education may diminish itself, due to the lack of good jobs available post this type of education. The re-emergence of jobs that require less education and more basic skills might emerge under this transit. Harder requirements might be put in place in order to be accepted into various schools.

These are just a few of the areas Saturn might be inflicting his influences as he journeys through the sign of Sagittarius until Dec 19, 2017.

Now as much as Saturn is about lines and boundaries. Neptune has No Boundaries. There are no limitations with this Planet being in his own sign of Pisces. He's strong here. Unbelievable miracles can indeed happen with this placement. Spiritual awareness can rise within this energy. Like a mist he moves through cracks and crannies. Here we encounter the world of dreams, dissolving old structures, boarders, creating a new reality. Whether this reality is true is up for interpretation. As Sagittarius rules beliefs, morals or ethics, so too does Pisces rule a broader scope of beliefs. The veil is opened, We see more then just a church, group or congregation. We see the faith, the knowing. This brings hope, miracles, spirit, angels and God. It brings new healing methods. Awareness of energies. Possibly new break through with curing various diseases. There are no limitations, no restrictions, no rules, no debates. Issues dissolve into nothing. There is no control over his movements. He can be inspiring, but with it comes confusion, or lacking direction. A sense of being lost amid the cloud of unknowing.

Neptune in Pisces rules the oceans, the pharmaceuticals, drugs & alcohol, oil & gas industries churches, spiritualists, psychic realms, disease, prisons, hospitals, large animals, water, monasteries, confined places, conspiracies, secrets, glamour, movies, theatre, magic, mysteries, pestilence & toxins in the form of mists or sprays, romance and dreams to name a few. Within these realms there is not a clear cut direction. We feel our way through.

Neptune here is strong, able to create illusions of belief systems. We can be inspired to great heights, fall to our knees in gratitude. Finding answers of salvation and renewal. We are bathed in the spirit in this realm. There are no limits to our hopes and dreams.

But yet, we have a conflict of interest with these two planets. We can have leaders whom are awe inspiring, up against others whom seem restrictive, oppressive in their views. Whom do we choose? We have religious groups or religious leaders whom gather large followings with no limitations to join through our vast internet systems. We can reach across oceans to inspire others.

The first aspect between Saturn and Neptune arrives on the 26th of November. In this instance, Neptune will be stronger. As this aspect approached we saw the flood of immigrants arrive at the doorstep of Europe. Marching steadily towards hope of achieving their dream. Yet while crossing the water, we seen the sad death of those reaching for their dream. With Neptune, there is no boarder. No regulations to govern such issues of immigration through Saturn in Sagittarius. A flood (Neptune) of hopeful migrants, willing to cross oceans. This has inspired many a nation to open the doors of acceptance, liberty and compassion. Which of course is wonderful to see the assistance of people whom are destitute.

However, there have been no rules put in place, no structure to this migration. No plan of action. Various countries have become over-whelmed in handling the flood of migration. Various issues of the need to rescue and manage or maintain this monumental task of managing can become so ever expanding in it's scope. It is unmanageable.

Problems with authority. There views can seem out dated, old, restricting upon where various societies are heading. People in authoritative positions with this first hit, might find they are viewed as being limiting, as a result they meet with a force for change. New leaders will become idolized if they are viewed as changing restrictive policies. They will seem like a breath of fresh air.

Possible spread of disease with this aspect coming in November, since Saturn works to contain and Neptune works to spread. Disease being a dominating factor of Pisces. Water issues become difficult to deal with. Problems with the quality, amount of (too much and too little). We could see issues surrounding the oceans, contamination of such as dumping raw sewage. Problems with underground piping.

Religious groups may spring up, or spiritual groups become more popular. Certain popularity among various spiritual trends. Attracting large groups of people.

Issues surrounding the universities. Young people could be fighting for a change in structure or learning or spreading new philosophies. Problems with too much alcohol or drugs within these institutions.

The release of various prisoners from the prison system can be highlighted during this fist contact. The various over-crowding issues or confinement with little to no proof of fault in some cases. Release of certain people confined to mental institutions as well could see a rise of being released. The possible release of toxins or waste materials into our oceans. Further pollution generating mechanisms. Pollution controls might be nothing more then scams designed to make others believe they are assisting in the control of pollutants.

The oil and gas industry will see problems moving forward. With Neptune dominating, you could see a glut of product on the market. Too much stored away in tankers. Too much production going on, which significantly lowers the price of oil per barrel on the trading markets. Stability of this market is volatile through this period.

The legalization of various drugs within society will be cracked open. However, to begin with, there seems to be no guide to what is needed to protect various individuals from this release. To begin with, nobody will know what is going on.

Possible agreements between governments for trade, environmental controls, promises made will not necessarily be kept.

These are just a few possibilities.

The issues, people or places now existing in societies, are in a place or position where we don't see how they function. Saturn may now need to put in place regulatory measures to ensure governance of various people in positions of power. These dysfunctional roles, laws, or existence of establishments that are somehow kept from the public view will now come under scrutiny. If you are not performing well within some positions you can be perceived as being of little value. Conspiracies, hidden information can all become relevant as things slip out. Scandals could be released of prominent individuals, perhaps in the legal systems, university systems, prison system, hospital system, or government systems as Neptune pushes to resolve and release old hidden issues. Things are being revealed as fast as they are being hidden.

The second hit between these two will seem to be a real battle of who is dominating this struggle. Since both planets are fighting for control. Neptune will be retrograde with this aspect, as will Saturn. Limiting Neptune's ability to have the upper hand. I think a review of various policies will be highlighted here.

Perhaps some much needed control or legal rules with handling immigration. You can see two sides of the fence more evenly. As we seen in the fall. Some countries completely closed their boarders to migrants (Saturn) and some completely opened their boarders (Neptune). Now we will see a more modest look at what is working and what isn't. New regulations, rules will begin to take shape. Things could however continue to be extreme from one point to the next.

The fashion industry during this trend moves between too loose and free to being overly constrictive. Shimmer to Flannel and back again. Two opposing views, two different trends.

We could really see a struggle between balancing our views with the ever more release of new promises coming forth. The promise of the top of the mountain, might not be all it's cracked up to be.

The third hit between these two strong planets is on the 10th of September, 2016. .What was the trend last November, can become constrictive.

The idolizing of various individuals will drop off to more practical concerns. New dreams of practical measures. Our viewpoints change. What was trending soon fades away to something different in the gust of a wind. If something isn't functioning properly steps can be taken to rectify the problem. Saturn takes the lead by the end as Neptune stays in retrograde motion and Saturn buckles down to the job at hand. Although Neptune is still strong. Under the surface he is working to eliminate various issues. With Saturn, new regulations can be on the horizon for universities, legal institutions, hospitals, governmental laws, gas & oil industries, disease control, alcohol & drug regulation. Possible restrictions to travel due to issues like disease, religious fractions.

Going back to old philosophies of how did the older generations deal with such matters. Our belief systems are being molded, fired up and changed under this powerful connection between these two planets. We move back and forth between possibilities, having trouble making tangible real life decisions for the future. Things can be glossed over with promises of grandeur.

This aspect is a cautionary tale between the highs and low between a battle of reality going on in our universe. We are so influenced by these energies. With Neptune it will be hard to tell what is the truth. What should be believed. Yet it can be a very inspirational ride. A journey that might take you to the most profound places. But do be careful to keep your wits about you.


Astrology is based on an entertainment model. Please be advised, the facts may not come to pass in the reality of the world. As the disclaimer states. That's fitting isn't it.

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