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September Astrological Forecast


Wrapping Things Up.


As we step into the coolness of September. We can feel like we’ve just run a marathon but haven’t stepped foot onto the streets. The roller coaster energy for some has been a little over-whelming and as we begin to wrap up several of the aspects and retrograde periods in September we’re anxious to get back to some sort of routine in order to ground us back down to earth.


Several aspects in September are now coming to a close. The Eclipse’s themselves are finished, but not over in terms of various planets reigniting their energy. Several planets are now in direct motion but are still retracing old ground covered in the spring. As well we are heading into the last passes between several planets this month and then we will throw them in the dust bin. September brings with it the end to, Mercury’s retrograde, Mar’s retrograde, Mars square Uranus ends with one last pass. Jupiter’s long journey with both Neptune and Pluto are now ending. Jupiter’s semi square with Saturn is now finishing up, Saturn’s retrograde is ending as well as Pluto’s retrograde.

So, although things are half wrapped up, it’s not over until it’s over. Just when we think we are though the magick, the struggle, the intensity. Venus will step in and drive the knife home with her retrograde and conflict with Uranus and Saturn. She must have the last word before we close this chapter. September brings things to a point, a reprieve in many ways. The Good the Bad and the Ugly come together at the close of Summer and the beginning of Autumn as we reach the midpoint of the Equinox.


We have some wonderful energy as we head into September. Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn begins to hold down the volatility of Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is in the sign of his fall, meaning he is debilitated in some manner. Saturn on the other hand is dignified and strong. Common sense, control and patients is the key to initiating new trends or innovative ideas. Planning and structuring are important in releasing yourself from the restrictions you perceive as limiting. Liberation within the structural economic conditions, can arrive. Sudden breakthroughs can be realized within reality. In the world of control, you can overthrow traditional ways through genius, renovation, innovation, insight and creative inspiration. Creating a new reality. This is like a light bulb goes off, bringing forth new projects, group associations and stability.


Mars has finally headed in direct motion on August 28th. We are beginning to see movement forward. The energies of Mars have limited, staled and inhibited our direction. On top of the usual frustrations of Mars we’ve been dealing with sudden upsets due to the ongoing 90-degree angle with Uranus in Taurus. It’s a one step forward and two steps back. If you’ve managed to get into the dance, you could of broke free from numerous restrictions. Self doubt could have come, through second guessing your decisions. The last and final aspect arrives between September 15th and 24th. Challenges with finances, due to sudden impulsive buying could of lead to a significant expenditure. Something’s got to give with this aspect, as the tension builds up to explosive reactions to the least provocation. Arguments can erupt. One can be at the end of their rope with frustrating circumstances. Disagreements or sudden shifts of energy. People quitting or changing positions. Spontaneity is to be expected. So, whatever has been happening since May is now influencing September. Weather patterns have been erratic due to Mars being so close to the earth, with volcanoes erupting, earthquakes and fires. We can now find we are wrapping up a few things. However, we are still in a period of drastic change so be cautious moving forward. Old issues still must be attended too. Looking back at various issues surrounding our lives and attempting to resolve the issues from childhood. Moving on can become difficult without a severe cutting of the cords which connect us to each other. Old agreements between people are breaking up as a new direction emerges.


Venus is beginning to become a significant player in September. She is the last hurrah to an otherwise strenuous period of retrograde planets and Eclipses. She seems to step in and put her foot down.  She now begins to slow in motion as she nears earth and enters the sign of Scorpio where she is detriment on the 9th of September. Interactions with others becomes more intense. There is passion, competition mixed with a little jealousy. Affairs happen with her position in the secretive sign of Scorpio. Under handed manipulation of others, often for one’s own personal gains can surface as greed. It’s an all or nothing energy. Black and White with nothing in between. Nothing will resolve until she emerges through the retrograde energies going into winter.

She has dominion over Uranus through his journey within her sign of Taurus. Likewise, Mars has rulership over her along side Pluto. Mars in turn is ruled by Uranus in Taurus. So, the circle goes around, all having an influence over each others’ affairs being in mutable reception. This can create an energy of conflict, due to the push, pull energies and yet a broad sense of perspective. Compromise can be achieved through looking though another person’s looking glass. Venus can interrupt the Mars square Uranus aspect causing a blaming game due to hidden affairs being released. Mars enters Aquarius just days after her descent into Scorpio. I’d like to know who is controlling the strings here. What appears on the surface is most likely not the truth. Whomever is stirring the pot is indeed causing trouble for others. This can become a web of volatility. The grounding of Saturn should maintain some equilibrium but it’s a challenge to be sure.

She then takes over from Mars in his disagreement with Uranus and attempts to pull back on the reins of spending freedoms. Sudden breakups. Inhospitable relationships as partnerships suddenly end. Sudden infatuations to make more money can be stimulating while they happen but soon fizzle out and on to the next victim. Disagreements over finances or inheritances. This is a very impulsive energy, with little awareness. What seem like the perfect match ends in bickering fighting and estrangement.


September Run Down:


We head into September on this high note. Following a very enlightening Full Moon in Pisces on the 26th of August. We are full of imagination, inspiration and ready to purge what is no longer of service to us. We begin to feel good about our decision due to Mercury now in direct motion and finishing up the last hurrahs of Summer. The Uranus trine to Saturn motivates us to ground, relax as we seem to flow into positive rhythm with the world around us.

We have this magical energy of healing, purging and withdrawing. Jupiter has just finished his positive energy with Neptune. We have sought enlightenment through spiritual venues over the course of 2017-2018. Sought guidance from angels, tarot and the like. Still in this energy in September we can tap into our psychic abilities to find answers. We can be inspired to follow our dreams. For some individuals this year has brought untold advancements in career, finances and opportunities.

The Waning Quarter Moon in Gemini on September 2nd speaks volumes into our thinking. Correcting our perspectives. We can be challenged to think outside the box. Gathering all the vital information before you proceed.


We are now finishing up the Semi square between Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn on the 3rd. The restrictions we’ve felt continue to restrict us during the first week of August. Changes have been met with resistance, as cut backs, new legislation for borrowing take hold. We’re not accustom to these dynamics so many are feeling the pinch to new home ownership, investments or budgeting. Inflation moves faster then the pace of income.


Saturn finally heads into direct motion on the 6th. Finding us making plans. Scheduling our fall agenda of what we feel is important for us moving forward. We want to build something of value and take some of those ideas and formulating them into reality. This will be one of our missions this month. Grounding us even further is Mercury’s journey into his own dominion of Virgo. Further enabling us to start those diets, exercise programs and get into the swing of School beginning. Closing the cabin, retreating to home base and sorting through summer’s festivities to prepare for fall. Enlisting and picking what we want to do.


By the 8th, we can see Venus struggling with Mars both at the 29th degree. This is a very unclear energy. There’s a feeling that something should be done, but unclear in the direction. Many of us may rush ahead trying to resolve an issue which doesn’t necessarily exist. Relationships are under pressure with this aspect. Realizations of too much of a good thing is now ending. Conflicts.


Venus steps into Scorpio come the 9th and the all or nothing attitude erupts into a disagreement over money, sexual issues and within our relationships. Attractions are more intense. Financial issues are highlighted. This is a very shady hidden energy as things come bubbling to the surface which we didn’t know existed within various relationships. Financial coverups, love affairs cause sudden disruptions to the flow of our stability. We are jarred into realizations.


September 9th presents the New Moon in Virgo. This is a time of cleansing, clearing and purification on the helm of Virgo. Consecrate those things you find important. This very grounding energy is perfect for clearing out closets, jump starting an exercise program. Changing one’s diet and most of all being of service to others. Resolutions come through deleting the information which does not apply to the situation. Compromise clears out the cobwebs to become clear in your life. It’s ok, to be just ok...


Jupiter forms its last aspect in sextile with Pluto on the 12th of September in conjunction with Venus making extreme decisions due to her opposition to Uranus and sextile to Saturn. This seems to be a day of shuffling the deck. Unexpected changes within relationships or financial decisions come about due to positive influences on one hand and abrupt change on the other. Breaking away from old habits produce positive directions in financial affairs or career moves due to the Sun’s sextile to Jupiter. Positive opportunities arrive. However, relationships or partnerships can be ending abruptly. It’s a surreal type of energy.


Negotiations commence on the 13th with a lack of direction. The sudden split can cause confusion with Mercury opposing Neptune. Give your head a shake and watch the road. This is a difficult day to travel and not a positive day to make major decisions.


We’re back on our feet by the 15th as Mercury finally straightens things out. Uncovering the truth, can cause an atmosphere of upsets. Like the beginning of August when things were a tad edgy. We’re restless, agitated and at the beginning of spontaneous shift as we head towards Mars square Uranus for the final time on the 18th. Information will be key this week as Mercury sextiles Jupiter and decisions or actions will rely on the data collected or researched. The truth is important.


The 16th is a time of correcting our perspectives. Over exaggerations, misinformation can cause difficulties. What are your expectations as the Waxing Quarter Moon bears down on you. Too much information is very useful.


Mars is further enflamed as he semi squares Saturn on the 21st. This is a frustrating energy. Things need to be finished up prior to venturing off on a new agenda. Groups or associates will be demanding your attention, but you’ve got to be responsible you can’t leave things hanging. The Sun moves into Libra on the 21st. promoting relationships, partnerships and connections with others.


We’ve got the Libra Equinox arriving on the 22nd marking the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere. This means we need to strike the balance before moving forward. The changing of the season marks a turning point in the wheel of the year. Celebrations of Mabon and the harvest are upon us. The connection with Venus and the Moon can bring others to be sympathetic towards the plight of others. The Sun and Mercury’s connection with Mars signals a time of redirection and new discussions. Angry issues begin to subside as forgiveness emerges.


There is still a struggle or issue which needs to be attended too from the 21st. You might not like what you need to do, to correct things. A job needs to be finished up. Communication is poor as a result. This is a time to be committed in what you say and do.


The Full Moon arrives on the 24th in Aries at the 2nd degree. Turning point of the Equinox and the fresh sign of Aries really propels us forward, allowing some healing from our long review in 2018. Mars now is about to trigger the Lunar Eclipse exact on July 27th, signaling a time of letting go of past issues once and for all. The Eclipse point was dynamic and filled with tensions. Action is needed at this time as Mars is activated once again. This signals a need to break free as inner tensions come to the surface. Watch for accidents. Responsibility looms large as this Full Moon also squares Saturn. Someone must step up to the plate and bear their roll in the saga emerging. Be strong and stand firm in your obligations. Get things done and move forward. The final straw is upon us and things can break apart.


Pluto finally stations direct on the 30th and we begin the finishing touches on wrapping this thing up and moving forward with our dreams and wishes. We’re ready, to move on, ready for a fresh perspective and to throw much of this energy into the trash once and for all. This is a day filled with adjustments. So, whether your moving, separating, finding another job or simply looking to the future. Many of us will come to the realization we’ve stayed in a place way to long. We’ve dug up all we can, as we not know the original point of any issue has now been lost. We indeed need to change as the juncture of our journey has now shifted.



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